Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 413 The Big Senior Of Saint Light Empire

Chapter 413 The Big Senior Of Saint Light Empire


Chapter 413 The Big Senior Of Saint Light Empire

Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!

This is one of the best martial arts in the Saint Light Empire and Lin Dong had personally experienced the might of this martial art in his previous battle with Li Sheng. Even if he executed the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, he had to activate the fourth finger in order to defeat his opponent. From this, it could be seen that the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle” was indeed very powerful.

From its might, the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle” was truly worthy of being a mid-grade Manifestation martial art. Even the Lin Clan did not possess such level of martial art. Amongst Lin Langtian’s martial arts, only the “Hand of the Universal Emperor”, which he obtained at the Manifestation Martial Tablet, could be compared to the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle”.

Even though Lin Dong already possessed a powerful high-grade Manifestation martial art like the “Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger”, he did not mind having another martial art. After all, no one would mind having more martial arts in their arsenal. That was because, all powerful martial arts were able to increase one’s fighting strength. Martial arts played an indispensable role in Lin Dong’s ability to contend with Li Sheng, a peak Manifestation stage elite, with his advanced Manifestation stage’s powers.

Therefore, when Lin Dong saw the training manual for “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle” in Li Sheng’s Qiankun bag, his eyes blazed with fervour despite his rigid self-discipline.

“Hey, this thing is pretty good,” Little Marten laughed when he saw the white elephant, which was carved out of white jade. Apparently, he also noticed the might of this martial art when Li Sheng executed it previously.

Lin Dong smiled gently as he used his hand to rub against the palm-sized white elephant jade, which possessed an extremely exquisite craftsmanship. Under the light, the elephant jade looked sparkling and translucent. Mysterious characters were hovering above it, giving one an odd feeling about it.

“It seems that I have picked up a powerful martial art by luck.”

Lin Dong did not show any signs of courtesy. With a jolt of his mind, his Mental Energy began to extend and flow into the white elephant jade. Currently, the only Manifestation martial arts that he possessed was the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. As for the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal, it could only be considered as a pseudo Manifestation martial art. Hence, he would be stupid not to accept such a god-given gift.


As Lin Dong’s Mental Energy flowed into the white elephant jade, a weird buzzing sound was produced within the jade. Then, a repulsive force surged out and repel Lin Dong’s Mental Energy.

“Eh?” Lin Dong was slightly startled by the unforeseen event and furrowed his brows. He could feel that there was a Mental Energy seal in the white elephant jade. However, the Mental Energy seal should have disappeared automatically after Li Sheng died in his hands. So, why would it still resist his Mental Energy?

“I’m afraid the Mental Energy seal in the white elephant jade does not belong to Li Sheng,” Little Marten explained after taking a closer look.

“It does not belong to Li Sheng?” Lin Dong clenched his fists slightly and stared at the luminescent white elephant jade. He then sneered, “No matter who owns the seal, I’m definitely keeping the Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”

After he finished his sentence, a dominating Devouring Power erupted from Lin Dong’s palm. Traces of the Devouring Power began to wind around the white elephant jade and devoured the hidden Mental Energy seal continuously.

As if it had sensed the Devouring Power, the Mental Energy seal discharged waves of formidable repulsive force. Indistinctly, the white elephant jade shuddered and showed signs of breaking away from Lin Dong’s palms.

Upon seeing this, a chilly look swept across Lin Dong’s eyes. Apparently, the master of the Mental Energy brand was quite powerful, given that he was able to manipulate the white elephant jade from such a long distance away.

Even though the obstinance of the Mental Energy brand did surprise Lin Dong, his Devouring Power continued to erode the white elephant jade. Eventually, the shuddering white elephant jade started to stabilize and the Mental Energy brand began to weaken under the constant erosion as well.

“I will see how long more can you endure!” Lin Dong chuckled. With a jolt of his mind, the Devouring Power increased abruptly. After a while, a fine snapping sound could be heard within the white elephant jade. It was as if something had broken.

As the snapping sound was made, the resistance by the white elephant jade seemed to disappear in an instant.

“It’s likely that the white elephant jade’s Mental Energy brand belongs to the Saint Light Empire’s Big Senior,” Little Marten suddenly said after it saw Lin Dong got rid of the Mental Energy seal.

Lin Dong nodded his head. The Ancient Battlefield was an isolated piece of land, and therefore, the distance between the Saint Light Empire and this place was incredibly long. Apparently, even the Nirvana stage elites could not manipulate the white jade elephant from such a distance away. Furthermore, Lin Dong believed that, even if the Saint Light Empire was quite powerful, they could not have possessed an elite who surpassed the Nirvana stage. Thus, the master of the Mental Energy seal should be in the ancient battlefield as well. Hence, after confirming these facts with what Li Sheng and his counterparts had said, the answer was self-evident…

“This person is quite capable, given that he is able to set up such an unyielding Mental Energy seal in the white elephant jade…” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. It appeared that the “Big Senior” of the Saint Light Empire was a formidable opponent.

While Lin Dong’s eyes were flickering, the originally calm white elephant jade suddenly shot out a ray of light. This ray of light began to materialize into a blurry figure in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked calmly at the blurry figure. He knew that, this figure must be a Mental Energy image that was hidden by the “Big Senior” in the white elephant jade.

“I don’t know who are you. Given Li Sheng and the rest’s capabilities, they do not dare and are not capable of breaking my Mental Energy seal. It seems that the Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle has fallen into other people’s hands. If I’m not mistaken, Li Sheng and the rest should have already died in your hands.”

The moment the image appeared, it stared apathetically at Lin Dong and an indifferent voice came out of it.

“No matter who you are, anyone who kills the members of the Saint Light Empire is inviting trouble to themselves. You will regret what you have done. Cherish your time now because the day I find you, it will be the day of your death!”

Lin Dong’s face remained calm. With a snap of finger, a gust of wind swept up and destroyed the image. It appeared that Lin Dong was right. The Mental Energy brand indeed belonged to the “Big Senior” of the Saint Light Empire. By now, he should also know that Li Sheng and the rest had already been killed. However, with regards to this issue, Lin Dong did not have much worries. Even though he had some difficulties in defeating half-step-to Nirvana stage elite currently, his confidence still surpassed his fear. Furthermore, he possessed Little Marten and the Blood Soul Puppet. At a critical juncture, he could even kill even a half-step-to Nirvana stage elite.

“There are many people who wish to kill me, yet till this day, there hasn’t been anyone who is able to do it. Since you are the Saint Light Empire’s Big Senior, I guess your collection of treasures should be larger and more powerful than Li Sheng’s. If I can defeat you, then maybe I can collect enough Nirvana pills to cleanse the killing aura of the Blood Soul Puppet,” Lin Dong sneered in a low voice.

If the so-called “Big Senior” dared to come, Lin Dong did not mind his collection get bigger.

In the ancient battlefield, Lin Dong could operate with any restraints. He was also not afraid of Saint Light Empire’s revenge against him. In this place, the elites had no way of getting in here. Perhaps in the far future, Lin Dong would not even care about the Saint Light Empire anymore.

After the Mental Energy brand in the white elephant jade had been gotten rid of, Lin Dong did not try to practise the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle” immediately. Instead, he continued to dig inside Li Sheng’s Qiankun bag. However, he did not manage to find any treasures that captivated him. Most of the items were Demonic Crystals, elixir pills and high-grade Soul Treasures that contained a low amount of Nirvana Qi. After a hasty rummage, Lin Dong lost interest and dumped everything into his own Qiankun bag. Then, he closed his eyes and started resting to nurse his post-battle’s health.

After approximately two hours of rest, his eyes opened up slowly. This tower was no doubt the best training place in the city. Therefore, Lin Dong was able to restore his health within a short period of time.

After he recovered, Lin Dong flipped his palm and the exquisite white elephant jade appeared in his hand. With a flick of his mind, he channeled his Mental Energy into the jade. This time around, his Mental Energy did not face any resistance and flowed smoothly into the white elephant jade.

While Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was flowing into the jade, a huge amount of mysterious characters were pouring steadily into Lin Dong’s mind. Indistinctly, the roar of a gigantic elephant echoed through Lin Dong’s brain.

A huge lustrous elephant stood on the sky and went on a rampage. The Heaven and Earth trembled while the mountains collapsed. It was an earth-shaking display of power.

Lin Dong sat quietly on the tower with both his eyes shut tightly. As he held the white elephant jade in his hand, waves of radiance began to spread and eventually enshrouded his entire body.

As the radiance enveloped Lin Dong, his aura became increasingly calm and powerful at the same time.


Meanwhile, as Lin Dong was just about to master the “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle”, there was a white-robed, callous-looking man standing on a lofty tower in a distant major city of an assembly point. He then slowly opened his eyes. In his eyes, there was a surge of killer intent that was so cold that it could freeze the air.

“No matter who you are, you will pay the price for killing the members of the Saint Light Empire. After I complete my current objective, your demise shall arrive!”