Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1308: The Final Fight

Chapter 1308: The Final Fight


Chapter 1308: The Final Fight

“Lin Langtian?!”

Ling Qingzhu, Little Flame and rest, who knew about Lin Langtian, felt their hearts tremble when they saw this scene. Meanwhile, rich disbelief and shock surged within their eyes.

Lin Langtian was actually the Yimo Emperor? How is this possible?

“He is not Lin Langtian…”

Lin Dong’s dark black eyes were staring at that familiar figure. However, there were hardly any fluctuations within his eyes. This was because he knew that the person standing in front of him merely had the same looks as Lin Langtian.

“Haha, this is only because I detected that your emotions had a violent reaction towards this man…” The Yimo Emperor smiled. Then, he looked at his own body before he smilingly said, “It seems like using this appearance had quite a huge impact on all of you.”

“Your appearance truly gives me the impulse to kill you for the second time.” Lin Dong said in a faint voice. Although Lin Langtian had died in his hands back then, he did not mind killing ‘him’ a second time.

However… it’s just as well. My cultivation journey began with Lin Langtian. Now that I have reached the pinnacle, I shall resolve all my grudges with you. This is despite the fact that the “Lin Langtian" standing in front of me is not the actual person.

Lin Langtian laughed as he slowly sized up Lin Dong. Finally, he sighed and said, “I never expected that someone else was actually able to reach the Ancestor stage. It seems like I have miscalculated. The Symbol Ancestor had also left a hidden move.”

“This world does not belong to you. You should return to where you came from.” Lin Dong lowered his eyes before he said in an indifferent manner.

“I am able to sense your hatred towards me. It seems like you must have paid quite a hefty price in order to reach the Ancestor stage. Are you willing to let me go just like this?’ Lin Langtian laughed and said.

“I am indeed a little unwilling…”

Lin Dong lifted his head and inhaled a deep breath of air. Then, he looked at the sky and there seemed to be the outline of a lovely young lady flashing at that spot. After which, it gradually disappeared.

In order for me to reach this stage, I had to lose her… Therefore, if I do not kill you bastard, that would be… truly upsetting.

An icy cold ferocity slowly rose within Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, everyone felt that the entire world was beginning to buzz and tremble. Following which, countless dazzling rays of light surged from all directions, before they gathered behind Lin Dong.

“In that case, you should stay!”

Lin Dong clenched his hand before eight rays of light rushed over. After which, they circled around him. They were in fact the eight great Ancestral Symbols.

Swoosh swoosh.

Soon after, many rays of light rushed over. They were the nine great divine objects, which included the Ancestor Stone, Great Desolate Tablet etc…

“You have finally succeeded…”

A glow surfaced on the Ancestor Stone, before Yan looked at Lin Dong. When he realized that the pressure radiating from the latter was similar to that of the Symbol Ancestor, a pleased and satisfied expression rose within his eyes.

Who could have imagined that this weak young man from Qingyang Town, would now stand at the apex of this world. In fact, since the beginning of time, only the Symbol Ancestor could hold a candle to him.

“I shall change all of you temporarily.”

Lin Dong smiled towards Yan. However, his smile seemed a little tragic. After which, he clenched his hand, before the nine great divine objects began to connect with each other. Then, they seemingly transformed into an ancient seven coloured spear. Meanwhile, a terrifying force was flowing across the body of this spear.

Currently, Lin Dong had advanced to the highest level in this world. In fact, his strength was no longer inferior to that of the Symbol Ancestor. Therefore, although the nine great divine objects were all extremely powerful, they still merged and bent according to his will.

Lin Dong was holding onto a seven coloured spear, while the eight Ancestral Symbols danced around him. A pressure, which could tower over the world, radiated from him. Immediately, this caused countless experts down in the Chaotic Demon Sea to tremble in excitement.

This was genuine hope!

Only with such absolute strength, could one finally stop the devil godlike Yimo Emperor!

“Kill me? This was something that even the Symbol Ancestor failed to do. Therefore, what can you do even if you have reached his cultivation level?” Lin Langtian smiled faintly as he looked at the seven coloured light surging in all directions behind Lin Dong.


Lin Dong did not reply. He pointed his hands at Lin Langtian, before he suddenly clenched them. Promptly, the hundred thousand feet empty space seemingly collapsed, before a frightening force, which could even shatter a Reincarnation stage expert who had passed three Reincarnation Tribulations, gushed forward.

Lin Langtian placed his hands together, before black ink like flames swept out from within his body and forcefully blocked the space shattering pressurizing force.

“Haha, in that case, allow this emperor to experience how powerful the new ancestor really is?!”

Lin Langtian laughed out loud. Following which, monstrous demonic aura surged behind him before it actually transformed into several million feet tall viscous demonic aura torrents. These torrents streaked across the sky in a grand and mighty fashion, before they meandered like large devil dragons and charged forward.

Bang bang!

Countless individuals were shocked when they saw that wherever these demonic aura torrents swept past, the space would collapse instantly, before numerous black cracks quickly spread across the sky.

The demonic aura torrents finally arrived. Lin Dong gently stomped his foot, before dazzling light swept out from all directions. This dazzling light contained an endless amount of Yuan Power and mighty Mental Energy. In fact, it contained the strength of the entire world.

Meanwhile, the seven coloured light transformed into a huge light disc, that was millions of feet in size. That disc slowly rotated, allowing the demonic aura torrents to whiz over before they finally slammed ruthlessly against its surface.

Boom boom!

The world trembled at this moment. In fact, the word ‘terrifying’ could hardly give justice to a fight like this. After all, just the frightening fluctuations given off by their attacks alone, would cause a Reincarnation stage expert’s face to turn pale. Moreover, they knew that with their current strength, they would perish the instant they came into contact with their attacks.

With a grave expression on their faces, the Life Death Master’s group stared at the both of them, who were fighting it out in the sky. The strength of the Yimo Emperor should be equivalent to an expert at the Ancestor stage. Therefore, both Lin Dong and the Yimo Emperor were at the same level and a fight between them was definitely going to be an earth shaking one.

“However… In the past, teacher and the Yimo Emperor fought bitterly as well. However, it’s difficult for either party to emerge victorious since there is only a small gap between them…”

The Life Death Master hesitated for a moment before speaking, “That previous world war lasted for several years. Eventually, teacher had no choice but to ignite his Reincarnation in order to seal the Yimo Emperor and the crack between the planes…”

When they heard her words, the Flame Master and the rest frowned tightly. Since this was what happened in the past, could it be that Lin Dong would also have to ignite his Reincarnation in order to seal the Yimo Emperor? In that case, wouldn't the situation enter into a cycle?

“That is not necessarily the case… It is possible for Lin Dong to kill the Yimo Emperor.” The Life Death Master mused before she said solemnly.

“Do you mean… the top ranked divine object?” The Flame Master’s group was startled. Then, they frowned and said, “The top ranked divine object… what exactly is it?”

Even they did not know much about the so-called top ranked divine object. The only thing they knew was that even their teacher failed to gain control of that top ranked divine object. Otherwise, the first world war would have ended with their complete victory.

They turned to look at each other with a lost expression in their eyes. The top ranked divine object was simply far too mysterious…

“The top ranked divine object… should be the Zenith’s source of power.” A soft voice suddenly appeared. The Life Death Master turned her head before she saw Ling Qingzhu walking to her side.

“The Zenith’s source of power?” The Life Death Master’s group was startled. They knew about the power of the Zenith. Moreover, the Symbol Ancestor had allowed them to sense it back then. However, only the Ice Master was able to do so successfully.


Ling Qingzhu gently nodded her head. Meanwhile, a faint light was flowing within her pretty eyes. As if she was overlooking the entire world, she said, “I am only able to sense it. However, it is impossible for me to control it. I’m afraid that only experts who have reached the Ancestor stage are able to do so.”

“Can Lin Dong do it?” The Life Death Master quickly asked.

“He has learnt the Zenith Sensing Art and sensed the Zenith. I think that he should have deduced something by now… however, I do not know whether he can control it. After all, even the Symbol Ancestor failed to do so…” An obscure emotion flashed across Ling Qingzhu’s pretty eyes as she said.

The Life Death Master’s group nodded. Currently, they were unable to provide any form of assistance to Lin Dong. Therefore, all they could do was to hope that Lin Dong was able to control the top ranked divine object…

Above the sky, there were two glowing figures, that were both giving off a terrifying pressure. Meanwhile, both of them manipulated their frightening strength before they clashed ruthlessly. Furthermore, each time they clashed, the surrounding space would collapse rapidly.

Wild gales swept across the world, while the sky and ground trembled. It felt like the apocalypse had arrived.

After Lin Dong advanced to the Ancestor stage, he could utilize the strength in this world as he pleased. Meanwhile, the Yimo Emperor had an endless amount of demonic aura. Therefore, even though the both of them were fighting manically, neither of them showed any signs of weakness.


The seven coloured spear was accompanied by dazzling light as it shot forward. Finally, it collided with the devil spear in a lightning quick fashion. Immediately, the eyes of both parties turned stern and icy cold, before dazzling light and demonic aura surged wildly behind their backs.


Dazzling light agglomerated manically behind Lin Dong, before it transformed into a million feet tall seven coloured dragon. That dragon meandered before it released a long roar, which reverberated through every corner of the world.


Meanwhile, a monstrous devil figure had also appeared behind the Yimo Emperor. Moreover, this devil figure was not lacking in size compared to the seven coloured giant dragon. It had numerous devil arms and there was a large diabolical eye in every devil palm. Meanwhile, there was a cold and cruel glint flashing on every single one of them.


The seven coloured giant dragon and the devil figure charged forward violently. After which, both of them clashed in the sky, before an indescribable ripple swept forth. Instantly, huge hundred thousand feet tall waves were formed on the Chaotic Demon Sea below, before they spread in a rumbling fashion.

Energy ripples swept from the spot where the both of them clashed. Their figures shook before both of them quickly retreated by thousands of feet. Moreover, every time their feet landed, the surrounding space would be shattered.

The fight between the two of them was so terrifying that it could shake the world. However, a final victor could not be determined.

“Like I said, the best that an ultimate Ancestor stage expert can do, is to match up to me. In the past, there was nothing the Symbol Ancestor could do to this emperor. Therefore, even less needs to be said about you.” The Yimo Emperor gently jerked the devil spear in his hand, before his surrounding space shattered. Then, he spoke with a faint smile.

“Soon after, my Yimo army will continuously enter this world through the crack between the planes. At that time, how will you possibly defend your world?”

When they heard this, the expression of countless experts below changed immediately. Then, they turned to look at the crack between the planes, that was located far in the distant void. At that spot, they saw that there was indeed an endless stream of demonic aura gushing through. Moreover, there seemed to be countless devil figures present within.

The Life Death Master’s group had a grave expression on their faces. This was because they knew that once the Yimo tribe arrives, the next world war will break out. At that time, they will definitely have to pay an extremely terrible price.

Lin Dong also lifted his head and looked at the crack between the planes. Soon after, he looked at the Yimo Emperor, who bore Lin Langtian’s appearance, before he spoke in a soft and slow manner, “Though the Symbol Ancestor failed, it doesn’t mean that I will.”

“This is because this is our world.”

A strange glint flashed across the eyes of the Yimo Emperor.

“Why don’t you tell me why you came to our plane? It can’t just be because you want to invade and massacre us, am I right?” Lin Dong asked.

The Yimo Emperor slowly increased the grip over his devil spear. Meanwhile, a cold glint was flowing within his devil eyes. However, he showed no intentions of replying to Lin Dong’s question. Instead, terrifying demonic aura swept out from within his body.

“It seems like you do not want to tell me why. However… even if you don’t tell me, I know the reason why.” Lin Dong smiled and said. “You came here for a certain object, am I right?”

“That thing that you are after should be the so-called top ranked divine object in this plane, am I right?”

The Yimo Emperor stared at Lin Dong. Finally, he gave a derisive laugh before he said, “It seems like you are quite knowledgeable… In that case, do you know where the legendary Symbol Ancestor, the man whom you all deeply respect, came from?”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes.

“The legendary Symbol Ancestor did not come from your world. Instead, he came from the same place as I did. Moreover, the reason why he came here was exactly the same as me.”

The Yimo Emperor chuckled before he said, “Isn’t it ironic? Your world savior actually had something else in mind. It’s just that he chose a different path from me.”

The expressions of the Ancient Masters turned pale, while their bodies began to tremble violently. Clearly, they were greatly shocked by this news.

“I realized this after I advanced to the Ancestor stage.”

The only person in the world who was still able to remain calm was Lin Dong. He stared at the Yimo Emperor and said in a faint voice, “Do not compare yourself with the Symbol Ancestor. Though he might not be from our world, regardless of what motives he had, at the very least, we know that he once saved countless lives in this world. Just this fact alone is enough…”

The commotion in the Chaotic Demon Sea gradually died down as countless individuals nodded in agreement. It didn’t matter what the Symbol Ancestor’s objective was. If it was not for him, this world would have already been destroyed.


The Yimo Emperor chuckled. However, it was clear that he did not not wish to continue this conversation. Therefore, he stared at Lin Dong and said, “Currently, you are the hope of this world. Therefore, after I kill you, the entire world should sink into despair, am I right?”

“Both of us are at the same level and it is indeed no mean feat to kill you. However… over the years where I was sealed, I have also considered this worst case scenario.”

“Back then, I was unwilling to pay the price to deal with the Symbol Ancestor. In the end, he turned the tables on me. However, I will not make the same mistake again!”

“As long as I can suppress you for thousands of years, victory shall be mine!”

Following which, a strange expression flashed across the face of the Yimo Emperor. Soon after, his body began to swell crazily. Within a short moment, he had turned into a ten thousand arm devil figure that towered over the world. Meanwhile, every one of his fearsome looking devil arm was covered with numerous diabolical eyes. As these eyes slowly opened up, destructive light rays were promptly emitted.

Bang bang bang!

The instant the true form of the devil god body appeared, the numerous devil arms on his body exploded, before devil blood spurted forth in all directions.

The instant the devil arms exploded, the diabolical devil eyes within these arms promptly shot forward. Following which, they floated above the Yimo Emperor. When these numerous diabolical eyes blinked together, it was a frightening sight that caused one’s scalp to turn numb.

“Devil Tablet of No Beginning!”

A low and deep voice, which was filled with dark chillness, reverberated through the sky. Next, numerous devil eyes began to merge before they faintly transformed into a ten million feet tall black devil tablet. Meanwhile, countless devil eyes were carved into this devil tablet. When they blinked, everyone felt as though the energy in this world was being polluted.

“Buzz buzz!”

The moment this devil tablet was formed, piercing sharp screeches sounded from behind the crack between the planes. Subsequently, devil figures came gushing through the crack in all directions.

It was the Yimo tribe army!

Moreover, the scale of this army was several times larger than that of the Devil Prison!

“They… are truly out in force this time around…”

When the Life Death Master’s group saw this scene, their faces turned pale instantly. This was because the scale of this invasion even exceeds that of the great world war during the ancient times. Clearly, this time around, the Yimo tribe had mobilized their entire tribe!

It seems like they were in dire straits this time around.

The Ancient Masters clenched their fists. Regardless of whether they chose to admit it, the strength of the Yimo tribe exceeded that of this world. Therefore, if the Yimo tribe chose to mobilize their entire tribe and invade them, they would clearly be in a disadvantage.

“Tribute to the tablet!”

The Yimo Emperor’s dark, cold and cruel voice resounded again.

However, right after his voice sounded, countless Yimo, who had charged into this world, suddenly roared towards the sky. Following which, they exploded continuously, before their viscous black blood flowed continuously towards the devil tablet, which was packed with devil eyes.


Within less than ten breaths, countless Yimo had already exploded. Meanwhile, the devil tablet was completely drenched with black blood and flesh. As the blood and flesh wiggled, together with the devil eyes, it created an exceptionally terrifying sight.

Moreover, a dark and chilly fluctuation, which caused even the world to tremble, was slowly being emitted from within the devil tablet.

This fluctuation even caused the Life Death Master, Ling Qingzhu and the rest to feel fearful, while dense uneasiness surged within their hearts.

Lin Dong’s expression also changed because of that terrifying devil tablet. Promptly, a thought passed through his mind before the eight great Ancestral Symbols rushed out. Monstrous flames, cold ice, thunderbolts and tens of thousands of black holes promptly appeared above the Yimo Emperor. In fact, the strength of the eight great Ancestral Symbols were pushed to their limits.

However, up against the encirclement attack from the eight great Ancestral Symbols, the numerous devil eyes on the devil tablet released monstrous demonic aura light rays, which managed to force the Ancestral Symbols to retreat. Meanwhile, demonic aura lingered around them and the Ancestral Symbols even dimmed slightly.

“This emperor will destroy his true body and sacrifice half of his tribe in return for suppressing you today!”

Currently, the true body of the Yimo Emperor was only left with two arms. Meanwhile, he was staring at Lin Dong viciously with his devil eyes. This was because even for someone like him, he had to recuperate for several millennia after paying a price like this. However, he knew that he would have accomplished his objective as long as he was able to get rid of Lin Dong.

After all, as long as he could obtain that item, he would grow stronger than before!

“Devil Tablet of no Beginning, Ten Thousand Devil Seal!”

A low and deep roar rumbled and reverberated through the sky. Following which, the ten million feet tall devil tablet vanished before it appeared above Lin Dong in a flash. Next, numerous devil light rays swept down and imprisoned the entire world. Then, a fearsome looking scarlet red devil seal materialized under the devil tablet, before it subsequently pressed down towards Lin Dong in a rumbling fashion.

Down in the Chaotic Demon Sea, every sea region within a hundred thousand mile radius was forcefully torn apart. The world cracked as piercing wailing rang out. It was as though the world could not handle this burden.

With a solemn expression on his face, Lin Dong shot forward together with the seven coloured spear in his hand. The eight great Ancestral Symbols immediately followed behind. Just like large dragons, they smashed at the falling devil tablet.

However, when the seven coloured spear made contact with the devil tablet, it released a sharp cry before it dimmed immediately. Subsequently, it blew apart and transformed back into the nine great divine objects.

Meanwhile, the eight great Ancestral Symbols had also suffered huge damage. In fact, cracks had actually appeared on these ancient symbols.

“Lin Dong, be careful. The Yimo Emperor wants to suppress you!”

Yan had a pale expression on his face as he appeared in a flash and cried out loud. Clearly, after the Yimo Emperor suffered a huge loss in the past, he was planning to seize the initiative this time around. Moreover, the strength that came from sacrificing his true body and half his tribe was simply far too terrifying.

When they saw this scene, countless experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea trembled violently, while rich horror surged in their eyes. After all, if Lin Dong failed, was there anyone else in this world who could stop the Yimo Emperor?

The Ancient Masters also clenched their hands tightly. Currently, the Yimo Emperor looked even more frightening and maniacal compared to before.

Countless pairs of eyes whistled over from all directions before they sealed Lin Dong’s surroundings. Following which, that fearsome looking scarlet red devil seal also whizzed over. Moreover, even Lin Dong felt severely endangered from the energy flowing on this seal.

In fact, even though he had advanced to the Ancestor stage, there was likely no way he could resist such strength.

After all, the Yimo Emperor had directly paid a hefty price in order to kill him. However, by doing so, the Yimo Emperor had also suffered terrible injuries, which he could not easily recover from. Despite so, there was still no one else in this world who was able to stop him.

However, could one use normal means to block an all-out attack from the Yimo Emperor?

“It is impossible for Lin Dong to block this attack unless he ignites his Reincarnation…” The Life Death Master’s group looked at the situation in the sky before their hearts sunk.

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong looked at the devil tablet that was attempting to suppress him, before he actually shut his eyes. This was because he knew that if he wanted to stop the threat from the Yimo tribe, he had to kill the Yimo Emperor and not merely seal the latter.

However, even though he had advanced to the Ancestor stage, it was still an extremely challenging task to kill the Yimo Emperor. That’s unless… he controlled the top ranked divine object!

Although Lin Dong did not have an in depth knowledge regarding the top ranked divine object, he had advanced to the Ancestor stage. Therefore, it was possible for him to vaguely detect something… Moreover, it was a familiar sensation.

It was… the Zenith.

What did the Zenith mean?

At this moment, Lin Dong’s consciousness seemed to have merged with the world as he could arrive anywhere in this world with just a single thought. Countless mountains, rivers and plains flashed across his mind. Finally, all of them returned to the void…

What was the Zenith?

“All of you, protect me. I will assist him!”

Ling Qingzhu appeared to have realized something as well, as she suddenly commanded the Life Death Master’s group. After which, she shut her pretty eyes immediately before her consciousness merged with the world.

Lin Dong’s mind was in deep thought. While he was probing, all of a sudden, he felt that a gentle consciousness had appeared. After which, that consciousness drifted towards him. Meanwhile, there were rich emotions within.

This consciousness originated from Ling Qingzhu’s mind.

“I will take you to the Zenith…”

Ling Qingzhu’s voice sounded from within that consciousness. Meanwhile, there was a hint of embarrassment in her voice. Subsequently, Lin Dong realized that the gentle consciousness had in fact merged together with his.

The moment both their consciousness merged, both of them trembled violently. This was a spiritual merger, whereby they both had pieces of each other in their respective minds.

After their consciousness merged, the both of them became absent-minded for a moment. After which, their consciousness drifted towards the void. Meanwhile, the entire world was reflected within their consciousness.

Their consciousness overlooked the entire world. Subsequently, Primal Chaos Light appeared within the void. It was the location of the Zenith, which he had sensed before.

Both their consciousness entered the Primal Chaos. This time around, the stinging pain and powerful repulsive force that appeared the previous time, had disappeared completely. Instead, Lin Dong’s consciousness began to gather together, before his body appeared within the Primal Chaos.

Following which, Ling Qingzhu also appeared beside him. However, there was a flush on her beautiful and pale face.

“This place is the so-called Zenith… can you detect it?” Ling Qingzhu softly said.

Lin Dong shut his eyes before his mind seemingly merged with the Primal Chaos. At that spot, he could sense the consciousness of a living being. However, it had an extremely simple mind, and it was almost like the mind of a baby.

It was the Dimension Fetus.

A thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind. At this moment, he came to a sudden comprehension. The so-called Zenith was the spirit of this dimension and it was the ultimate existence in this world.

However, that existence was not capable of thought. Nevertheless, it was the strongest living being in this world.

The so-called Zenith power originated from it.

Moreover, the Yimo Emperor and the Symbol Ancestor came because of it. This was because as long as one obtained it, one would become the Dimension Master and possess the strength of the entire dimension!

However, since they were not born in this word, there was always going to be a gap between them and the Dimension Fetus.

In the past, the Symbol Ancestor detected it. However, when he made contact with it, he failed to gain control of it…

“It is indeed worthy of being crowned as the top ranked divine object in this world…”

Lin Dong’s consciousness slowly approached the Dimension Fetus. Meanwhile, the latter seemed to have detected his presence as well. Promptly, Primal Chaos Light surged before it vanished.

When Lin Dong saw that it was futile to give chase, his footsteps stopped. Then, he lifted his head before he looked at the Primal Chaos. Next, he slowly spread both his arms, before his deep and mighty voice resounded across the Primal Chaos.

“Follow me. I was born and raised here. From today onwards, I will protect this plane!”

“Protect it!”


A low and deep voice reverberated through the Primal Chaos, before it echoed continuously.

Lin Dong looked at the deepest part of the Primal Chaos. However, he did not take the initiative to approach it. Nonetheless, the determination deep within his eyes remained unbudging. His determination could move anyone.

His eyes were staring at the deepest part of the Primal Chaos. However, nothing was happening at that spot. A long while later, right after Ling Qingzhu gave a gentle sigh, a dazzling light suddenly swept forward before the entire Primal Chaos began to tremble violently.

Primal Chaos Light began to agglomerate in front of Lin Dong, before it transformed into a palm sized spiritual fetus. That spiritual fetus gently approached Lin Dong, before it finally landed in his palm.

The instant Lin Dong touched the Dimension Fetus, a mysterious sensation rose from deep within his heart. In fact, it felt… as though he had became the master of this dimension!

This meant that he had absolute control over this dimension.

The master of this dimension!


In the sky above the Chaotic Demon Sea, while he was being stared at by countless shocked filled eyes, the devil tablet finally slammed ruthlessly against Lin Dong’s body. Following which, a brutal expression flashed across the Yimo Emperor’s face.

This plane was finally his!

However, the instant the brutal expression appeared on his face, he saw that a hundred thousand feet large Primal Chaos Light curtain had suddenly swept out from beneath the devil tablet. Immediately, the tablet, which was about to suppress Lin Dong, froze at this moment.

“This world ultimately belongs to us and you are not qualified to act as you please, Yimo Emperor…”

A somewhat hoarse voice slowly sounded from beneath the devil tablet. At that spot, a figure had slowly lifted his head before he looked at the devil tablet, which was in close proximity to him. After which, he slowly extended his hand before he made contact with it.

“Therefore, shatter!”

A sharp glint suddenly erupted within Lin Dong’s eyes. Following which, a muffled sound, which resembled that of a heartbeat, reverberated through every corner of this world. In fact, it seemed as though this heartbeat sound was created by gathering the heartbeat of every living being in this world.

On the devil tablet, countless evil eyes exploded one after another. Meanwhile, miserable screeches were also emitted continuously from the devil tablet.

Countless individuals were staring in shock at this sudden unexpected development.

Cracks emerged on the tablet before it finally blew apart. Following which, the Yimo Emperor’s body also trembled violently. When he saw this scene, a trace of fear suddenly surged within his eyes.

“Dimension strength?! You’ve managed to gain control of the Dimension Fetus?!”

The Yimo Emperor’s furious roar echoed across this world. Moreover, everyone could tell that there was a trace of shock within his voice.

Countless onlookers lifted their heads to look at the sky, only to see a skinny figure slowly walking out from within the Primal Chaos Light. Moreover, with each footstep, the world seemingly roared in unison.

An authoritative pressure, which could not be described with words, radiated from his body.

Thanks to this divine might, countless individuals, who were located at the surface of the ocean down below, actually fell to their knees. Meanwhile, there was a fervent and reverent expression in their eyes as they stared at that figure. In fact, it looked as though they were subjects who had saw their emperor.

His might towered over the entire world.

“Martial Ancestor…”

No one knew who had uttered these words. However, his voice began to spread rapidly. In the next moment, countless voices reverberated through the world.

“Martial Ancestor, protect the world!”

Standing in the sky, as that figure slowly walked forward, the evil demonic aura, which had once permeated the sky, was actually being pushed back. It looked as though the entire plane was resisting it.

The Yimo Emperor true body was also forced to step back. In fact, he looked rather miserable as he was being pressured by that aura.

“This dimension… has a Dimension Master finally appeared…” The Yimo Emperor clenched his teeth. Meanwhile, the fury and dissatisfaction in his eyes seemed to have eroded his logical mind. After all, he had paid a massive price and was even sealed by the Symbol Ancestor for so many years. However, who could have imagined that Lin Dong would wound up benefiting instead, and become the Dimension Master of this dimension!

With a stern expression on his face, Lin Dong stared at the Yimo Emperor. Subsequently, he turned and faced the crack between the planes. Then, he swung his hand before the Primal Chaos Light curtain swept forward. Soon after, the Yimo Emperor was shocked when he realized that the crack between the planes was actually being slowly mended.

The ability to repair the dimension was a power that belonged exclusively to its Dimension Master.


The expression in the eyes of the Yimo Emperor was in flux. Finally, he released an angry roar. Following which, his Yimo army began to flee upon hearing this. Clearly, they realized that something was amiss.

“Like I said, since you guys have came all the way here, you can stay here forever. Since the Symbol Ancestor was unable to kill you, I shall do it on his behalf.”

Lin Dong spoke in an indifferent manner. Meanwhile, his words were filled with absolute authority. In fact, it seemed as though the entire world resonated with him. Subsequently, he extended his hand before endless Primal Chaos Light gushed forward. Then, it transformed into an incredibly huge light fetus above the Yimo Emperor.

The light fetus was even bobbing gently. However, each time it bobbed, the hearts of every living being in this world would jump as well.

“Dimension Fetus?!”

When the Yimo Emperor saw that glowing fetus, dense greed and shock flashed across his eyes. Soon after, he gritted his teeth, while his face was filled with dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, he was a decisive individual. Since Lin Dong had became the Dimension Master, he knew that he was no match for him.

With this thought in mind, the body of the Yimo Emperor shot forward as he attempted to escape from the crack between the planes before it was fully mended.


However, his body had only just moved before he shockingly realized that the world was rotating. In fact, the space where he was located seemed to have been shifted. Only after he recovered his senses, did he realize that he was already within the Dimension Fetus!

“Lin Dong, let me go. I swear that I will never invade your dimension ever again!” The Yimo Emperor hurriedly cried out. At this moment, he finally felt that his life was in danger. In fact, this endangered sensation was something that he did not experience even when the Symbol Ancestor ignited his Reincarnation.

Lin Dong stared at him coldly. In order to deal with you, I lost the most important person in my life. Therefore, just expelling you alone cannot ease the fury in my heart!

“Dimension purification, return to the void!”

A low voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. It was like endless thunder as it reverberated through the sky. Soon after, an endless light suddenly erupted from within the Dimension Fetus. Following which, that light shone on the body of the Yimo Emperor, before he immediately released a miserable screech. Finally, his massive body shrunk rapidly, while the viscous demonic aura around him disappeared at a frightening rate.

“Your invasion has brought numerous calamities to this world. Now, you shall pay with your life.”

Lin Dong suddenly clenched his hand, before the enormous Dimension Fetus shrunk rapidly. Finally, it turned into the size of a palm before it slowly landed in Lin Dong’s hand. Meanwhile, it was still possible to see a tiny black figure in the middle of the light fetus. After all, the Yimo Emperor had a sturdy lifeforce and even with the strength of the Dimension Fetus, it would take hundreds of years in order to completely purify him. However, Lin Dong could afford to wait. After all, from today onwards, there was no way the Yimo Emperor could ever make a comeback!

The Yimo scourge, which had wreaked havoc in this world for thousands of years, was finally exterminated today!

When they saw this scene, countless individuals were so excited that their bodies began to tremble. The destroyer, who had once caused them to sink into despair, was finally subdued!

At the same time, there was unrestrained joy on the Life Death Master group’s faces. After all, they had waited for this day for a very long time…

“We will never forget how the Martial Ancestor saved the world!”

The rebirth after despair caused countless individuals to be so excited that hot tears flooded their eyes. In fact, countless individuals were trembling as they knelt down. Meanwhile, excited and grateful voices gathered together, before they resounded through the world.

Lin Dong looked at the land, which was covered with scars. Then, he slowly lifted his head and heard the respectful voices that were rumbling across the sky. Next, he turned his head and looked at the crack between the planes, which was slowly mending. Meanwhile, it looked as though there was a beautiful figure with a warm smile slowly disappearing at that spot.

Lin Dong clenched his hands. His eyes were filled with unwavering determination as he said, “I have fulfilled your promise with the Symbol Ancestor. Next, it’s time for me to fulfill my promise to you.”

Regardless of where you are, I will definitely bring you back!