Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space

Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space


Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space

The ancient battlefield was a space that had been left behind from an ancient time. It was said that countless years ago, an earth-shattering war had broke out on this land.

The epic war was fought between entities that transcended even the super sects of the East Xuan Region today. It was described by many as world-shaking, earth-breaking and even space-shattering. The current size of the ancient battlefield was many folds smaller than it used to be at its peak, a result of the earth-shattering war.

However, even though the ancient battlefield’s vastness had shrunken many fold, it was still much bigger than the Great Yan Empire by an unknown number of times. Even the Ancient Tablet space that Lin Dong had entered in the past paled in comparison to this place.

There were countless treasure troves within this ancient battlefield. It was not known how many practitioners from long gone eras left their inheritances in this place, quietly awaiting a predestined individual to uncover them. Ever since the ancient battlefield was chosen as the venue for the Hundred Empire War, there was bound to be a lucky individual who found one of these inheritances every time. From there, these lucky individuals were then able to distinguish themselves in the cruel and fierce Hundred Empire War and win glory that would shake the entire East Xuan Region!

Of course, in contrast to these winners, there were also numerous talented individuals from various empires that ended up as departed spirits on the ancient battlefield. Their bodies and lives would become glory for others.

This was a rocky mountainous area where numerous bare and huge rocky mountains towered. Under the scorching sun, they gave off a scorching heat.


Suddenly, the air above one of the rocky mountains began to distort. A light pillar pierced through the distorted space and landed on the peak of the rocky mountain. After a short moment, the light pillar gradually began to fade, revealing the five silhouettes within.

As both his feet landed on the ground, Lin Dong’s befuddled mind immediately became clear again. The Yuan Power in his body instantly started to circulate, promptly expelling the feeling of weakness caused by the teleportation. As he raised his gaze, an unfamiliar area and environment appeared before his eyes.

“Is this the ancient battlefield?”

Lin Dong looked at the rocky mountainous terrain that was filled with odd-looking rock formations. The place was overrun with weeds while a desolate and ancient aura was endlessly seeped out from the ground…

“Such vigorous Yuan Power!”

Initially, Lin Dong was distracted by the unfamiliar environment before he suddenly realised that the vigorousness of the Yuan Power in this place had reached quite a terrifying level.

Lin Dong fiercely took in a deep breath of air and promptly felt a wave of vigorous Yuan Power entered his body through his nostrils. After refinement, the surging Yuan Power spread throughout his body like a heatwave. Immediately, a look of astonishment surfaced in his eyes. Compared to this place, the Yuan Power in the Great Yan Empire was at least a whole level weaker. If he cultivated here, his progress would be at least two times faster than it was in the Great Yan Empire.

“The Yuan Power here contain many forms of mystical energy…” With a swipe of his palm, a ball of Yuan Power gathered in Lin Dong’s hand. In the ball of Yuan Power, there was a tiny trace of pink energy.

Even though this sliver of pink energy was tiny, it possessed the temperature of a scorching sun. Just this tiny bit was able to create a burning sensation in Lin Dong’s palm, causing a feeling of familiarity to arise in Lin Dong’s mind.

“This is… Nirvana Qi!”

When he felt this familiar sensation, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk. An uncontrollable surge of fanatical excitement surfaced in his eyes. Nirvana Qi could only be drawn from the land by Nirvana stage practitioners. Lin Dong never expected that an initial Manifestation stage practitioner like himself could grab a handful of Nirvana Qi from the air in the ancient battlefield.

The ancient battlefield was truly deserving of its reputation. It was no wonder that countless empires scrambled madly towards this place!

“Haha, Lin Dong, the ancient battlefield is indeed countless times more powerful than the Great Yan Empire. Since you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, no one will able to compete with you in terms of absorbing and refining Nirvana Qi. As long as you have enough time, you can easily collect enough Nirvana pills to attack the Nirvana stage!” Little Marten’s excited voice rang across Lin Dong’s mind. Evidently, it had discovered the miracle of the ancient battlefield.

Lin Dong nodded his head while staring at the ball of Yuan Power in his palm. Even though the Yuan Power here contained Nirvana Qi, it would not be an easy task to extract the Nirvana Qi. After all, it was difficult for practitioners that had not reached the Nirvana stage to manipulate such energy. However, Lin Dong was different from these people. Since he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he could absorb Yuan Power without any constraints. Hence, his efficiency in refining the Nirvana Qi would surpassed others as well. This would allow him to rapidly establish a firm footing in the ancient battlefield.

While Lin Dong was overwhelmed with amazement by the unique characteristic of the ancient battlefield, Mo Ling and the other three participants’ faces were surging with surprise and emotion as well. Apparently, they had sensed the presence of Nirvana Qi in the surrounding Yuan Power too.

“Everyone, this should be the ancient battlefield. According to some maps that I know of, if we walk a certain distance towards the north from here, we can reach an assembly point,” Mo Ling explained after he had returned to his senses from the excitement.

“I guess everyone should know that nighttime of the ancient battlefield is filled with danger. Generally speaking, people rarely travel during the night in the ancient battlefield.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Previously, he had heard from Lin Fan that nighttime in the ancient battlefield was different from the Great Yan Empire. When the night fell in the battlefield, the originally vigorous Yuan Power would be suppressed by the various types of mystical energy contained within it, hence causing the humans who practised with Yuan Power to be suppressed as well.

In other words, when nighttime arrived in the ancient battlefield, their powers would decrease considerably, while the demonic beasts of the ancient battlefield would become exceptional violent and powerful. Due to this contrasting effect, even Nirvana stage practitioners did not dare to travel alone during the night. Otherwise, if they were to encounter a horde of demonic beast, they would most likely become food for the latter.

Thus, there were numerous assembly points in the ancient battlefield. In simpler terms, these were the places where various groups came together and resisted the coming of the night…

“We have arrived at the ancient battlefield and the Hundred Empire War starts from this moment onwards. On this path, we can only move forward and not backwards… We have no way out.”

“Hence, we may have to stay in this place for a long time. Everyone should know about the degree of cruelty in the Hundred Empire War. No one can guarantee that we can smoothly gather enough Nirvana pills and successfully attack the Nirvana stage.”

“At this point, if we can be a bit more united, I feel that our chances of surviving will increase substantially.”

There was a solemn look in Mo Ling’s eyes. His mentality had changed very swiftly as he clearly knew of the situation he was in. He was no longer in the Great Yan Empire, and therefore, he was no longer the respected third prince. Now, he was just an ordinary participant of the Hundred Empire War.

“I have no complaints,” Du Yun spread out his arms and said. This place was far too foreign for them. He was afraid that no one would collect his corpse if he was to roam around without understanding the situation clearly.

“Me too,” Man Shan nodded his head and replied.

A gloomy look appeared on Lin Dong’s face as he took a sweeping glance at Lin Langtian. Both him and Lin Langtian were practically arch-enemies and it was impossible for him to let for of the grudge between them. In fact, the latter might even be planning when and how to kill him.

Naturally, Lin Dong was entertaining such thoughts in his mind too. Ever since he stepped foot onto the ancient battlefield, there were no longer any consequences to worry about after killing Lin Langtian. In this place, no one could intervene. Just a moment ago, he even felt the urge of killing the festering cancer that was Lin Langtian right away. However, he was able to suppress this urge before it materialized.

There was indeed no one would stop him from killing Lin Langtian now. However, this area was extremely foreign to Lin Dong and was filled with numerous dangers as well. Lin Langtian was no simple trash, even if Lin Dong could kill him now, he would to pay a heavy price for it.

He would be courting death if he was to put himself in a disadvantageous position in such an unfamiliar and dangerous place. Therefore, after Lin Dong calmed himself down, the raging killing intent in his mind was gradually controlled. Right now, he needed to familiarise himself with the ancient battlefield. Only by doing this could he secure a surefire opportunity.

“Third prince’s words do make sense,” Lin Dong nodded his head slightly as his eyes flickered.

Upon seeing this, Mo Ling heaved a sigh of relief. If they split up now, they would be like scattered sand. They might even encounter practitioners from other empires who would murder them instantly. Thus, they had to stick together to increase their chances of survival. In particular, they had to reach places like the assembly points…

At this moment, an expressionless Lin Langtian nodded his head. No one knew what was he thinking about.

“Brother Lin Dong, in this place, you don’t need to call me third prince. If you don’t mind, you can call me by my name,” Mo Ling smiled at Lin Dong.

“Since brother Mo Ling says so, Lin Dong shall humbly accept,” Lin Dong laughed.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong, perhaps we will comrades in the future,” Du Yun and Man Shan chuckled too.

For some reason, these two tended to ally themselves with Lin Dong like Mo Ling. Because of this situation, there was a faint gloominess in Lin Langtian’s eyes. It appeared that his defeat in the Sacred Spirit Pool had led to Lin Dong securing an extremely high position in Mo Ling and the rest’s hearts.

“Everyone, let’s move out now. We must reach the assembly point before night falls. Otherwise, it will be far too dangerous to stay in the open. Unlike the Great Yan Empire, humans have to hide at night in the ancient battlefield…” Mo Ling smiled and said.


With regards to Mo Ling’s words, Lin Dong and the rest nodded their heads. The most important thing for newcomers to do was to clearly understand the current situation they were in.

“Let’s go.”

Upon seeing this, without any further delay, Mo Ling waved his hand and took the lead by flying towards the north. As a member of the imperial family, the information he knew surpassed Lin Dong and the rest. Therefore, there were no objections to him leading the way. Thus, Lin Dong and the rest immediately moved to catch up to Mo Ling, becoming five blurry figures as they flew towards the north at lightning speed.

“Hundred Empire War, let me see how exciting you are!”

As he was flying in the mid-air, Lin Dong raised his head and gazed into the distance. His fists slowly clenched as a passionate look surged in his eyes.