Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 424 Shock And Awe

Chapter 424 Shock And Awe


Chapter 424 Shock And Awe


All the Yuan Power in the bazaar instantly raged. Meanwhile, waves of powerful Yuan Power shockwaves violently swept forth from within Lin Dong’s body, just like a hurricane. The shockwaves that were able to rival a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner instantly caused countless people’s expression to change.

“Such a formidable shockwave. What martial arts is that fellow actually using? It can actually cause such a commotion!”

“Such a commotion, even some mid level Manifestation martial arts cannot match up against it. Don’t tell me that fellow actually possess high level Manifestation martial arts?”

“High level Manifestation martial arts? Even Jin Mu does not possess it. Where did that fellow come from, how could he actually possess such a powerful martial arts?”


Countless whispers instantly erupted in the bazaar, while countless bewildered stares were cast at Lin Dong. Evidently, they never expected that the latter could cause such a commotion.

“Pfft, even if you possess powerful martial arts, you are still unable to breach the gap between us. You do not have the qualifications to own such a powerful martial arts. You had better surrender it obediently and perhaps I may spare your life!”

Jin Mu was also shocked by this sight. Promptly, thick greed flowed into his eyes. With a chuckle, his figure flashed before it directly fused with that large glowing elephant. Instantly, savage shockwaves continuously swept forth.

Evidently, right now, Jin Mu had pushed his Yuan Power to his maximum. Though he was at half-step-to Nirvana, even as he faced such a powerful martial arts, he did not dare to be negligent.


That large glowing elephant stood upright in mid-air, while an earth-shattering and terrifying aura swept forth. Meanwhile, due to that formidable pressure, the ground below directly cracked apart. Following which, the nearby spectators hastily retreated. All of them knew that the two of them were in an intense fight and if they were dragged in, they could only blame themselves.

“Saint Elephant Sky Collapsing Knock!”

Jin Mu’s body had fused perfectly with that large glowing elephant. Right now, his aura had been pushed till its maximum. Promptly, with a deep growl, countless resplendent light beams erupted from above that large glowing elephant. Then, with footsteps that could shake the heavens, it charged towards Lin Dong.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wherever that large glowing elephant passed by, the ground below cracked apart while the surrounding air were all directly blown apart. Meanwhile, resplendent glows with an destructive aura, that could not be described with words, enveloped Lin Dong.

Amidst that resplendent glow that filled the horizon, Lin Dong still stood quietly at his original spot. Meanwhile, all the Yuan Power in this body began to rage. Following which, his finger finally erupted slowly just like a volcano.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fifth Finger Moving The Universe!”

While all the Yuan Power in this domain raged, a cold and domineering shout echoed out. Following which, a golden glow faintly undulated on Lin Dong’s kin. As that golden glow flowed, all the savage and rumbling Yuan Power in his body were actually forcefully suppressed.

That finger filled with a golden glow suddenly jutted out. This time around, Lin Dong’s fingertips did not crack like before. Evidently, after he gained initial mastery of “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body”, his physical body was able to withstand the savage impact caused by his martial art.


The heavens seemed to tremble the instant Lin Dong pointed out his finger. Following which, the air above Lin Dong’s head was suddenly torn apart, before a large finger, that seemed to have came from an ancient land, instantly ripped through the air and emerged!

There was only half a finger and it was not a complete finger. Nonetheless, all the Yuan Power in this domain instantly erupted, before a series of alarming airwaves swept forth.


Lin Dong’s expression was cold while a golden glow flowed in his eyes. That finger, that seemed to have came from the past, also violently stormed forth. With a terrifying speed, it directly appeared in front of that large glowing elephant.

Under the bewildered stares from the crowd, two massive object, just like meteors, tore through the sky, before they viciously clashed together in an awe-inspiring manner.


The instant they clashed together, the entire earth began to shake just like an earthquake had occurred. A deafening and alarming roar echoed out, while terrifying energy shockwaves swept forth and caused the crowds, who have already distanced themselves, to quickly retreat once again. In fact, even Hai Sha and the rest, who were at half-step-to Nirvana stage, turned solemn at this sight. Immediately, their figures flashed, before they leapt into mid-air.

Boom! Boom!

Waves of savage Yuan Power shockwaves continuously swept forth, while a resplendent glow filled the point of impact.

“You Saint Light Empire’s killing move is merely so! You shall break!”

Lin Dong stood upright in mid-air, while his skin was golden bright and he seemed extremely resplendent. As he calmly stared at the point of impact, he coldly snorted before he once again jutted out his finger.

As he jutted out his finger, a extremely terrifying shockwave instantly emerged from his large finger. The might and terror of a high level Manifestation martial arts was now in full display.

“Ka Chak!”

As shockwaves gushed out from that large finger, cracks actually began to emerge on that large glowing elephant. When they saw this sight, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

“You must be dreaming if you think that you can defeat me!” At the same time, Jin Mu’s enraged shout echoed out from within that large elephant. Following which, a deep growl sounded out, before all the Yuan Power gushed out from within that large glowing elephant and managed to directly intercept that half-finger, that came from an ancient time.

Lin Dong’s expression was cold, before his body suddenly transformed into a wisp of green smoke. As his figure flashed, he immediately appeared next to that ancient large finger. Following which, the golden glow undulated on his body flowed; this was the first time that Lin Dong had fully activated his Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. Therefore, right now, his arm actually looked like it was forged from real gold!

Every ounce of strength in Lin Dong’s body was now concentrated on his right arm. Then, a ferocious look flashed across his face, before he waved his arm and delivered a solid punch on that large ancient finger.

This punch was formed using every ounce of strength from Lin Dong’s body. Thanks to this punch, even that large ancient finger shook violently. Following which, its momentum surged, before it viciously slammed against that large glowing elephant.

This time around, that large glowing elephant was no longer able to defend against it. As he faced Lin Dong’s all-out punch as well as the might of that large ancient finger, a series of large cracks instantly erupted on that large glowing elephant. Finally, under countless bewildered stares from the crowd, it subsequently exploded!

A hurricane shockwave, that cannot be described by words, swept forth within the bazaar before a hundred meter deep ditch directly appeared in the arena. Following which, amid that exploding large glowing elephant, a figure shot out from within. Then, he directly left a several hundred meter mark on the ground before he finally stabilized himself hideously.

“Buzz Chh!”

Countless pairs of eyes instantly turned to look. When they saw Jin Mu land on the ground and directly vomit a mouthful of freshblood, several of them instantly sucked in a soft breath. None of them had expected that Jin Mu would actually be wounded by Lin Dong!

The entire bazaar seemed to have turned silent immediately. In fact, even Hai Sha and the rest, who were high up in mid-air, began to turn increasingly solemn. The fact that Lin Dong could injure Jin Mu, indicated that he had the ability to injure them, who were also at half-step-to Nirvana stage. Evidently, this time around, they had misjudged the situation.

At the same time, Hai Sha gently heaved a sigh of relief. If Jin Mu had not made a move first, then he would have likely been the one injured. In fact, against Lin Dong’s previous exceptionally powerful attack, even he did not have the confidence that he could withstand it.

“That fellow is actually a bastard acting like a pig to devour a tiger!” A cold glint flashed across Hai Sha’s eyes. It seems like there was going to be another formidable rival in the battle for the mysterious ancient key.

“Good kid, it’s no wonder you dare to challenge Jin Mu. It turns out you are actually this powerful. Based on the golden glow undulated on your body, it is evidently an extremely powerful physical enhancing martial arts. In fact, it may even be more powerful than my Steel Empire’s Heavenly Steel Body. I wonder how that fellow managed to obtain such a powerful martial arts!” That tanned muscular man from Steel Empire stared in awe at this scene, while he muttered to himself.

Amidst the awe-inspired and fearful stares from the crowd, Lin Dong still quietly stood in mid-air, while the aura and blood in his body began to rage violently. Thankfully, “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body” is extremely powerful and it was able to gradually suppress the boiling aura and blood in his body. Else, he would have definitely suffered a huge backlash after executing that powerful attack.

As he stood in mid-air, Lin Dong stared coldly at that hideous-looking Jin Mu, who was desperately trying to stabilize his body. As he turned to look at the increasingly respectful stares around him, he knew that after this fight, he would have a say in this Yang City.

A person that was able to injure a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner; there were no factions that dared to underestimate him!

That was the respect and awe that one gained from one’s strength and ability!

Furthermore, this was precisely what Lin Dong needed now!