Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool

Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool


Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool

The next day, as a ray of morning sun split through the horizon and shone upon the Imperial City, an astonishing vigor broke out in the most flourished city in the Great Yan Empire instantly. Various kinds of noises came together and resounded through sky.

For the past few days, the hot topic in the Imperial City had been revolving around the Battle of Seeds. With regards to the most rigorous competition among the younger generation in the Great Yan Empire, almost everyone embraced an attitude of huge interest and curiosity towards it. They wanted to know who were the ones, amongst the gathering of numerous talents, that had successfully obtained the placings.

Even though the Battle of Seeds was carried out in the Imperial Palace, news of this matter could not be concealed. As such, on the second day after the competition had ended, almost the entire Imperial City knew about the results. And the most amazing part of the results was that a youth named Lin Dong was among the victors.

After all, among the five of them, Lin Dong’s reputation was the lowest. Even though his recent battle with Lin Langtian had raised his prestige substantially, yet in many people’s eyes, there was still some disparity between him and the younger generation’s elites such as Lin Langtian, Wang Zhong and etc. However, with Lin Dong’s recent success in obtaining a placing, the lad whom they assumed to have some catching up to do before reaching the level of Lin Langtian and the other victors, dropped a bombshell on them.

With regards to the unexpected outcomes, many people actually expressed their suspicions. Even though the legitimacy of the Battle of Seeds was widely recognized, however, with some luck and if one was to encounter some easy opponents on the way, the difficulty level of obtaining a placing was actually much lower. These people felt that, this time around, Lin Dong’s luck must be very good, and therefore, he was able to smoothly progress through the Battle of Seeds till the end.

Naturally, this kind of mentality did not last for long. As more information was passed out, they learnt about the exact matchups in the Battle of Seeds clearly. Hence, when they found out Lin Dong’s last opponent was the Wang Clan’s Wang Zhong, they were dumbstruck.

From a certain perspective, amongst the younger generation in the Great Yan Empire, Wang Zhong’s capabilities certainly belonged to the top three positions. Before the start of the Battle of Seeds, many people actually predicted Wang Zhong to obtain a placing out of the five available. However, the final outcomes went beyond everyone’s expectations. No one had expected Wang Zhong to be defeated, especially to a someone like Lin Dong, who had such a low reputation and was from the Lin Clan’s branch family.

While many people were shocked by the outcomes, there were also some nimble-minded individuals who secretly felt that they should disregard how shocking the information was, given that Wang Zhong was defeated by Lin Dong. At the very least, they believed that Lin Dong’s capabilities did surpass Wang Zhong’s. If not, the former could not have snatch the placing from the latter’s hands. After all, everyone clearly knew how important the placing was to the Wang Clan, and as such, Wang Zhong would go all-out and fight for it. However… even though he had done his best, he was still defeated by Lin Dong ultimately.

These cruel fact clearly showed everyone that overstatements do not exist in the Battle of Seeds. And apparently, Lin Dong was a powerful dark horse that raised people’s hackles!

At this moment, everyone believed that Lin Dong definitely belong to the top three ranks among the young elites in the Great Yan Empire!


As the Imperial City was bubbling with energy over the outcomes of the Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong and his counterparts had long entered the Imperial Palace once again. Under the guidance of Mo Jingtian, they had come to the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace.

Lin Dong and his counterparts were currently located in an extremely vast primitive forest. At this moment, not far ahead of them, there was an altar. The altar was filled with strange symbols and emitted faint but powerful energy waves.

“The Sacred Spirit Pool is hidden within the altar. This altar was built by the Imperial Family, the four great clans and the three great sects in the past. It is located at the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace and is only opened up every twenty years,” Lin Fan explained to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly as a tinge of awe flashed across his eyes. He did not expect the legendary Sacred Spirit Pool of the Great Yan Empire really does exist.

“Since everyone is present, we shall activate the altar now,” After looking around, Mo Jingtian walked forward and chirped.

Upon hearing his words, Lin Fan and his counterparts nodded their heads. Then, the four great clans’ faction leaders and the three great sects’ sect leaders stepped forward and formed a circle around the altar

“Do it now!”

Taking the lead, Mo Jingtian bellowed and changed his hand-seal. Suddenly, a light beam shot out from his hands into the altar.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

After Mo Jingtian took action, Lin Fan and his counterparts followed suit. Beams of light began to shoot out in quick succession and illuminated the entire altar.

“Buzz buzz!”

As the light beams engulfed the altar, a weird buzzing sound could be heard from it. Under the attentive gazes of Lin Dong and his counterparts, a halo slowly rose from the apex of the altar and expanded gradually. It then became a huge energy maelstrom. Indistinctly, Lin Dong could feel a powerful yet weird energy seeping out from the maelstrom.

“The Sacred Spirit Pool is within the halo. Mo Ling, Lin Langtian and the three of you, faster enter the halo. The amount of benefits you reap will depend on your skills and capabilities!” Mo Jingtian yelled as the halo was formed.


After they heard Mo Jingtian’s words, the five victors’ eyes were blazing with fervent. They clearly knew just how precious the Sacred Spirit Pool is. It only opens up once every twenty years. Such a rare opportunity is hard to come by!


As the sound fell, Mo Ling immediately transformed into a fuzzy silhouette before he flew into the halo and disappeared.

Behind Mo Ling, Du Yun and Man Shan also hastily followed suit and flew into the halo with excitement across their whole faces.

After he saw the three of them successfully enter the halo, Lin Langtian nodded his head gently. He then took a glance at Lin Dong and jumped into the halo with an icy-cold look on his face.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s eyes squinted slightly. Lin Langtian was thinking about plans to deal with him incessantly. It seemed that he has to be wary when he is in the Sacred Spirit Pool.

As this thought came across his mind, Lin Dong used his palm to pat Little Flame, which is hiding inside Lin Dong’s sleeves. With a smile and a jolt of his body, Lin Dong flew directly into the halo and disappeared.

After the five of them entered the halo, Mo Jingtian and his counterparts sat cross-legged around the altar and continued channeling their energy to keep the halo in place. They would have to persist until Lin Dong and his counterparts came out…

As Lin Dong dashed into the halo, a short moment of darkness appeared before his eyes. Soon after, a gentle radiance filled his eyes and a delicate fragrance, accompanied by moist taste, struck his face directly.

As Lin Dong raised his gaze, there was a huge pool in front of him. The water of the pool was dark green in colour and it appeared to be filled with vigorous vitality. Waves of pure essence energy was emitting steadily from the pool. By taking in a breath of the energy, one’s body would be so happy that he or she would moan in pleasure as if every single cells were cheering excitedly.

“So this is the Sacred Spirit Pool? Its energy is really astonishing!” Lin Dong muttered to himself as he gazed upon the magical dark-green pool.

At this moment, Mo Ling and the other three were gathered on top of the pool. Upon seeing them, Lin Dong flew up. Seeing Lin Dong had arrived, Mo Ling gave a smile and pointed to the Sacred Spirit Pool and said, “Everyone, according to the rules, the Sacred Spirit Pool has been divided into five sections. These five sections are East, West, South, North and the Central. There are five of us and there are just enough sections for each of us to occupy. However, for the sake of impartiality, we will draw lots to decide who will occupy which section. Is that okay?”

Mo Ling was indeed worthy of being a member of the Imperial Family. His words were refined and convincing. Therefore, Lin Dong had no objections with regards to Mo Ling’s reasonable arrangements.

Meanwhile, Lin Langtian was smiling indifferently at one side. No one knew what was he thinking about.

Upon seeing no objections from anyone, Mo Ling threw out some light spots. As Lin Dong grabbed one, the radiance of the light spot dissipated and revealed a piece of paper. The word “East” was written on the paper.

As Lin Dong obtained the section he was assigned to, the other four of them did so as well. After confirming with each other, there did not seem to be much problems.

“Everyone, there is a limit to the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy. However, from a certain perspective, it is based on first come first serve basis. I hope everyone can be harmonious and prevent any disputes from triggering,” Mo Ling explained after he finished allocating the sections. Meanwhile, he took a glance at Lin Dong and Lin Langtian.

“If no one provokes me, of course I am willing to maintain peaceful relationships with everyone.”

Lin Dong said plainly. Then, he gave a bow towards Mo Ling, Man Shan and Du Yun, and flew directly towards the east of the Sacred Spirit Pool. He was not a rude or unreasonable person. Besides, he did not harbor any grudges against the three persons. Hence, he would not try to seize the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy from their areas. However, if there was someone who tried to find trouble for him, he would be happy to take away that person’s share…

Upon seeing this, Lin Langtian chuckled. Without saying anything else, he flew to his assigned area. As he turned around, a ghastly look swept across his face.

“ Lin Dong, since you want to compete with me, then this time around, I will let you return empty-handed from the Sacred Spirit Pool!”