Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 430 Entering The Thunder Granite Mountain Range

Chapter 430 Entering The Thunder Granite Mountain Range


Chapter 430 Entering The Thunder Granite Mountain Range

Thunder Granite mountain range was extremely wide and spacious. The steep mountain within looked just like pillars that soared up into the clouds. Faintly, a series of deep and savage animal growls echoed out from within and shocked the entire woods.

Within a several thousand mile radius, the Thunder Granite mountain range was a fairly renowned spot. Not only were there numerous Demonic Beasts within, there were even genuine Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts in the deepest regions. Therefore, this was a forbidden area for many people and there was usually hardly anyone who dared to trespass into this forbidden zone.

However, today was no ordinary day. Countless people swarmed into the mountain range like locusts. Therefore, this large and spacious mountain range, enshrouded by mist, instantly became extremely noisy and chaotic.

Of course, this large-scale intrusion naturally irked the wrath of the mountain range’s local inhabitants. Therefore, when this locust swarm like crowd entered the mountain range, a series of screams and growls periodically ricocheted across the mountain range.

The Demonic Beasts in the ancient battlefield were vicious by nature and everyone today got to experience just how savage they were. Even as they faced such a large amount of humans, there were still Demonic Beasts who recklessly charged towards the crowd, causing several problems for them.

Lin Dong and the rest were not at the front of the group. Instead, they were in the middle of the pack. Therefore, even though they were attacked by some Demonic Beasts along the way, it were mostly the ones who slipped through the cracks and were not much a problem..

“These bastards are truly difficult to deal with.”

Mo Tei’s fist shot through the air, directly blowing apart a hideous-looking Demonic Beast that had leapt out from the bushes. However, the latter did not slow down at all. Instead, its vicious claws ripped his clothes apart, before it finally stiffened and collapsed. Upon seeing this, Mo Tei involuntarily furrowed his brows and commented in a helpless manner.

Lin Dong lifted his head and scanned his surroundings. Sounds of fighting could be heard all around him as a faint bloody stench spread out on the mountain range. This sight caused his pupils to shrink a little. He also understood that they were now merely at the outskirts of the Thunder Granite mountain range. Hence, once they ventured deeper within, the resistance they encounter will definitely intensify. As expected, no ordinary faction could barge into this Thunder Granite mountain range alone.

“This is mere foreplay. The real fight will be at night. At that time, the total number of people here will likely shrink by a third.” The lady in red clothes called Tang Xuan glanced around before she declared. Her tone was slightly solemn and it showed just how terrifying this place was.

When they heard her words, several people’s hearts shuddered. Nightfall in the ancient battlefield had a restraining effect on their Yuan Power, while the Demonic Beasts would become even more savage. Typically speaking, there were able to rely on the citywall to withstand the encroaching nightfall. However, they were now deep within the mountains, a place where countless Demonic Beasts roamed freely. Without the protection of the citywalls, they must use their physical bodies to battle against these savage Demonic Beasts, something that would be rather cruel.

Mo Tei’s face was solemn as he nodded his head. Promptly, he turned to look at Lin Dong, Tang Xuan and the rest before he spoke, “When nightfall descends, we will set up camp and other defensive formations. Together, we will withstand the Demonic Beasts.”

No one objected to Mo Tie’s suggestion. Demonic Beasts were extremely savage at night and had no fear of death. In contrast, their Yuan Power would be suppressed and their battle ability would be greatly reduced.

Lin Dong gaze swept across his surroundings. Though there were several factions stemming from Yang City, they were not of one mind. Instead, they were split into various smaller and larger groups, and Lin Dong’s group could only be considered ordinary in this large force.

“Brother Lin Dong, do be extra careful at night. Though Demonic Beasts are extremely difficult to deal with, I am afraid that someone may be plotting against you.” Mo Tei suddenly approached Lin Dong and softly said.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong was stunned for a moment. Promptly, he nodded his head before he turned to look to his right. Whether it was intentional or not, it turns out that Jin Mu’s group was actually quite close to them. At the same time, the venomous stares directed towards him allowed him to understand that based on Jin Mu’s character, he would not let them have a peaceful journey.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

After Mo Tei spoke, several splitting wind noises echoed behind him. Following which, Lin Dong immediately saw several figures leaping out from behind him in a slightly flashy manner. Such flashy moves naturally drew a few displeasing stares from the crowd. However, when they saw the badges on their clothes, all of them involuntarily looked away.

“Such a formidable lineup. I believe that there should be at least ten half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. Which empire is so powerful?” Lin Dong was a little shocked as he stared in mid-air and asked.

“Those are men from the Great Yuan Empire.” Mo Tei stared somewhat reverently at those figures before he continued, “The Great Yuan Empire can be considered as one of the top two factions in Yang City. Previously, they used to be a high rank empire. However, due to various reasons, they began to decline. Nonetheless, their background far exceeds those of any ordinary mid rank empire.”

When he heard those words, Lin Dong had a flash of understanding. No wonder they had such a formidable lineup. It turns out that the Great Yuan Empire used to be a high rank empire. After he glanced at those men who flew past, he detected the exceptionally powerful aura of the one at the front. Based on his aura, though he could not be considered as a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner, he was far more powerful compared to ordinary half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners like Mo Tei.

“The other top faction in Yang City should be Ling Yun Empire. Though it is only a mid rank empire, they have grown rapidly over the past few years. Furthermore, the one leading them is a truly abnormal existence. It is said that he already possess the qualifications to attack the Nirvana stage, however he is merely biding his time to accumulate more Nirvana pills…”

Lin Dong quietly nodded his head. It seems like there were countless dragons and tigers hidden in Yang City, including the Great Yuan Empire’s leader from before. Though all of them had the qualifications to attack Nirvana stage, most of them chose to delay it.

“Those two great factions are the top contenders in the battle for the Mysterious Ancient Key. Of course, this is assuming that no unforeseen circumstances occur. For the rest of us, we can only hope for some leftovers.” Mo Tei sighed. Though he felt unhappy, there was little he could do. After all, strength reigned supreme in this place.

Lin Dong smiled and he did not comment. Instead, he lifted his head and stared at those figures, a burning glint flickering in his eyes. In this fight for the Mysterious Ancient Key, he must succeed…

As the large group charged forward, the massive Thunder Granite mountain range did not quieten down at all. Due to the constant harassment from various Demonic Beasts, all of them were forced to slow down. Meanwhile, everyone watched on nervously as the sky stealthily began to darken.

When the fiery-red sun descended below the horizon, everyone stopped. Each group quickly split up and swiftly set up their campsite. Everyone was aware that this was the first trial in their journey to the Thunder Granite Valley. If they could not survive the night, they should not entertain delusions of obtaining treasures…

A stormy atmosphere enshrouded the area. Immediately, campsites swiftly appeared in the mountain range while fiery red bonfires arose and lit up the area within a hundred mile radius.

Lin Dong and the rest sat quietly in the campsite, everyone around them was busy polishing their ice-cold blades. Though there were many of them here, everyone was afraid to speak due to the tense atmosphere. If they were in the city, they had little reason to be afraid of the incoming demonic horde. However, they had no situational advantage to rely upon in this area.

Lin Dong sat quietly, a serious look in his eyes. This was the Thunder Granite mountain range and the Demonic Beasts here far exceeded those that Lin Dong had encountered at the assembly point. If he was negligent, his campsite would easily be overrun and he would become food for those beasts.

Mo Ling and the rest gathered around Lin Dong, while Little Flame vigilantly guarded their surroundings.

“When the demonic horde attacks, try to endure it for a while. I will try to ease everyone’s burden.” While Lin Dong and the rest’s expression turned solemn, Tang Xuan suddenly tilted her head and declared.

“Thank you.”

Lin Dong was stunned. Promptly, he replied with a smile. Though this woman seemed icy-cold on the outside, she had a kind heart.

Tang Xuan casually nodded her head before she turned around.


Lin Dong did not mind this it at all. His eyes were fixed onto the rising bonfire as he suddenly exhaled a puff of white qi. He could feel the Yuan Power in his body gradually becoming sluggish. Immediately, his eyes narrowed. It seems like the pressuring aura of nightfall had finally arrived.

As he felt this pressure, Lin Dong’s body gently jerked as a Devouring Force stealthily flowed on his skin, transforming into a light black cortical on his skin.

Thanks to the peculiar light black cortical, the pressuring aura that emerged from the land immediately disappeared. Instantly, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face. This was the Devouring Cortical that was formed using his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. With this cortical protecting him, he could easily disregard the pressure caused by nightfall.

This meant that though others could not bring out their true power, Lin Dong was still able to maintain his peak condition. This was undoubtedly a huge advantage for him.


Just as Lin Dong formed his Devouring Cortical, the ground suddenly began to tremble a little. Though it was a slight tremor, everyone here was skilled, hence, their faces turned solemn immediately before they slowly lifted their heads and stared at the distant pitch-black mountain range. At that spot, countless blood-red eyes flashed in the dark.

The demonic horde had arrived!

When they sensed the savage aura sweeping across the land, everyone’s eyes turned serious.