Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 400 Assembly Point

Chapter 400 Assembly Point


Chapter 400 Assembly Point

Five figures swept across the vast and endless wild plains like lightning. Low wind sounds spread out from the surroundings of the five figures, echoing in the distance.

These five figures were naturally Lin Dong and the others who had just reached the ancient battlefield not long ago. Their destination this time was the gathering point nearest to their location. After all, this was their first time here and everything was extremely unfamiliar to them. Additionally, the black night of the ancient battlefield was extremely dangerous to them, hence, they needed to reach the gathering point before darkness descended. Or else, once night arrived, the land would be under the rule of the Demonic Beasts and other strange creatures, which would be extremely dangerous for them.

While they rushed towards the gathering point, Lin Dong and gang encountered people from other empires. However, when both sides met, before Lin Dong and the rest could have any thoughts, these parties from other empires would rapidly back off like easily frightened birds. Their vigilant appearances caused Lin Dong and gang to have no choice but to give up on any ideas they had and place all their attention on hastening their journey.

About half an hour of full speed travelling later, the silhouette of a city finally appeared on the endless plains.

When they saw the city that gave off an ancient smell, Lin Dong and his party sighed in relief. They knew that this should be the so-called assembly point. Although the competition in the ancient battlefield was known to be extremely cruel, everyone still needed to gather together at times. Or else, it would be very difficult to survive in the black nights of the ancient battlefield alone.

“Everyone, be careful after entering the gathering point. Although we have always emphasized on keeping a low profile, everyone should know that this is a world where the strong eats the weak. At times, being too low key would instead bring about more trouble.” When he saw the city that gave off an ancient smell, Mo Ling’s speed slowed a little as his voice sounded out in Lin Dong and the other three’s ears.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. He did not like inviting trouble, but if some truly foolhardy person provoked him, he would not be the slightest bit merciful. With the cards he had, he would be able to safely retreat even from a Nirvana stage practitioner. Even if the ancient battlefield was a gathering of geniuses and overflowing with monsters, he was not scared at all!

While Lin Dong’s party exchanged information, they finally appeared outside the ancient city. From its outer appearance, this city was naturally not as luxurious as the royal city. Its simplicity gave off an old and stable flavor. The fact that it was able to stand for so many years in such a place allowed one to be certain of its toughness.

At this moment, parties were arriving from all directions at the city gate that was seemingly made from black metal. All of them had powerful and vigorous auras and were clearly participants from the other empires.

Moreover, what was most shocking to Lin Dong and his party was that there were a dozen figures blocking the city gate. Behind them was a flag, and on the flag was a dazzling golden sun.

“What’s going on?” Lin Dong gradually slowed his pace, his eyebrows slightly furrowed as he asked.

“This gathering spot has actually been taken over by someone. Which empire is it? To have such power…” Mo Ling’s expression also slightly changed due to this scene as he replied in alarm.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong and the other three’s eyes turned a little more solemn. This kind of gathering point was filled with all kinds of characters. Everyone who arrived here were geniuses from various empires. To take control of such a city was no simple feat. Which empire could be so powerful?

“Everyone, this gathering point has already been taken over by my Saint Light Empire. If you want to enter, each person has to pay ten Nirvana pills!” While Lin Dong and gang were shocked, a powerful voice rumbled out from the city gate area. The voice contained astonishing Yuan Power undulations, causing many people’s expressions to change.

“Humph, this city is a public gathering point, you actually dare to collect Nirvana pills. This is too much!” However, just as Lin Dong had said, everyone who came here were the top geniuses of their empires. This kind of robbery-like method was naturally extremely unwelcomed. Hence, someone immediately sneered and remarked.

Outside the city gates, when a giant suntanned man wearing a blood red earring heard this, a cruel look instantly flashed across his face. With a wave of his hand, three objects were thrown down from the city wall and heavily landed on the ground. The crowd looked over, only to find three bloody corpses.

“These three are from a so-called Daxi Empire. Previously, they were unable to accept that my Saint Light Empire controlled this city, thus, we killed them. If all of you are also unable to accept this, you can chose not to enter the city, or you can rebel like them. We don’t mind taking action again…” The suntanned man sinisterly laughed, his voice full of chilling killing intent.

Upon seeing this, many people’s expressions instantly changed. From the remnant Yuan Power undulations of the three corpses, they were able to tell that these three were definitely initial Manifestation stage practitioners when they were alive. Even so, they had now become three ice-cold corpses. This kind of bloody truth made several people become a little more clear headed. Only now did they realize that this place was no longer the empire they came from.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little when he saw this sight. After having just arrived at the ancient battlefield, he personally witnessed the laws of this place. Whoever had to biggest fist would be the ruler here!

“Everyone, my Saint Light Empire has no intention of making things difficult for everyone. We only want to collect a small token sum of Nirvana pills from every person. As long as all of you cultivate properly in the city, you will very quickly refine ten Nirvana pills. However, whoever tries to challenge the dignity of my Saint Light Empire will learn a lesson from the mistakes of their predecessors!”

While the city gate was somewhat silent due to this scene, a thunderous voice mixed with surging Yuan Power suddenly spread out from within the city, before resounding endlessly at the city gate area.

Moreover, while the voice echoed, an extremely powerful Yuan Power pressure also spread outwards, immediately causing horror to rise up on several people’s faces.

“Peak Manifestation stage?!”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned a little more solemn at this moment as he looked towards the depths of the city. He did not think that there would actually already be a peak Manifestation stage practitioner in the Saint Light Empire. This kind of strength was on a higher level than Mo Ling, Lin Langtian and the rest. No wonder the Saint Light Empire dared to take charge of this city, it turns out that they had some ability.

The outside of the gate was silent for a while. In the end, someone pushed down the rage in his heart and payed enough Nirvana pills before entering the city. Now that the sky was quickly darkening, if they still did not find a place to rest, it would truly become a little dangerous.

Lin Dong and his party followed behind the queue. They exchanged a look and did not try anything funny. Currently, they needed to first enter the city before getting a feel of the situation. Hence, after seeking approval from everyone, Mo Ling voluntarily handed over the needed Nirvana pills to a member of the Saint Light Empire before their party smoothly entered the city.

A large majority of the city was constructed from stone. Although it was commonplace, it was stable and tough. Besides this, eight stone towers stood at the center of the city, and could be considered as the most eye-catching place in the city. Yet, what astonished Lin Dong the most was the powerful auras from the eight stone towers. Every one of these auras were not weaker than Mo Ling, Lin Langtian and the rest. Furthermore, the aura from the most central tower was vigorous without equal. Obviously, it was from the peak Manifestation stage practitioner that had previously spoken!

There were already many people within the city. From the looks of it, Saint Light Empire had roped in some of the other empires to help them with the work of governing the entire city.

Lin Dong and his party did not appear to care too much about this matter. After making a trip about the city, they found an enormous stone house not far from the city walls. Although it was rather simple and crude, it was more than enough to accommodate the five of them.

The party sat down in the stone house and watched the gradually darkening sky. All of them felt relieved that they had managed to find a resting spot before night arrived.

“Everyone, we can now consider ourselves to have official found a resting place in the ancient battlefield. We will likely stay here for some time to familiarize ourselves with the environment.”

Mo Ling clapped his hands and smiled at Lin Dong and the others: “However, I believe that we are currently at is the outer region of the ancient battlefield. According to the rules of the Hundred Empire War, all of us have one year. When this one year is over, everyone needs to head towards the deeper parts of the battlefield. Thus, this one year of achievements will determine exactly how far we can go in the Hundred Empire War…”

Lin Dong and the rest nodded their heads in response. They were currently too unfamiliar with this ancient battlefield and needed to familiarize themselves a little before they were able to go out and cultivate or find some opportunities.

Due to the fact that they had rushed a whole day’s worth of distance, the party interacted a little before each finding a room, impatient to start cultivating and enjoy the unique energy of this ancient battlefield…

Lin Dong also entered a room and closed the door before directly seating himself on the stone bed. Yet, he did not immediately cultivate but instead seemed to ponder.

Compared to the geniuses from some of the other empires, they fell behind rather substantially. If they fought against those people now, Lin Dong knew that only a few of them would survive. Fortunately, they still had a one year buffer. Although this ancient battlefield was dangerous, it had unlimited treasures and opportunity. As long as they could grab these chances, it would not be impossible for them to surpass the geniuses from other empires…


Lin Dong let out a long sigh. However, he still needed to first slowly familiarize himself with this ancient battlefield before he would be able to go solo.

“The Saint Light Empire is powerful indeed to have gained control of a city immediately after arriving. This is no small feat…”

Lin Dong eyes penetrated the window and looked towards the central stone towers. Those were the best spots and they were occupied by the Saint Light Empire. Lin Dong did not have any special thoughts about this. As long as these people did not provoke him, he would be very happy to quietly get through this time of familiarization.

Of course, if the Saint Light Empire group intended to step on his head, he did not mind letting them know what it felt like to kick a metal board!