Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 435 Another Upgrade

Chapter 435 Another Upgrade


Chapter 435 Another Upgrade

Lin Dong sat in the middle of the lush woods. This area was fairly secluded, plus with Little Marten concealing his presence, he did not have worry about being detected by other people or Demonic Beasts.

Several fist-sized scarlet red Demonic Crystals hovered in front of Lin Dong like resplendent rubies. Within these Demonic Crystals, streams of rich Nirvana Qi stealthily flowed. In fact, it even caused the surrounded air to turn scorching.

The amount of Nirvana Qi within a half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Crystal was equivalent to several hundred Nirvana Pills. Therefore, the amount of Nirvana Qi contained within these twenty Demonic Crystals reached a truly terrifying extent.

Everyone in the ancient battlefield knew the importance of Nirvana Qi. Therefore, everyone coveted these Demonic Crystals which contained potent Nirvana Qi. However, though they coveted it, not everyone had a Blood Soul Puppet as an helper. Therefore, if they wanted to handle a half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast, even if there were at the same cultivation level, it would be no easy feat to kill them, not to mention, killing twenty of them in several hours like what Lin Dong did. If news of this matter got out, everyone would probably be shocked out of their wits…

Lin Dong gently gripped his hands, before a black hole emerged from his palms and completely enveloped those twenty Demonic Crystals. Instantly, a Devouring Force gushed forth just like a tidal wave.

Just as the Devouring Force enveloped these Demonic Crystals, the Nirvana Qi within these Demonic Crystals was quickly refined before they transformed into a fiery stream of energy and continuously gushed into Lin Dong’s body.

Woosh. Swoosh.

Streams of potent Nirvana Qi coursed through Lin Dong’s entire body just like tidal waves. At the same time, a soft and crisp noise actually sounded out. This was the first time since Lin Dong entered the ancient battle, that he got to enjoy such a potent Nirvana Qi. Even though he had ten of thousands of Nirvana Pills, he did not use them to master Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, but instead used them to refine his Blood Soul Puppet. Therefore, it had little impact on his Yuan Power cultivation.

That black hole slowly swirled and the Devouring Force was just like a millstone as it slowly refined the Demonic Crystals within. Then, it completely devoured all the Nirvana Qi contained within.

Right now, this clearly showcased the power of the Ancestral Devouring Symbol. If it was an ordinary individual, it would take quite a long time in order for him to absorb a single Demonic Crystal. However, Lin Dong was able to shorten the process by several times…

Streams of potent Nirvana Qi continuously gushed out from the black hole, before they flowed into Lin Dong’s body. Meanwhile, the aura undulated on his body gradually became more powerful.

Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder, while a dark-purple glow stealthily flowed out and transformed into a protective screen which wrapped around Lin Dong, and prevented any disturbances from the outside world.

Lin Dong trained for around one hour. Deep within the woods, when the dark night sky slowly faded away, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened up.


The instant he opened his eyes, a bright glint tore through the darkness and flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. It was a fairly sharp glint.


Lin Dong solemnly exhaled a puff off white air. Meanwhile, surrounding him, a powerful Yuan Power vibration flowed. That vibration was far more powerful than before.

Peak Manifestation stage!

Relying on these twenty six Demonic Crystals that he had obtained tonight, Lin Dong’s strength had surged again and he had advanced to peak Manifestation stage!

Furthermore, the peculiar golden flow flowing beneath Lin Dong’s skin had intensified. Evidently, those twenty six half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Crystal not only allowed his strength to surge, but they also improved his Lesser Nirvana Golden Body.

As he felt the surging Yuan Power inside his body, a gentle smile emerged on Lin Dong’s face. However, he promptly furrowed his brows. As his strength surged, the distance away from Nirvana stage had narrowed down. However, he still lacked the required amount of Nirvana Pills.

“For this trip to Thunder Granite Valley, let’s hope that I will reap a bountiful harvest.”

Lin Dong muttered himself, before he stood up and cast his eyes towards the distant horizon. Promptly, a venomous glint flashed across his eyes. Once he returned, he must finish off Jin Mu. He was no kind hearted buddha and he knew that there was only one way to deal with a person like him.


A killing aura flashed across Lin Dong’s face. Promptly, his figure flashed before he leapt out of the lush woodlands. Just as he was about to head back, his expression suddenly changed before he turned to look at a distant mountain peak.

“Did you sense it as well?” Lin Dong stared at that blurry mountain peak, that was obscured by nightfall, before he softly turned to Little Marten and said.

Little Marten’s eyes narrowed as it stared at that mountain peak. Promptly, a dark purple glow suddenly shot out from its eyes. Those dark purple glow stealthily flashed across the nightsky. Moments later, they returned. However, this time around, they actually formed into a glowing screen in front of Lin Dong.

Reflected on the glowing screen, was a clear image of the mountain peak. When he saw Little Marten’s trick, Lin Dong was stunned as well. Promptly, his eyes were locked on that glowing screen. That was because he actually saw several figures seated quietly on top of that mountain peak.

Those men sat quietly on top of the mountain peak and they did not give off any traces of noise or vibration. From their bodies, Lin Dong could sense a fairly formidable aura. In fact, it seems there was at least a dozen half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners!

“Which faction are they from? They have actually concealed themselves in that spot.” Awe filled Lin Dong’s eyes. Their Yang City troops were all surrounded by the demonic horde. However, he never expected that there was actually a mysterious group behind them.

“They should be members from a high-grade empire that were attracted by the mysterious ancient key.” Little Marten slowly said.

“High-grade empire?” Lin Dong’s heart shuddered. It seems like the rumours are indeed true and there are high-grade empires that were attracted by the mysterious ancient key.

“Since it is a high-grade empire, there should be a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner?” Lin Dong’s eyes stared attentively at the glowing screen. He was curious to find out just how powerful such a demon would be.

Just as Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the glowing screen, moments later, his eyes finally stopped at the central spot of the glowing screen. On top of that mountain peak, there was a man dressed in black quietly seated down. Though that man gave off the lightest aura, it was not a sign of weakness, but rather humility.

Based on his superior Mental Energy, Lin Dong was able to detect that beneath that obscure aura, there was a terrifying strength flowing below.

“You have good eyesight…” Standing aside, Little Marten casually smiled. Evidently, it was surprised that Lin Dong was able to this quickly discover the hidden Nirvana stage practitioner.

Lin Dong’s eyes were locked onto that man dressed in black. Though that man’s face was blurry, he should not be too old. One truly wonders how powerful he is.

“Let’s go. This trip to the Thunder Granite Valley is a fairly interesting one. Even high-grade empires have came along. I wonder if they are the only ones in this vast mountain range…”

After staring for a while, Lin Dong gently smiled. Without further ado, his figure flashed before he floated off and swiftly disappeared into the darkness.

Just as Lin Dong disappeared, at a distant mountain peak, a man dressed in black, who sat on a large green rock suddenly opened his eyes. His calm yet sharp eyes stared at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared, before he gently furrowed his brows. Promptly, he muttered to himself: “Am I mistaken…”

“Big Senior, the demonic horde has retreated and the troops from Yang City have suffered quite severe casualties. Haha, they have spared us a lot of trouble by helping us handle the demonic horde.” Just as that man dressed in black opened his eyes, behind him, another man spoke respectfully.

“Yes, though they are many men from Yang City, they are fighting for their own sake. Therefore, they hardly amount to anything. This time around, our real opponents are not them…” That man dressed in black gently nodded his head before he calmly said.

“Send my word down, when the sun rises, we must make haste. Before nightfall, we must arrive at Thunder Granite Valley!”



Deep inside the mountain range, a vast plain was in tatters, while fresh-blood dyed the ground red. Meanwhile, countless Demonic Beast corpse pilled up, while some human corpses were littered around as well.

This demonic horde caused the men from Yang City to suffer severe casualties. Nonetheless, they were still thankful that they managed to survive.

On the tattered ground, the remaining men began to reorganize themselves. For a while, this area was fairly chaotic.

“Jin Mu, Hai Sha, you two bastards get out now!”

Amidst that chaotic environment, an enraged roar suddenly sounded out. Then, several pairs of eyes turned to look, only to see Mo Tei and the rest charging angrily towards Jin Mu’s campsite.

Most people understood why Mo Tei was angry. After all, anyone who got backstabbed would naturally feel outraged.

Mo Tei, Tang Xuan and the rest were grim as they stood outside of Jin Mu’s campsite. Meanwhile, they could barely hide the rage in their eyes.

“Haha what about it? After these few days, don’t tell me you regard that kid as your bosom friend? That doesn’t fit your reputation, Mo Tei…” Jin Mu stared at a grim Mo Tei while he casually chuckled.

“This old man may not be a kind-hearted man, however I understand the meaning of gratitude and revenge. Since this old man has promised Lin Dong, if anything happens to him tonight, I will make you join him in the afterlife!” Mo Tei’s tone was extremely venomous and he looked just like he was about to devour him. It seems like Jin Mu’s actions have truly pissed him off.

“With just the three of you?” Jin Mu smirked, while a disdainful look was plastered on his face. After all, there were five half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners on their side, while there were only three on Mo Tei’s side.

“Mo Tei, on account of the fact that we know one another, let me advise you. Even if that guy is dead, let it go. After all, it doesn’t affect the both of us. However, if you continue to press this matter, don’t blame me for being a cruel man…”

When he heard Jin Mu’s words, Mo Tei’s expression turned cold immediately.

“Pfft, it seems like you are truly hoping that I would be killed by those Demonic Beasts? Why? Are you afraid I will come back for revenge?”

Just as Mo Tei was unable to suppress the killing intent in his heart, a soft chuckle sounded out from a distance away. Then, under the bewildered stares of the crowd, a figure flashed by, before it appeared beside Mo Tei and the rest.

When they saw that figure suddenly appear, the chaotic domain instantly quieted down. From their expressions, it was as if they had just saw a ghost…