Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 405 Snatching food from a tiger’s mouth

Chapter 405 Snatching food from a tiger’s mouth


Chapter 405 Snatching food from a tiger’s mouth

“Rumble! Tumble!”

A gigantic scarlet Demonic Beast, whose entire body seemed to be doused in blood, charged frantically towards Lin Dong with earth-shaking footsteps that were accompanied by a barbaric aura. Under such a powerful charge, the vast land started to tremble.

As the gigantic Demonic Beast moved closer, Lin Dong could clearly see its appearance. The Demonic Beast looked like an enormous devil scorpion and its entire body was covered with a layer of scarlet armour that appeared to be extremely sturdy. Furthermore, the air seemed to be torn apart when it brandished its two metallic pincers through the air. There was also a faint foul smell coming from its pincers that were extremely toxic.

“Earth Devil Scorpion.”

As he gazed upon this powerful Demonic Beast, a tinge of awe flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Apparently, he had identified the origin of this Demonic Beast. Even though this monster was not an Ancient-type species, it was still stronger than any other ordinary Demonic Beasts. Most importantly, this monster was only one step away from reaching Nirvana stage. Once it broke through and reached Nirvana stage, it could develop high spirit intelligence and it might even break free from its demonic form if chance permitted so.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The Earth Devil Scorpion’s body was overflowing with a bloody aura and a thick blood stench was spreading from its body. Its pair of scarlet eyes was filled with ruthlessness and cruelty. As it brandished its metallic pincers, blood-red gales ripped out and easily tore apart those unlucky Demonic Beasts that were in its way, creating a rain of blood throughout the sky while displaying terror and might.

At this moment, Lin Dong stopped in his tracks. Holding the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in his hand, Lin Dong stared tightly at the incoming Earth Devil Scorpion, which was accompanied by a terrifying and supressing aura. This was the first time he had came across such a powerful Demonic Beast. As compared to the Earth Devil Scorpion, the Ancient Dragon Ape that he encountered in the Great Desolate Province was so much weaker.

The peak Manifestation stage was only one step away from the Nirvana stage. If it could take that final step, it would change completely and become extremely powerful.


As Lin Dong braced his spear, the Earth Devil Scorpion was already charging towards him. A brandishing pair of mountain-snapping metallic pincers was slicing at Lin Dong’s body’s mid-section. If Lin Dong was directly hit by such a powerful attack, he would definitely get hurt.


Facing the Earth Devil Scorpion, which was equivalent to a peak Manifestation stage, Lin Dong definitely would not let his guard down. Immediately, his feet activated Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps and his body became a wisp of green smoke and dodged the devil scorpion’s metallic pincers. Then, with a jolt of his bone spear, Lin Dong shot out a spear shadow which was thrusted towards the pair of metallic pincers with a lightning-like speed.

As the spear and the pair of pincers made contact, a loud and crisp sound erupted and sparks were flying in all directions. A visible energy diffused and crushed numerous Demonic Beasts in the surroundings to death.

Thud! Thud!

Under such a powerful collision, Lin Dong was driven back several steps. The Earth Devil Scorpion’s strength was not only at the level of peak Manifestation stage, but it might even be higher than that. Under the collision, even Lin Dong, who took pride in his strong and sturdy physical body, showed signs of being in a disadvantageous position.

“Haha, it is worthy of being a peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beast!” Despite being in a disadvantageous position, Lin Dong’s eyes blazed with fervour. As he took a step forward, the Yuan Power in his body began to boil. At this moment, the Yuan Power in his body was extremely vigorous and wanted to make use of this epic battle to achieve a breakthrough!


Lin Dong’s figure flew out like an artillery shell. Stepping on nothing but air, and with a profound stance, he brandished his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear and created a sky full of spear shadows, which then poured down in torrents on the Earth Devil Scorpion.

At this moment, amongst the demonic horde, this area of fighting had become the focal point of everyone’s eyes. When they saw Lin Dong being driven back by the Earth Devil Scorpion’s attack, they could not help but shook their heads. A peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beast was indeed something that he could not withstand.

“Humph, what a reckless trash. How can he think about defeating a peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beast?” Xia Huang sneered while standing on the stone tower and watching this scene unfold.

“It doesn’t matter if he dies. Most importantly, we cannot let the Earthly Soul Treasure be destroyed. Later, when he and the Demonic Beast are tired out, I will take actions and kill the Demonic Beast. Then, I will obtain the Demonic Crystal and conveniently take his bone spear as well,” The man in the green robes said indifferently.

“Haha, it appears that Senior Li wants to be the fisherman in this fight. However, if that’s the case, those country bumpkins from the Great Yan Empire may not be able to take it,” Xia Huang smiled after he heard the green-robed man’s words.

“They can’t take it? Then, we will kill them. It is a disgrace for an ant-like empire like them to come here…” The green-robed man played with his thumb and said plainly in a tone that was filled with contempt.

While they were talking, the area of fighting in the demonic horde was getting more and more intense. The Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was whistling. With a powerful physical endurance, Lin Dong did not collapse like what other people had expected him to do so.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

As the torrents of spear shadows landed on the body of the Earth Devil Scorpion, massive sparks erupted. The body armour of the Earth Devil Scorpion was strong enough to defend it from a peak Manifestation stage elite’s attacks. However, Lin Dong’s Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear was far too sharp. As the spear shadows hit its target, numerous spear scars appeared on the armour of the devil scorpion.


Due to the pains inflicted on its entire body, the Earth Devil Scorpion bellowed angrily. It then opened its mouth fiercely and shot out a foul-smelling, blood-coloured energy towards Lin Dong.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Facing an all-out retaliation from the Earth Devil Scorpion, Lin Dong’s feet stepped into a rhythm and nine savaged shadows appeared behind him in a lightning speed. Then, with a glint in his eyes, the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear shot out from his hand!


As the bone spear shot out, it created a ripple in the air space. Currently, Lin Dong had mastered the skill of Nine Destruction Purple Shadow to the point of perfection. Not only could it be applied on boxing technique, but it also could be applied on spear technique.

The bone spear was shrouded in majestic Yuan Power and when it collided fearlessly with the blood-coloured energy, a gust of sharp wind swept up and ripped apart the blood-coloured energy.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, First Finger Imprisoning The World!”

As the blood-coloured energy was ripped apart, an ancient giant finger materialized in the sky. Accompanied by intense pressure, the ancient finger came down from the sky with a lightning speed and blasted ruthlessly on the body of the Earth Devil Scorpion.


This attack was especially vicious. Even the enormous body of the Earth Devil Scorpion was driven back several feets. The gales that accompanied the attack exploded several unlucky Demonic Beasts.

“Manifestation martial arts!” Lin Dong’s attacks had caused commotions on the city wall.

“Such a surprising lad. I am afraid this Manifestation martial art of his is a mid-grade Manifestation martial art. It’s shocking to see someone from a small empire possessing such powerful Earthly Soul Treasure and Manifestation martial art,” The green-robed man startled and then said interestingly.

“Mid-grade Manifestation martial art?” After hearing these words, a greedy look flashed across Xia Huang’s eyes. He then whispered, “Hey, Senior Li. Even though you possess such grade of Manifestation martial art as well, but if you can have one more kind of such Manifestation martial art, your fighting capabilities can increase another level. We cannot let this lad off.”

“Anything I have my eyes on naturally belongs to me,” The green-robed man smiled plainly. In his tone, it appeared that the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear and Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger had already become his belongings.

As he was talking, his eyes squinted at the area of fighting in the demonic horde. Not only was there a slight surprise in his eyes, but there was an obvious sneer on his face as well.

“That Demonic Beast seems to show signs of exhaustion. This lad appears to be quite capable. However, a filth from a small empire like him has no rights to enjoy a Demonic Crystal of such grade…”


In the demonic horde, the Earth Devil Scorpion had gradually stabilized himself after being knocked back by Lin Dong. In front of it, there was a long and deep trench mark. Furthermore, a few cracks had opened up on the extremely hard armour that covered the area where its brain was located at. Obviously, these injuries were inflicted by Lin Dong’s vicious ancient finger.

After being injured by Lin Dong till such extent, the Earth Devil Scorpion was extremely furious. Its eyes were flickering with malevolence and ruthlessness, as if it wanted to crush Lin Dong with its bite.

However, Lin Dong did not fluster at the sight of the scarlet and angry glints in the monster’s eyes. He then became a wisp of green smoke while the Yuan Power in his body boiled to a point that it was burning. This was a sign of his breakthrough. He desperately needed the Demonic Crystal of this peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beast to complete the last step and successfully broke through the advanced Manifestation stage!

“Prepare to die!”

Lin Dong’s body appeared on top of the Earth Devil Scorpion. With a jolt of his mind, surging Mental Energy gathered at the bone spear and became a whirled around the spear like a whirlpool. A violent suction power then began to spread. With a jerk of the spear, the spear pierced with a lightning speed towards the direction of the Earth Devil Scorpion’s brain, accompanied by deafening whizzing sound.

If the spear was able to strike its target, raging Mental Energy would enter the Earth Devil Scorpion’s body and crushed its spirit intelligence!

However, just as Lin Dong’s bone spear was about to strike the Earth Devil Scorpion’s wound, a extremely powerful gust of wind swept up behind him. A cold voice then rang upon his ears.

“So you are Lin Dong right? This time around, you have contributed greatly in the defense of the city and I will reward you for that. However, I will be in charge of dealing with this Demonic Beast now.”

Upon hearing this cold voice, Lin Dong’s eyes was surging with ghastliness.