Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 392: Snatching Everything

Chapter 392: Snatching Everything


Chapter 392: Snatching Everything

Lin Langtian hovered in mid-air as he stared in shock at the exceptionally clear waters. He could feel that all the energy in his region of the Sacred Spirit Pool had been completely snatched by Lin Dong!

Furthermore, this robbery was extremely unreasonable and did not leave even a single shred of energy for him!

However, what caused him to be stunned was that Lin Dong’s move was able to completely overwhelm the formation that had been set up by the presence inside his body. When that black hole appeared previously, Lin Langtian could clearly feel that his formation was unable to resist it before being completely destroyed. In front of the black hole, the overwhelming Devouring Force was just like a child’s toy that was instantly wrecked.

“You bastard, return me the energy!”

Though he was in shock, when Lin Langtian saw the completely drained pool waters, rage instantly gushed in his heart. Immediately, he growled out in anger as an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power shockwave howled from his body. His hand seals changed as a giant Yuan Power fist viciously flew towards Lin Dong.

However, Lin Dong remained calm in the face of the attack. With a thought, the black hole whizzed out and directly devoured the giant Yuan Power fist. He flipped his palm as the Heavy Prison Peak in front of him suddenly ballooned, before viciously flying towards Lin Langtian with an astonishing wind noise.


When he saw that Lin Dong refused to stop after absorbing the energy, Lin Langtian’s expression turned increasingly cold. His hand seals changed as his Spirit Wheel Mirror suddenly started to spin rapidly. A black beam shot out and viciously slammed against the Heavy Prison Peak, forcefully pushing it away.

“Lin Dong, today, I shall rip you to shreds!”

Lin Langtian was evidently extremely outraged and his eyes were filled with a thick killing intent. His hand seals changed, before vigorous Yuan Power gushed out and formed into a giant Yuan Power phoenix above his head. As it vigorously flapped its wings, a gust swept forth like a hurricane.

“Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!”

Lin Langtian jerked his palm as the formidable large Yuan Power phoenix released a sharp screeching noise and dashed forward, instantly causing a hundred foot wave to emerge from the lake. Obviously, Lin Langtian knew that Lin Dong was extremely powerful. Therefore, he chose to use his Manifestation martial arts immediately.

“Gravity World!”

When he saw the incoming Yuan Power phoenix, Lin Dong pointed out his finger. A black glow instantly undulated on his Heavy Prison Peak, before a large black glowing halo immediately shot out and surrounded the giant phoenix. The rising gravitational force caused the large phoenix to heavily land on the surface of the lake.

“Be suppressed!” When he saw the giant Yuan Power phoenix being suppressed by gravity, Lin Dong’s hand seals changed. The Heavy Prison Peak grew again before it flew forward and viciously smashed into the Sacred Spirit Pool!


A deafening explosive noise instantly sounded out in the Sacred Spirit Pool, as countless water pillars shot into the sky, before they descended, forming a curtain of rain which enshrouded the entire area.


Under the formidable pressure from the Heavy Prison Peak, the giant phoenix released a pained roar, before it directly exploded in mid-air, transforming into Yuan Power that quickly dissipated.

Caught in the rain, Mo Ling and the two of them were hovering in mid-air, while their bodies were wrapped with potent Yuan Power. As they watched the fight between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian, awe flashed across their eyes. They were all extremely curious as to how Lin Dong had managed to defeat Wang Zhong. However, since they did not manage to personally witness the fight, they were uncertain of Lin Dong’s true strength. Now that they had finally witnessed it in person, they involuntarily swallowed their tongues. It is no wonder Wang Zhong lost to Lin Dong.

After all, even someone as powerful as Lin Langtian was unable to gain much advantage when he fought Lin Dong. Instead, even though he was well prepared, he was dominated by Lin Dong and all the energy in his section of the Sacred Spirit Pool had been drained clean.

“Lin Langtian, you actually dare to plot against me with just this little bit of skill. Do you really believe that I do not dare to kill you?” Lin Dong chuckled as he hovered in mid-air and stared coldly at Lin Langtian.

“Why don’t you try!” Lin Langtian’s face was steely green. He was rarely on the losing end, yet, ever since he met Lin Dong, he had constantly suffered at the hands of the latter due to various reasons. This was a huge embarrassment for him!

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed as a potent killing intent suddenly surfaced in his eyes. With the presence in Lin Langtian’s body now deep in the pool, it was the best opportunity for Lin Dong to kill Lin Langtian. Unfortunately, Mo Ling and the two of them were around, else, Lin Dong would directly summon his Blood Soul Puppet and slaughter Lin Langtian.

Furthermore, he obviously could not casually reveal the existence of his Blood Soul Puppet. After all, this object is simply too precious and it would inevitably attract the attention of other factions. In fact, there are no factions that could resist the allure of a Manifestation Soul Puppet in the Great Yan Empire. After all, if any faction possessed this Blood Soul Puppet, their strength would surge tremendously, allowing them to become one of the most powerful existences in the Great Yan Empire.

Even though Lin Dong had obtained a placing and his status was no longer the same as it was before, there were no guarantees that the other factions would not plot against him. Even though there was only a slim chance, Lin Dong was cautious by nature and did not want to gamble on it. Moreover, this would cause trouble not only for him, but even implicate his Yan City branch family.

However, even without the Blood Soul Puppet, it was not impossible for Lin Dong to kill Lin Langtian. After all, the mysterious presence in his body that Lin Dong was wary of, had now dived to the bottom of the pool. Furthermore, it may even been delayed by Little Marten and Little Flame. Hence, this was a golden opportunity.

“Kill him!”

This thought quickly flashed across his mind as the killing intent in his eyes instantly surged. His body rapidly transformed into a green puff of smoke, before several blurry figures appeared behind him.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Nine after images flashed by, while all the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body raged. His left hand clenched into a fist, while his right hand formed a series of hand seals as astonishing Yuan Power gathered there.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal!”

A deep roar suddenly echoed out from Lin Dong’s lips, while potent Yuan Power spread out and transformed into several large waves. A glowing seal broke through the waves, flying towards Lin Langtian with a terrifying Yuan Power vibration.

Lin Dong’s attack was fairly vicious. Furthermore, he did not conceal the killing intent in his attack. In fact, even the nearby Mo Ling trio could clearly detect it. They could not help but secretly shake their heads. It seems like there was truly a deep grudge between these two…

In response to Lin Dong’s vicious attack, Lin Langtian did not dare to be the slightest bit slow. He was keenly aware that Lin Dong was no longer the person he was in the past, and even Wang Zhong had been defeated by him. Therefore, Lin Langtian may very well die if he took it easy. Immediately, two of his fingers thrust out as a bloody beam shot into the Spirit Wheel Mirror. Instantly, streams of potent Yuan Power were quickly deposited into it.

“Spirit Wheel Mirror, Spirit Mirror Wall!”

Lin Langtian’s hand seals changed. Instantly, the Spirit Wheel Mirror began to vibrate violently, while releasing a series of buzzing noises. Streams of black light beams gushed out, before they transformed into a black mirror-like wall which shielded him.


The vicious attack arrived in an instant and ruthlessly slammed against the mirror wall. Immediately, a clear sound echoed out, while the resulting impact caused several water columns to erupt from the pool.


Lin Langtian’s hand seal changed as the mirror wall began to spin in a peculiar manner. Streams of peculiar energy spread out, pushing away Lin Dong’s attack in a peculiar fashion. One could tell that after this period of training, Lin Langtian’s strength and attacks had improved as well. This fellow was indeed a top genius in Lin Clan.

Even though Lin Langtian was able to counter Lin Dong’s attack using the magical properties of his Spirit Wheel Mirror, his body was blown back a dozen steps due to the powerful impact. He viciously shook his shoulder before finally shedding the hidden force. It looks like there was a limit to how much force he could get rid of.

“Let’s see how many times you can defend!”

Of course, the battle hardy Lin Dong clearly understood this as well and immediately sneered in response. However, just as he was about to unleash his killing move, the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, a figure quickly darted out from the water below, before it dashed into his sleeve.

“Be careful, the presence inside Lin Langtian’s body is back.” As the figure dashed into Lin Dong’s sleeve, Little Marten’s voice rang out inside his mind.

Upon seeing that Little Marten had returned peacefully, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he heard Little Marten’s words, he gently furrowed his brows. He lifted his head only to see that amidst the heavy rain, a barely discernible grey flash had stealthily dashed into Lin Langtian’s body.

“What is that thing?”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little and could not help but ask in his mind. Little Marten must have crossed blows with the mysterious presence at the bottom of the lake and hence should have found out what it was…