Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 443 Undercurrent

Chapter 443 Undercurrent


Chapter 443 Undercurrent

A tense atmosphere shrouded the outskirts of Thunder Granite Valley. It was as if all sound in this place had vanished at this moment, and the only thing left that proved the existence of the previous earth-shattering attack, were countless pairs of shocked eyes.

“Did we win?”

Liu Yuan muttered while somewhat painfully massaged his neck as he looked at Ling Zhi, whose eyes had nearly popped out.

Ling Zhi did not answer him. Right now, his mind had been temporarily blown away by that shocking sight. Moments later, he finally recovered his senses and slowly nodded his head as he gazed at Hua Yun’s disheveled hair.

Right now, waves were raging inside Ling Zhi’s heart. He had been slightly displeased by Lin Dong’s attitude the night before. After all, in his opinion, Lin Dong’s ability did not give him the qualifications to act this haughtily in front of their Ling Yun Empire. However he now finally understood why Lin Dong dared to act in such a manner.

The reason why that fellow could completely disregard him was not due to arrogance, but rather, he truly possessed the qualifications to do so. Ling Zhi if he was the one facing the previous attack, he would suffer heavy injuries even if he could receive it. After all, he had not advanced to the Nirvana stage and was far from being able to compare to Hua Yun, someone who possessed the Nirvana Golden Body.

Behind them, after a brief period of silence. the men from Yang City gradually began to regain their senses. Immediately, celebratory noises erupted, while several people shouted Lin Dong’s name at the top of their lungs. One could imagine how excited they were in their hearts.

Mo Tei sucked in a few deep breaths, trying to suppress the shock in his heart. As he turned to look at Tang Xuan and the rest beside him, he saw that they had expressions of disbelief on their faces as well.

“Haha, how is it? I have already told you guys that Lin Dong is no ordinary individual, yet you chose not to believe me!”

When they heard Mo Tei’s hearty laugh, Tang Xuan and Liu Xuan felt somewhat guilty. At first, they hardly respected Lin Dong and even thought that this fellow was making use of them to reach Thunder Granite Valley.

While a commotion swept across the men from Yang City, nearby, Hua Yun’s expression fluctuated a little. This outcome had obviously vastly exceeded his expectations.

As a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner, he was keenly aware of the gap between the peak Manifestation stage and Nirvana stage. Since he had mastered the Nirvana Golden Body, typically speaking, even an all-out attack from a peak Manifestation practitioner would hardly hurt him at all. Yet, he had miscalculated this time. After all, no one imagined that Lin Dong could actually execute such a powerful martial art.

The blood in his body gently boiled, but very quickly, Hua Yun was able to forcefully suppress it before he tidied his disheveled hair. Besides some minor differences in his expression, it seems like he did not incur much injuries. This sight caused Lin Dong to secretly shake his head. A Nirvana stage practitioner was simply too powerful and even his most powerful martial art, the complete fifth finger, could not achieve much besides making Hua Yun momentarily lose his footing.

Hua Yun’s eyes were tightly glued onto Lin Dong, lips slightly pursed while his expression a little icy. When they saw his appearance, the celebratory noises from the Yang City men gradually subsided, while all of them vigilantly stared at him in case he went back on his word.

However, in response to Hua Yun’s stare, Lin Dong merely chuckle before speaking, “Why? Are you going to forfeit the wager?”

“I never expected that I, Hua Yun, would actually suffer a loss at your hands. Since we have already agreed on the wager, I, Hua Yun, naturally intend to keep my word.” Hua Yun stared at Lin Dong. Moments later, he gave a slightly pained smile before he spread out his hands and said, “Our Bing Xuan Empire will not prevent your Yang City men from entering the Thunder Granite Valley.”

While he spoke, he glanced at Wu Mo, who was standing behind him. His words did not include the Great Wu Empire. Evidently, he was not planning to speak on their behalf.

“I have also agreed to the previous wager. Therefore, if I go back on my word now, I will have no credibility in the future.” Wu Mo gently smiled. Though he was shocked by the outcome, it was not a wise move to go back on his word now. Furthermore, he did not believe that the Yang City men, or even the astonishing Lin Dong, would cause him any problems even if they entered the Thunder Granite Valley.

Based on Wu Mo’s keen eyesight, he could naturally tell that previous attack was Lin Dong’s most powerful one. However, this was merely enough to push back Hua Yun a little. Therefore, honestly speaking, the two of them were not on the same level.

After all, the power of a Nirvana stage practitioner far exceeded the imagination of a Manifestation stage practitioner.

When they saw that the two great empires had no intentions of going back on their words, the men from Yang City gently heaved a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Lin Dong descended from mid-air, before Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi immediately greeted him warmly. The arrogant attitude that they showed him previously had completely disappeared. After all, the strength that Lin Dong had displayed indicated that he was of equal standing with them.

A distance away, Hua Yun and Wu Mo both descended from mid-air. After they glanced at one another, they bitterly laughed as they shook their heads. It seems like both of them had not expected this outcome.

“That kid’s martial art is truly peculiar. The martial art he previously executed should be a high-grade Manifestation martial art. However, what shocked me the most is that he was actually able to withstand that terrifying backlash even though he is merely at the peak Manifestation stage.” Hua Yun glanced at Lin Dong, who was now being hailed as a hero by the men from Yang City, before he said.

“He has mastered a rather powerful physical enhancement martial art, which is somewhat similar to the Nirvana Golden Body. However, I must admit that he is quite strange.” Previously, when the two of them crossed blows, Wu Mo had evidently been carefully studying Lin Dong. Obviously, he had detected the weird vibration emitted by the latter when he executed the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body.

“It is going to be somewhat troublesome. However, in a real fight, he should stand no chance.” Hua Yun softly exhaled, as if he wanted to exhale all his troubles from before.


Wu Mo did not have any objections to these words. This time around, Hua Yun had been tricked and had lost the wager. However, in a real fight, he was not going to go easy on Lin Dong. After all, the distance between Nirvana stage and Manifestation stage cannot be breached by any simple martial arts alone.

“Let’s head in first. This time around, let’s combine forces. With regards to who shall own the mysterious ancient key, we can decide after we obtain it.” Hua Yun turned around, before he looked at the misty Thunder Granite Valley. Without further ado, he waved his hand before he took the lead and headed off. Behind him, the elite Xuan Bing Empire members quickly followed.

Wu Mo gently nodded his head before he quickly followed behind. Two groups of men, one in front and one behind, charged into the Thunder Granite Valley and disappeared into the thick mist.

“Shall we enter too?” When they saw the two great empires entering Thunder Granite Valley, a burning and expectant expression lit up in Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi’s eyes before they turned to look at Lin Dong. From their actions, it seems like they were actually asking him for permission.

Lin Dong nodded his head before he called Mo Ling, Mo Tei and the rest to his side. Promptly, all the men from Yang City, who were now celebrating, flooded into the Thunder Granite Valley like a tidal wave, before they completely disappeared amidst the thick mist.

Inside the deep mountains, Thunder Granite Valley was just like a beast with a bottomless appetite. Regardless of the number of visitors, they were all completely swallowed within…

As the final figure disappeared into the misty Thunder Granite Valley, in mid-air… a beautiful and alluring figure suddenly appeared. Her beautiful eyes glanced curiously at the large crater on the ground, which was created after Lin Dong and Hua Yun crossed blows, before she softly smiled and said: “A peak Manifestation practitioner is actually able to possess such strength. If that fellow advanced to the Nirvana stage, how powerful will he be? However, this is really shocking. I never expected to meet such a talented individual in this place…”

After her soft voice faded, the alluring figure gently stretched her back as her beautiful eyes glimmered. She stared at a nearby mountain peak, her lips gently trembling, before her figure flashed and she directly headed into the Thunder Granite Valley.

When the mysterious and alluring figure entered the Thunder Granite Valley, moments later, the air in the outskirts of the Thunder Granite Valley trembled, before several black figures suddenly flashed and appeared like phantoms.

“That woman seems to have detected our presence?” A black figure suddenly opened his mouth and asked. His voice was somewhat coarse and cold.

“No need to bother. We must obtain the Mysterious Ancient Key. That ancient treasure trove is no ordinary treasure trove. If we can obtain it, we will definitely stand out in the Hundred Empire War.” Amongst those black figures, a man casually said.

“I never expected the Bing Xuan Empire and Great Wu Empire to come as well. Those two fellows can be quite troublesome.”

“Isn’t it just two guys who have recently advanced to Nirvana stage? They hardly pose a threat to us. After all, in the eyes of our Devil Cliff Empire, those two empires are nothing at all…”

That particular black figure spoke again. Without further ado, he waved his hand before he transformed into a phantom-like figure that dashed into the mist.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Behind him, the black figures quickly followed.

After they entered the Thunder Granite Valley, the outskirts of the Thunder Granite Valley finally quietened down. However, an ice-cold sensation faintly lingered. One could imagine that as these factions entered, it would definitely not be peaceful…