Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 442 Acknowledgement

Chapter 442 Acknowledgement


Chapter 442 Acknowledgement

The evening sun was just like blood as it illuminated the outskirts of the Thunder Granite Valley. Meanwhile, due to Hua Yun’s words, it seems like the temperature in this domain had stealthily increased.

Hua Yun hovered in mid-air with his hands behind his back and he looked extremely suave. At the same time, his aura caused one to secretly sigh. It seems like a Nirvana stage practitioner is truly extraordinary.

The wager was on once Hua Yun agreed. Therefore, a defeated look emerged on the faces of several Yang City men. In their opinion, this wager was a complete joke. Though Lin Dong surprised them by killing a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, unfortunately, the difference between half-step-to Nirvana stage and Nirvana stage was simply too large to be even measured in meters.

Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan glanced at one another, before they both softly sighed. There was nothing they could do now and both of them felt quite troubled. After all, if Lin Dong really lost the wager, they would probably have to leave obediently.

When they thought of this point, an unwilling expression surfaced on Ling Zhi duo’s faces. In fact, Liu Yuan felt even more regretful. If he had known this was going to happen, he would have never involved Lin Dong in the first place…

Nonetheless, regardless of what they felt, they could only silently await the outcome of the wager.

Just as Hua Yun walked forth, Lin Dong’s eyes slowly focused on him. Meanwhile, he completely disregarded the various commotions behind him. After all, he did not care about their doubts. From a certain perspective, the only reason why he intervened was because he wanted to use the men from Yang City to create chaos. Therefore, all of them had their own objectives for doing so.

“Come, based on your peak Manifestation ability, I am quite curious to find out if you have the qualifications to gamble with. Nonetheless, regardless of the eventual outcome, your bravery is admirable.” Hua Yun waved his sleeves while he looked at Lin Dong with a nonchalant expression on his face. It seems like he treated this wager as a complete joke.

Lin Dong’s face was calm as he was not nervous at all. After he took a glance at Hua Yun, his body gently trembled before he pushed the Yuan Power in his body to his limits. At the same time, streams of Devouring Force gushed out from his body, before all the Yuan Power in this domain gushed forth before they continuously gathered above Lin Dong’s head.

The entire sky seemed to have darkened instantly. When they saw all the Yuan Power in this domain acting in an abnormal fashion, the defeated expression on the Yang City men’s faces slightly retreated.

“He is somewhat capable.”

A tinge of shock also flashed across Hua Yun’s eyes. After all, only a Nirvana stage practitioner is able to use the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth for his own sake. Hence, he never expected that a peak Manifestation stage practitioner like Lin Dong could actually do so as well. It seems like the martial arts that he was going to execute was going to be fairly powerful.

“Boom! Boom!”

Powerful and savage Yuan Power was continuously emitted from Lin Dong’s body, before they finally transformed into a resplendent glowing column and shot out from Lin Dong’s head.

The glowing columns which seemingly shredded the skies, suddenly erupted. At the same time, a golden glow glimmered in Lin Dong’s eyes. Then, he slowly pointed out his finger.

Buzz! Buzz!

Just as Lin Dong pointed out his finger, his arm began to vibrate manically. At the same time, beneath his skin, a golden glow coursed through his body and helped him to forcefully withstand the terrifying backlash caused by that finger.


Before he pointed his finger out, all the surrounding air exploded. Lin Dong’s black hair swayed in the wind, while his robes rumbled. In fact, even the clouds in the sky shows signs of congregating.

When they saw this abnormal phenomenon, including Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan, a tinge of awe flashed across several people’s eyes.


When Hua Yun saw this sight, a burning glint flowed in his eyes while the mocking expression on his face dimmed down. Then, he jerked his body before potent streams of Yuan Power surrounded his body. Faintly, those Yuan Power were filled with an icy-cold sensation.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fifth Finger Move The Universe!”

Under the stares of the crowd, Lin Dong’s finger finally materialized. The instant he pointed out his finger, a soft echo sounded out from Lin Dong’s arm. Promptly, the golden glow undulated on his arm became increasingly terrifying. This time around, Lin Dong had unreservedly activated the full strength of his fifth Great Desolate Imprisoned Heavenly Finger. In fact, if he had not mastered Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, his arm would have likely been blown to bits.


Thankfully, Lin Dong was able to forcefully withstand that savage force. Instantly, in the void created after those glowing columns blew apart, an extremely terrifying sensation suddenly emerged. Then, an ancient finger which seemed to have came from an ancient land appeared from within the void before it arrived in this domain!

This time around, the large ancient finger that appeared seemed much more refined than before. There were countless complex greyish tattoos inscribed on that large finger. Furthermore, this time around, this finger did not feel lacking as compared to before. That was to say, this was not half a finger, but rather, one complete finger!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That large and ancient finger hovered in mid-air, while all the surrounding Yuan Power raged. Faintly, a series of deep explosive noises, which caused one’s scalp to turn numb, swept forth before it caused everyone’s faces to change.

“How is that possible!”

Standing behind him, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi stared in awe at that large ancient finger. From the shockwaves emitted from it, both of them were clearly aware if this attack was directed at them, even if they could defend against it, they would have to pay a heavy price!

None of them could believe that a mere peak Manifestation stage practitioner could actually execute such a powerful martial art…

Standing behind Ling Zhi, Hai Sha was in complete shock when he saw this sight. At the same time, the hatred and grudge he previously held against Lin Dong was completely swept away. After all, he could not afford to mess with such an opponent. If this finger was directed at him, he would definitely die!

A golden glow flowed beneath Lin Dong’s skin while all the hair on his body seemed to have stood up. This is the first time he had unleashed the full strength of his fifth Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. In fact, even he was astonished by the strength of his attack.


After taking in a deep breath, a razor sharp glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He was also eager to find out just how powerful a Nirvana stage practitioner is. Therefore, he jerked his arm, before that finger, which seemed to have came from an ancient land, finally ripped across the horizons. In the blink of an eye, it appeared above Hua Yun’s head, before it solidly pressed down.


In that instance, it seems like the surrounding air had crumbled, while a soft ripping sound echoed out.

That large ancient finger was reflected in Hua Yun’s pupils. Meanwhile, a solemn expression emerged on his previously mocking face. Promptly, formidable icy-cold Yuan Power gushed out, while he quickly absorbed the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth, before he created a gigantic black ice mountain at an alarming rate.

“Demonic Extreme Ice Mountain!”

That ice mountain was completely covered in black and it gave off an indestructible sensation. Amidst the icy-cold sensation, it was filled with a vigorous and solid strength.

That large ancient finger seemed just like an ancient god’s divine wrath. With a terrifying momentum, it viciously slammed against at black ice mountain, while everyone stared in awe.

The resulting impact was just as if two meteors travelling from opposing directions had collided together. After everyone heard that deafening impact that suddenly occurred in mid-air, all of them felt their ears begin to buzz, while bursts of sharp pain emerged.


However, though their eardrums hurt, most of them still kept that eyes right at that point of impact. Soon after, all of them heard a soft “crack” sound.

Behind him, the pupils in Wu Mo’s narrowed eyes suddenly shrunk. He could see that there were actually tiny cracks emerging on that black ice mountain!


The cracks began to grow at an accelerated pace. In merely the blink of an eye, they finally extended till their limits before that large ice mountain exploded while the crowd stare in disbelief.


The ice mountain exploded before a resplendent glow gushed out from within. Meanwhile, that figure within was actually enveloped by a golden glow and it seemed faintly like a golden liquid was flowing across his body. He looked extremely sturdy.

“Nirvana Golden Body!”

When they saw that figure enveloped by a golden glow, a commotion erupted amongst the men from Yang City. They had never expected that Hua Yun was actually forced to use Nirvana Golden Body!

That golden figure gripped his fist before he solidly punched out. Just like a golden shooting star, he furiously slammed against that large ancient finger. Immediately, a terrifying shock wind swept forth before that large ancient key was actually forcefully blown back. In fact, while it was being blown back, it actually shows signs of crumbling.

That large ancient finger broke down inch by inch. Even though Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger is extremely powerful, Lin Dong is merely at peak Manifestation stage while Hua Yun is a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for Lin Dong to rely on his martial art to breach the gap between them. Nonetheless, he had accomplished his goal.

Lin Dong hovered in mid-air, while all the blood in his body flared up. Though his whole body was burning up, his eyes stared right at a distant figure. Right now, Hua Yun’s hair was disheveled, while he faintly gave off a hideous expression.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that Hua Yun was no longer at his original spot. During that previous clash, he was forced to retreated several dozen meters before he was able to counter against that terrifying force.

The results of this wager is obvious.


Lin Dong stared at Hua Yun, who had pursed his lips, before he cupped his fists and acknowledged him. His calm words, which carried a majestic and moving aura, stealthily ricocheted across this area.