Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 425 Utter Disgrace

Chapter 425 Utter Disgrace


Chapter 425 Utter Disgrace

The bazaar was in tatters as the crowd stared in bewilderment at the scene ahead of them. For a moment, none of them could believe their eyes.

Jin Mu had a fairly renowned reputation in Yang City, and even though he was not the best, he was considered as an elite practitioner. However, right now, he had actually lost to Lin Dong, who was merely at advanced Manifestation stage. For many of them, this was simply too hard to believe.

However, regardless of how impossible it may seen, the facts laid bare in front of them and they had no other choice!

Mo Ling and the rest were delighted when they saw this sight. As they lifted their heads to look at that man hovering in mid-air, admiration and respect involuntarily flowed into their hearts. Though their reputation in Great Yan Empire would not lose to Lin Dong, right now, they had no choice but to admit that there was quite a gap between them and Lin Dong.

The raging Yuan Power in this domain began to gradually calm down. However, it did not diminish the killing intent in Lin Dong’s eyes. As he hovered in mid-air, with a trace of blood on his lips, he stared at a visibly shaken Jin Mu while his expression grew increasingly colder. Regardless, Jin Mu was indeed a genuine half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner. Based on Lin Dong’s current strength, after he executed the fifth finger of Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, even Li Sheng and countless other advanced Manifestation stage practitioners were all directly butchered by him. However, that Jin Mu was able to forcefully counter against it. Furthermore, even though he was wounded, it was not a lethal one.

Nonetheless, based on Lin Dong’s character, as long as that person was his enemy, he would show no mercy at all. Now that he had fallen out with Jin Mu, there was no need for words. He must kill him first in order to prevent any problems from occurring in the future!

While he is wounded, Lin Dong must kill him!

As this thought flashed across his mind, Lin Dong’s expression suddenly turned icy-cold. Following which, he gripped his palm before his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear once again appeared in his hand. As his feet executed Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, he actually dashed forth again. With his powerful spear stretched out in front of him, he directly charged at a still shaken Jin Mu.

Buzz! Buzz!

Spear shadows emerged, while a peculiar growing noise faintly sounded out from within the bone spear. In fact, those spear shadows were lethal enough to easily penetrate a peak Manifestation practitioner’s defences.

“Kid, you dare!”

Jin Mu was also driven mad by Lin Dong’s vicious attack. Immediately, he could no longer bother to suppress the raging aura in his body, before he waved his fiery-red steel rod in his hands. Just like a ring of fire, a burning and savage shockwind quickly swept forth.

“Since you want to kill me, what wouldn’t I dare to do? Your Saint Light Empire member use your numbers to bully others and you guys even tried to bully me. Unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong target!”

Lin Dong’s expression was vicious and he did not intent to show any mercy. As he jerked his arm, formidable speak shadows viciously slammed against flame-like shield. Instantly, sparks erupted, before a terrifying energy shockwave instantly swept forth.

Plod! Plod!

After that vicious fight, Jin Mu was actually forced to retreat several steps. Previously, after he forcefully countered Lin Dong’s finger, all the blood and aura in his body were raging and he was no longer in peak form. Therefore, when he fought against Lin Dong now, he was no longer as relaxed as before and he was in fact at the losing end.

In the bazaar, when the crowd saw Jin Mu retreating, their eyelids involuntarily twitched. It was simply too hard for them to imagine how an advanced Manifestation practitioner like Lin Dong could force Jin Mu, who was a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner, till such a sorry extent.

“Jin Mu, you are at half-step-to Nirvana. Is that all you are capable of?!”

As Lin Dong continued to fight, he turned increasingly fierce while a golden glow flowed under his skin. Right now, he had completely activated his Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. After activating it, he finally realized just how powerful this physical-enhancing martial arts was.

This Lesser Nirvana Golden Body managed to increase the strength of his physical body by a terrifying extent and it provided a tremendous boost to his defences. The boost that he gained far exceeds that of Great Sun Thunder Body. Mid-grade physical enhancing martial arts indeed lives up to it name!

Lin Dong’s provocations caused Jin Mu’s face to turn purple, while the raging blood and aura in his body became even more turbulent. In fact, while he was dodging Lin Dong’s attacks, his body even began to slow down.

“Oh no!” However, the instant he lagged, Jin Mu’s expression suddenly changed before he quickly retreated.

“You plan to flee?”

However, just as Jin Mu was about to retreat, a figure was just like a leech as he quickly followed him. Above those vicious spear shadows, a peculiar golden glow suddenly appeared. Then, that spear jerked before it directly tore through the air before it flew via a peculiar trajectory and forcefully penetrated the defences set up by the fiery-red steel rod in Jin Mu’s hand.


After it penetrated his defences, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Promptly, he slammed his palm solidly against his spear, before his bone spear instantly shot forth. Then, a formidable cold glint lightning-quick struck Jin Mu’s chest.


Against such a powerful attack, if one was directly hit by it, one would likely die. However, just as that bone spear struck Jin Mu’s chest, blood did not spurt out as expected. Instead, a crisp metallic sound echoed out, before a rich fiery-glow erupted from beneath Jin Mu’s clothes and actually forcefully deflected Lin Dong’s fatal attack.

“You must be dreaming if you think that you can kill me. With my Flame Soul Vest protecting me, even a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner cannot kill me. Who do you think you are!” Jin Mu lifted his head and stared grimly at Lin Dong, while he said.


Lin Dong’s expression was cold as he suddenly jerked his arm. Immediately, a terrifying force gushed out just like tidal waves, before it directly blew Jin Mu away. As his body flew forth, it directly ripped through two towers.

“Buzz! Chhh!”

Even though Jin Mu had the protection of his so-called Flame Soul Vest, it was unable to completely counter against Lin Dong’s attack. Therefore, the invading force to his body caused him to once again spit out a mouthful of freshblood. Furthermore, he was already wounded and this further exacerbated his injuries. Hence, if this continues on, he would probably be killed by Lin Dong today.

“Let’s see how long you can last!” Lin Dong knew this fact as well. Immediately, a killing glint flowed in his eyes. Without giving Jin Mu any time to recover, his figure flashed before he once again dashed forth.

When the crowd saw this sight, all of their expressions changed. It seems like Lin Dong did not plan on merely defeating Jin Mu and he was to going to kill him as well!

“Protect our Big Senior!”

Right now, all the elite Saint Light Empire’s members faces changed drastically and there were no longer able to tolerate anymore. All of them dashed forth and tried to protect Jin Mu. After all, all of them knew that Jin Mu was the heart of their Saint Light Empire and if Jin Mu died, they would lose the qualifications to compete with the other empires!

“It is not your place to interfere!” When they saw the other elite Saint Light Empire member interfering, Mo Ling and the rest’s expressions turned cold. Following which, their figures flashed before they formed into a powerful formation. As streams of viscous Yuan Power howled forth, they were actually able to completely intercept all the elite Saint Light Empire practitioners.

Now that Mo Ling and the rest had reached peak Manifestation stage, coupled with the formation imparted to them by Lin Dong, they could even fight against a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner. Furthermore, disregarding half-step-to Nirvana practitioners, there were hardly any peak Manifestation practitioners left in Saint Light Empire!

Lin Dong completely ignored those elite Saint Light Empire practitioners. In his eyes, as long as they were not at half-step-to Nirvana stage, he had no reason to fear at all. Therefore, his icy-cold eyes stared right at Jin Mu, while he slowly tightened the grip on his bone spear. At the same time, his killing intent stealthily rose.

“Hai Sha, we can be considered as allies. If my Saint Light Empire is wounded, it would also affect your chances during the fight for the mysterious ancient key!” Jin Mu’s expression was cold, before he suddenly turned his head and barked at mid-air.

In mid-air, Hai Sha gently furrowed his brows. After contemplating for a moment, he turned to look at Lin Dong before he said: “This young friend, even if you have a grudge with Jin Mu, I believe that it is time to stop now. It is best not to burn one’s bridges and it would be beneficial for you in the future. There are several Saint Light Empire’s allies in Yang City, and if you cross the line and force the other great empires to attack you together, even if you have magical abilities, it would be difficult for you to escape. Since you have just came here, I would suggest you to do so.”

Hai Sha’s words were not too sharp and there was a carrot and a stick contained within. Right now, he no longer dared to underestimate Lin Dong, after he witnessed a fellow half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner Jin Mu, be forced till such a sorry extent. Evidently, Lin Dong had the qualifications to sit on par with them and it would be foolish for him to put on any airs.

When he heard Hai Sha’s words, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. Promptly, he turned to look at a hideous Jin Mu, before his raging killing intent dimmed. He also understood that even though he was able to humiliate Jin Mu, it was quite difficult for him to kill him. Furthermore, like what Hai Sha said, Saint Light Empire has several allies in Yang City and if they attacked him together, it would be quite troubling for him.

“Since someone has intervened on your behalf, I shall spare your life. If you continue to bully others in the future, I will definitely kill you!” Lin Dong turned around as he casually said.

When he heard his words, Jin Mu’s face instantly turned steely green while his body trembled gently. However, he did not dare to speak back and only a poisonous and venomous glint glimmered in his eyes. The fight today had undoubtedly cemented Lin Dong’s reputation while he had suffered a utter and total humiliation!

This was no small grudge!

Lin Dong casually glanced at Jin Mu and he also managed to detect the poisonous look in his eyes. Instantly, he secretly chuckled in his heart. After he accumulated enough Nirvana Pills and cleanse his Blood Soul Puppet, he would no longer have any reason to fear him. At that time, he would look for an opportunity to kill that fellow…