Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 406: Li Sheng

Chapter 406: Li Sheng


Chapter 406: Li Sheng

When he sensed the rapidly incoming vicious Yuan Power shockwave behind him, Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. However, he showed no signs of turning around. The shockwave behind him was indeed extremely formidable, so much so that it was even more powerful than Lin Langtian, Mo Ling and the rest. Evidently, the person who attacked must be the peak Manifestation practitioner from the Saint Light Empire.

When he realized who had attacked, a vicious glint surfaced Lin Dong’s eyes. Right now, the killing intent in his heart had reached its boiling point. Not only were these scumbags from the Saint Light Empire extremely overbearing, they even dared to attack him and snatch his Demonic Crystal. Their despicable actions were simply too outrageous!

Given on Lin Dong’s character, if someone wanted to snatch the peak Manifestation Demonic Crystal away from him, let alone a peak Manifestation stage practitioner, even if it were a Nirvana stage practitioner, Lin Dong would make him pay!

However, before that, he must first obtain this Earth Devil Scorpion’s Demonic Crystal!


This thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, however, the bone spear in his hand did not slow down. Instead, it moved thrust forward at an extremely rapid speed before it viciously stabbed at that Earth Devil Scorpion’s wound.

“Kid, how dare you!”

Lin Dong’s actions were immediately discovered by the one who had attacked behind him. Immediately, he shouted out in rage. A potent Yuan Power erupted within his palm, before he viciously slammed his palm at Lin Dong’s back. From the power of the blow, it was evident that he did not plan to spare Lin Dong.


When he sensed the increasingly ferocious palm wind behind him, Lin Dong’s mind moved as a surge of Mental Energy gushed forth from his Niwan Palace. Instantly, it transformed into a large skull behind his back as a piercing Mental Energy sonic boom erupted, causing all the surrounding Demonic Beasts, that were leaping towards him, to be instantly blown apart by this Mental Energy sonicboom.

A figure swiftly appeared behind Lin Dong’s back. He was dressed in green robes and was indeed the peak Manifestation practitioner from the Saint Light Empire. When he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to resist and totally ignored his shouts, his face turned increasingly dark. Over this period of time, he naturally thought that no one in this area dared to challenge his authority. However, he never expected Lin Dong to actually ignore him. This was something that he could not accept.

“Overestimating yourself!”

The green-robed man’s expression darkened. As he twirled his palm, a wave of extremely formidable Yuan Power smashed into the Mental Energy skull like a whirlwind. With a single palm strike, he directly blew apart the skull.

Nonetheless, although this man was extremely arrogant, he was indeed quite powerful. Though the peak Manifestation stage was only one step up from the advanced Manifestation stage, the difference between them was extremely huge.

Of course, Lin Dong naturally did not expect that just this bit of Mental Energy alone would be able to stop that man. All he needed was to delay the latter for a moment.

Hence, when this elite practitioner from Saint Light Empire, who was addressed as Senior Li, blew apart the skull, Lin Dong’s Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear carried a Mental Energy storm as it neatly pierced the crack on the Earth Devil Scorpion’s shell.


An extremely sharp shockwave rushed out from the tip of the bone spear as the solid shell immediately burst apart. Fresh blood spurted out as the bone spear penetrated through it.


This sudden deadly attack immediately caused the Earth Devil Scorpion to rage manically. Its large body continuously struggled, while it manically swung its two pincers, causing energy shockwaves that had enough power to blow apart a Manifestation stage practitioner.


Lin Dong’s eyes were cold, with a thought, the Mental Energy at the tip of his spear erupted, and instantly wiped off all traces of thought and life from the Earth Devil Scorpion!

Though this Demonic Beast’s physical body was extremely powerful, it had yet to refined a Demonic Spirit. Thus, its Mental Energy defences were fairly weak. In the face of Lin Dong’s formidable Mental Energy, the Earth Devil Scorpion did not show much resistance and it immediately died!

The Earth Devil Scorpion’s body immediately stiffened, while an aura of death slowly emerged from it.

When he saw the Earth Devil Scorpion die, Lin Dong quickly jerked his bone spear, directly blowing apart the Earth Devil Scorpion’s brain. Instantly, fresh blood and brain juice spurted out. A suction force flew out from his palm as a palm-sized blood red Demonic Crystal emerged from within the fresh blood and landed in his palm.

When the Demonic Crystal landed in his hands, Lin Dong immediately felt a burning sensation spread out from within his palm. At the same time, waves of potent Nirvana Qi emerged from within. Compared to an ordinary Demonic Crystal, it at least a dozen times more potent!

When the Demonic Crystal reached his palm, Lin Dong’s foot pushed off the Earth Devil Scorpions’ corpse as his body flew up. He stared at that green-robed man behind him with a cold and venomous expression, while killing intent flowed in his heart.


When the Earth Devil Scorpion’s corpse landed on the ground, the demonic horde seemed to have lost their leader as they howled at the sky, before quickly retreating like a tidal wave. In a mere ten seconds, the blood-red wave of demonic beasts that had completely filled one’s entire vision disappeared into the night.

On the city wall, after experiencing the fearsome and massive battle, when the crowds saw the wave of demonic beasts retreat, they involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief. However, their attention immediately turned towards the two men that were facing off in mid-air outside of the city.

“It’s Li Sheng from the Saint Light Empire. It seems like he intends to snatch the peak Manifestation Demonic Beast’s Crystal!”

“That kid from Great Yan Empire is truly unfortunate. Li Sheng is only one step away from the Nirvana stage. Even though that kid had previously killed a peak Manifestation Demonic Beast, it was after all a Demonic Beast and not a person.”

“The Saint Light Empire is simply too overbearing. After someone else painstakingly killed that peak Manifestation Demonic Beast, he actually wants to snatch the Demonic Crystal!”

“Shush, who dares to criticize the Saint Light Empire in this place? You remember what happened to the people who offended them!”

“*Sigh*, those scoundrels…”


Atop the city wall, when the crowd stared at the scene in mid-air, a series of soft whispers erupted.

At one corner of the city wall, Mo Ling, Du Yu and Man Shan’s expression changed when they witnessed this sight. Promptly, rage surfaced on their faces. Those Saint Light Empire members were simply too overbearing.

In mid-air, the green-robed man known as Li Sheng wore an icey expression as he stared at Lin Dong. He slowly stretched out his palm and casually said: “Hand over the Demonic Crystal, bone spear and Manifestation martial art. I will guarantee your safety in the ancient battlefield.”

When he heard these words, a sneer involuntarily flashed across Lin Dong’s face. Not only did that fellow want his Demonic Crystal, he even wanted his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear as well as the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger.

Lin Dong stared at Li Sheng. Moments later, he slowly stretched out his hand. A fiery-red Demonic Crystal sat quietly on his palm, while a rich Nirvana Qi slowly spread out causing the desire in Li Sheng’s eyes to intensify.

“Hmm, you are a wise one…”

Lin Dong’s actions evidently pleased Li Sheng. However, just as he was about to take the Demonic Crystal, a mocking look flashed across Lin Dong’s face. Promptly, he closed his hand, directly crushing the Demonic Crystal as a Devouring Force gushed out and swallowed all the Nirvana Qi into his body.

“Who do you think you are? Ensure my safety in the ancient battlefield? Based on your current strength, you can’t even save yourself, yet you still want to save others?” After Lin Dong devoured the Demonic Crystal, he sneered as he said.

This sight was so sudden that Li Sheng had no time to react. Hence, he was stunned for a moment, and he only regained his senses when he heard Lin Dong’s mocking words. Immediately, his handsome face looked just like a pig’s liver, while an unconcealable rage flowed in his eyes. Evidently, he had never expected that Lin Dong actually dared to fool him!

On the city wall, everyone was silent as they witnessed this scene. Even though many of them were extremely outraged over Li Sheng’s actions, none of them dared to act like Lin Dong and actually challenge him in public. After all, he was the most powerful person around.

“Alright, alright, you peasant. This time around, even if you kneel down and offer me your Soul Treasure and martial arts, I will make you beg for your own death!” Li Sheng was so outraged that his body began to tremble. He stared viciously at Lin Dong, his voice filled with an unconcealable savage killing intent.

An cold light flowed in Lin Dong’s eyes. He suddenly took a step forward as streams of savage Yuan Power manically gushed out from his body. As his Yuan Power gushed forth, his aura began to surge steadily until eventually, he finally broke through the final obstacle and reached the advanced Manifestation stage!

After brewing over this period of time, plus the Nirvana Qi inside the previous Demonic Crystal, the current Lin Dong had officially broken through to the advanced Manifestation stage!

His strength had surged once again!

Lin Dong’s aura wildly surged around his body, while his icy cold roar rumbled across the horizon like thunder!

“Your Saint Light Empire has been bossing us around these past few days. Do you really believe that you are the overlords of this region? In that case, I shall make you wake up to reality today!”

“You actually dare to call yourselves overlords with just this strength. You must be dreaming!”

On the city wall, many people were dumbstruck when they heard Lin Dong’s roar. Once these words were out, there was no longer any way to peacefully resolve this matter…