Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 447 The Main Chamber

Chapter 447 The Main Chamber


Chapter 447 The Main Chamber

The blazing figure stood silently behind Lin Dong. Even though it did not make any movements, it still gave off a faint energy wave that unnerved one’s heart.

At this moment, the messy stone chamber was absolutely silent. Regardless of who it was, Mo Tie, Mo Ling or the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner, all of them were staring at the blazing figure behind Lin Dong in astonishment.

“How can there be a Nirvana stage practitioner by his side!?”

Mo Tie and his counterparts mumbled unbelievably to themselves. They had never seen Lin Dong with a Nirvana stage bodyguard before, and from the Mo Ling trio’s surprised faces, it was clear that they were similarly in the dark.

“A Soul Puppet. So this is your trump card.”

The black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner said with in hoarse and gloomy voice as he slowly wiped off the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth. He was far more experienced than Mo Tie and the rest. Thus, he could sense that the blazing figure did not have any life force like a human. It was then clear to him that the blazing figure was some kind of Soul Puppet.

However, even so, the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner’s heart could not help but twitched violently and he stared at the Blood Soul Puppet with both fear and greed. Even he himself did not possess such an excellent artifact.

“Soul Puppet?” Upon hearing these words, Mo Tie and the rest were stunned. Soon after, they came back to their senses and look enviously at Lin Dong. This kind of artifact was extremely rare and they never imagined that Lin Dong would possess one in his arsenal. It was also now that they finally understood why Lin Dong could stay composed when he was facing Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan. It turned out that he possessed such an intimidating force up his sleeves.

One Soul Puppet was sufficient to contend against a Nirvana stage practitioner. With such an unconventional ‘Nirvana stage practitioner’ as a bodyguard, why would Lin Dong be afraid of Ling Zhi and his counterparts?

Lin Dong did not reply as he chuckled. He turned to stare at the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner, smiling a little as he asked, “So what are you going to do next?”

Upon hearing these words, a cold light immediately surfaced in the eyes of the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner. However, after seeing the Blood Soul Puppet beside Lin Dong, he had no choice but to repress his anger. From the previous confrontation with the Blood Soul Puppet, he understood that if a fight broke out, the Soul Puppet would thrash him terribly. Furthermore, there was still Lin Dong eyeing him covetously from the side. The current situation had turned unfavourable for him in a flash.

Very clearly, he had to put off the idea of seizing the Tree Veins Symbol for now.

“Lad, don’t be too pleased with yourself. By offending my Devil Cliff Empire, I’m afraid you will not have an easy time in the future! A mere Soul Puppet will not be able to safeguard you in the ancient battlefield!” The black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner glared coldly at Lin Dong while grinning in a sinister manner.

“Devil Cliff Empire?” Upon hearing this name, Lin Dong did not have much of a reaction; instead, it was Mo Tie and the rest whose facial expressions changed drastically. When they saw Lin Dong’s relaxed face, they could not help but softly speak in unison, “Lin Dong, I’m afraid there might be some troubles this time around. I have heard of the Devil Cliff Empire before. This empire is a powerful existence even among the high rank empires. It is impossible for these empires to have only a single Nirvana stage practitioner.”

“Furthermore, these people are extremely vengeful. If you offend them, they will definitely seek revenge. According to my intelligence, there was once a high rank empire that was completely wiped out by them….”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong’s eyes turned a little solemn. Looks like the Devil Cliff Empire was indeed a formidable faction.

“Heh, lad, If you obediently hand over the Tree Veins Symbol now and offer up this Soul Puppet, the grudge between us can be easily written off. Otherwise, I’m afraid there might not be a chance for you to distinguish yourself in the ancient battlefield!” The black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner sneered as he saw the change on Lin Dong’s eyes, a tinge of cockiness in his tone.

Lin Dong furrowed his brows and shot the black figure a glance before replying in an indifferent manner, “I don’t care who you are and which empire you are from. I have never given anything I own to anyone. Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s eyes abruptly turned serious at the final few words while his face gushed with killing intent.

“You!” The black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner was furious when he saw Lin Dong’s attitude. Initially, he thought that by using the name of his empire, Lin Dong would concede to his demands. However, he did not expect the latter to become increasingly arrogant instead.

“Fine, you can be wilful now, but sooner or later, I will make you regret your actions!” However, anger was after all just anger. As long as the Soul Puppet was there, he did not dare to do anything. After giving Lin Dong a vicious glare, the black figure moved, dashing out of the stone chamber as he speedily disappeared.

As Mo Tie and the rest watched the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner disappear, they silently heaved a sigh of relief. They shifted their gazes to Lin Dong and laughed bitterly, “Brother Lin Dong, it going to be troublesome in the future after offending such an adversary.”

“Different situations call for different actions. There is nothing troublesome at all. If you are afraid of trouble in the ancient battlefield, it will be tough for you to distinguish yourself from the rest. In that case, how will you get selected by the super sects?” Lin Dong smiled plainly. The Devil Cliff Empire was indeed troublesome but he did not need to be fearful of them at all. In the past, when he just left the tiny Yan City, if he was afraid of any little thing, it would be hard for him to obtain the accomplishments he had today.

Mo Tie could only laugh bitterly without saying anything after he saw how Lin Dong downplayed the whole incident. After these few days of contact with Lin Dong, he understood that Lin Dong was enigmatic and unpredictable. With the power of the mere peak Manifestation stage, Lin Dong was able to engage in a direct confrontation with a Nirvana stage practitioner and even possessed a formidable guardian in the Soul Puppet. Perhaps only an individual like Lin Dong would not be afraid of a great power like the Devil Cliff Empire.

“Let’s go, there should be other artifacts in this stone temple. All of you should not leave here empty-handed,” Lin Dong laughed, dismissing the topic of the Devil Cliff Empire. He took a look at the stone chamber, which was in a complete shambles. Many elixirs in the chamber had been destroyed during the fight, therefore, they could only venture to other parts of the stone temple.

After Lin Dong finished his sentence, he waved his hand and returned the Blood Soul Puppet to the stone talisman. Afterwards, he left the stone chamber and walked along the corridor that led to other areas. Behind him, Mo Ling, Mo Tie and the rest rushed to catch up.

The party traveled through the complex maze-like stone chamber. Along the way, they managed to reap some benefits as well. In some of the stone chambers, there were heaps of Nirvana pills. Instead of taking these pills, Lin Dong let Mo Tie, Mo Ling and the rest divide them among themselves. After all, he had already obtained the Tree Veins Symbol which he needed desperately. If he could refine it, his Mental Energy could breakthrough to the Heaven Symbol Master stage. When that moment came, he would be able to face real Nirvana stage practitioner alone without any help from the Blood Soul Puppet.

Within half an hour of traveling through the corridors in the stone temple, Mo Tie and the rest had a rather bountiful harvest. Their faces were filled with contentment and excitement, obviously thinking about how they had benefited from this trip. Furthermore, with Lin Dong overseeing them from the side, they did not have to worry about other factions snatching the treasures they had found. After all, the current Lin Dong could not be stopped even by a Nirvana stage practitioner.

Along the way, Lin Dong and his counterparts had encountered other entourages too. Some were from Yang City while others were strangers whom they had never met before. However, once they encountered each other, they immediately carried on to other places. It was clear that they wanted to make use of the time to search for more treasures.

Lin Dong and gang had a rather substantial haul. After a few wrong turns in the corridors, they found that the path ahead of them had been replaced by an extremely enormous main chamber.

As they stared at the main chamber that had appeared before their eyes, Lin Dong and his counterparts taken aback. Soon after, their eyes gradually burned with passion. Everyone knew that the most important thing in Thunder Granite Valley was not the items they had obtained so far in their journey. The real treasure that had attracted numerous elites and high rank empires was the Ancient Secret Key!

This treasure possessed a deadly enticement. Even a powerful being like Little Marten drooled at the thought of the Samsara Pills in the Ancient Treasure Trove, let alone others?

“Let’s go.”

Therefore, when the main chamber appeared before Lin Dong eyes, he waved his hand without any hesitation and led the rest into it.

The main chamber was extremely vast and spacious and looked like a huge coliseum. Currently, there were already numerous groups in the main chamber. Lin Dong glanced around and spotted Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan and their counterparts, who had unexpectedly arrived at the main chamber too. On their left were the two groups from the Millennial Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire.

Lin Dong then took a sweeping glance around the main chamber. After a while, his gaze stopped at a particular area of the main chamber where five black figures were gathered. Even though they were few in number, Lin Dong could sense that even Hua Yun, Wu Mo and their counterparts were deathly afraid of them.

The sudden appearance of Lin Dong and his counterparts attracted many gazes. One of the black figures turned around as his expression instantly darkened. He was the one who previously failed in his attempt to seize the Tree Veins Symbol from Lin Dong……

Lin Dong shot a glance at the black figure as a menacing smile appeared on the latter’s face. It was as if a rabbit had entered a wolf’s lair, an extremely sinister sight.

However, the black figure’s sinister smile did not have the slightest effect on Lin Dong’s mental state. Lin Dong continued scanning the place until his gaze finally stopped at the deepest area of the main chamber. There was a light orb floating in that spot. Within the light orb was a weirdly-shaped, key-like object that was emitting an unusual glow.

Ancient Secret Key!

As Lin Dong stared at the object within the light orb, his pupils immediately shrunk. At the same time, he could feel even Little Marten becoming excited inside the stone talisman.