Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 427 Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree

Chapter 427 Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree


Chapter 427 Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree

The Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was a type of unique spiritual being. For Symbol Masters that cultivated Mental Energy, it was undoubtedly a god-like existence. It was said that if a high rank Soul Symbol Master was able to refine it, he would very likely be able to cross that crucial step and reach the realm of the Heaven Symbol Master.

A Heaven Symbol Master was equivalent to a Nirvana stage practitioner!

Moreover, the Heaven Symbol Master and Soul Symbol Master were two entirely different levels. If one would say that a Soul Symbol Master was stuck at the superficial usage of Mental Energy, a Heaven Symbol Master would be known as one that had truly reached the next level.

It was said that some powerful Heaven Symbol Masters were able to condense Mental Energy into miraculous Symbols, and move the power of the land with a single gesture. They possessed great power and even a Nirvana stage practitioner would find a Heaven Symbol Master a rather troublesome opponent.

Because, after becoming a Heaven Symbol Master, one’s Mental Energy would strengthen as if it had undergone a metamorphosis, and its power cannot be compared to before. Hence, when Lin Dong heard that there was actually legendary object like the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree in the Thunder Granite Valley, even with his composure, he could not help but feel a little hard to breathe.

If he was able to obtain this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree, he would have a great chance to attack the Heaven Symbol Master level. As long as he reached this realm, even if he encountered a true Nirvana stage practitioner in future, he would have the power to contend even without using the Blood Soul Puppet!

From his current point of view, just the lure of this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree alone was enough to entice him to brave countless difficulties and dangers to enter the Thunder Granite Valley.

“Hehe, there are already many Soul Symbol Masters who have been drawn over, their target is the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree. Moreover, although it is said that this object is not much of an attraction for us, if we are able to obtain it and sell it to those Soul Symbol Masters, it would likely be worth a hundred thousand Nirvana pills.” Upon seeing the fire in Lin Dong’s eyes, Mo Tei did not find this unexpected. After all, this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was too valuable and it was difficult to find someone who would not be tempted.

To one side, when the Mo Ling trio heard this number, their expressions changed somewhat. One hundred thousand Nirvana pills. Even if they overturned the royal family’s treasury, they would barely be able to gather such a sum. To think that this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was actually so valuable…

Lin Dong nodded his head. He knew that this price was still underrated. As long as one was able to reach the realm of the Heaven Symbol Master, one would be able to contend against Nirvana stage practitioners. One must know that for these practitioners to advance to the Nirvana stage, the price they needed to pay was not as simple as a hundred thousand Nirvana pills. Thus, the fact that one could purchase this Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree for one hundred thousand Nirvana pills should already make one burn incense and thank one’s ancestors for such a windfall…

“Though there are numerous treasures within the Thunder Granite Valley, it is a dangerous place. Not only are there various powerful Demonic Beasts guarding the place, there are also different types of seals. If one by some ill luck charges into the seal, one would be unable to leave. Although the half-step-to Nirvana practitioner from that time successfully entered, he was poisoned while returning and lost his life not long after…” Mo Tie sighed and said.

Lin Dong did not find this unexpected. The ancient battlefield was not a kind place. There were admittedly many treasure troves within, but if one did not have the capability, one might as well obediently find a spot and refine Nirvana pills. To come looking for treasure troves in these places would be akin to looking for death.

“There are currently so many powerful practitioners in Yang City, there should not be a problem dealing with the numerous Demonic Beasts in the Thunder Granite mountain range right?” Mo Ling chuckled and asked.

“They are able to deal with the Demonic Beasts, however… heh, they will become even more terrifying than Demonic Beasts in front of treasures.” Mo Tie strangely laughed in reply.

Mo Ling was a little taken aback. Soon after he slowly nodded his head. Indeed, though Demonic Beasts were ferocious, humans were even more strange and cunning. There is no knowing what is in a man’s heart and no one can know what another is thinking. Perhaps, they might be allies in this moment, but in the next, the other party would have already thrust a dagger into your heart.

“Brother Mo Tie, I wonder if there is a high rank empire in Yang City?” Lin Dong smiled a little and suddenly inquired.

Given his current cards, his greatest fear would naturally be Nirvana stage practitioners. Such characters should not appear in ordinary middle rank empires. Since this was so, there were only those more powerful high rank empires. There were definitely true-blue Nirvana stage practitioners within this kind of empire.

“No high rank empires have arrived at Yang City, however… this does not mean that no high rank empires will appear in the fight for the Ancient Secret Key. According to what I know, news of this has already spread. The ancient secret treasure trove is not ordinary treasure trove, even those high rank empires would drool a little over it. No one can say for sure that there are no high rank empire already secretly hiding in the mountain range, waiting for the final moment to act…” Mo Tie shook his head as he answered.

Lin Dong slowly nodded his head. Looks like this struggle for the Ancient Secret Key was indeed extremely intense. It will be rather difficult to successfully obtain it.

In the following time, Lin Dong once again probed for some information, while Mo Tie was not stingy with what he knew so as to build their relationship.

After both parties freely talked for a long while, Lin Dong finally got up and bid his farewells.

“Hehe, brother Lin Dong, the people from Yang City will gather and enter Thunder Granite Valley in five days. At that time, we can travel together so we can take care of each other along the way.” When he saw Lin Dong stand up, Mo Tie chuckled and said.

“Sure, sounds good. Goodbye.”

Lin Dong grinned as he nodded his head and clasped his hands together towards Mo Tie before turning around, bringing the Mo Ling trio with him as they left.

As he watched their leaving figures, Mo Tie’s eyes slightly narrowed while his gaze flickered. No one knew what he was thinking.


Lin Dong and gang travelled through the city, rushing towards their resting area. Mo Ling followed behind Lin Dong, casting a glance to their backs before suddenly asking, “You plan on working together with that fellow?”

“Can’t really be considered as working together, more like having mutual needs. Of course, I am not so foolish as to trust him. As he said, you can trust no one but your own people in front of that kind of treasure. Him wanting to rope us in can only be to gather a few more bargaining chips and battle power. When it truly comes to collecting the treasure, no one will know if he will fall out with us.” Lin Dong faintly smiled.

Upon hearing this, Mo Ling sighed in relief. He was worried that Lin Dong would end up a gun in that fellow’s hands, but from the looks of it, Lin Dong seemed to understand the situation more clearly than himself.

Lin Dong chuckled as he looked outside the city. The never ending mountain range rose up and down like a great beast, while emitting a heart palpitating aura. From the information he had obtained from Mo Tie, Lin Dong clearly understood exactly how difficult it was to successfully win the Ancient Secret Key. With his current strength, it was already rather taxing to handle some of the powerful middle rank empires, and no know could say for certain whether the even more powerful high rank empire would appear in this battle…

“Fortunately, the Nirvana pills have already been gathered. Within these five days, I need to purify the Blood Soul Puppet. Only then will I truly possess another trump card!”

Lin Dong’s fight slowly clenched tightly. The yet to be purified Blood Soul Puppet was akin to a bomb. If he encountered Nirvana stage practitioners, he would need to split some attention to suppress the Blood Soul Puppet’s baleful aura so as to prevent losing control. Thus, this was obviously not a favorable situation for himself. Only by thoroughly purifying the Blood Soul Puppet’s baleful aura would this thing become the greatest force in his hands, while also giving him the power to deal with those Nirvana stage practitioners!


The night gradually enveloped the land. However, the enormous city did not turn quiet due to this, but instead became increasingly noisy. Light from the fire soared in the skies, illuminating the area in a hundred mile radius.

In the face of such a city, even the Demonic Beasts did not dare to come as they wish. Although they were ferocious, they still after all possessed some intelligence, and hence would not easily take such risks.

Lin Dong and his party’s lodging was in a district that was considered as rather remote in the city. This was what Lin Dong needed. There would likely be quite a disturbance if he purified the Blood Soul Puppet. If it happened to be picked up by other practitioners, it would draw a huge amount of trouble.

A Blood Soul Puppet that was able to contend against a Nirvana stage practitioner. Its value would likely turn even those high rank empires red eyed, let alone these middle rank empires in Yang City. At that time, they would likely go crazy and charge at Lin Dong one by one, causing him to feel reluctant to kill.

In the tightly shut stone room, a gentle light spread outwards, forming an inverted image that flickered on the ground.

Lin Dong silently sat on the stone bed, his eyes closed as he adjusted his condition. He intended to purify the Blood Soul Puppet tonight. This unstable bomb could be considered a thorn in his heart, and he would be unable to rest easy until he dealt with it. Now that he had painstakingly managed to gather the needed Nirvana pills, he would first solve this problem at all costs.

At this moment, Little Marten swept out from Lin Dong’s body. Its claws danced as circles of purplish black light gushed out, completely wrapping the stone room.

“I’ve sealed the room, any disturbance here will not spread outside, this way, you can relax and purify the Blood Soul Puppet.” Little Marten waved its claws and said.

“Alright, summon the Blood Soul Puppet. Heh, I’m waiting to see how fierce that thing can be today!”

“Okay.” Lin Dong wore a serious expression as he nodded his head. Soon after, he deeply inhaled as a gentle pillar of light shot out from the stone talisman in the center of his palm. A blood light burst out from within the light pillar and transformed into a blood red figure that appeared in the stone room.


As the blood red figure appeared, a shockingly baleful aura instantly spread outwards, causing one to feel as if one was in a torrential sea of blood.

The stone talisman flew out from Lin Dong’s palm and continuously shot out rays of gentle light which enveloped the blood figure and suppressed its surging baleful aura. Furthermore, the black light poured out from Heavy Prison Peak above it, pushing down on the Blood Soul Puppet, so as to avoid it going out of control.


However, even with these two powerful forces, a savage glint still flowed in its eyes when the Blood Soul Puppet was summoned, while a roar akin to a wild beast burst out from its throat.

“Humph, it’s not your turn to behave badly. Watch how grandpa marten takes care of you!”

Little Marten coldly snorted. It waved its claw as a Qiankun bag flew out from Lin Dong’s sleeve before thousands upon thousands of round Nirvana pills poured out under Lin Dong’s pain filled gaze.

They were clearly going to bring out the big guns this time!