Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 391 Scramble for Power

Chapter 391 Scramble for Power


Chapter 391 Scramble for Power

Lin Dong silently sat on the surface of the water. Currently, he was no longer anxious about absorbing the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool. His Mental Energy spread out bit by bit, completely enveloping the area he was at. As long as there was the slightest disturbance, he would immediately sense it.

In the beginning, the disturbance he was waiting for did not appear, however, Lin Dong was not worried. He already understood Lin Langtian extremely well, the latter would definitely not sit still and let Lin Dong enjoy the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool.

Reality turned out as Lin Dong had expected. The silence did not last for long as a disturbance finally appeared on the quiet surface of the Sacred Spirit Pool. This disturbance suddenly enlarged in a very short time, and Lin Dong lifted his head only to see waters at the northern part of the Sacred Spirit Pool violently churning.

“Is is finally about to make his move…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. He could sense a powerful energy from the churning water. It looks like Lin Langtian was indeed unrelenting in his evil intentions.


Under Lin Dong’s watch, the several huge waves suddenly emerged from the northern waters. Lin Langtian stood atop the waves as he rose up, his malicious gaze fixed onto the direction Lin Dong was at.

The sudden disturbance in the Saint Spirit Pool immediately drew the attention of the Mo Ling trio. Instantly, their expressions changed and they immediately rose up into the air, their gazes aimed towards the direction of the disturbance as they spoke in a low voice: “Lin Langtian, what do you plan on doing?”

“This matter is unrelated to the three of you, I have a grudge with this kid and my only intent is to resolve it here.” In response to the trio, Lin Langtian smiled a little and explained.

Upon hearing this, the Mo Ling trio’s eyebrows furrowed. They naturally knew who Lin Langtian was talking about and their gazes immediately looked towards the east side. However, Lin Dong remained silently seated on the surface of the water as if he did not sense the disturbance here.

“Lin Langtian, everyone has obtained a placing and we might even have to support each other after entering the ancient battlefield in the future. Moreover, the both of you are from the Lin Clan…” Mo Ling’s eyebrows slightly knitted together as he slowly said.

“Third prince, the grudge I have with him will not end till either of us dies. I only ask one thing, that none of you will interfere in the matters between him and I.” Lin Langtian’s expression was somewhat dark as he replied. If it were not for the fact that the Mo Ling trio were rather strong, he would have directly made his move, but now, he had no choice but to pacify the three of them with words.

Upon hearing the thick killing intent in Lin Langtian’s voice, Mo Ling’s eyebrows involuntarily knitted together even more tightly. However, just as he was about to speak once again, a voice drifted over like a feather.

“Many thanks for third prince’s good intentions, but this person is greedy, malicious and despicable. There is no way that he would be swayed by your words. Since this is so, let him do it, but do forgive us if our fight disturbs the three of you.”

Upon hearing this, the Mo Ling trio were stunned. Their gazes shifted towards the east where Lin Dong had already stood up on the water surface, not the slightest trace of worry or panic on his calm face.

After Lin Dong had defeated Wang Zhong in the Battle of Seeds, the Mo Ling trio’s opinion of Lin Dong was rather high. Although they knew that Lin Langtian was not easy to deal with, since Lin Dong dared to say such words, it looked like he naturally had some means to take care of Lin Langtian.

“Since the two of you insist, the three of us have nothing much to say, but I still hope that both of you don’t go overboard.” At this time, both parties had already displayed their stand, and Mo Ling no longer had anything to say. After some final words, he slowly withdrew with Du Yun and Man Shan.

Lin Langtian stood atop the giant wave as he venomously looked towards Lin Dong, sneering: “You lowly branch family member, do you truly believe that obtaining a placing means that you can stand on equal ground as me?”


As Lin Langtian’s voice faded, he waved his hand and a dozen giant water pillar ruthlessly shot out. Wrapped by vigorous Yuan Power, they ferociously charged at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong calmly watched Lin Langtian’s attack and did not show any indications of making a move. When the water pillars reached the ten feet radius around him, they automatically burst apart, transforming into a torrential downpour that crashed down into the water, while the Lin Dong’s body seemed to be covered by an invisible barrier, and not a single drop of water landed on his body.

“Do it if you’re going to, still up to these little tricks, have you not lost enough face?” Lin Dong watched the falling rain and offhandedly remarked.

“If you want death, I will grant it to you!” A sinister look rushed up in Lin Langtian’s eyes. His mouth opened as a flash of light swept out and directly transformed into a six sided black mirror. The surface of the mirror rippled as an extremely powerful black light that gave off a peculiar undulations violently shot towards Lin Dong.

When he saw the incoming black light that was especially effective against Mental Energy, Lin Dong’s palm opened as a black mountain peak appeared within. It quickly swelled in size and completely defended against the black light like a shield.

Swish swish!

Lin Langtian’s hand seals changed in succession, while the Spirit Wheel Mirror floating above his head continuously sprayed out ray after ray of deadly black light which all flew towards Lin Dong.

While he manipulated the Spirit Wheel Mirror to attack, Lin Langtian’s foot ferociously stamped on the wave. Immediately, countless waves emerged from the water surface in his entire area. Lines of light broke out from the water and converged into a great formation under Mo Ling and the rest’s astonished gazes.

“Lin Dong, you do not have the qualifications to enjoy the power of this Sacred Spirit Pool, hand it over!”

The great formation quickly moved as Lin Langtian sternly shouted. Huge waves hastily gathered within the formation, transforming into a strange water beast. The water beast opened its giant bottomless pit like mouth and deeply sucked in. Immediately, the waters of the Sacred Spirit Pool gushed towards the water beast’s giant mouth. Moreover, the primary target of the water beast’s attack was clearly Lin Dong’s area. Hence, the water in the east side instantly started to churn as wave after wave of water emerged!


The water beast’s suction power was extremely strong. Wave after wave of water filled with vigorous Sacred Spirit Pool energy was swallowed into the water beast’s body, while the water in Lin Dong’s area was rapidly losing color at a rate which could be seen by the naked eye. Evidently, this was brought about by the energy being sucked away.

Moreover, while the energy of the of the Sacred Spirit Pool was being sucked away by the water beast, Lin Dong’s body seemed to tremble a little, as if he could not longer resist the water beast’s terrifying devouring rate.

When Mo Ling and the rest saw this scene, alarm flitted across their eyes. Only now did they realize that Lin Langtian had made preparations which were specifically aimed at Lin Dong. At this rate, it would not be long before the Sacred Spirit Pool energy allocated to Lin Dong would be completely taken away by Lin Langtian.

Lin Langtian stood atop a giant wave as he gazed at the wobbly Lin Dong and could not help but chuckle.

“After losing out so many times, you still don’t remember my words. Don’t be happy too early.” However, while Lin Langtian chuckled, Lin Dong finally slowly spoke. His icily stared at the former as his hands suddenly formed into seals.

“Using this kind of strategy in front of me can only mean that your brain is broken!”

As Lin Dong’s hand seals changed, the water in front of him abruptly started to swirl frantically. After which, a chilling giant black hole slowly formed under his feet.

“You’d better spit out everything for me!”

Once the black hole formed, an overwhelming Devouring Power burst out in an instant. Immediately, the water that was still whizzing out froze, before violently returning. At the same time, under Lin Dong’s control, a powerful devouring force gushed towards the area Lin Langtian occupied.

As the Devouring Power rushed out, an astonishing scene immediately appeared. One could only watch as the level of water in Lin Langtian’s northern sector started to fall at an astonishing rate. It was as if the water there had unfathomably disappeared.

This sudden turn of events also caused the sneer on Lin Langtian’s face to freeze. Soon after, he hastily urged the formation, causing the water beast to trembled furiously as an even more vicious Devouring Power burst out.

“Displaying petty tricks before an expert!” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong sneered. His hand clawed out as the black hole under his feet broke out from the water and directly floated above the water beast. A powerful Devouring Power exploded out, and as if it had met its nemesis, the water beast seemed to break apart, transforming into energy pillars of water which were completely gobbled up by the black hole.


As the energy faded, the water beast immediately exploded, while the formation on the water surface also completely dissipated. Lin Langtian’s great formation had been broken by Lin Dong.

“Let this trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool be a sightseeing tour for you!”

Borrowing the power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to destroy Lin Langtian’s formation, Lin Dong icily chuckled. His hand seal changed as an even greater Devouring Power erupted from the black hole. Emerald green energy rose up from the water in Lin Langtian’s area and poured into the black hole.

Under this dreadful devouring, the originally emerald green water became extremely clear at an astonishing speed. So much so… that it no longer possessed even the slightest bit of energy undulations.

In the air, the Mo Ling trio were stupefied as the stared at this sight. The Sacred Spirit Pool energy in Lin Langtian’s area had been directly taken away by Lin Dong until nothing remained!

“God damnit, so vicious…”

The corners of Man Shan’s mouth drew back as he mumbled. Looks like it was truly as Lin Dong had said. Lin Langtian could only take this Sacred Spirit Pool trip as a free sightseeing tour.