Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 408 Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle

Chapter 408 Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle


Chapter 408 Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle

Resplendent rays coupled with an extremely formidable Yuan Power shockwave erupted from Li Sheng’s body. Under the blinding light, it seemed like night had turned to day.

Light flowed across the horizon. Faintly, there seemed to be a titanic glowing elephant amidst the bright light. The giant elephant towered in the sky, as if the like the entire world was contained beneath its feet. Meanwhile, an energy ripple, that could support the sky, slowly spread out, causing ripples to erupt in the air.

Meanwhile, Li Sheng’s body hovered right in front of the large glowing elephant while a venomous and cold expression filled his face. Thanks to the glowing light, his whole body was filled with an exceedingly powerful aura, causing no one to dare underestimate him.

“Such formidable Yuan Power undulations…It must be a Manifestation martial art!”

On the city wall, several people stared in awe at the life-like large glowing elephant behind Li Sheng. Its formidable pressure and undulations indicated that it must be a Manifestation martial art!

“Humph, what an arrogant brat. He actually forced Senior Li to execute his ‘Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle’. Looks like there will be no need to watch this fight any more. Once Senior Li attacks, that fellow will immediately be crushed into a meat pulp.” When Xia Huang saw this scene, his pupils shrunk before he promptly chuckled.

“Of course, Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle is a mid-grade Manifestation martial art. A single strike is powerful enough to destroy an entire mountain. Furthermore, when combined with Senior Li’s peak Manifestation stage strength, Lin Dong is definitely doomed!”

“It seems like Senior Li is no longer in the mood to play with that fellow… That’s fine as well. Let’s take care of him quickly, the night is truly uncomfortable.”

The other elite Saint Light Empire practitioners chuckled. Evidently, they believed that once Li Sheng used this move, the outcome of the fight was already decided.

“Such a formidable Manifestation martial art.”

Mo Ling and the rest’s facial expression turned exceptionally solemn. The pressuring aura emerging from mid-air made them understood that if they were in his shoes and had to face such a powerful attack, even if they could withstand it, they would have to pay a heavy price.

“I don’t know if Lin Dong is able to handle such an attack…” The three of them glanced at one another. They could all see worry in their respective eyes. The attack this time around would likely end the fight.

In mid-air, Lin Dong’s expression also turned increasingly solemn when he saw the giant glowing elephant materialize behind Li Sheng. From the ripples, he could sense that Li Sheng’s Manifestation martial arts would not lose out to the Manifestation martial arts that Lin Langtian had obtained from the Manifestation martial tablet, ‘Hand of the Universal Emperor’. In fact, since Li Sheng was was more powerful than Lin Langtian, when he used his Manifestation martial art, the strength of his attack was even more formidable. In fact, even other peak Manifestation stage practitioners would have no choice but to dodge this attack.

However, though others had to dodge his attack, Lin Dong had no need to fear. Even though Li Sheng’s Manifestation martial arts was extremely powerful, right now, his strength had surged as well. Therefore, one would only know the final outcome after a fight!

“Kid, right now, I won’t even give you the chance to repent. I will let everyone know the consequences of offending me!”

Li Sheng’s foot stepped on the light, as he stared venomously at Lin Dong. As he sensed that majestic aura behind him, he became extremely confident. After he used this move, not to mention the advanced Manifestation stage, even if Lin Dong was at the peak Manifestation stage, he would still die!

After he shouted , Li Sheng evidently did not plan to give Lin Dong any time to breathe. As he took a step back, he immediately leapt into the head of the large glowing elephant. The large elephant howled at the sky as a deafening roar echoed out.

“Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”

The giant elephant cried while it charged forward. Light rushed out, making it resemble an apocalyptic elephant that could destroy the world. Its rumbling footsteps shook the heavens as it carried terrifying energy ripples and brazenly charged at Lin Dong!

Boom! Boom!

Everywhere that giant elephant passed, a near hundred meter ditch would be forcefully torn apart on the ground below. Moreover, anything that the giant elephant slammed against would instantly crumble to dust.

As he stared at the large glowing elephant that was rapidly growing in his eyes, Lin Dong’s face turned exceedingly solemn. His feet executed the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, while he quickly retreated. At the same time, his hands swiftly executed various hand seals, while streams of formidable Yuan Power shockwaves whizzed out from within his body.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, First Finger Imprisoning The World!”

With a formidable glint in his eyes, Lin Dong thrust out his finger. Promptly, a large finger filled with an ancient aura broke through the air and emerged from behind him. It viciously pressed against the large glowing elephant that was tramping across the sky.


The two of them viciously clashed. However, this time around, the large finger did not last for too long, before it directly ruptured into glowing dots and crumbled.

Nonetheless, though that giant finger was destroyed, it was able to stop the large elephant for a moment.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Second Finger Shredding Mountains And Rivers! Third Finger Exterminating All Life!”

After his first finger was destroyed, Lin Dong did not panic at all as he pointed out twice in the air. Immediately, majestic Yuan Power howled across the horizon, while all the Yuan Power in the area began to rage.


Two sturdy and world-changing giant fingers once again materialized above Lin Dong. Following which, the crowds watched in amazement as the fingers flew with a terrifying speed, causing the air the explode before viciously slamming against the large glowing elephant.

“Bang! Bang!”

After they clashed once again, all the air in the area seemed to explode, causing a hurricane unfurl. In fact, even the ground below was forcefully lifted several feet, while several cracks spread out like a spiderweb.

This time around, the large glowing elephant was no longer as dominating as before. After colliding against the two giant fingers, both sides seemed to be at a stalemate, while terrifyingly shockwaves continuously erupted forth.

On the forehead of the large glowing elephant, Li Sheng’s body faintly appeared. When he saw that his attack had been gradually halted, he was extremely shocked. However, the greed in his eyes promptly intensified. It seems like Lin Dong’s martial arts did not lose out to his “Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle”. Therefore, if he could obtain it, his battle ability would surely surge!

“You shall break!”

While greed flowed in his eyes, Li Sheng suddenly growled. Immediately, a blinding sun-like radiance erupted from the large glowing elephant, while its might and aura were pushed to the maximum.

Bang! Bang!

The large elephant howled while its massive body suddenly pushed forward. Instantly, the land began to tremble, while a terrifying energy shock wave swept forth just like a storm.

Due to the terrifying energy shock wave, the crowds were shocked when they saw several cracks slowly emerge on those two giant fingers. Finally, with a loud bang, they once again blew up. It seems like Li Sheng’s Manifestation martial art was truly formidable.

“Kid, remember this. Before you offend someone in your next life, make sure you open your eyes bigger and take a careful look!”

When the giant fingers crumbled, Li Sheng’s prideful chuckle emerged from within the large elephant. The large elephant’s speed did not decrease, carrying a force that could tackle the heavens before it viciously charged towards Lin Dong.


As he stared at that rapidly incoming giant elephant, Lin Dong took in a deep breath, his eyes slowly closing. At the same time, all the Yuan Power in his body seemed to have been urged to the maximum, as majestic Yuan Power gushed out from his body like tidal waves, causing the Yuan Power in the area to start churning in an instant!

As the Yuan Power of the land surged, Lin Dong once again lifted up his finger and slowly pointed in the air!

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fourth Finger Breaking The Heavens!”

When Lin Dong’s finger thrust out, the space above him was seemingly ripped apart, while an ancient giant finger, which seemed to have came from ancient times, slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The large finger was filled with an ancient and world-changing aura. In fact, there were even various ancient patterns on its body. This time around, when Lin Dong used the fourth finger, it was undoubtedly much more powerful and life-like compared to the time when he used it against Lin Langtian. In fact, its shockwaves were enough to strike fear into the hearts of a peak Manifestation practitioner!

When the other Saint Light Empire practitioners saw the giant ancient finger, thick shock filled their eyes. In fact, even the grin on Xia Huang’s face froze. They could all feel an aura of death on the giant finger and all of them knew that if the finger attacked them, regardless of how they resisted, there would only be one outcome, death!

“What a powerful martial art!”

Not only them, even Mo Ling and the rest were stunned. This was the first time that they ever seen Lin Dong use the fourth finger…


Lin Dong’s finger pointed in the air, while the giant ancient finger directly ripped through space. Under the stares from the crowd, it appeared in front of the large glowing elephant, before it pressed down!

When the finger pressed down, all the raging Yuan Power in the area seemed to turn silent in an instant. In fact, the majestic large glowing elephant was completely suppressed!

Before the finger landed, there was already a several hundred feet large depression on the ground below!

The ancient giant finger slowly landed on the large glowing elephant. The entire world turned silent. Under the bewildered stares of the crowd, they saw several tiny cracks slowly appear on the large glowing elephant…

Lin Dong’s expression was cold as the edge of a blade as his finger abruptly pointed, completely releasing the full power of the fourth finger!