Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 423 Battling A Half-Step-To Nirvana Practitioner

Chapter 423 Battling A Half-Step-To Nirvana Practitioner


Chapter 423 Battling A Half-Step-To Nirvana Practitioner

A somewhat venomous voice spread out in this bazaar and caused several people’s faces to turn slightly interesting. Jin Mu was considered as an elite individual in this Yang City and his half-step-to Nirvana stage was sufficient to qualify him as a top-tier practitioner. Therefore, nobody dared to act disrespectfully in front of him.

Even though Lin Dong had unexpectedly countered Jin Mu’s attack, the latter had yet to unleash his real moves. Therefore, it was not a wise decision to speak so arrogantly to him.

Hai Sha, who was dressed in blue clothes, narrowed his eyes as he stared at Lin Dong, while a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes. He was clearly aware of Jin Mu’s strength and even if it was him, he could at most achieve a tie. Therefore, in his opinion, since Lin Dong was merely at advanced Manifestation stage, he could not even handle a single attack from Jin Mu. However, he never expected that Jin Mu’s attack hardly did any damage to Lin Dong.


Hai Sha smiled as he leaned on his stone chair. He was fairly interested in this scene. After news of the “Mysterious Ancient Key” emerged, there were more and more elite practitioners coming to Yang City. It seems like Lin Dong was one of them. However, if Lin Dong really believed that he could counter against a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner like Jin Mu, he would simply be too naive.

As a fellow half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, Hai Sha was keenly aware of the difference between half-step-to Nirvana and advanced Manifestation stage. Furthermore, Jin Mu stemmed from Saint Light Empire and he had a fairly decent background. Therefore, the martial arts that he cultivated in were fairly formidable and even most fellow half-step-to Nirvana practitioners would find it difficult to defeat him. Furthermore, Lin Dong was merely at advanced Manifestation stage…

The tanned muscular black man who previously bidded as well, was also fairly intrigued as he stared at the showdown between the two of them. In his opinion, Lin Dong provocations against Jin Mu was nothing to shout about. After all, there were no complex rules here and if they did not meet eye to eye, the victor would have the final say. After all, strength reigns supreme. Of course, if Lin Dong failed, he would naturally have to pay a price for his arrogance…

The bazaar was typically one of the more crowded places in Yang City and most powerful empires were used to it. When they witnessed the standoff between them, most of them immediately turned to look. Evidently, they were curious as to how Lin Dong, who was merely at advanced Manifestation stage, actually had the guts to challenge Jin Mu.

Under countless stares from the crowd, the thick dust gradually settled. Following which, a figure slowly emerged from within. However, even after forcefully receiving Jin Mu’s attack, Lin Dong’s clothes were not rattled at all.

When he saw that figure slowly walking out from within the dust, Jin Mu’s pupils gently shrunk. Promptly, he chuckled: “You must be quite skilled since you can kill so many members from my Saint Light Empire. However, I must take your life today. Else, I would not be able to secure my foothold in Yang City!

“That will depend on whether you have the ability to do so…”

Lin Dong smiled, before he slowly clenched his fists. At the same time, there was a golden glow faintly flowing beneath his skin, while a powerful sensation, that cannot be described by words, stealthily emerged. In fact, Jin Mu’s half-step-to Nirvana’s aura did not threaten him at all.

“You will surely regret your actions. However, at that time, it would be too late.”

Jin Mu’s voice was calm before he slowly took a step forth. As he gripped his palm, a fiery-red steel rod subsequently emerged in his hand. There were several peculiar tattoos inscribed on this fiery rod. Faintly, a burning sensation emerged from within. Evidently, this steel rod was a fairly powerful Earthly Soul Treasure.


When that fiery rod entered his hand, Jin Mu solemnly stomped on the ground, causing the solid rock panel below him to be instantly ruptured into dust. Following which, he violently dashed forth, while he waved the fiery rod in his hand and formed several powerful burning rod shadows, which swarmed Lin Dong from every direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Whose those rod shadows swept forth, even before they reached Lin Dong’s body, their formless forcewind had actually blew the ground apart. While a savage wind blew, it made his attack seem pretty powerful.

Nonetheless, as he faced Jin Mu’s vicious attack, Lin Dong also gripped his palm. Following which, his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear appeared in his hand, before he jerked his arm and formed several spear shadows.

Ding! Ding!

Fiery rod and spear collided, causing sparks to emerge before several vicious shock wind instantly swept forth. When he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to directly fight against him, a cold grin flashed across Jin Mu’s eyes. Following which, he jerked his palm, before a red glow actually undulated on his fiery rod. That red glow looked just like flames and it directly intertwined the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, before it swept towards Lin Dong.

“Chi! Chi!”

That red glow was fairly peculiar and the instant it touched the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, it actually caused squeaking noises to erupt.It seems like that savage sensation was able to burn one’s Yuan Power.

This sight took Lin Dong by surprise. It seems like that guy’s fiery rod was fairly formidable and it was actually able to produce such a peculiar energy attack.


However, while this corrosive energy may be effective against other Soul Treasures, it was useless against the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. Following which, Lin Dong jerked his spear, before a seemingly ancient growl emerged from within his spear. Due to this growl, that fiery-red glow was instantly blown away. Then, without a drop in pace, that growl followed the spear before it transformed into a sonicboom and attacked Jin Mu.


When he saw that Lin Dong not only managed to counter his attack, but even managed to launch an attack as well, that Jin Mu coldly snorted. Then, waves of Yuan Power gushed out from his body, before that fiery-red glow on the fiery rod swept forth. Then, it quickly materialized into a fiery-red Demonic Beast.

This Demonic Beast looked blurry and it seemed like it had no distinct appearance. Upon taking a closer inspection, it looked a ball of pure flames. At the same time, an extremely heated and savage shockwave continuously emerged from within.

“Saint Flames Breaking Mountain Rod!”

A cold roar violently emerged from Jin Mu’s lips. Immediately, the fiery rod in his hands ballooned, before it fused with that fiery-red Demonic Beast. Then, his expression turned cold as he angrily swung it towards Lin Dong.


Jin Mu’s attack caused several peak Manifestation practitioners’ expression to change drastically as all of them knew that there were unable to counter Jin Mu’s current attack. In fact, even Hai Sha and the rest’s pupils gently shrunk.

As that fiery rod with a heated shock wave swept forth, Lin Dong knew that Jin Mu was using Manifestation martial arts. It’s strength was indeed alarming.

“Saint Elephant Sky Collapsing Knock!”

Lin Dong’s feet executed Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, while he swiftly retreated. At the same time, he unreservedly pushed out every Yuan Power in his body before he quickly formed a giant glowing elephant in front of him. Following which, with footsteps that could shake mountains, he viciously countered against Jin Mu’s rod attack!

The instant they collided, extremely savage halo-shaped shock winds swept forth just like waves. Then, it was just as if the surrounding ground had received a devastating attack, as it was completely torn apart.

Countless pairs of eye stared at the point of impact while an energy shockwave spread forth. Then, two figures quickly retreated several steps. After they managed to stabilize themselves, they had both left deep marks on the ground.


Lin Dong forcefully stabilized himself, before he gently shook his arm. Following which, a golden glow flowed on his skin, before he managed to quickly dissipate the powerful force attacking his body.

After this direct confrontation with Jin Mu, Lin Dong finally knew how powerful a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner was. If it were not for the fact that he had gained initial mastery of “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body”, this time around, that invasive force would have likely wounded him.

“You actually dare to learn my Saint Light Empire’s martial arts. Just from this fact alone, you must die!”

Compared to Lin Dong, Jin Mu retreated less steps. However, his expression turned exceedingly grim instead. Lin Dong was fairly more difficult to deal with than expected. For his previous attack, even a similar half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner would not dare to be negligent. However Lin Dong merely took a few steps back and he did not suffer any injuries at all!

Moreover, what caused him to be the most enraged was that Lin Dong actually dared to use his Saint Light Empire’s Manifestation martial arts to counter against him. To him, that was the ultimate disgrace!

“However, my Saint Light Empire’s ultimate attack has actually been executed by you in such a pathetic fashion. It is truly embarrassing. Since you like this martial arts this much, I will let you truly experience it!”

Jin Mu took a step forward, before a low growl emerged from his throat. Following which, waves of Yuan Power swept forth before all the Yuan Power in this domain instantly materialized into a large and majestic glowing elephant in front of him. The savage shockwaves were several times more powerful compared to when Lin Dong and even Li Sheng used it!

Evidently, unlike Lin Dong, who only had an initial mastery, Jin Mu had completely mastered “Saint Elephant Sky Collapsing Knock!”


That large glowing elephant howled to the sky, while the emerging powerful shockwave finally caused other half-step-to Nirvana practitioners like Hai Sha to turn increasingly solemn. For this attack, even if it were them, they must go all-out in order to counter against it.

“This kid, it should be over now…” Hai Sha glanced casually at Lin Dong. Even though he was surprised that Jin Mu was being pushed till such a sorry extent, he figured that it was time to end.

“What dog-shit ultimate attack, in my opinion, even in your hands, it is not worth mentioning!”

Lin Dong chuckled and he still displayed no signs of fear. Immediately after, his body gently trembled while formidable Yuan Power unceremoniously gushed out from his body. Following which, his hand seals changed, while he slowly pointed out his finger.

As he slowly pointed out his finger, all the Yuan Power in this domain instantly raged. Following which, Hai Sha and the rest’s expressions, who were anticipating a good show, suddenly changed drastically!