Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest

Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest


Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest

Under the darkness of the night, the outside of the city finally gradually turned silent, yet, the beast corpses and ravines that covered the ground caused reminded everyone about the desperate battle that had erupted in this place.

Lin Dong’s figure slowly descended from mid-air. Although he had gone through a great battle, a bright light still flickered in his eyes, showing that he was not the slightest bit tired. This scene caused the Mo Ling trio to be somewhat fearful. Such strong battle endurance, even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner could not compare.

“Brother Lin Dong, what was it that saved Lin Langtian just now?” Mo Long opened his mouth to ask. He had previously clearly seen Lin Langtian being thoroughly suppressed by Lin Dong, yet, a blurry figure had appeared at the final moment, dispersing Lin Dong’s attack and rescuing Lin Langtian.

“Lin Langtian also has some trump cards. Killing him is not easy, but when we next meet, even that thing will be unable to save him!” Lin Dong replied in a cold cold voice.

Mo Ling silently nodded his head. Soon after, he cast a glance at the spot where Li Sheng and the other seven had been turned to a bloody mist before speaking in a low voice, “Brother Lin Dong, before Li Sheng and the rest died, they mentioned a senior in this ancient battlefield. Since that person was able to be so respected by them, he should be even stronger than Li Sheng. Perhaps, he might have already reached the half-step-to Nirvana stage. If he finds out that the Saint Light Empire members have all died at your hands, he will not let this matter go.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. He similarly did not expect that Li Sheng was actually not the strongest member of the Saint Light Empire. Yet, no matter what, he could not be merciful in that kind of scenario. Given Li Sheng and the rest’s characters, if Lin Dong allowed them to survive, there was no doubt that they would incessantly find trouble for Lin Dong.

“Since that is so, let us first ask around about the senior from the Saint Light Empire. Now that you have defeated the Saint Light Empire members, they should be no one who dares to raise any objections towards you in this gathering point. This way, it will be a lot easier for us to get information. As for the follow-up, we can discuss it after we have gathered enough information. How does that sound?” Mo Ling muttered.


Lin Dong contemplated for a while before nodding his head. He originally planned to cultivate to the advanced Manifestation stage before leaving alone, but he had not anticipated this unforeseen event. Since he had killed all the Saint Light Empire members, the so-called senior would not let him off. If he left now, it would undoubtedly bring great trouble for Mo Ling and the rest.

Previously, the Mo Ling trio had chosen to stand on his side in the face of the enormous pressure from the Saint Light Empire. This action naturally won Lin Dong’s friendship. No matter what, these three were now considered as friends.

Thus, he was temporarily unable to leave alone.

When he saw Lin Dong agree, Mo Ling chuckled. Their small four men group now showed signs of Lin Dong being their leader.

The four of them exchanged a look and did not linger any longer outside the city walls. Their figures moved as they flew up the city walls under numerous fearful gazes.

Lin Dong stood atop the city wall and watched the fearful gazes from all around, but did not show any indications of being pleased with himself. His eyes scanned the area as an indifferent voice sounded out in everyone’s ears, “This gathering point was originally a place of freedom, which was forcibly and intentionally taken over by the Saint Light Empire. Now that they have all died, this place will once again regain its freedom. If you like it then stay, if you don’t then leave. There is no need for all of you to pay anymore taxes…”

The so-called taxes were naturally attributed to the Saint Light Empire. They completely treated these people as pill slaves for refining Nirvana pills. Lin Dong absolutely loathed this kind of thing and did not care of this kind of gains. Even if it was extremely bountiful, he would still find it disdainful.

It was not wrong to be merciless towards one’s enemies, but if one treated other people with whom one did not have any grudges with the same way, it would mean one had become a little crazy. Evidently, Lin Dong had not reached this stage.

When the practitioners from the various empires atop the city walls heard these words, they were first stunned, before an emotional look was revealed in their eyes. Most of them were from some of the smaller empires of which some were even weaker than the Great Yan Empire. They did not dare to casually leave the gathering point because given their strength, if they met a group of Demonic Beasts at night, it would most likely be disastrous. Hence, they could only stay in this place. Previously, they had to pay Nirvana pill taxes everyday to Li Sheng and the rest. For these people who originally were unable to refine much Nirvana pills, this was a huge burden. However, due to their fear of Li Sheng and the rest’s strength, they did not dare to rebel.

Now that Lin Dong had removed the taxes, it was undoubtedly an extremely happy occasion for them.

Atop the city walls, joyful whispers spread out. The gazes that originally looked towards Lin Dong with fear faintly started to change to a kind of respect, no longer just pure fear of Lin Dong’s strength…

At times, power was unable to truly subdue the hearts of the people.

However, Lin Dong did not care about the minute changes in their eyes. After he said his piece, he waved his sleeve as Little Flame jumped in. His figure moved, directly heading towards the center stone tower that was originally Li Sheng’s cultivation spot. However, now that Li Sheng had lost his life at Lin Dong’s hands, this central cultivation spot naturally belonged to Lin Dong…

With respect to Lin Dong’s actions, there was indeed no one who objected. This was normal after all.

Lin Dong’s figure landed on the stone tower before he slowly sat down. Here, he could look down upon any place in the city, which indeed gave him a feeling of being in control.

However, this feeling only lasted for a moment before being scattered by Lin Dong. He took in a deep breath as the bright light in his eyes slowly vanished. The great battle tonight was rather intense and he had never imagined that the fifth finger of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger would actually be so powerful…

A mere half a finger could easily defeat the combined might of seven advanced Manifestation stage and one peak Manifestation stage practitioner!

Furthermore, Lin Dong also clearly understood that this was not the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’s strongest move. If he was able to display the complete finger, Lin Dong believed that he would possess the power to battle even against a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner.

“*Sigh*, just half a finger has caused your fingertip to split open, if you force it, you will definitely be devoured by that berserk power. At that time, there will be no need for others to beat you as you will have already self destructed.” Just as this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s head, Little Marten’s voice rang out in his mind.

Lin Dong chuckled and did not deny it. Changing the topic, he said: “It’s a pity that we did not take care Lin Langtian.”

“We can’t do anything about it. That fellow still has the protection of the Yuan Spirit in his body. Although he cannot deal with us, if he is determined to take Lin Langtian and escape, no one can stop him.” Little Marten flashed out from Lin Dong’s shoulder as it replied.

Lin Dong nodded his head. No matter what, he had at least chased away that irksome character. When they next met, given Lin Dong’s strength, he would no longer have to fear the mysterious Yuan Spirit. If there was a chance, he would directly take care of both Lin Langtian and the mysterious Yuan Spirit.

Lin Dong’s gaze flickered for a while before slowly stopping. His hand reached out as eight Qiankun bags appeared within. These were the things that Li Sheng and the rest had left behind and also Lin Dong’s battle spoils.

The current Lin Dong was practically broke. After last night’s wanton devouring of Demonic Crystals, the Nirvana pills he had only amounted to three thousand. This number was undoubtedly akin to a drop in the ocean with respect to Lin Dong’s needs.

Lin Dong first checked the seven Qiankun bags, but his harvest was not as bountiful as he had expected. In total, there were only about three thousand Nirvana pills within, practically making them poorer than himself.

In response to this, Lin Dong was also a little speechless. In any case, these fellows were from the Saint Light Empire, hence he did not think that they would be so pathetic. Perhaps, he had already forgotten how precious Nirvana pills were…

As he offhandedly kept the three thousand Nirvana pills, Lin Dong’s cast his gaze towards the final Qiankun bag which belonged to Li Sheng. This fellow was likely considered the number two person in the Saint Light Empire, and was second only to the yet to be seen ‘senior’. It was highly probable that his hoard was much better compared to the rest.

As he held the Qiankun bag, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swiftly entered. Soon after, a smile finally surfaced on his face. Sure enough, Li Sheng’s collection far exceeded the rest. Just the number of Nirvana pills alone in his bag was close to six thousand!

This was a truly huge sum. If Lin Dong had to obtain such a sum through refining, it would take at minimum several months.

“Adding in these six thousand pills, I now have ten thousand Nirvana pills. It’s a pity that I still lack twenty thousand to purify the Blood Soul Puppet…” When his thoughts reached this point, Lin Dong could not help but release a bitter laugh before softly sighing. No matter what, he needed to think of some way to swiftly obtain the remaining twenty thousand Nirvana pills. Since he had killed the Saint Light Empire members, no one could foresee when their ‘senior’ would arrive for his blood. If he was able to purify the Blood Soul Puppet and obtain complete control over it, he would no longer fear even a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner.

After keeping the six thousand Nirvana pills, Lin Dong flicked his wrist as a drum wrapped in light appeared in his hand that continuously emitted waves of powerful energy.

This light drum was the Earthly Soul Treasure that Li Sheng had previously revealed, the Saint Light Drum.

Lin Dong toyed with the Saint Light Drum as he gently nodded his head. The energy undulations from this object indicated that it was indeed not bad at all. Li Sheng’s collection was truly quite something.

I’ll keep it.

Lin Dong naturally had no reason to give up on this kind of treasure and he accepted it without any hesitation. His Mental Energy once again reached into the Qiankun bag, and after a long while, another object appeared in his hand.

This object was a white elephant statue that was made from jade. Lin Dong stared at the white elephant. There seemed to be a good deal of rising script within the white elephant, which faintly gathered to form various profound symbols.

Lin Dong’s gaze was tightly fixed onto the rising script. Moments later, a warm feeling slowly rose up in his eyes as a soft voice sounded out from his mouth.

“Mid level Manifestation martial art, Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”