Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 451 Mu HongLing

Chapter 451 Mu HongLing


Chapter 451 Mu HongLing

Clearly, the unforeseen event slightly startled the red-dressed lady. She certainly did not expect Lin Dong to feint with his spear and use this opportunity to force her to retreat.

“Hehe, you are quite an interesting fellow. It seems that big sister has underestimated you. However, I’m afraid it will not be an easy task to snatch the Mysterious Ancient Key from me.”

Even though there were some unexpected changes to the situation, it was clear that Lin Dong had underestimated the lady’s capabilities as well. With a flick of the lady’s slender and lily-white hand, her blazing whip perked up abruptly and curved with a weird arc and lashed towards Lin Dong’s neck with a lightning speed.

Lin Dong could sense the might of the red-dressed lady’s retaliation. Thus, without any hesitation, he grasped his palms before his Heavenly Crocodile Spear appeared immediately. Following which, he quickly brandished his bone spear and stopped the incoming spiralling, blazing whip.


When bone spear and fiery whip made contact, a series of sparks quickly erupted. After which, Lin Dong could feel waves of tingling sensation broke out in his arms. Deep in his mind, he was secretly shocked. The strength of this lady was far too powerful…

After doing his utmost to defend against the incoming blazing whip, Lin Dong then jolted his mind before his Blood Soul Puppet struck out once again. Violent sonic booms from its fist poured down onto the lady dressed in red like a torrential rain.

Evidently, compared to Lin Dong, that lady dressed in red was far more wary of his Blood Soul Puppet. As such, she suddenly brandished her lily-white hands before an equivalently powerful surge of deathly aura gushed from her body and collided directly with the Blood Soul Puppet.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A muffled explosion resounded throughout the air as a forceful shock wave swept across the area.

While the lady dressed in red was caught up in a fierce fight with his Blood Soul Puppet, Lin Dong got tangled up with the fiery whip. As he was engaging with the fiery whip, his mind got increasingly alarmed. This lady was indeed extraordinary. Not only did she manage to maintain a neutral position in her battle with the Blood Soul Puppet, she was also able to divert her attention in controlling her blazing whip to entangle Lin Dong and prevent him from seizing the Mysterious Ancient Key.

It was also clear that the blazing whip was an incredible artifact and there was a scorching heat emitted from its surface. After merely making contact with it, Lin Dong could feel the blood in his body boiling. Luckily, he was able to use his Devouring Power to repress the wip’s boiling effect on his blood.

“I can’t let this battle drag on any further.”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. The origin of this lady was unknown and mysterious. No one knew what mysterious artifacts or skills that she possessed. Given the current situation, it would be best to obtain the key and leave this place as soon as possible.

“I may not be on par with you, but aren’t you underestimating me, Lin Dong, by just using part of your attention to control an Earthly Soul Treasure to hinder me.”

Lin Dong then took a step backward. With a snap of his finger, a black glow shot out from his sleeves. The black glow expanded as it flew through the air and eventually materialized into a black-coloured mountain, which was precisely the Heavy Peak Prison.


When the Heavy Peak Prison appeared, a dark radiance gushed out from it. Following which, a powerful and relentless gravitational force engulfed the blazing whip. Immediately, the nimble speed of the blazing whip began to dampen down. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong seized this opportunity to carry out his attack, which forced the blazing whip to gradually retreat.

“Little boy, you are indeed quite capable!” The red-dressed lady cried angrily as she furrowed her long, pencil-thin eyebrows. Clearly, she was distraught at the sight of her whip retreating.

Lin Dong remained silent. The voice of this lady was pleasant to hear. Even at this moment, her voice contained a flirtatious tone. However, Lin Dong knew that she would not hold back her ruthlessness during a real fight. If one’s mind was to be swayed by her words, he was bound to be in trouble….

Lin Dong did not want this to happen, and therefore, he chose to ignore the red-dressed lady’s words.


When she saw Lin Dong ignoring her, the lady dressed in red snorted through her delicate nostrils. Soon after, a tinge of chilliness flashed across her peach-like eyes. She carried out a series of transforming hand-seals before a powerful energy wave gushed out from her slender and jade-white hands.

“Ying Yang Great Jade Palm!”

Surging Yuan Power gushed out like a torrent from the red-dressed lady’s delicate palms. Within seconds, the surging Yuan Power transformed into a lustrous palm that was split evenly into black and white colours. Though that palm was not huge, the energy shockwaves undulated on that palm sufficed to ashen the face of Nirvana stage practitioner such as Hua Yun.


Without any hesitation, that lustrous palm shot out directly and sealed itself on the chest of the Blood Soul Puppet with a lightning speed. At once, an astonishing energy wave swept across the area like a hurricane. After being struck by the red-dressed lady’s palm, even the all-powerful Blood Soul Puppet was driven back several steps. Following which, a palm-like scar was imprinted on its chest.


If this attack was to land on any Nirvana stage practitioner, he or she might suffer some injuries. However, the Blood Soul Puppet did not have any sensory receptors, and thus, once it stabilized itself, it could launch torrential attacks untiringly on the red-dressed lady without the slightest amount of hesitation.

Facing the death-unfearing Blood Soul Puppet, the lady dressed in red’s eyes froze slightly and her teeth clenched lightly. Apparently, the Blood Soul Puppet was a thorny problem for her. Given her usual style, she would have taken her time and slowly beat down this Soul Puppet into a piece of scrap metal. However, she did not have the luxury of time now as Lin Dong was suppressing her fiery whip effortlessly on the other side. Her control over the fiery whip was getting weaker and weaker. If this carried on, the Mysterious Ancient Key would land on Lin Dong’s hands sooner or later.

The beautiful, glittering eyes of the red-dressed lady flickered. After a moment, she clenched her teeth tightly and pointed her slender, fair finger towards the mid-air. A drop of scarlet essence blood seeped out from the tip of her finger before it lightning-quick grew and transformed into an unusual blood symbol.


The blood symbol engulfed the Blood Soul Puppet like a spiderweb.


The Blood Soul Puppet struggled arduously in the blood symbol. However, the bloody web was extremely sturdy and the Blood Soul Puppet could not break out of it even after a while.

After momentarily trapping the Blood Soul Puppet, the red-dressed lady could finally shift her attention. At this point of time, her face was slightly pale. It seems like using that blood symbol had exhausted her energy significantly.

At this moment, the red-dressed lady stared viciously at Lin Dong. However, on her beautiful face, that expression actually gave off an seductive sensation instead.

“Little boy, you have truly pissed big sister off!” The red-dressed lady squinted her beautiful eyes and exclaimed when she saw Lin Dong rendered her blazing whip immovable.

Lin Dong shot a glance at his trapped Blood Soul Puppet. He was shocked by the red-dressed lady’s action as well. With a glint in his eyes, he abruptly took a step forward and reached for the Mysterious Ancient Key that was in the corpse’s hand.

The lady dressed in red had expected Lin Dong to do this. With a wave of her lily-white hand, a black and white, lustrous palm formed and blasted ferociously towards Lin Dong. If this attack was to hit Lin Dong, he would suffer injuries even with his Lesser Nirvana Golden Body.

As powerful gales accompanied the incoming attack, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed drastically. However, a fierce look appeared on his face eventually. He decided not to dodge or move and continued reaching out his hand. Finally, he managed to grab the Mysterious Ancient Key firmly with his hand.

As Lin Dong grabbed the Mysterious Ancient Key, the lady dressed in red’s attack became extremely deadly at the same time. However, just as the lustrous palm was about to strike Lin Dong, a bulky serpent tail that was emitting purplish-black energy shot out from Lin Dong’s sleeves and collided firmly with the lustrous palm.


A sharp and crisp sound resonated through the air and a gust of strong wind swept across the area. Even Lin Dong was driven back several steps before he could stabilize his body. After seeing the serpent tail retracting quickly into his sleeves, he knew that it was Little Marten and Little Flame that combined forces to help him secretly.

“Lin Dong, channel your Yuan Power into the Mysterious Ancient Key. This dimension exists within the Mysterious Ancient Key. If you can control the Mysterious Ancient Key, you can forcefully kick this lady out of this place!” Little Marten’s voice rang urgently across Lin Dong’s mind.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong twitched his mind. Without the slightest amount of hesitation, a surge of Yuan Power gushed through his hand into the Mysterious Ancient Key.

Since the Mysterious Ancient Key did not belong to anyone, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power could be channelled into it without any obstruction. At this moment, he could sense that he had an absolute control over this dimension.

Lin Dong raised his head and beamed at the red-dressed lady. At this point of time, the latter clenched her teeth and grasped her hands as if she had sensed something. After a short while, she suddenly smiled sweetly and spoke coquettishly, “Little boy, you’re not that heartless, right?”

Lin Dong spread out his hands and chose to ignore the red-dressed lady’s alluring smile. He then grinned, “I have no choice. If I’m not heartless, I might be the one who get kick out of here…”

While speaking, Lin Dong waved the Mysterious Ancient Key that was in his hand lightly. Immediately, the surrounding dimension began to shift. A pillar of light shot out of thin air and engulfed the red-dressed lady. The latter’s body became faintly discernable in the pillar of light.

As the red-dressed lady engulfed by the light pillar, a reddish-green glow appeared on her face. However, she did have an excellent self-restraint. Even at this moment, she was still smiling charmingly at Lin Dong. Yet the words that came out of her mouth made Lin Dong cringed.

“You are Lin Dong, right? Fine, this time around, big sister lost to you. However, do not assume that you have defeated me. You have only obtained a mere Mysterious Ancient Key. Big sister will wait for you in the ancient trove, but by then, if you are still this weak, don’t blame big sister for being merciless…”

“Remember big sister’s name, Mu Hongling. I’m afraid you won’t be so lucky next time around….”

After Lin Dong saw the red-dressed lady disappeared completely into the light pillar, he finally heaved a long sigh. This lady was truly troublesome….