Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 403 Conflict

Chapter 403 Conflict


Chapter 403 Conflict

“Brother Lin Dong.”

The Mo Ling trio were taken aback when they saw Lin Dong walk out from behind them. Soon after, Mo Ling spoke in a low voice: “The Saint Light Empire’s strength is tyrannical. It will likely be very unbeneficial for us to go against them.”

Although Mo Ling was extremely furious in his heart at the people from the Saint Light Empire, he knew that the latter’s strength was indeed overwhelming. If they really clashed against the latter, they would be the ones to lose out.

“Brother Mo Ling, you’ve also said before that though it is admittedly needed to be low-key in the ancient battlefield, being too low-key will instead bring about endless trouble.” Lin Dong voice was calm as he replied.

Upon hearing this, Mo Ling bitterly laughed. He was not being low-key, with his strength, he knew that he was not weaker than any of the advanced Manifestation stage practitioners in the Saint Light Empire, but the number of advanced Manifestation stage practitioners the other side had was not just one. More importantly, they even possessed an elite peak Manifestation practitioner. He had seen that person act that day and he was indeed powerful without equal. Even Mo Ling would find it difficult to contend.

If put in the Great Yan Empire, every one of these Saint Light Empire practitioners would be top-tier existences. The Secret Arts they cultivated, their martial arts and even Soul Treasures they wielded were all rather powerful. The fighting strength of every one of them far surpassed that of same level practitioners. This point alone was enough to prove that the Saint Light Empire’s strength definitely far exceeded the Great Yan Empire.

Hence, in the face of the powerful Saint Light Empire, it was not that they were being low-key, but they were simply unable to contend and could only endure in silence.

“You actually dare to say that I am trash?!”

However, while Mo Ling was bitterly laughing, atop the high tower, Xia Huang’s eyes instantly turned dark. He stared daggers at Lin Dong as a shrilly voice sounded out: “Looks like you country bumpkins are truly becoming rather ballsy. An initial Manifestation stage trash dares to challenge my Saint Light Empire. Good. I coincidentally find all of you rather tough on the eyes. I’ll directly kill all of you and hang you on the city walls. Let’s see who else dares to be rude to my Saint Light Empire in future!”

“Arrest all of these trash from the Great Yan Empire!”

As Xia Huang’s stern command faded, the dozen or so practitioners behind him maliciously looked towards Lin Dong and his party. Vigorous Yuan Power undulations slowly spread outwards as their figures swiftly dashed forth, surrounding and trapping Lin Dong and gang.

Upon seeing this, the Mo Ling trio’s expressions changed. Soon after, they stepped forward and vigilantly watched the situation.


However, just as a fight was about to break out, a world-shaking roar suddenly sounded out outside the city. The ground started to shake as the scarlet red demonic horde surged forward. Like a bloody wave, they swept towards the city. The sight of ten thousand Demonic Beasts charging made many people’s legs turn to jelly.

The demonic horde attack also caused Xia Huang and the rest’s expression to change. He looked outside the city before venomously staring at Lin Dong: “Brat, looks like you have some good luck now. However, when the demonic horde has been defended, I will make all of you beg for death!”

As his sinister voice faded, Xia Huang’s gaze immediately turned somewhere else as shouts echoed out, ordering all the practitioners to resist the demonic horde.

Lin Dong icily gazed at Xia Huang’s figure, thick killing intent gushing in his eyes. In his heart, the favorable opinion he had of the Saint Light Empire faded. These fellows were really too disgusting.

“Brother Lin Dong, let us first defend against the demonic horde. If it is truly no good, we will leave this place as early as possible.” Mo Ling softly sighed. Now that they had fallen out with Xia Huang, it would be very difficult to continue on in this place. After taking care of the demonic horde, they would take the opportunity to leave, or else, once the Saint Light Empire intended to deal with them, given their few numbers, it would likely be a disaster.

In response to Mo Ling’s words, Lin Dong did not comment. The Saint Light Empire was indeed very powerful. A peak Manifestation stage, seven advanced Manifestation stage while the rest were all at the initial Manifestation stage. Such a lineup could indeed be considered as overwhelming. Yet, this was an enemy Lin Dong could afford to have. If this Saint Light Empire was not tactful, he did not mind letting a true massacre happen!

With these thoughts, a vicious glint flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. His character was originally one that would not offend others if others did not offend him. Yet, since Xia Huang took the initiative to find trouble with Lin Dong, don’t blame him for being vicious and merciless.

“The demonic horde is coming, pay attention!” While the vicious light flickered in Lin Dong’s eyes, Mo Ling’s voice echoed in his ear. Lin Dong turned around and sure enough, the enormous demonic horde was already battering at the city walls.

“Boom boom!”

As the demonic horde charged at them, countless vigorous Yuan Power attacks instantly erupted from the top of the city walls, directly turning some of the Demonic Beasts at the front to a bloody pulp.

However, although the attacks from the city walls were ferocious, the demonic horde seemed to have no end. In the blink of an eye, Demonic Beasts smashed into the city walls one after another. The low thudding sounds seemed to slam into everyone’s hearts, causing their breathing to become sluggish.

Scarlet red Demonic Beasts catapulted up the city wall with astonishing jumping power, opening their huge mouths to reveal the sinister white fangs within as they bit at the people on the city wall.

Some Demonic Beasts had charged up the city wall. Although they were smashed to pulp by numerous attacks in the blink of an eye, the bloody smell that spread outwards instead excited the Demonic Beasts below, causing them to become even more ferocious.

Several Demonic Beasts also charged up the city wall where Lin Dong and the rest were on. However, the beasts were swiftly killed. Yet, the endless momentum caused their eyebrows to furrow tightly.


Lin Dong caught a Demonic Beast that was pouncing over with his hand as a force flew out from the center of his palm and directly burst apart the Demonic Beast’s head. Just as he was about to casually throw it away, he suddenly felt an energy undulation. Immediately, a suction force erupted from the center of his palm as a scarlet red object shot out from the Demonic Beast’s head.

Lin Dong caught the scarlet red object and took a look at it, discovering that it was something similar to a Demonic Crystal. However, there were traces of fiery red energy within this Demonic Crystal.

“The ancient battlefield Demonic Beast Demonic Crystal actually contains Nirvana Energy!”

When he sensed that sliver of fiery red energy, astonishment flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. No wonder the bodies of the Demonic Beasts here were as tough as metal. It turns out that they had become stronger after absorbing Nirvana Energy.

Lin Dong grasped the Demonic Crystal as Devouring Power erupted from the center of his palm and directly devoured all the Nirvana Energy contained within, while the Demonic Crystal turned to dust and scattered. However, Lin Dong felt a little regretful that there was not much Nirvana Energy inside the Demonic Crystal, and was merely a tiny sliver. Yet, if he devoured a thousand or a hundred Demonic Crystals at the same time, it would have a rather good effect.

“To think that these Demonic Beasts have such a use.”

After tasting the benefits of the Demonic Crystal, an excited look involuntarily surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes when he once again lifted his head to look at the scarlet red demonic horde. At this moment, these ferocious Demonic Beasts seemed to have become round Nirvana pills that were rolling around. If he was able to devour all the Demonic Beast crystals here, he would be able to produce at least a thousand Nirvana pills!

This was a rather enormous figure. One should know that the amount of Nirvana pills Lin Dong currently had was only slightly over a thousand. If he could devour these Demonic Crystals, his hoard of Nirvana pills would double!

Compared to painstakingly refining them, this was truly a shortcut to obtaining Nirvana pills!

“Truly good stuff!”

When his thoughts reached this point, Lin Dong’s foot pushed off the city wall as his body flew down the from the city wall under Mo Ling and the rest’s shocked gazes. A resplendent sun exploded from his body, and every time his fist swung, an astonishing Yuan Power undulation erupted out. Scarlet red Demonic Beasts were blown apart one after another by the formidable fist force when they approached the one foot radius around his body. Meanwhile, Demonic Crystals flew out one after another before being swept into Lin Dong’s sleeve and instantly devoured, transforming into threads of fiery hot Nirvana Energy that coursed through Lin Dong’s limbs and bones, causing the Yuan Power in his body to become increasingly concentrated and powerful!

The effect of this kind of cultivation during battle was truly delicious!

When the crowd atop the city walls saw this scene, several of their expressions changed. This was not the first time they had killed Demonic Beasts, hence they naturally knew of the Nirvana Energy within the Demonic Crystals. Yet, they dare not charge into the demonic horde like Lin Dong, after all, they did not have the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and thus could not instantly refine the Demonic Crystals, using the Nirvana Energy within to replenish the energy consumption of the body. Once they ran out of steam within the demonic horde, they would be immediately crushed until even fragments no longer remained. Therefore, they could only greedily watch Lin Dong’s outrageous actions.

On a high tower, Xia Huang watched Lin Dong display his might, as a sinister look flowed in his eyes, before he muttered in a low voice: “Brat, use all your strength to hunt for Demonic Crystals. When the demonic horde is over, I will let you understand that rewards of all your hard work will eventually be mine!”

“My Saint Light Empire is the ruler of this gathering point, all if you are merely pill slaves that refine Nirvana pills for us!”