Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 417 Trouble Pays A Visit

Chapter 417 Trouble Pays A Visit


Chapter 417 Trouble Pays A Visit


The Yuan Power within the green mountain churned while an enormous black hole slowly swirled, endlessly devouring the Yuan Power of the land.

While the black hole devoured the Yuan Power of the land, threads of strange fiery red energy also continuously rushed into the center of the black hole, transforming into wisps of flame which completely enveloped the figure atop the mountain peak below.

Little Marten stood in mid-air, its gaze tightly fixed onto the burning flames. Lin Dong had already endured for a whole four days inside this Nirvana fire.

In the beginning, he had howled in pain, but now, he was totally silent. Lin Dong seemed to have already adapted to the incomparable pain of the Nirvana fire tempering his physical body…

While the Nirvana fire burned, Little Marten could clearly sense the golden light within the fire growing more and more intense. That golden hue now gave off a sense of indestructibility.

This kind of golden light was an indicator for the mastery of the initial Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. However, for the true initial mastery, the golden light needed to fuse into the skin and mix into flesh and bone, not like now where it was only on the outside.

Thus, there was still some ways to go till Lin Dong reached the initial mastery stage. From this, one could see how difficult it was to master the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. Lin Dong had pushed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to the limit before being able to gather such an amount of Nirvana Qi. If it were anyone else, it would take at least several months before being able to successfully cultivate just a speck of golden light.

“Even with this level of devouring, there is still not enough Nirvana Qi.”

Little Marten’s eyes were tightly glued onto Lin Dong. Its eyes were extremely discerning and one look was all it needed to tell that Lin Dong had reached a rather crucial point in his training. At this moment, as long as he possessed enough Nirvana Qi to condense into fire, one final push was all that was left to successfully force the golden light into Lin Dong’s skin.

“This kid is after all too weak. His full output of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol can only reach this level. Looks like he still needs some outside assistance…” Little Marten’s eyes revealed that it was contemplating something. Soon after, it beckoned with its claw as Lin Dong’s Qiankun bag flew out. Immediately, countless round and fiery red Nirvana pills whizzed out, converging together to form a flood of pills before charging into the black hole.

“Buzz buzz!”

As such a large number of Nirvana pills charged in, the entire black hole seemed to tremble. Quickly, fiery red light pillars of Nirvana Qi flew out, seemingly covering the sky before pouring down onto Lin Dong below.


Vigorous Nirvana Qi arrived, like dry wood into a flame, as they caused the Nirvana fire around Lin Dong to blaze even more ferociously. The light from the fire dashed a hundred feet into the sky while the entire green mountain withered at a speed which could be seen with the naked eye.

The suddenly ferocious Nirvana fire caused the figure seated within to tremble violently. As the flames rose up into the air, the golden light became increasingly dazzling.

“Accept the golden light, Nirvana Golden Body!”

Waves of vigorous undulations continuously spread out from the flames. A few minutes later, a low shout suddenly rang out from within the fire.


Just as this shout rang out, a piercing gold light abruptly burst out from the flames. The golden light was both exceedingly dazzling and forceful, and could be clearly seen even a hundred miles away!

“Success!” Little Marten joyfully watched the golden light. At the bottom end of the golden light, it could see the golden light on the surface of the figure there start to gradually push inwards. Evidently, the golden light was already being forced into the skin!


At this moment, the raging flames exploded. As the flames completely dispersed, revealing the silently seated figure on the boulder.

This figure was naturally Lin Dong. Currently, no unusual change could be seen from his body, and even his clothes were undamaged. It was as if the ferocious Nirvana fire did not do any damage to him. However, only by taking a closer look would one discover that there seemed to be a faint strand of golden light flowing under his skin.

Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes also opened at this moment. His eyes seemed to have become pure gold, an extremely peculiar sight. Fortunately, the golden light gradually faded moments later, or else, this pair of eyes would draw too much attention.

Lin Dong silently sat on the boulder and did not immediately stand up, as if he was still reminiscing about the terrifying power flowing in his body that allowed him to easily crush mountains and split the land.

This silence lasted for a short period before a spirited look once again appeared in Lin Dong’s eyes. His figure moved, standing up as the boulder below him instantly turned to dust.


When Lin Dong stood up, a Demonic Beast that gave off a blood thirsty aura suddenly charged out from the nearby mountain range. Its aura was not the slightest bit weaker than any of the Demonic Beasts from the demonic horde that day.

Upon seeing this powerful Demonic Beast charge at him, Lin Dong chuckled. There were no Yuan Power undulations on his body as the tip of his foot pushed off the ground. The air exploded as his body dashed several hundred feet in an instant before meeting the Demonic Beast.

Lin Dong’s body was only a completely different scale when compared to the Demonic Beast. However, he did not back off as an ordinary punch flew forward.

There were no undulations at all from this punch, yet, the Demonic Beast that could match a peak Manifestation stage practitioner exploded into bloody mist with a bang, and even flesh did not remain!

Lin Dong’s punch had directly blown it apart. Such physical strength can only be called terrifying.

Having blown apart this Demonic Beast with a single punch, a carefree feeling involuntarily rose up in Lin Dong’s heart as he heartily laughed at the sky. He reached out with a hand and grabbed a Demonic Crystal, no trace of politeness at all as he absorbed all the Nirvana Qi within it.

Slivers of scalding Nirvana Qi flowed in Lin Dong’s body. However, they did not give Lin Dong any pain at all. Now that he had mastered the Lesser Nirvana Gold Body, it was very difficult for Nirvana Qi to pose any threat to him.


Lin Dong’s body gently twisted as he stretched his muscles, discharging powerful energy shockwaves in the process. Although Lin Dong’s aura had not become stronger, his strength had risen rather substantially. If he fought against Li Sheng again, Lin Dong would be able to directly turn the former into a bloody mist in less than three rounds.

“Ch, merely the initial mastery, what’s there to be happy about. If it was not for me realising that there was something amiss previously, and directly turning ten thousand Nirvana pills into Nirvana Qi to help you, whether you succeeded or not would have been uncertain.” Little Marten flew over, curling its lips as it said.

“Ten thousand Nirvana pills?” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s expression instantly changed. He hastily looked towards Little Marten’s claws and sure enough, he saw that his Qiankun bag had already been taken. Immediately, he felt pain in his heart and his face turned black. He had toiled for so long before being able to collect ten thousand Nirvana pills, but now, it had all been used by Little Marten in an instant…

“*Sigh*, smelly brat, you should be happy that you exchanged ten thousand Nirvana pills for the initial Lesser Nirvana Golden Body. Don’t give grandpa marten that face.” When it saw Lin Dong’s black face, Little Marten dryly sighed as it lectured.

Lin Dong was speechless. He had a stomach full of depression like a miser. However, moments later, he could only shake his head as he beckoned with his hand. The black hole swiftly shrunk before transforming into the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and tunnelled into his Niwan Palace.

“Let’s go, we’ll first reorganize ourselves before heading for Sun City.”

Since he had achieved his cultivation goal this time, Lin Dong no longer planned to continue staying here. After all, he did not feel at ease leaving the Mo Ling trio behind at the gathering point. Immediately, he waved to Little Flame as the latter released a low growl before it flapped its huge wings and flew over.

Little Marten also nodded its head before directly flying into the stone talisman within Lin Dong’s palm. The latter mounted Little Flame and with a whistle, Little Flame transformed into a flash of red light that disappeared into the horizon at an astonishing speed.

There were no hindrances on the journey back, thus, about two hours later, the assembly point on the plains once again appeared in Lin Dong’s line of sight.

Seated on Little Flame’s back, Lin Dong gazed from afar at the quiet gathering point while softly sighing in relief.

“Lin Dong, there are additional powerful auras in the city. Three of them are not the slightest bit weaker than Li Sheng!” However, just as Lin Dong sighed in relief, Little Marten’s voice suddenly sounded out in his mind.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s expression changed at once, while his gaze flickered.

“You must be that Lin Dong who killed Li Sheng right? We have waited two days for you, if you still did not appear, perhaps your three friends would have first paid with their lives…”

While Lin Dong’s gaze flickered, an enormous beast suddenly rose up into the air from the assembly point. A few figures proudly stood atop the enormous beast as they maliciously looked towards the Lin Dong from afar. At the same time, a voice filled with killing intent rumbled outwards.

When he heard this voice, Lin Dong expression slowly darkened…