Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 429 Time To Make A Move

Chapter 429 Time To Make A Move


Chapter 429 Time To Make A Move

When they saw Lin Dong emerge from that stone chamber, standing outside, Mo Ling and the rest evidently heaved a deep sigh of relief. It seems like they had unknowingly treated Lin Dong as the nucleus of this team and only when he was around, could this team gel together.

“Did anything happen during this past few days?” After he successfully subdued the Blood Soul Puppet, Lin Dong’s spirits were evidently uplifted and he was no longer as exhausted as before. As he stretched his back, he hugged Little Flame, which had dashed towards him, before he smiled at the three of them and said.

“This is a fairly rural area and besides, we did not go anywhere during these past four days. Therefore, no accidents took place.” Mo Ling smiled before he said: “However, Yang City has been getting increasingly crowded. Recently, troops from various empires have been coming here. I believe that most of them are here in preparation for the mountain raid tomorrow.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. There were countless Demonic Beasts in the Thunder Granite Mountain Range and the troops from one empire alone were evidently unable to successfully reach the Thunder Granite Valley. Therefore, the various elite practitioners in Yang City must combine forces in order to successfully reach the Thunder Granite Valley. Of course, once they reach the Thunder Granite Valley, how they would split the treasures would depend on one’s own abilities.

“During these past two days, Mo Tei came over once. However, when he saw that you were still training, he left again. With regards to the Saint Light Empire, there has been no movements from them. It seems like Jin Mu is truly wary of you and he does not dare to make a move lightly.” Mo Ling smiled before he turned to Lin Dong and asked: “So what should we do next?”

“Tomorrow, we will meet up with the other elite practitioners in Yang City. There are quite a number of powerful Demonic Beasts in Thunder Granite Mountain Range and we will have to rely on others. Else, it would be no simple feat for us to reach Thunder Granite Valley.” Lin Dong solemnly said.

With regards to Lin Dong’s words, the rest of them naturally chose not to object. Immediately, the three of them nodded their heads. After all, they were fairly curious and looking forward to seeing the various treasures in the Thunder Granite Valley.

The next day, when the first ray of sunlight shone on this large city, a terrifying commotion immediately erupted in the city. In the sky above the city, countless splitting wind noise sounded out, before countless figures swarmed forth just like a locust swarm. All of them had a fervent burning expression in their eyes. Evidently, after these past few days, they were all itching to obtain the treasures in Thunder Granite Valley.

Lin Dong and the rest were already well prepared. After a brief discussion, they immediately headed out of Yang City. Just as they lept off the citywall, they saw that there were already waves of humans packed outside the city. That commotion caused Lin Dong and the rest to be slightly taken aback. The ones who could come to the ancient battlefield were all fairly skilled and there were all considered as geniuses in their respective empires. With so many geniuses gathered together, it created a fairly spectacular sight.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong. You have finally came out.”

Just as Lin Dong and the rest were in awe at the sight in front of them, a hearty laugh suddenly echoed out. Immediately, Lin Dong turned around only to hear several splitting wind noise. Promptly, he saw a large crowd on that spacious citywall.

This was a fairly large crowd and there were nearly a hundred people, creating a rather spectacular formation. However, what shocked them the most was that including Mo Tei, standing in front of the group, there were actually three half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. In comparison, Lin Dong’s line-up seemed rather pitiful. Not only were they lacking in numbers, they did not even have a single half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner.

Therefore, when this group landed, some of them glanced disdainfully at them. After all, they came from a mid-grade empire and based on Lin Dong’s line-up, they evidently knew that they were from some unknown small empire.

Lin Dong’s eyes casually swept across the group. When he saw those disdainful expressions, his brows gently furrowed.

“Mo Tei, is this the friend that you spoke of that can match up against Jin Mu?” Standing beside Mo Tei, a tall lady dressed in red clothes asked. This lady’s face was rather beautiful, however there was a tinge of arrogance on her white almond shaped face. As she casually glanced at Lin Dong, though she did not have a similar disdainful expression, there was a strong disbelieving look in her eyes.

With regards to this lady, Lin Dong was fairly intrigued by her as well. It was not because of her appearance, but rather she was the first female half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner that he had encountered in the ancient battlefield.

“Advanced Manifestation stage. It will be quite difficult for you to travel alone in Thunder Granite Mountain Range.” Another plain-looking man, with a formidable glint in his eyes, calmly spoke.

“Haha, not only can brother Lin Dong match up against Jin Mu, he even forced him into a rather sorry state. Looks can be deceiving.” When he heard their suspicious tone, Mo Tei smiled apologetically at Lin Dong before he said.

“Let’s hope so.”

When they heard his words, the two of them chose to ignore it. With regards to Lin Dong, since they were not present during the incident, they had only heard rumours about it. Though they were fairly stunned that Lin Dong could match up against Jin Mu, that was the extent of it. Regardless, in their opinion, since Lin Dong was merely at advanced Manifestation stage, it would still be difficult for him to defeat a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner.

“Brother Lin Dong, let me introduce you to them. This is Tang Xuan from the Great Tang Empire.”

Mo Tei first pointed at that beautiful lady dressed in red clothes, before he turned towards that plain-looking man and said: “This is Liu Xuan from Xuan Yun Empire. Both of them are half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. For this trip to Thunder Granite Mountain Range, if we travelled together, it would provide us with additional insurance. Haha, besides, they are straight-talkers and they do not mean to look down on brother Lin Dong. If they have offended you, I hope that you can forgive them.”

Though Mo Tei looked like a brute, he was a fairly tactful man and he was worried about the harshness of their words. Immediately, he smiled as he tried to diffuse the tension.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head as he cupped his fists and bowed at the two of them. When the Tang Xuan duo saw this sight, they casually returned the greeting. Though they were doubtful of Lin Dong’s ability, they were fairly reasonable individuals. When they saw how easygoing Lin Dong was, they naturally did not want to make things difficult for him. In their opinion, even if Lin Dong was truly a weakling, on behalf of Mo Tei, they would still allow him to tag along.

“It seems like we are all gathered here and it’s about time to enter the Thunder Granite Mountain Range.” When he saw both factions in agreement, Mo Tei lifted his head and glanced at that waves of people outside of the citywall before he said.

Lin Dong once again nodded his head, before he turned around and glanced at his surroundings. Immediately, he realized that there were other similar groups around. Most of them should have been formed after various empires allied themselves and established a temporary alliance. Just like what they did.

“Heh Mo Tei, it seems like you do not have good contacts. After so long, is that the best you can do?” Just as Lin Dong glanced at the citywall, a familiar laughter suddenly echoed out.

When he heard that voice, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. Turning his head around, he saw a large ground of men heading towards them. Standing in front of that group, it was indeed Jin Mu, who had a grudge with Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across Jin Mu and his group. Standing beside him, he also saw Hai Sha, whom he had previously met. Besides, he also saw three other half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. It seems like there were actually five half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner at Jin Mu’s side. Compared to Mo Tei’s faction, they were evidently stronger.

When they heard Jin Mu’s words, Mo Tei and the Tang Xuan duo’s expressions slightly darkened. They did not have a cordial relationship with Jin Mu. Furthermore, there was a tinge of mockery hidden in the latter’s words.

Even though they were outraged, owing to the overwhelming strength of Jin Mu’s group, Mo Tei and the two of them chose to coldly snort and they did not speak any further.

“Kid, don’t think that you can relax just because you have found a backer. Once you enter into the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, they may not even be able to protect themselves. I hope that you can make it out alive…” Jin Mu smiled before he started venomously at Lin Dong. Contained in his eyes, was a rich and venomous killing intent.

“Thanks for your concern.” Lin Dong’s voice was calm and he was not intimated by the five half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner. His callous expression caused Jin Mu to be so outraged till his eyes darkened.

“Kid, just you wait. Once you enter into the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, you will surely regret it.” Jin Mu glanced venomously at Lin Dong before he turned to Mo Tei and said: “All of you should know that I have a personal grudge with that man. If you are wise, don’t interfere when the time comes. Else, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Pfft, Jin Mu, don’t push it!” Mo Tei’s face was slightly ugly. By threatening him in front of so many people, Jin Mu was simply too disrespectful towards him.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, there is no point in risking your lives for a stranger. Haha.” Jin Mu ignored Mo Tei’s outburst as he laughed again. Then, he led his group of men as they lept off the citywall.

Mo Tei and the Tang Xuan duo stared at Jin Mu and the rest’s figures, while their faces turned grim. They had never expected that Jin Mu could actually create an alliance with so many other empires.

“The three of you, I have a fairly deep grudge with Jin Mu. I think it is best to travel by myself.” Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed before he suddenly turned to Mo Tei and said.

“Brother Lin Dong, what are you talking about. Since we have agreed to travel together, there is no need to fear. Furthermore, we have a grudge with Jin Mu as well. Even if you left, should the opportunity present itself, we will still make a move. Therefore, it is best for us to travel together and we can take care of one another.” However, when he heard Lin Dong’s words, Mo Tei immediately replied.

“Heh, though you are only at advanced Manifestation stage, it would still be a small boost for us. If you travel together with us, if we encounter them in the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, it would force them to be more wary as well.” Tang Xuan casually said. Though this lady had good intentions, her words felt stinging to his ears. After all, it seems like her words indicated that Lin Dong needed their protection.

Though her words felt stinging to his ears, Lin Dong was fairly surprised by her reply. After all, they had barely met and yet they still chose to side with him even after Jin Mu threatened them. Just this fact alone was enough to allow Lin Dong to let his guard down against them.

“Alright, brother Lin Dong. A man should not be wishy-washy. It’s about time. Let’s make a move and head into Thunder Granite Valley!”

Mo Tei patted Lin Dong’s shoulders. Without further ado, his figure flashed, before he took charge and lept off the citywall. Then, he dashed towards that gigantic mountain range. Behind him, Tang Xuan and the rest quickly followed behind.

When Lin Dong saw this situation, he could only wave his hands. Then, he waved at Mo Ling and the rest, before they quickly tagged behind.

Since Jin Mu could gather four other half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners, it seems like he was fairly capable as well. However, if that fellow is truly plotting against him, Lin Dong would not mind killing all of them in Thunder Granite Valley…