Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol

Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol


Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol

The rich fragrance of medicine greeted them, while the astonishing energy shockwave caused Mo Tie and the rest to be dumbstruck. Promptly, their breathing turned ragged as they stared at the stone chamber that was filled to the brim with elixirs.

Lin Dong heaved a gentle sigh of relief, before he slowly walked into the stone chamber. When he entered, he finally realized how large this stone chamber was. Though there were numerous elixirs scattered across the stone chamber, Lin Dong did not waste any attention on them. Instead, his eyes were glued to the nearby Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree as his pace suddenly quickened.

Mo Ling and the rest followed behind Lin Dong. They had now also realized Lin Dong’s target. Immediately, a tinge of awe flashed across their eyes. Even though they already knew that there was a Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree in Thunder Granite Valley, when the real deal appeared in front of them, their already prepared hearts were still disturbed.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong’s luck is really good. When news of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was leaked, no one knew if it was true. However, we never expected that we would encounter it barely after entering this place…” Mo Tie smiled, a tinge of envy in his eyes. He was naturally aware of the scarcity of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. However, he was no fool. If Lin Dong had performed ordinarily along the way, perhaps he might fight with him for this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. Thankfully, Lin Dong’s previous two displays had left him completely in awe.

Therefore, when he saw Lin Dong’s unconcealed burning desire for this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, he naturally chose not to argue with him. Immediately, he turned around before he carefully kept some decent elixirs into his bag. If he sold these items outside, they would fetch a substantial amount of Nirvana Pills.

Lin Dong’s footsteps finally stopped in front of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. Due to their close proximity, he could clearly see that there were fine patterns inscribed all over the branches of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. These patterns looked just like the masterpiece of the heavens. They seemed natural yet magical and gave off an intoxicating sensation.

While Lin Dong carefully sized up the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, the burning expression in his eyes grew even hotter.

“Brother Lin Dong, if you want it, you should quickly keep it before anything happens.”

After Mo Tie took a dozen precious elixirs, he turned to observe Lin Dong’s expression as he stared at the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, before smiling and reminded him.

Lin Dong’s smiled, his eyes flickering. However, he did not immediately make a move.

“Heh heh, do you think that a little dog or cat like you has the qualifications to enjoy such a marvelous object?” The instant Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, a cold chuckle suddenly ricocheted across the spacious stone chamber.

“Who is it!”

The sudden voice immediately caused Mo Tie and the rest to be on guard. Immediately, all the Yuan Power in their body gushed out as they fearsomely shouted out.


After Mo Tie and the rest shouted out, a black phantom-like figure darted across the air, before coming to a standstill in mid-air. He looked down upon Mo Tie and the rest as a disdainful expression flashed across his sinister face before he sneered, “On account of the fact that you guys have shown me the way, I shall spare you. Leave now.”

While he spoke, the black figure stomped his foot as a majestic aura gushed out, immediately causing Mo Tie and the rest’s expression to change as they involuntarily cried out, “Nirvana stage!”

“Dammit, where did that fellow come from? To actually be another Nirvana stage practitioner!” Mo Ling softly cursed from behind Lin Dong.

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes. However, he was not surprised that there were other empires besides the Bing Xuan Empire and Great Wu Empire that were attracted by the Mysterious Ancient Key. There were definitely other factions lurking in the dark and this man was likely one of them.

The stern expressions on Mo Tie and the rest faded under the black figure’s majestic aura. Their fists tightly clenched, but they could do nothing. After all, they were powerless in the face of a Nirvana stage practitioner.

When he saw Mo Tie and the rest descend into silence, the black figure grinned pridefully. Following which, his figure flashed before he directly headed for the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, while the crowd watched on bitterly.


When they saw this sight, Mo Ling and the rest’s instantly turned tense. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s narrowed even further. However, while his eyes glimmered, Mo Tie’s hand suddenly grabbed Lin Dong as he gently shook his head and softly said, “Forget about it, we can’t beat that guy.”

Mo Tie was clearly aware that though Lin Dong was able to push back Hua Yun with a single powerful attack on the outskirts of Thunder Granite Valley, this does not indicate that he possessed the qualifications to fight against a Nirvana stage practitioner. There was no longer a so-called wager, hence, if he offended this mysterious Nirvana stage practitioner, he would probably meet his demise.

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Dong gently smiled before he tilted his head and watched the black figure, which was swooping towards the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree just like a giant condor.

The black figure was extremely quick. In a blink of an eye, it had appeared above the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. Following which, his potent Yuan Power directly transformed into a large Yuan Power hand that swiped at the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree.


However, just as that giant Yuan Power hand was about to grab the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, the originally silent Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree’s branches abruptly swept out. At the same time, a verdant glow surfaced on the branches while a bloody smell faintly emerged. In fact, the lightly bloody smell caused even Lin Dong’s expression to change a little.

The black figure evidently did not expect that the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was actually able to attack someone. Immediately, his expression changed. Thankfully, the man was still a Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, his body wiggled in a peculiar manner, completely avoiding the branches. His palm was akin to a knife as it chopped off several Heavenly Symbol Spirit Tree branches with formidable power.

However, this barbaric method did not accomplish much. Instead, it only further agitated the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. The broken branches squirmed as they quickly regenerated, seemingly filling the horizons as they rained down on the black figure.

Mo Tie and the rest looked in shock at this scene. Evidently, they never expected that a tree could actually be this powerful.

“The Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree is no ordinary object and it possess some rudimentary intelligence. Furthermore, its branches give of a deadly poison, a poison known as the Heaven Symbol Poison. In fact, even Nirvana stage practitioner will be endangered if he comes into contact with it.” When he saw Mo Tie and the rest’s stupefied expressions, Lin Dong gently smiled as he explained.

It turns out that the reason he did not make a move previously was because he knew that this would happen. It was not so easy to obtain such a wonder. In fact, even a Nirvana stage practitioner might lose his life if he was negligent.

“Shall we leave first?” Mo Tie asked from the side. One glance indicated that this mysterious Nirvana stage practitioner was no kind-hearted buddha. Therefore, after he dealt with the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, the same fate would probably befall them.

“Leave? How can we leave empty handed after encountering such a treasure.” Lin Dong smiled while his eyes stared at the black figure that was being bogged down by countless branches. Promptly, his figure suddenly moved as he directly leapt forward.

When he saw Lin Dong’s action, Mo Tie’s heart violently shuddered, while his entire body began to tremble. He never imagined Lin Dong would be so daring to actually compete with a Nirvana stage practitioner…

“Kid, you dare!”

That black figure that was currently entangled by the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree also noticed Lin Dong’s actions. Immediately, a cold glint flashed across his eyes as he angrily shouted.

However, Lin Dong merely chuckled in response to this threat. His feet executed the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps as his body transformed into a wisp of green smoke, allowing him to dodge all of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree branches. His movements were very effortless and he did not break a single branch. That was because he knew that the more he cut off, the more branches there would be. Therefore, if he chose to barbarically cut them down, he would be eventually be drowned in those branches. At that time, once the Heaven Symbol Poison attack his body, even a Nirvana stage practitioner would end up in an extremely sorry state.

His body deftly avoided the dancing branches. Following which, under the furious stare of the black figure, Lin Dong appeared next to the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree trunk. His eyes focused on the center of the trunk, there, the tree veins had formed into an extremely peculiar symbol, which appeared to give off a fluorescent glow.

It was the hub of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree and all the peculiar energy in its body was concentrated in this symbol. As long as one took it away, one would have completely subdued the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree.


As he stared at that symbol formed from tree veins that was practically within reached, Lin Dong chuckled. Meanwhile, the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree seemed to have detected his intentions as a branch filled with Heaven Symbol Poison instantly lashed out viciously at Lin Dong.


However, Lin Dong chose to ignore the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree’s attack. Immediately, his hand formed a claw before he abruptly reached out. A formidable force gushed out, viciously grabbing at the flickering fluorescent symbol, forcibly ripping it away from the trunk.

Pa! Pa!

When the symbol disappeared, the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree began to decay at an alarming rate while all its branches collapsed with a thud…

Lin Dong held the tree symbol in his hand, before flipping his palm and keeping it into his Qiankun bag. Immediately, he felt a malicious killing intent behind him.

“Kid, I will give you one chance. Surrender it and break one of your arms. Perhaps I may spare your life!”

The black figure hovered in mid-air, while his eyes were as eerie as a ghost as he unwaveringly stared at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, his words was filled with a rich killing intent that caused Mo Tie and the rest’s faces to turn deathly pale.

However, Lin Dong’s following words caused their bodies to shiver as if they were in a cave of ice.

Lin Dong’s reply was very simple and consisted of only four words. However, they caused the black figure to be so outraged that his body could not help but tremble with anger.

“You must be dreaming.”

When they saw the black figure reach the limits of his rage, Mo Tie knew that they could not longer reconcile with this Nirvana stage practitioner…