Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 448 Trap

Chapter 448 Trap


Chapter 448 Trap

Right now, due to the sudden appearance of Lin Dong’s group, everyone in the main hall immediately shifted their attention. When Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan and the rest saw Lin Dong, they were mildly delighted. After all, Lin Dong also came from Yang City. Therefore, compared to the rest, they definitely had an additional degree of trust in him.

With regards to Hua Yun, Wu Mo and the other black shadowy figures, they only casually glanced at him. Regardless of how spectacularly well Lin Dong performed at the outskirts of Thunder Granite Valley, in their eyes, he still did not amount to anything.

“Senior Mu, that is the fellow who snatched the Heavenly Symbol Spirit Tree!”

However, just as they were about to look away, among the black shadowy figures, one of the Nirvana stage practitioner who had previously fought with Lin Dong, stared venomously at him, before he turned to a lean man in front of him and said.


When they heard his words, with the exception of Lin Dong’s group, everyone in the main hall was stunned. Promptly, a peculiar glint flashed across their eyes. That black shadowy figure was able to match up to Hua Yun, yet Lin Dong was able to snatch away something from him. One wonders if this implies that Lin Dong is truly exceptional, or if that black shadowy figure was useless…

“Peak Manifestation stage?”

That man called Senior Mu gently lifted his head, before he revealed his pale yet fearsome face. After he glanced at Lin Dong, he casually remarked.

“Senior Mu, that fellow possess an extremely powerful Soul Puppet. I have fought against it.” That black shadowy man seemed to have detected the displeasure and rage in Senior Mu’s words as he quickly explained.

“Soul Puppet?”

After he spoke, in the main hall, several people’s hearts shuddered. Promptly, none of them dared to look down at Lin Dong anymore. Instead, a solemn expression filled their eyes. Everyone knew how powerful a Soul Puppet was. Even the weakest Soul Puppet was able to match up to a Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, this peak Manifestation stage kid actually possessed such a powerful trump card.

Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan glanced at each other. When both of them saw the thick awe plastered in each other’s eyes, they finally understood why Lin Dong, who was merely from a small empire and only at peak Manifestation stage, did not fear them at all. It was because he had such a powerful trump card up his sleeves.

“Seems like we have misjudged that guy…” A thick awe was also plastered on Hua Yun and Wu Mo’s face. Both of them never expected that Lin Dong had concealed his strength so deeply.

That man called Senior Mu stared intensely at Lin Dong, before he immediately retracted his stare. Following which, using a voice that was only audible to his own men, he gently said: “There is no need to care about him. Our most important goal is to obtain the mysterious ancient key. Before we obtain it, there is no need to provoke anyone else over the Heavenly Symbol Spirit Tree. Let’s settle everything after we obtain the mysterious ancient key.”

If Lin Dong was an ordinary peak Manifestation practitioner, perhaps he would simply slaughter him right away. However, though this man appeared to be a peak Manifestation practitioner on the surface, he actually possessed a fairly powerful Soul Puppet. This forced Senior Mu to reevaluate his decision.

Typically speaking, even if Lin Dong had a Soul Puppet to protect himself, based on the might of their Devil Cliff Empire, they was no need to fear him. After all, once they sent one man to stop the Soul Puppet, Lin Dong would just be like a piece of meat on their chopping board. However, this time around, they did not bring much men along. Furthermore, there was the Millennial Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire lurking around and they did not have any excess resources to deal with Lin Dong. As such, even though their Devil Cliff Empire usually operated in a tyrannical fashion, they had to tone down for now.

When they heard Senior Mu’s words, though that black shadowy Nirvana stage practitioner that had previously suffered at Lin Dong’s hands, felt disgruntled, he did not speak any further. Instead, he gritted his teeth and nodded his head. After all, once they obtain the mysterious ancient key, he will let that fellow know the price to pay for offending their Devil Cliff Empire.

With regards to the stares from the crowd, Lin Dong remained fairly calm and he did not act arrogantly. Though his Blood Soul Puppet allowed him to stand up against these Nirvana stage practitioner, it was not enough to make those Nirvana stage practitioners fear him. At most, they would only be wary of him and not look down on him like before.

In the main hall, the atmosphere here quietened down due to his sudden interference. Moments later, all of them recovered their senses. Following which, countless pairs of eyes stared fervently at the glowing ball deep inside the main hall.

Lin Dong’s eyes were also focused on that glowing ball. Promptly, his pupils gently shrunk before he once again scanned his distant surroundings. Following which, he realized that there were actually several life-like stone statues situated around the walls of the main hall. However, what puzzled him was that those stone statues seemed alike and they had only differing expressions.

“Hua Yun, Wu Mo, for this trip to obtain the mysterious ancient key, my Devil Cliff Empire must succeed. If the two of you are willing to let us have it, our Devil Cliff Empire can establish a pretty good relationship with both of your empires.” Just as Lin Dong scanned his surroundings, that lean man named Senior Mu suddenly spoke slowly.

When they heard his words, Hua Yun and Wu Mo gave a fake smile before they said: “Chen Mo, your request is a little too much. We have put in so much effort in order to obtain the mysterious ancient key. If you want us to back off based on your words alone, wouldn’t it be a joke?”

Though the Devil Cliff Empire had a fearsome reputation, the Hua Yun duo were no ordinary individuals. Therefore, it was silly for Chen Mo to expect that they would back off based on his words alone.

Right now, in this arena, their two empires had the largest team. Meanwhile, the Devil Cliff Empire had only four other men besides Chen Mo. Amongst the four of them, beside the Nirvana stage practitioner that previously fought with Lin Dong, the remaining three of them were only at half-step-to Nirvana stage. Therefore, comparatively speaking, there was a gap between them.

“Pfft, the two of you had better not push it. A while ago, the Great Bone Empire, who is almost as powerful as your empires, offended our Devil Cliff Empire. In the end, all of them were brutally slaughtered!” Beside Chen Mo, that Nirvana stage practitioner venomously said. There was a blatant threat hidden within his words.

“How about you try it then? Do you really believe your Devil Cliff Empire can run over the entire ancient battlefield?” Hua Yun was evidently outraged by that man’s words. Immediately, his expression darkened as he shouted out.

Just as Hua Yun got angry, standing behind him, the elite Millennial Ice Empire practitioner’s expressions darkened before cold auras faintly emerged.

When they saw the atmosphere in the main hall turn tense, Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan’s faces turned dry. They were indeed lacking compared to these high-grade empires and only a Nirvana stage practitioner had the qualifications to speak here. When they thought of this point, the two of them involuntarily gritted their teeth. After this, they must strive to attack Nirvana stage. After all, only those who have reached Nirvana stage had the qualifications to obtain these rare resources and treasures!

“Chen Mo, though your Devil Cliff Empire is powerful, for today, you only have two Nirvana stage practitioners…” Right now, Wu Mo also gently spoke. The meaning behind his words was simple. Based on the men that Chen Mo had brought along, it was not enough to force them to back off.

“Are you guys really at Nirvana stage?” However, when he heard Wu Mo’s words, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Chen Mu’s face. Meanwhile, there was a peculiar golden glow flowing in the deepest corner of his eyes.

“The two of you probably only used two hundred thousand Nirvana Pills when you attacked Nirvana stage. However, when I attacked Nirvana stage, I used five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. Therefore, you must be dreaming if you think you can match up against me!”

Chen Mo’s expression was icy-cold. As he took a step forward, a resplendent golden glow gushed out from every pore in his body, before an exceedingly powerful shockwave swept forth. His powerful aura enveloped the entire arena.

“Five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills!”

When they heard this number, in the main hall, everyone’s faces changed. In fact, even Lin Dong’s expression was shaken. He naturally knew that the Nirvana Qi inside one’s body would become more powerful as more Nirvana Pills were used. Therefore, before they passed through any Nirvana Tribulations, this was used as a benchmark for them.

Furthermore, the formidable shockwaves that gushed out from Chen Mu’s body was evidently much more powerful than the Nirvana stage practitioner beside him. In fact, it was far more powerful than Hua Yun or Wu Mo…

This Devil Cliff Empire is truly wealthy. After all, five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills is an astronomical number in Lin Dong’s eyes…

Just as his heart shuddered, Lin Dong’s footsteps had already stopped in front of a stone statue. As his fingers gently traced across it, his eyes instantly narrowed, before thick awe filled his eyes.

“Lin Dong, be careful. This main hall is a little strange and there seems to be an extremely obscure vibration inside these stone statues.” Just as shock and confusion flowed in Lin Dong’s eyes, Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out in his heart.

Lin Dong retracted his finger, before he glanced at Mo Ling. When the latter saw him, he seemingly understood his intention. Following which, a group of men stealthily retreated to the main hall’s door. Based on their actions, it seemed like they were afraid of getting involved in the fight and therefore, they did not attract much attention.

The main hall was still a little silent. It was likely that most of them were shocked by Chen Mu’s five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. When he saw this situation, a venomous smile flashed across his grim face. Promptly, he turned around before he walked towards that glowing ball deep inside the main hall. Following which, before the Hua Yun duo recovered their senses, he grabbed that glowing ball.


Right now, Hua Yun and Wu Mo finally recovered their senses. Instantly, their expressions changed before they were about to make a move.

However, it was evidently too late. Right now, Chen Mu’s palm had already touched the key inside the glowing ball. However, what shocked him the most was that the instant he made contact, his palm passed right through, just as if that glowing ball did not exist.


This sight caused everyone to be stunned. Just as they were all bewildered, a soft crackling sound suddenly emerged in the main hall.

Amidst that crackling sound, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk violently. That was because he saw the stone status stationed on the stone walls were actually slowly standing up. Meanwhile, a vibration that did not lose out to a Nirvana stage practitioner emerged from their bodies.

“That is not the mysterious ancient key, but the key to a trap…”

This thought flashed lightning-quick across Lin Dong’s mind.