Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night

Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night


Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night

The Battle of Seeds, the competition of the highest standards in the Great Yan Empire, had finally concluded after an intense battle. What drew the most envy during this selection was naturally the Lin Clan. It had been a long time since a faction managed to occupy two spots. Yet, the Lin Clan had been graced by such fortune this time, undoubtedly causing others to be very envious.

After the conclusion of the Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong and the rest did not linger much longer in the imperial palace. Instead, they directly returned to the place where they stayed at in order to rest.

In this Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong undoubtedly had the most difficult victory. Naturally, this was not due to a lack of strength, but rather, the opponents that he met were all simply too formidable. In fact, even Lin Dong had to marvel at Wang Zhong’s strength. He was indeed someone that even Lin Langtian could not handle. In fact, even Lin Dong had use to utilize numerous methods before barely achieving victory.

Based on Lin Dong’s estimation, even if Lin Langtian met Wang Zhong, if he did not use the mysterious presence inside his body, he would find it difficult to defeat the latter.

After such an exhausting battle, Lin Dong was naturally extremely tired. Therefore, he directly headed to his building after they returned. Now that he had successfully obtained a spot, his status was obviously not lower than Lin Langtian. Therefore, even Lin Fan could only smile and advise him to have a good rest in order to prepare for the trip to the ‘Sacred Spirit Pool’ the next day.


When Lin Dong returned to his courtyard, Little Flame, who had been waiting here for a whole day, instantly stood up and happily dashed towards Lin Dong. Its familiar scent caused a smile to emerge on Lin Dong’s face.

“When you go to that so-called “Sacred Spirit Pool” tomorrow, bring this stupid tiger along. If it is really as those guys have claimed, the Sacred Spirit Pool should be formed from ancient heavenly beast’s essence blood. As long as there are still bits of essence blood remaining, it will be extremely beneficial for this stupid tiger. Perhaps, it would form the building block for it to attack the Nirvana stage in the future.” At this moment, Little Marten appeared as it lazily muttered.

“If there is remnant ancient heavenly beasts essence blood in the ‘Sacred Spirit Pool’, wouldn’t you benefit as well?” Lin Dong smiled as he said.

“Pfft, as a Celestial Demon Marten, grandpa marten is a pinnacle like existence in the world of Demonic Beasts. I used to have these ancient heavenly beasts for breakfast, who cares about some remnant essence blood?” When it heard his words, Little Marten pouted and replied.

Lin Dong smiled, choosing to ignore this stubborn fellow. He stroked Little Flame’s large head and suddenly said: “It is said that if a Demonic Beast ascends to Nirvana stage, it can take on human form? At that time, will Little Flame become a person as well?”

“Wait for this stupid tiger to successfully pass the Nirvana trial before talking. At that time, its skeleton would be cleansed from inside to the outside, hence allowing for it to naturally be able to take on human form. However, what is the point of becoming a human? Such a fragile body, it is far weaker than that of a Demonic Beast.” Little Marten fiddled with its claws as it said.

“Besides, kid, when you step into the battlefield and participate in the Hundred Empire War, do be careful. The number of top geniuses there far exceeds that of Great Yan Empire. In fact, thousands of top talents in the East Xuan Region will be gathered there. Right now, Lin Langtian, Wang Zhong and the rest are considered as geniuses, but you should know that even geniuses are classified into different levels.”

“Based on my guess, though all of you are the top talents in Great Yan Empire, in the Hundred Empire War, you guys are at most middle-tier talents. Furthermore, the Hundred Empire War is exceedingly cruel dog eat dog world. For those without strength, it is best not to lust after the lavish rewards available in that ancient battlefield. Else, one would find it difficult to keep one’s life.”

When he saw Little Marten’s solemn expression, Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He had never dared to underestimate this so-called Hundred Empire War. Today’s Battle of Seeds was already alarmingly dangerous. Moreover, he would encounter countless talents in the Hundred Empire War. In fact, some of them may be even more terrifying than Wang Zhong and Mo Ling.

The Great Yan Empire was merely a small empire in the East Xuan Region. Therefore, it would be an extremely difficult task for them to stand out in the Hundred Empire War. Furthermore, it was very likely that they would actually lose their lives in that battle, and not a single soul would pity them.

He was keenly aware that over all these years, the number of talents that could stand out in the Hundred Empire War were extremely small. In fact, countless talents had served as other’s stepping stone…

This test was not like anything he had encountered before. The trails that he had experience over these two years were nothing compared to the Hundred Empire War.

“However, though the Hundred Empire War was extremely dangerous, it was the ideal place for him to grow stronger. Therefore, I want to you take part in it. Since you have the Mysterious Stone Talisman and the Ancestral Symbol, you will surely run into major troubles in the future. If you are not capable, you will definitely end up in a sorry state. In the past, I was able to barely escape with my life. However, you will not have such an opportunity. Therefore, if you do not improve yourself, you will have no chance of survival.” Little Marten’s voice shifted as it said.

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. He knew that the Mysterious Stone Talisman was extremely mysterious and powerful. In fact, even now, he still did not know what it was. However, he clearly knew that the stone talisman was no ordinary object. In fact, when he was inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, even the previous Devouring Ancestral Symbol owner could not understand the stone talisman…

In future, this mysterious and powerful object would perhaps bring him an unparalleled opportunity… or cause him grave danger. Therefore, just like what Little Marten said, he would need a gargantuan amount of power to protect himself.

Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at the darkening sky and deeply exhaled. Meanwhile, a feverish expression burned in his eyes. If that was the case, he was going to use this Hundred Empire War to undergo a complete metamorphosis!

As long as he became stronger, regardless of what troubles came in the future, he would be able to deal with it!

Nightfall enshrouded the majestic and beautiful imperial city. Even though it was late at night, the imperial city was still glowing bright; it was extremely busy and bustling.

Lin Dong quietly sat down in the middle of the courtyard with Little Flame lying down beside him. It occasionally fluttered its blood wings, causing gusts to emerge in the courtyard.

Amidst the silence, Lin Dong’s gently shut eyes slowly opened up. He tilted his head and turned to look at the courtyard wall where a figure quietly stood . Immediately, he involuntarily smiled as he said: “Clan Leader Lin Fan, it’s already so late. Why aren’t you resting?”

“Haha, I am too excited and couldn’t fall asleep.” Lin Fan flashed. Before he could arrive at Lin Dong side, Little Flame suddenly stood up from beside him as a vigilant and venomous glint flashed across its eyes. Lin Dong gently waved its hand, before its needle-like hair slowly softened and it gently laid down.

“What a ferocious beast.” Lin Fan stared at Little Flame before he softly praised it. He turned to look at Lin Dong before he sighed: “I never expected such a figure to emerge from the branch families. This is the first time such a thing has happened in our Lin Clan’s entire history.”

Lin Dong gently smiled, however, he did not reply.

“Originally, I thought that I could use the Battle of Seeds to settle the feud between you and Lin Langtian. However, I never expected this outcome to occur.” Lin Fan sat down beside Lin Dong, before continuing: “Right now, your status is the same as Lin Langtian and I am powerless to resolve the grudge between the two of you. How you guys plan to settle it is up to the both of you.”

“Clan Leader, don’t worry. As long as I succeed, the Lin Clan will surely share in my glory as well.” Lin Dong smiled, as if he knew what Lin Fan was implying. Promptly, his tone changed as he said: “However, Clan Leader should know what ought to be done for me as well?”

“As long as the Lin Clan exist in the Great Yan Empire, no troubles would ever befall the Yan City branch family.” Lin Fan slowly declared.

“Now that I have defeated Wang Zhong, perhaps the Wang Clan will bear a grudge against me.” Lin Dong gently said.

“I will warn Wang Lei. If I discover any plot against the Yan City branch family, the Lin and Wang Clan would officially go to war!” Lin Fan’s eyes were venomous as he uttered his sentence word by word.

There would be a heavy price to pay for declaring war against the Wang Clan. However, if Lin Dong was able to stand out in the Hundred Empire War, his future would be limitless. At that time, who cared about a mere Wang Clan?

As the leader of a clan, Lin Fan was able to clearly weigh the pros and cons. Right now, even though Lin Dong was not powerful as the entire Wang Clan, he knew that in the future, perhaps even a hundred empires would not be able to match up to him…

“In that case, let me thank Clan Leader.” Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Both of them were wise men and there was no need to mince their words. This was a mutually beneficial arrangement for them.

Lin Fan smiled. Promptly, his tone changed as he said: “The ancient battlefield is a domain that was created by those super-sects. Let me remind you that there is extremely potent Nirvana energy in that domain. In that domain, even a Manifestation stage practitioner will be able to form Nirvana pills from the Nirvana energy between Heaven and Earth. If you are able to enter into that domain, do make full use of it and try to create Nirvana pills to aid you when you attack the Nirvana stage, because only when you reach Nirvana stage, will you have a chance to be selected by the super-sects.”

“Oh? Even a Manifestation stage practitioner can form Nirvana pills. That ancient battle is truly extraordinary, it’s no wonder all these empires are rushing there.” Lin Dong exclaimed in shock.

Everyone knew that in order to attack Nirvana stage, the most important thing was to have sufficient Nirvana Pills. However, it was extremely difficult to obtain Nirvana Pills which only Nirvana stage practitioners can create. However, in that ancient battlefield, even a Manifestation stage practitioner could do so. Truly incredulous.

“In the past, in order for me to attack Nirvana stage, I used up a total of two hundred thousand Nirvana pills. A great portion of my Lin Clan’s reserve…”

Lin Fan bitterly smiled before he said: “Furthermore, the amount required also depends on the individual. Let me warn you first, before you attempt to attack Nirvana stage, prepare as many Nirvana pills as you can. This will increase your chances of succeeding.”

Lin Dong silently licked his lips. Two hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. Right now, he had at most one thousand pills on him. That was to say, he did not even have the qualifications to dare to attack the Nirvana stage…

“There should be approximately two hundred thousand Nirvana pills in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Unfortunately, there is a guardian beast inside the tablet. Therefore, the next time it opens, I am afraid no one would dare to head inside…” Lin Dong felt somewhat regretful. If he knew about this, he would have risked his life and tried to snatch those pills.

“Alright, it is getting late, you should get some rest. We are going to the Sacred Spirit Pool tomorrow and it is a pretty good opportunity for you. There is quite a high chance of failure when you attack the Nirvana stage. However, once you absorb the energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool and cleanse your inner organs and bones, it would significantly increase your odds of success. This is very important and it is something that no amount of Nirvana pills can compensate.” Lin Fan stared at the night sky, before he waved his hand at at Lin Dong. Without further ado, he turned and left the courtyard.

When he saw Lin Fan disappear into the night, Lin Dong also gently exhaled. It seems like in order to secure peace for his family in Great Yan Empire, he would have to go all out…

“Father, in order to ensure that you guys can have a peaceful life in Great Yan Empire, let me handle all the storms outside…”