Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 437 Killing Jin Mu

Chapter 437 Killing Jin Mu


Chapter 437 Killing Jin Mu

In the face of that golden light, the dazzling and radiant giant elephant was as weak as tofu. The golden spear swept pass as the giant elephant immediately crumbled.

When the giant elephant crumbled, the one hidden within it, Jin Mu, was subsequently exposed to the formidable spear attack. Immediately, horror arose on his face.

They had fought once previously and Jin Mu was clearly aware just how powerful Lin Dong was. Hence, Jin Mu did not hold back at all in this battle and he immediately fought with his full strength. From what he understood, Lin Dong’s power mostly stemmed from his formidable martial art and as long as he did not use that powerful martial art, he would not be able to contend against him. Of course, the final outcome once again made Jin Mu understand that he was perhaps a little too naive.

Lin Dong had merely used the bone spear in his hands and he did not execute any formidable martial arts like the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. Yet, in the end, Jin Mu’s Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle had been easily destroyed!

The might of the physical enhancing martial art, the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, had finally been gradually revealed.


Under countless astonished gazes, Lin Dong’s eyes were icy-cold, while the golden spear in his hand did not slow down at all as it mercilessly flew towards the a vulnerable Jin Mu. His spear danced in the wind and it was truly a ferocious sight.

“Radiant Mysterious Cover!”

At this moment, Jin Mu smelled the thick scent of death. He knew that if Lin Dong’s attack landed on his body, he would not get off easy even if he managed to survived. Immediately, a vicious look flitted across his eyes as his body jerked. Yuan Power burst out of his body without any restraint, forming into an extremely thick light screen outside his body.

The light screen was as clear as crystal and gave off a solid sense of safety.

When the light screen took shape, a golden spear flew over like a flaring golden dragon. Under the stares from the crowd, the golden spear viciously smashed into the light screen.


The light screen trembled violently, while cracks rapidly extended outwards. Standing inside, a deathly pale look surfaced on Jin Mu’s face. He was truly unable to comprehend how Lin Dong’s battle power had soared so much in a few short days!


An icy-cold voice sounded out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Soon after, the dazzling light screen instantly exploded as a ferocious force slammed into Jin Mu’s body, immediately causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, while his body shot backwards like a broken kite.


When they saw Jin Mu’s sorry figure, the entire area burst into an uproar. Astonished gazes turned towards Lin Dong’s figure. Although some of the people here had heard of Lin Dong’s fight with Jin Mu in Yang City, a clear victor had not been decided at that time. Yet, the scene today made them understand exactly who was victor and loser amongst the two of them.

Hai Sha and the other three who were fighting with Mo Tie and the rest, were likewise given a vicious blow to their hearts. Soon after, their expressions fluctuated a little. They originally thought that even if Lin Dong was able to contend against a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner, he would at most draw against Jin Mu. Yet, the scene before them had surpassed their expectations.

In mid-air, Lin Dong apathetically gazed at Jin Mu as he vomited blood and retreated, while the killing intent in the former’s eyes did not weaken the slightest. Lin Dong had already made up his mind tonight. He did not plan on merely injuring Jin Mu, but truly getting rid of this troublemaker!

Previously, he had restrained himself, yet, this only resulted in the unexpected disaster tonight. If Lin Dong still allowed Jin Mu to live, there would definitely be trouble later on. This was something that someone like Lin Dong definitely could not accept.

Hence, after blowing back Jin Mu’s figure, Lin Dong’s body once again dashed forward. In a flash, he appeared in front of the Jin Mu, whose aura was currently unsteady. The deadly spear in Lin Dong’s hand tore apart the night sky and viciously thrust towards Jin Mu’s chest.

“Lin Dong, you dare!” Jin Mu was startled by Lin Dong’s actions as he quickly shouted out in a stern voice.


Just as his words left his mouth, the deadly arriving force carved bloody lines on his face. At this moment, he completely came to terms with reality. Lin Dong was truly going to kill him.

The threat of death enveloped Jin Mu’s heart. However, he was still a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner. With a flick of his mind, he activated his skin-tight inner armor Soul Treasure and a circle of faint red light immediately spread out.

Nonetheless, he had underestimated the speed of Lin Dong’s attack this time. His peak Manifestation strength combined with his upgraded Lesser Nirvana Golden Body had caused his battle power to surge several times. Thus, before the circle of red light could completely spread out and materialize, a golden flash pierced through like lightning before ruthlessly landing on Jin Mu’s chest.


The muffled sound of the spear tip entering flesh stealthily sounded out, causing the surrounding areas to instantly lapse into a deathly silence.

The bone spear had penetrated through Jin Mu’s chest. When it emerged from his back, fresh blood gushed out like a fountain, while Jin Mu’s body stiffened.

“In your next life, think about the consequences before carrying out any evil deeds.”

Lin Dong coldly gazed at Jin Mu while blood continuously flowed out from his mouth. The former viciously jerked the bone spear, causing Jin Mu to heavily slam onto the ground. Meanwhile, a faint bones breaking sound echoed out.

The originally chaotic scene was now deathly silent. Countless pairs of eyes continuously turned towards Jin Mu, who struggled a little before completely turning rigid, and everyone could not help but firmly swallow a mouthful of spit. They were truly unable to imagine that Jin Mu had actually died in such a manner at that fellow’s hands. Such overwhelming battle power and viciousness. Then, their gazes simultaneously turned from different angles towards the figure hovering in mid-air. At this juncture, the pity and contempt from before had now quietly ceased to exist.

Jin Mu’s death had likewise quenched the fire of battle for both sides. Mo Tie and the rest looked at Jin Mu’s corpse and swallowed; it was difficult to describe the shock in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Hai Sha and the other three watched this scene with grim expressions. Moments later, the other three excluding Hai Sha suddenly backed away while fearfully looking towards Lin Dong, “Friend, we did not interfere at all in the matter from before, and will no longer have anything to do with it.” Once these words were said, they immediately showed made their position clear. Jin Mu had already died and there was clearly no point for them to do anything more. They were not fools and would not offend the shockingly powerful Lin Dong over a dead Jin Mu.

When he heard their words, Hai Sha’s originally grim expression became even uglier. Both himself and Jin Mu were the main instigators of tonight’s matter, and he had even drawn the Demonic Beasts over. Those three could back away from this matter but he would perhaps face some difficulty.

At this time, the time was nearing dawn. Faint rays of light shined down, causing the entire mountain range to become hazy. Lin Dong stood in the air and reached out his hand as a suction force sucked Jin Mu’s Qiankun bag into his hand. Lin Dong then turned his indifferent eyes to first look at the three fellows before slowly shifting towards Hai Sha.

“Lin Dong, what else do you plan on doing?!” Upon seeing Lin Dong look over, Hai Sha’s scalp turned somewhat numb. His strength was on par with Jin Mu, and since Lin Dong could kill Jin Mu, he would likewise be able to kill Hai Sha.

This matter caused regret to stealthily creep up in Hai Sha’s heart. If he knew that Lin Dong was actually so ferocious, he would not have teamed up with Jin Mu……

However, it was already too late for regrets. No matter what, there were many people watching and he could only stand firm.

“Go down and accompany him.”

Lin Dong’s voice was flat and emotionless. He was similarly rather disgusted with this Hai Sha, hence he did not plan to be merciful. His figure moved, appearing in the sky above Hai Sha as the bone spear thrust out. An extremely deadly force ripped through the air, viciously flying towards the latter’s head.

“Lin Dong, don’t go overboard!” When he saw Lin Dong once again attack with killing intent, Hai Sha furiously roared before hastily defending.

“Bang bang!” Golden light flashed. This time, Hai Sha finally understood why Jin Mu had lost so swiftly. Compared to a few days ago, Lin Dong strength had risen once again!


Lin Dong’s bone spear heavily landed on the long sword in Hai Sha’s hands. Berserk power exploded like a volcano, directly jolting Hai Sha dozens of steps back. In the end, he somewhat raggedly steadied himself, but his face was a mix of green and red, displaying his embarrassment and fear.

When the surrounding people saw how ferocious Lin Dong was, their hearts shivered a little before they secretly resolved never to provoke such a character. Although his cultivation level was not high, his battle power and vengeful methods caused a chill to rise in their hearts.

Golden light flowed in Lin Dong’s eyes, while flashes of gold flickered below Lin Dong’s skin. His figure moved as increasingly formidable attacks once again enveloped the Hai Sha who was starting to be overwhelmed.

Under Lin Dong’s attacks, Hai Sha was very quickly on the losing end. However, just as Lin Dong’s lightning quick spear was about to deal a fatal blow, an enormous force suddenly swept over from afar and forcibly pushed Lin Dong back several steps with a loud bang.

This sudden force caused Lin Dong’s expression to darken a little. Soon after, he lifted his head, only to find a figure floating over with the wind like a willow from a distance away, while a soft voice slowly echoed out in the area.

“My friend, to cut others some slack is to give yourself the leway in time of need. I hope that you will let this matter go on account of my Lingyun Empire.”