Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 420 Trio’s Breakthrough

Chapter 420 Trio’s Breakthrough


Chapter 420 Trio’s Breakthrough

Sonic booms suddenly echoed in the azure blue skies as a red light flashed across the horizon like lightning. In a flash, it disappeared at the edge of the horizon.

If one took a closer look, one would discover that the red light was an enormous Demonic Beast that gave off a ferocious aura. Atop the Demonic Beast, several figures quietly sat. They were Lin Dong and the other three who had left the gathering point and were heading towards Yang City.

The distance between the gathering point and Yang City would take several days of travelling to cover. Lin Dong and gang had already rushed for a whole day without stopping. According to Little Flame’s speed, they should be able to reach Yang City two days later.

On Little Flame’s broad tiger back, Lin Dong was seated at the very front. His powerful Mental Energy spread outwards, forming a protective screen that completely covered the group while also shielding them from the wild winds due to flying.

While isolating themselves from the wild wind, Lin Dong’s gaze turned to look behind. The Mo Ling trio currently had their eyes tightly shut as vigorous Yuan Power stirred around their bodies. A radiant object floated in front of each of them while faintly emitting powerful energy vibrations.

These three radiant objects were three Earthly Soul Treasures!

Moreover, these three Earthly Soul Treasures were naturally given by Lin Dong. It just so happened that he had found three Earthly Soul Treasures from the Qiankun bags of the three peak Manifestation stage Saint Light Empire practitioners. Hence, he took advantage of this windfall by giving them to the Mo Ling trio.

Currently, the four of them could be considered as a small team. Mo Ling and the rest viewed Lin Dong as their leader, thus Lin Dong naturally did not plan to treat them too unfairly. Perhaps, he took it as earning some good karma, plus if the Great Yan Empire royal family, Heavenly Luo Sect and the rest knew of this in future, they would likely take extra effort to care for the Yan City Lin Family.

Therefore, after obtaining the three Soul Treasures, Lin Dong gifted them to the trio without much hesitation. Now that there were considered a team, increasing the Mo Ling trio’s strength would allow them to be of better assistance to Lin Dong.

“This trio is not weak, they should be able to very quickly refine the Soul Treasures. From fluctuations in their auras, they must have benefited rather substantially over this period of time in the ancient battlefield, and now faintly show signs of reaching the peak Manifestation stage.” At this moment, Little Marten’s voice sounded out in Lin Dong’s mind.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. The time the Mo Ling trio had spent in the advanced Manifestation stage was definitely longer than him. The fact that they now showed indicators of making a breakthrough before him was not something to be dispirited about. After all, if they were to talk about battle power, the current Lin Dong was not a force that peak Manifestation practitioners would contend against.

“Since they are about to have a breakthrough, I can give them a little assistance.”

Lin Dong stared at the trio. Suddenly, his mind moved as Devouring Power stealthily spread out from his body. Immediately, the surrounding Yuna Power endlessly gathered over, transforming into Nirvana Qi after being refined by the Devouring Power, before continuously tunneling into the Mo Ling trio’s bodies.


Suddenly receiving such vigorous Nirvana Qi caused the Mo Ling trio’s bodies to jerk while the surging of their auras grew increasingly violent, and faintly showed signs of overcoming any obstructions.

Of course, if they truly wanted to break through, it would not be so easy even with Lin Dong secretly helping them. In the following day of journeying, Lin Dong practically temporarily stopped his cultivation and continued to devour the Yuan Power from the land, refining it into Nirvana Qi before pouring it into the Mo Lin trio’s bodies to help them pave the road for their advancement.

A day swiftly passed. On dusk of the second day, The mind of Lin Dong, who was taking in the Yuan Power of the land, suddenly moved, as the unceasing stream of Nirvana Qi was forcibly halted by him, before he looked towards the Mo Ling trio.

At this moment, powerful Yuan Power undulations surged about the trio’s bodies, while their auras continued to strengthen. In a few short breaths, the intensity of their auras broke past the advanced Manifestation stage and completely stepped into the peak Manifestation level!

“Have they succeeded…” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong gently smiled.

As the trio’s auras successfully soared and stabilized, the Mo Ling trio finally slowly opened their eyes. Immediately, they looked towards Lin Dong before solemnly clasping their hands together, “Brother Lin Dong, great favors have no need for thanks, if you have any use for us in future, feel free to tell us!”

Although the trio were in a state of cultivation, they were still able to sense what was happening on the outside world. They knew that the sudden influx of Nirvana Qi into their bodies was definitely unnatural, and the only one who would help them here was clearly Lin Dong.

They also knew the level they were at. If the cultivated normally, it would still require at least half a year before they could successfully break through. Yet, with Lin Dong’s aid, they were able to complete this step in a short span of less than two days, and thoroughly step into the peak Manifestation level, plus even completely stabilize their auras.

Due to the fact that they did not know Lin Dong possessed a godly item like the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, from what they could tell, Lin Dong must have used up many Nirvana pills to help them this time. This caused them to be secretly a little ashamed. They also had a small Nirvana pill stash, but these were being saved for attacking the Nirvana stage, and were fundamentally not used for daily cultivation. Moreover, they clearly understood how important Nirvana pills were to them and even Lin Dong. Yet, Lin Dong was willing to fish out a huge amount of Nirvana pills ot help them reach the peak Manifestation stage. This act of friendship inevitably caused the trio to be somewhat moved in their hearts.

Lin Dong chuckled as he spread out his hands, “It’s great that all of you have succeeded. Elite practitioners are as numerous as the clouds in Yang City, your raise in strength will help increase our chances in the fight for the ‘Mysterious Ancient Key’.”

Given the Mo Ling trio’s current strength plus the power of their Soul Treasures, even if they encountered those people from the Saint Light Empire again, as long as Jin Mu did not step in, they would no longer be at a disadvantageous position.

“Haha, with the Earthly Soul Treasures given to us by brother Lin Dong, even if the Saint Light Empire still had someone at the level of Li Sheng, they would be unable to stop us.” Man Shan heartily laughed. His hand reached out as a giant black axe appeared within it. As he waved it, powerful undulations spread out.

“With your current strength, you indeed do not need to fear peak Manifestation stage practitioners. However, if you encounter half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners, you will still have no powe to resist.” Lin Dong muttered. Although the half-step-to Nirvana could not truely be considered as the Nirvana stage, its power was much higher than the peak Manifestation stage.

In response to this, the Mo Ling trio could only bitterly smile as they nodded their heads. In the face of a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners, let alone the three of them, even if they tripled their numbers, they would still be unable to contend.

“I have a formation here, the three of you can practise it, and if it is used well, it will raise your battle power substantially. Even if you are faced with a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, even though you will be unable to win, you will at least be able to retreat with your lives.” Lin Dong pondered for a while before suddenly speaking.

“Eh?” Upon hearing this, the Mo Ling trio could not help but be a little excited. What kind of formation would actually allow them to possess the capability to match a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner?

Lin Dong faintly smiled. He naturally did not know of such a formation, and the one who knew of it was Little Marten. Currently, there were not many people whom he could trust and the Mo Ling trio had obtained his trust, thus, he naturally would not be too stingy.

“This formation is called the Triple Mysterious Black Formation. In future, if the three of you polish it well, it will definitely bring about endless benefits.” Lin Dong’s figure moved and appeared before the Mo Ling trio. His fingertips touched the trio’s foreheads as information immediately flowed from his fingertips into their minds.

The Mo Ling trio closed their eyes and carefully observed the profound formation. A long while later, they once again opened their eyes, revealing the thick shock within. Even the Great Yan Empire royal family would never have possessed such a powerful formation, yet, it was casually given to them by Lin Dong today. For a time, the trio could not help but be a little dazed as they looked towards Lin Dong with slightly peculiar gazes. At this time, even an idiot would know that Lin Dong’s true bottom line was undoubtedly not as simple as they had imagined…

However, Lin Dong did not mind the trio’s gazes. He returned to his position and seated himself, smiling, “Who knows what the future will be. If we are somehow split up, as long as you do not provoke those opponents you are incapable of facing, this formation will allow all of you to protect yourselves within the ancient battlefield.”

“Brother Lin Dong, many thanks!” The trio exchanged a look, intense gratefulness in their eyes. They knew how important this was for them.

“You can first try to comprehend the formation for a while, given our speed, we should reach Yang City tomorrow. There are as many powerful practitioners there as the clouds in the sky, thus, any increase in strength will be an increase in the ability to protect yourselves.” Lin Dong waved his hand and said.

Upon hearing this, the Mo Ling trio nodded their heads before closing their eyes to ponder over the formidable formation that flowed in their minds…

While the trio closed their eyes, Lin Dong also gradually entered a cultivation state. The ‘Triple Mysterious Black Formation’ Little Marten had provided was indeed not weak at all. If it were not for his gradual trust in the Mo Ling trio, Lin Dong would not have given such a formation to them.

Lin Dong also very clearly understood that the four of them would definitely split up in future. Since the Mo Ling trio was willing to follow him, he naturally had to give some consideration for them. With this ‘Triple Mysterious Black Formation’, even if they split up in future, Lin Dong would not be too worried…

As the four of them entered a cultivation state, the top of the tiger back lapsed into silence, leaving Little Flame to flap its huge wings, transforming into a flash of red light that swept across the horizon.

As they hurried in such a manner, when noon of the third day arrived, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. His eyes looked far into the distance, and discovered the silhouette of city slowly appear at the end of sight like an enormous ancient beast.

Within the silhouette of the city, countless powerful auras spread outwards and soared into the skies.

Yang City!

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s eyes gradually burned with passion. This place could truly be considered as a spot where the geniuses of the Hundred Empire War gathered!