Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 394: A Bountiful Reward

Chapter 394: A Bountiful Reward


Chapter 394: A Bountiful Reward

Hua La La.

Above the Sacred Spirit Pool, Lin Dong quietly sat at the eastern area of that pool, while waves of extremely rich jade-like energy continuously flowed into his body. Meanwhile, a greenish hue extended across the pool, just like green vines.

After twenty years, the energy in the pool was extremely rich. Furthermore, right now, Lin Dong had snatched over the energy at Lin Langtian’s section. In that case, the amount of the energy that he enjoyed, made Mo Ling and the rest to feel slightly jealous. However, they did not make a move. After all, they did not bear any grudges against Lin Dong and they naturally did not want to offend him over these energy. It was be simply too foolish.

When they saw this sight, after Mo Ling and the rest envied him for a while, before they all sat down and quickly absorbed the energy in their section of the Sacred SPirit Pool.

Due to their actions, the atmosphere above the Sacred Spirit Pool became slightly strange. All four of them were fervently absorbing the energy in the pool, while Lin Langtian’s face was pale as he stared at the crystal-clear area in his section, while his face involuntarily twitched. Eventually, he sucked in a deep breath and forced himself to cool down, before he sat down and began training. Right now, he no longer dared to look at Lin Dong’s direction as he was afraid that he would lose control of his emotions. In that case, it would be better for him not to see him…

When he saw Lin Langtian avoiding him, Lin Dong chose to glance at him before they turned to look away. Then, he focused his attention on himself. Now that Little Marten had returned, he no longer had to keep a close eye on Lin Langtian…

“You should just concentrate on peacefully absorbing the energy in the pool as it would be extremely beneficial for you when you attack Nirvana stage in future. As for Lin Langtian, I will keep an eye out for you. However, I doubt that fellow would dare to carelessly make a move.” Little Marten’s voice sounded out in Lin Dong’s heart.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Without further ado, his mind moved before an extremely potent Devouring Power emerged from the black hole below him. Instantly, a jade-like energy flew directly towards Lin Dong’s body with a clearly visible speed.

As Lin Dong sucked in the energy rapidly, the skin on his body began to faintly turn green. Those green tattoos seemed to form peculiar patterns on his skin and it seemed extremely magical.

As they continuously swallowed, all the energy in the pool below began to dim slowly. Evidently, all the energy in the pool had been absorbed into Lin Dong’s body, just like a bottomless pit…

The Sacred Spirit Pool was silent as time quickly flowed by. In a blink of an eye, half a day’s time had passed by. After half a day’s time, Mo Ling and the rest, who were in cultivation mode, had gradually left their cultivation mode as they opened their eyes. There was a green glint glimmering in their eyes. Evidently, it seems like they had all benefited substantially from this trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool.

Just as they opened their eyes, they turned to glance at the northern direction. At that spot, Lin Langtian’s eyes were still shut as he was slowly training. However, based on the ripples below him, it seems like he was not as calm as he looked.

“That unlucky fellow…” Mo Ling and the rest turned to look at each other with a strange expression on their face. They had a impulse to laugh yet they could not. After all, they had rarely encountered such a situation. In fact, in the past few Battle of Seeds, they had never heard of such an event occurring before…

Just as that strange emotion flowed into their hearts, Mo Ling and the rest quickly turned to look at Lin Dong. Immediately, they were stunned. That was because they saw that on the surface of the water, there was actually a jade-like glowing cocoon. Undulated on the surface of the cocoon, streams of potent Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy continuously extended out. The potency of that energy caused them to be highly envious.

Even though the energy in the Sacred Spirit Pool was extremely precious, it was very difficult to accumulate and it took nearly twenty years before there was this amount of energy in the pool. Among the three of them, they all received their fair share. However, Lin Dong got twice the amount. This caused them to be jealous…

“Ka Chak!”

Under Mo Ling and the rest’s attention, cracks suddenly appeared on that jade-like green cocoon before those cracks rapidly grew. Finally, that glowing cocoon exploded and released a rich greenish glow.

When that glowing cocoon exploded, a figure once again appeared in front of Mo Ling and the rest’s eyes. It was indeed Lin Dong. However, right now, his whole body was enveloped by a dense greenish mist. Furthermore, a formidable aura slowly diffused from his body.


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened up, before two jade-like essence glow erupted from his eyes and caused all the glow above the pool to be scattered off. Then, he opened his mouth, before streams of suction force gushed out and directly sucked in all the green mist surrounding his body.


As all the energy mist entered his body, streams of powerful energy tatoos instantly gushed out. Immediately, on the calm pool’s surface, countless water column shot in the sky.

Mo Ling and the rest were in shock as they stared at Lin Dong, who was stepping on the surface of the pool. All of them could feel that Lin Dong’s aura had surged once again. Even though he had yet to make a breakthrough, compared to the time when he first entered the Sacred Spirit Pool, his aura had grown once again. At this current rate, it would not be long before he could break through to advanced Manifestation stage…

Lin Dong’s actions obviously caused Lin Langtian to open his eyes. He stared at Lin Dong, whose aura had surged, while a venomous glint flashed across the deepest corner of his eye. However, after resting for half a day’s time, he had evidently calmed his heart down. Therefore, he did not act recklessly.

“Haha, congratulations brother Lin Dong…” Mo Ling and the rest flashed, before they appeared at Lin Dong’s section. Then, they smiled and cupped their fists, while they congratulated him.

“Likewise. It seems like the three of you have benefited as well. Perhaps, it would greatly increase the chances of you all reaching Nirvana stage in future.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he cupped his fist and returned the greetings.

“Haha, it is not so easy to attack Nirvana stage. Even with the magical energy in the Sacred Spirit Pool, the odds are still not in our favour…” Mo Ling gently sighed as he said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. If it were so easy to ascend to Nirvana stage, there would not be so little in the entire Great Yan Empire. However, he had benefitted tremendously from this trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool. After devouring Lin Langtian’s share, he could clearly feel a peculiar energy flowing deep within his body. Even though the energy did not cause his strength to surge, Lin Dong knew that when he attacked Nirvana stage in the future, the energy in the Sacred Spirit Pool would be very important for him.

Just as the four of them spoke, Lin Langtian coldly stood up. Then, he lifted his head, only to see a energy shockwave emerge. Then, a energy swirl appeared in front of their eyes. It seems like it was time to go.

With regards to this place, Lin Langtian evidently did not want to linger here any more. When he saw that swirl appear, his figure immediately flashed as he headed out.

Behind him, when Lin Dong and the rest saw this sight, they did not hesitate as well. Now that all the energy in the Sacred Spirit Pool had been drained dry, there was no point in staying here. Immediately, their figures flashed as they dashed into the swirl and disappeared.

As the five of them left, the Sacred Spirit Pool once again became silent. This place will be shut away for another twenty years and await the outcome of the next Battle of Seeds…


In the inner region of the imperial palace, a glowing halo flowed in a section of the forest. Then, under Mo Jingtian and the rest’s careful attention, several figures dashed out from the glowing halo, before they landed solidly near the altar.

“Shut the altar!”

When he saw Lin Dong and the rest of them appear, Mo Jingtian heaved a sigh of relief. With a deep roar, his hand seal changed, before several light beams slowly dimmed down. Then, that altar, that was hovering in mid-air, slowly moved towards the altar’s glowing halo, before it slowly disappeared.

“I would like to congratulate everyone for successfully coming back from the Sacred Spirit Pool. This is the last gift from my Great Yan Empire and I hope that it would be useful for you in the future.” After shutting down the altar, Mo Jingtian looked at Lin Dong and the rest. Moments later, his attention suddenly concentrated on Lin Dong’s body, while a tinge of awe flashed across his eyes. He could feel that the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy within his body was actually more powerful than the rest

“Huh?” Just as Mo Jingtian felt confused, his attention suddenly focused on Lin Langtian’s body. Then, the confusion in his eyes intensified. That was because he realised that there was not a shred of Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy in Lin Langtian’s body.

“What is going on? It seems like this Sacred Spirit Pool’s visit did not go smoothly.”

As a glint flashed across his eyes, a man like Mo Jingtian immediately guessed what happened. Immediately, he quickly turned to look at Mo Ling. When he saw that the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy in the latter’s body was fairly rich, he stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. Then, a powerful voice sounded out in Lin Dong and the rest’s ears, causing their blood to slowly boil.

“There are only ten days left before the Hundred Empire War. After ten days, all of you will leave the Great Yan Empire and be directly transported to the ancient battlefield to participate in the Hundred Empire War!”

“Everyone, once you enter the ancient battlefield, you will lose all assistance from our Great Yan Empire. At that battlefield, you can only rely on yourself. Remember to drop the arrogant attitude that you have when in Great Yan Empire, that is because at that area, you are merely an ordinary participant.”

“Once you are at that area, how far you can go will depend on your own abilities. Our Great Yan Empire will be keenly waiting to hear if your name becomes famous. At that time, you shall become the most dazzling pearl in Great Yan Empire!”

“And the entire empire will be proud of you!”