Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 422: Jin Mu

Chapter 422: Jin Mu


Chapter 422: Jin Mu

In the bazaar, higher prices continuously echoed out. After all, the three martial arts that Lin Dong displayed were fairly powerful. In particular, the Great Sun Thunder body left several people in the crowd salivating. However, its high price of ten thousand Nirvana Pills caused some of them to flinch.

The first ones to be sold were the Demonic Wind Chilling Palm and the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal. The first one was successfully sold for five thousand Nirvana Pills while the latter was sold for six thousand pills. All together, it was eleven thousand Nirvana Pills. This fact caused Lin Dong to secretly gulp. It seems like Manifestation martial arts were quite in demand here.

Lin Dong stretched out his hand and tossed over the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting glowing tube to the final bidder. As that glowing tube flew across the sky, faintly, it seems like the air was directly directly ripped apart. Following which, that bidder directly grabbed onto it. The powerful impact that he received caused his body to violently shake. Immediately, that man’s facial expression changed, while his originally glimmering eyes stealthily dimmed. After a slight moment of hesitation, he took out a Qiankun bag and tossed it to Lin Dong.

After he received that Qiankun bag, Lin Dong casually glanced at it before he finally nodded his head. The rules here were rather blurry and strength reigns supreme. Therefore, he was clearly aware that the previous fellow must have harboured ill-intentions towards him. If Lin Dong did not use this method to secretly shock him, that fellow would not have so easily surrendered his Nirvana Pills.

After he sold the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal, only the ‘Great Sun Thunder Body’ remained. However, due to its exorbitant price, for a moment, there was actually no one who dared to bid. However, judging from the fervent expressions in the crowd’s eyes, Lin Dong clearly knew that many of them were interested in it.

“Everyone, my “Great Sun Thunder Body” is split into three stages, Bronze Thunder Body, Jade Thunder Body and Great Sun Thunder Body. If you can reach the highest stage, among practitioners in the same cultivation level, none of their physical bodies can match yours. Ten thousand Nirvana Pills is not an expensive price. If any one of you are interested, feel free to bid.” Lin Dong’s casual words ricocheted across the bazaar.

“Haha, I am fairly interested in this physical enhancing martial arts. Even though it is not cheap, I believe that it is worth the price. In that case, let me take the lead. Eleven thousand Nirvana Pills.”

After Lin Dong spoke, a laughter finally sounded out. Lin Dong followed that voice only to see that in the seats at the front, there was a man wearing a blue shirt smiling at him.

Lin Dong glanced at that man in a blue shirt. From the powerful shockwaves coursing through his body, he was evidently a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner. However, what caused Lin Dong to be shocked was that after that man in a blue shirt spoke, there were a few sympathetic stares cast towards him…

“That man should be called Hai Sha from the Hai Ling Empire and he has a fairly renowned reputation in Yang City. Most importantly, it is reputed that fellow hardly pays for what he buys. Often times, he expects others to “give” it to him!” Mo Ling’s expression gently changed as he promptly whispered to Lin Dong.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong’s expression did not change and there was only a cold grin flowing in his eyes. He did not care how renowned that fellow was in Yang City. If he really wanted to take advantage of him, he would make him understand that what he would be biting into is no soft persimmon, but rather a hard steel board.

“Heh, even though my Steel Empire’s Heavy Steel Body would not lose out to the Great Sun Thunder Body, I would still like to learn about it. Twelve thousand Nirvana Pills.” Just as cold grin flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, suddenly a tanned muscular man released an odd laugh before he spoke. There was a metallic-like glow undulated on his body and he seemed extremely sturdy, just like a steel board.

When he heard this tanned muscular man’s words, that man in blue shirt furrowed his brows. Promptly, he chose to ignore him before he turned to Lin Dong and asked casually: “Who do you want to sell to?”

Even though he spoke casually, faintly, one could feel an icy-cold sensation emerging and there was a hint of intimidation behind his words.

When they heard that man in blue shirt’s words, the bazaar quietened down. Then, there were even more sympathetic glances cast towards Lin Dong. He was stuck between two great empires and regardless of who he sold to, he would wind up offending one of them.

Of course, Lin Dong chose to ignore those sympathetic glances and it was as if he could not detect the hidden intent behind Hai Sha’s words. His voice was calm as he said: “I will sell to the highest bidder.”

After Lin Dong spoke, many people were stunned, before they promptly shook their head secretly. That fellow is simply too ignorant and he actually believed that this was a fair auction like outside?

“Haha, Hai Sha, it seems like someone is not afraid of you!” When he heard Lin Dong’s answer, that tanned muscular man’s eyes glimmered before he laughed heartily.

Members from the other empires also stared inquisitively at this sight. Usually, there was hardly anyone who dared to disrespect Hai Sha. However, he never expected this new fellow to be actually this rude…

Hai Sha’s face was calm while he leaned on his stone chair and it was as if he did not hear Lin Dong’s reply. Instead, he casually said: “You have lost a chance to make a decent fortune. I will give you one thousand Nirvana Pills now. Hand over your martial arts.”

“It seems like today, there is no one willing to buy my physical enhancing martial arts. In that case, it’s time for me to go.” Lin Dong smiled before he flipped his palm. Then, that glowing tube immediately disappeared. With regards to Hai Sha’s words, he chose to completely ignore it.

When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, Hai Sha’s body gradually leaned forward, while a venomous cold glint flowed in his eyes.


However, just as Hai Sha stood up, another voice suddenly sounded out. Then, the crowd’s attention shifted before they turned to look at a man dressed in white robes.

“Jin Mu? Are you interested in this physical enhancing martial arts as well?” When he saw that man dressed in white robes, Hai Sha’s brows furrowed as he spoke.

“Haha, I am not interested in the physical enhancing martial arts. Rather, I am interested in the person.”

After Jin Mu casually laughed, his attention slowly focused on Lin Dong’s body before he said: “Since you could come here, it seems like you must have killed everyone that I sent after you. However, I must admit that you have guts. After killing my Saint Light Empire members, you actually dare to appear in front of me. You believe that I can’t recognize you. However, you are simply too greedy. Even though you have wiped off the Mental Energy Seal in my white jade elephant, you are unable to completely wipe off the vibration…


When they heard Jin Mu’s words, several people around stared in bewilderment at Lin Dong. Evidently, they did not expect that he actually dared to kill members from the Saint Light Empire. After all, everyone in Yang City knew that Jin Mu was a vengeful man. Therefore, it seem like Lin Dong would probably meet his demise today.

“Haha, interesting. It seems like this kid has balls of steel…” Hai Sha was also stunned, before he softly chuckled: “In that case, I will let brother Jin Mu handle this problem. After you are finished with him, I will buy that physical enhancing martial arts from you for ten thousand Nirvana Pills.”

In Hai Sha’s opinion, Lin Dong was merely at advanced Manifestations stage and he could easily kill him with a flip of his hand. Furthermore, based on his status, Lin Dong should be counting his blessings that he was willing to buy from him. However, he never expected Lin Dong to be this rude towards him and this was unacceptable for him.

However, with regards to the stares from the crowd as well as Jin Mu’s words, Lin Dong chose to ignore them. After he kept his glowing tube, he lifted his head and stared at Jin Mu before he said: “Those bastards who rely on numbers to bully others are better off dead. Else, if they stuck around you, they would likely cause trouble for you.”

“Even if they are useless, it is not for you to decide.” Jin Mu casually laughed before he said: “How about you kill yourself. Else, if you end up in my hands, you will suffer a fate worse than death.”

“I really wonder where your confidence stems from. Is it because you are at half-step-to Nirvana stage?” Lin Dong helpless shook his head. It seems like this great empire’s members were all extremely arrogant.

“I have given you an opportunity, yet you chose not to treasure it.”

Jin Mu stared at Lin Dong. Moments later, the smile on his face gradually dimmed down. Following which, he slowly stood up, before he softly sighed. Then, his body gently trembled, before a formidable hurricane-like aura instantly gushed out from his body and enveloped the entire bazaar.

When they saw this sight, everyone near Lin Dong immediately retreated and opened up a large circle around him. Meanwhile, there were even more sympathetic stares cast towards Lin Dong. That fellow was merely trying to auction his items, yet he still got into trouble. He was truly unfortunate.

Mo Ling and the rest stuck closely behind Lin Dong while they stared vigilantly at Jin Mu and the rest. Even though they knew that they would eventually clash with Jin Mu, they never expected that they would clash with him barely half a day after entering Yang City…

“Kid, in your next life, remember this. There are some people you cannot afford to offend!”

Jin Mu gazed down on Lin Dong, before he viciously unleashed a fist attack. Instantly, waves of Yuan Power howled forth before they directly transformed into a sprinting leopard. Then, with a vicious aura that was powerful enough to slaughter any peak Manifestation practitioner, it dashed towards Lin Dong.

That hunting leopard formed from Yuan Power viciously dashed towards Lin Dong’s body with a terrifying speed. Instantly, all the surrounding stone chairs blew up, before dust spread across the horizon.

When they saw this sight, several of them shook their heads. It seems like that fellow would not even have the chance to cry out.

“That fellow is still alive!”

However, just as some of them were rejoicing over his misfortunate, suddenly a bewildered cry sounded out. Instantly, several people quickly turned to look, only to see that after the dust gradually settled, that fellow was still standing still. Based on his expression, it seems like that attack, which was powerful enough to kill a peak Manifestation practitioner, actually left no damage to Lin Dong!

This sight bewildered several people in the crowd.

When Hai Sha saw this situation, his pupils gently shrunk. He finally understood that though this fellow was only at advanced Manifestation stage, he was fairly skilled.

Under countless bewildered stares, a figure slowly walked out. Lin Dong’s calm voice words filled with a chilling intent slowly spread out.

“Like I said before, based on your half-step-to Nirvana stage ability, you are not qualified to speak those words to me. Your Saint Light Empire is nothing to me. I have killed them and if you are unhappy with that, I shall kill you today as well.”