Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 409 Fifth Finger Move The Universe

Chapter 409 Fifth Finger Move The Universe


Chapter 409 Fifth Finger Move The Universe


Multiple cracks expanded rapidly throughout the body of the huge lustrous elephant. The powerful aura of the huge lustrous elephant was being suppressed by the incredibly enormous ancient finger.

The luminosity of the huge lustrous elephant began to weaken. At the area where the brain of the elephant was located, Li Sheng’s figure started to reveal himself. At this moment, his sneering face was replaced by a face of fear and astonishment. Apparently, he could not imagine that his “Heaven Smashing Saint Elephant” was incapable of stopping Lin Dong’s ancient finger.

“High-grade Manifestation martial art!”

After he sensed the mighty and frenzied aura that was seeping from the ancient finger, Li Sheng suddenly came to the realization that the Lin Dong’s Manifestation martial art was not a mid-grade one. Instead, it was a genuine high-grade Manifestation martial art!

Even though the two terms differed by only one word, the power disparity between them was like the distance between Heaven and Earth!

“How can it be? How can a filth from a tiny empire possess a high-grade Manifestation martial art!” Li Sheng was bellowing in his heart as he could not believe what he had just seen. High-grade Manifestation martial arts were considered extremely rare even in his Saint Light Empire. It was something that even Li Sheng himself had never possessed before. Therefore, when he saw someone like Lin Dong, who was from a small empire, actually possessed such a martial arts, his heart was naturally in turmoil.

“Snap! Crack!”

However, no matter how incredulous he felt, the incoming pressure was getting more and more terrifying. The huge lustrous elephant was covered with fine cracks and was about to collapse.

“How can a filth like you defeat me!”

Li Sheng’s face ashened while his eyes became bloodshot. Initially, he thought that Lin Dong would be an easy opponent, yet now, he was facing tremendous pressure from the latter. It was unbearable for someone who was proud and arrogant like Li Sheng.


As Li Sheng’s eyes turned bloodshot, an astonishing intense light erupted from the huge lustrous elephant. Apparently, it was trying to make a final desperate attempt!


Lin Dong snorted coldly at Li Sheng’s all-out resistance. Suddenly, the former pointed out his finger and that enormous ancient finger’s pressuring aura began to surge again. Then, the ancient finger pressed against the huge lustrous elephant once again.


As the enormous ancient finger continued to press down, the luminosity of the huge lustrous elephant, which was intensified a few moments ago, began to weaken once again. The cracks on the lustrous elephant’s body became increasingly large. Finally, under the numerous bewildered stares from the onlookers, the lustrous elephant could no longer withstand the giant ancient finger’s formidable pressure and exploded with a loud bang.

Terrifying energy storm swept across the mid-air. The huge lustrous elephant exploded into a sky full of glittering lights that eventually rained down gracefully.

“Cough! Vomit!”

In the midst of the rain of light, a battered figure shot out before he violently spat out a mouthful of fresh blood spat. Then, the figure landed forcefully on the ground. He finally steadied himself after leaving a few kilometres of track on the ground.


At this moment, all the gazes shifted abruptly to the sorry figure on the ground. A deafening silence then swept through the onlookers on the citywall as their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

That was because, the battered figure was Li Sheng!

The Saint Light Empire’s elites in the mid-air were dumbstruck at this scene as well. Their facial expressions changed drastically, especially Xia Huang, whose arrogance was thoroughly replaced by intense fear. He could not believe that Li Sheng, who was a peak Manifestation stage elite, would lose so miserably to a mere advanced Manifestation stage practitioner in Lin Dong!

“He actually won…” Mo Ling and the rest took in a breath of cold air as exultation swept across their faces. They were right in their predictions. Lin Dong’s hidden abilities were too well-concealed.

On the citywall, Lin Langtian watched gloomily at this scene. The power of Lin Dong’s Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was getting increasingly powerful. He knew that, if it was him under the ancient finger, he would definitely be wounded. After all, his Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was far too powerful.

In mid-air, Lin Dong stared indifferently at the blood-stained Li Sheng. The frantic energy fluctuation in his body had yet to weaken.

“Senior Li!”

At this moment, the Saint Light Empire’s elites returned to their senses and flew down hastily and appeared beside Li Sheng to help him up.

Right now, Li Sheng was in an extremely sorry state. Not only was his entire body covered with bloodstains, his hair was unkempt and his aura was feeble. Apparently, Lin Dong’s ancient finger had wounded him severely.

After those people helped Li Sheng, the latter then used his hand to wipe off the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth while his body was shivering non-stop. His eyes were surging with madness and malevolence.

“Filth, do you think you can defeat me just like this? Members of the Saint Light Empire, listen to my commands, I want all of you to beat this filth to death!” Like the roar of a wild beast, Li Sheng’s bellow of rage resounded through the air frantically.

At this moment, Li Sheng no longer dared to fight against Lin Dong by himself As long as he could kill Lin Dong, he was willing to use any means necessary!

After Li Sheng bellowed his commands, a dark-green elixir pill appeared on his palm. He then put it in his mouth and swallowed it. Immediately, his enfeebled aura revitalized once again. It appeared that this guy had a lot of tricks up his sleeves.

Li Sheng’s roar had caused a commotion on the citywall. Those elites, who initially sided with the Saint Light Empire, were secretly backing off now. Upon seeing Lin Dong’s capabilities, they did not have the courage to take action. Else, if the Saint Light Empire was to collapse, they would face a miserable outcome as well.

Upon seeing the lackluster responses from the people on the citywall, Li Sheng was so angry that he spat out blood. However, he also knew that these opportunists were unreliable. Immediately, he then muttered gloomily, “Set the Saint Light Formation. Today, I will this living filth beg for his own death!”

“Senior Li, why don’t we retreat first? There is something weird about this lad and his fighting capabilities are extremely powerful. We will go to the Yang City where Big Senior is located at and we will ask for his help. Then, it will be very easy for us to kill this lad!” One of the Saint Light Empire’s elites said. That was because Lin Dong’s fighting capabilities had created goosebumps on their skins.

“I repeat, set the Saint Light Formation! There are a total of eight Manifestation stage elites here. If we can’t even handle a filth like this, how can we face Big Senior? Li Sheng said eerily while his tone was filled with a berserk killer intent.


When they heard Li Sheng’s eerie words, the Saint Light Empire’s elites shivered with fear as well. They then clenched their teeth and moved their bodies, before they settled into their respective positions with Li Sheng at the heart of their formation. Thus, an abstruse formation began to materialize.

“Li Sheng, does the Saint Light Empire have no sense of shame!?” Mo Ling and the rest yelled angrily while the joyful looks that appeared on their faces previously had disappeared upon witnessing this scene.

“Winners are crowned while losers are vilified, only fools will care about the morality of strategies used!” Li Sheng sneered as he looked malevolently at Lin Dong, who was in the mid-air.

“Set the formation!”


As Li Sheng yelled out his command, intense radiance erupted from the bodies of the other seven advanced Manifestation stage elites. The radiance emitted from each elite began to extend and connect with each other. Boundless and powerful Yuan Power waves were created and started to undulate. The intensity of such energy waves was incapable of any further increase.

As Mo Ling and the rest sensed the energy waves, their facial expression changed drastically. How could anyone beneath the Nirvana stage withstand a powerful formation that had one peak Manifestation stage elite and seven advanced Manifestation stage elites?

“Brother Lin Dong, let’s leave this place!”

Mo Ling and the rest looked at each other and then yelled in the direction of Lin Dong. Given the current situation, it was impossible to continue staying in this place.

“You want to leave? Not so easy!”

Li Sheng smiled eerily while the blood stains on his face made him look like a devil. Then, as he changed his hand-seal, the entire sky surged with rays of light. Within seconds, the sky became an enormous light screen that enveloped the heaven and earth and blocked off Lin Dong’s escape routes as well.

“Saint Light Formation, Purifying Heaven And Earth!”

The rays of light coagulated in the sky and eventually became a gigantic sacred light pillar. Within the light pillar, there was a terrifying energy undulation. It was as if all living things in the world were about to be purified.

“Lin Dong, it’s too early to celebrate. Now, prepare to die!” Li Sheng gave Lin Dong a psychotic look and then laughed wildly towards the sky. Then, with a flip of his palm, the sacred light pillar that contained the Yuan Power of eight men shot out instantly. Accompanied by an irrepressible force, the earth-shattering light pillar pierced through the air and blasted towards Lin Dong!

As Lin Dong saw this, his eyes flickered. However, even when he faced that formation attack which contained the powers of eight men, he did not show any signs of retreating. Instead, under numerous stares from the crowd, he took a step forward and shouted towards the sky with a ice-cold voice.

“Since you still have hope, I shall destroy it thoroughly!”

As he finished his sentence, a formidable Devouring Power erupted from Lin Dong’s body. The Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth gathered in his body with an astonishing speed.

As the Yuan Power gathered in his body, Lin Dong raised his finger and pointed it towards the sky.

When Lin Dong pointed out his finger, a bloody mark formed at his fingertip before droplets of blood began to fall.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fifth Finger Move The Universe!”

As the inexhaustible ancient voice echoed through the sky, the blue dome of heaven ruptured and the Universe moved!