Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 449 Stone Statue

Chapter 449 Stone Statue


Chapter 449 Stone Statue

Rumble! Tumble! Tumble!

The entire large hall began to tremble at this moment. Meanwhile, those stone statues that lined up with walls seemed to have came alive, as they slowly stood up. However, what caused everyone’s expression to change drastically was that the aura emitted from these stone statues did not lose out to a Nirvana stage practitioner!


This sudden sight first shocked the crowd, before they all promptly sucked in a breath of cold air. There were a dozen over statues that leapt out from the wall. That was to say, there were more than ten Nirvana stage opponents!

“Quickly retreat!”

Hua Yu, Wu Mo and the rest’s expression changed drastically, before they promptly shouted out quickly. A dozen over Nirvana stage stone statues was enough to completely annihilate them.

When they heard their commands, the men from the Millennial Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire quickly retreated as they tried to leave the large hall.


Nonetheless, just when they were about to make a move, two stone statues suddenly landed right in front of the large hall’s entrance and directly blocked off the door.

When they saw this sight, everyone’s heart sunk. All of them finally realized that this large hall was a trap. Once anyone touched the key within the glowing ball, it will activate the trap. Following which, the stone statues will release an terrifying energy and completely annihilate everyone within.

Lin Dong furrowed his brows when he saw this sight. Even for him, a dozen over Nirvana stage stone statues would be a minor headache. At the same time, he took a glance at Mo Ling and the rest before he stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. Previously, after he signalled them, they had all exited the large hall. Therefore, they were all in safe hands now and this would spare him the trouble of worrying about them. After all, against these stone statues, Lin Dong did not dare to be negligent at all.

“Lin Dong!”

Mo Ling and the rest stood outside of the large hall and they were all completely flabbergasted at this sight. When they looked at those terrifying stone statues, none of them dared to step foot inside the large hall and they could only shout anxiously from outside.

Lin Dong waved at Mo Ling through a crack on that large stone statue’s body. When the latter saw his signal, his expression changed. Lin Dong was telling them to play it by ear and if the situation worsens, they must leave by themselves immediately.

After he gritted his teeth, Mo Ling hesitated for a moment before he finally nodded his head. He knew that even if he stayed behind, he would be of no aid to Lin Dong and he would only add on to his burden.

When he saw Mo Ling and the rest retreating, Lin Dong finally turned around, before he stared at this large hall, which was now in a state of emergency. Right now, this large hall had been completely surrounded by these stone statues and it really felt like it was a one way ticket to hell.

Evidently, everyone within the large hall had a grim expression. Even that Chen Mu, who boasted that he used five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills to attack Nirvana stage, had a steely-green expression. He understood that against fifteen stone statues that were as powerful at a Nirvana stage practitioner, though he was a so-called five hundred thousand pills Nirvana stage practitioner, even if he used a million Nirvana Pills, he would still be pummeled into shreds.

“Brother Lin Dong, at this juncture, it is best if we cooperate.”

Currently, Mo Ling, Liu Yuan and the rest also wisely cushioned up to Lin Dong. When he saw this sight, Lin Dong did not know whether to laugh or to be angry. Those guys were clearly trying to take shelter behind his Soul Puppet. However, at this juncture, his Blood Soul Puppet would likely have little impact. After all, all these stone statues were even more powerful than Nirvana stage practitioners.

Right now, the large hall was basically split into three factions. The first one is Yang City, the next is Millennial Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire, and the final one is the Devil Cliff Empire.

However, disregarding which faction they belong to, the one that had to be most wary of is the Nirvana stage stone statues that were lurking after them.

Dong! Dong!

The frozen atmosphere in the large hall did not last for a long time, before those stone statues began to tremble violently. Following which, their footsteps rumbled as they charged viciously towards the crowd in the large hall.

Perhaps it was because they felt that Lin Dong’s faction was the weakest, there were only two stone statues charging towards them. Nonetheless, it was enough to cause Ling Zhi and the rest’s faces to turn solemn.

“I will take care of one statue and I will leave the other one to the two of you. The rest of you quickly back off!” As he stared at those intimidating stone statues rushing towards them, Lin Dong tilted his head before he shouted at the Ling Zhi duo.


When they saw Lin Dong volunteer to handle one stone statue, the Ling Zhi duo viciously gritted their teeth. The both of them were almost Nirvana stage practitioners and if they combined forces, they should be able to match up against a Nirvana stage practitioner. The only thing that had to hope for was that no other statues would attack them. Else, they would be completely wiped out.


Lin Dong did not speak anymore. That was because that pressurizing stone statue had already charged towards him. Immediately, his figure flashed before he dashed out. As his feet executed Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, his body transformed into a wisp of green smoke before he dodged that attack.

At the same time, Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan pushed the Yuan Power in their bodies to their limits before they clashed valiantly against another Nirvana stage stone statue.

Boom! Boom!

That stone statue waved its large stone fists, before it viciously swung its fists at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, the air beneath its fist was directly compressed before it transformed into a formless shockwind and viciously surrounded Lin Dong.

Right now, Lin Dong’s expression was exceedingly solemn. Though there was a golden glow flowing beneath his skin, that terrifying incoming shockwind still hurt his skin. In fact, if it were a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, just this shockwind alone would probably be enough to kill him.

Lin Dong did not plan on fighting head-on with that stone status. He utilized his Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps as he continuously avoided that stone statue’s powerful attacks. However, that incoming shockwind still caused his skin to hurt. Nonetheless, he could feel that thanks to this formidable pressure, the golden glow beneath his skin was becoming more solid.

“Lin Dong, this is not checkmate and there must be a way to resolve this situation. Furthermore, the mysterious ancient key has yet to appear and it must have something to do with the solution. The key to resolving this situation must lie in this large hall!” Just as Lin Dong was busy avoiding the stone statue’s attacks, Little Marten’s voice suddenly sounded out in his heart.

When he heard Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. The latter had been through alot and it was extremely wise and experienced. Therefore, Lin Dong always had a certain degree of trust in Little Marten’s advice. Immediately, his eyes swept across the large hall.

Right now, there were chaotic battles scattered across the large hall. Meanwhile, the energy shockwaves emitted from the Millennial Ice Empire and Devil Cliff Empire were the most potent. That was because most of the stone statues were attacking them and they were truly struggling against such a powerful foe. Even that Chen Mu was being forced into a rather pitiful state by three Nirvana stone statues. In fact, if he had not used some peculiar body techniques, he would have likely been injured.

Right now, everyone was completely concentrated on fighting and they could not afford any distractions. At this rate, their worst case scenario will materialize. After all, they are only humans and humans will tire out. However, these stone statues will never tire out and it would not cease to attack them until they are all dead.


Lin Dong’s toe tapped in mid-air, before his body slid off and avoided a powerful incoming fist from that stone status. Then, his eyes suddenly stopped.

Lin Dong’s eyes was concentrated at the temple wall in the middle of the large hall. At that wall, there was also a stone statue guarding it. However, that stone statue seemed slightly different from the rest. It was the only stone statue that was directly facing the large hall, while the rest of the stone statues were facing it from the side.

“That stone statue seems to be modelled after someone’s appearance…”

As he stared at those stone statues which held an angry, happy, surprised and other varied emotions, Lin Dong contemplated for a moment. Could it be that all these stone status were modelled after a person’s appearance?

Lin Dong’s eyes once again glanced at that stone status. Unlike the other stone statues, even after awakening, that stone statue did not attack them. Instead, he sat quietly in the the middle of the large hall and observed the ongoing battles.

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, while a thought quickly flashed across his mind. In the next instance, he viciously gritted his teeth, before his figure flashed. Following which, he upped his speed as he directly dashed towards that stone statue.

“Dong! Dong!”

Behind him, that stone statue that was attacking him seemed to have detected something as well, as its footsteps rumbled while it chased viciously after Lin Dong.


Lin Dong’s figure sped across the large hall just like an arrow before he quickly appeared in front of that stone status. Then, without further ado, he viciously bit his teeth before he rammed his fist against that stone statue.

A golden glow flowed beneath Lin Dong’s fist. After his vicious punch, that stone statue was immediately filled with countless cracks, before it exploded with a loud bang.

The instant that statue exploded, a glowing ball shot out violently from within that statue. Meanwhile, the instant that glowing ball appeared, every statue in the large hall suddenly froze before they transformed back into lifeless statues.

This sudden change took everyone by surprise, before they all turned to look at Lin Dong, only to see a peculiar glowing ball that had just shot out.

“Lin Dong, grab that item. It is the mysterious ancient key!”

Right now, Little Marten’s delighted voice sounded out inside Lin Dong’s heart and caused a tinge of delight to surge into his eyes. It seems like it was right after all!