Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1307: Advancing into the Ancestor Stage

Chapter 1307: Advancing into the Ancestor Stage


Chapter 1307: Advancing into the Ancestor Stage

A gorgeous and alluring figure wearing a white dress, stood in the sky above the Chaotic Demon Sea. Meanwhile, she was holding a three feet long sword in her hand. Her long black hair fell to her narrow waist. At this moment, as she stared intently at the distant void, there was a cold and rarely seen stern expression on her perfect and flawless face. This was because at that spot, a terrifying pressure was moving rapidly towards them.

The Yimo Emperor was about to arrive.

Ling Qingzhu tightened the grip over her longsword, before she curled her red lips. Soon after, she lowered her head and glanced at the countless frightened and despairing eyes below. Then, she turned to look at that dazzling ice lotus. Promptly, a gentle emotion rose within her cold and clear eyes.

“In the past, you have always been the one chasing after me. This time around, allow me to protect you.”

Following which, she increased the grip over her longsword, causing her delicate veins to protrude on her fair jade like skin. Meanwhile, a determined glint flashed across her stunning face.

Countless individuals were staring at that gorgeous figure standing in the sky. A gentle breeze blew over, causing her long hair to flutter with the wind. Her cold and elegant disposition was similar to that of a fairy, and left one mesmerised.


The low and deep devil thunder rumbling grew closer and closer. Following which, demonic aura, which looked just like storm clouds, descended from above the sky. Finally, in front of countless terrified pairs of eyes, they spread across the sky of the Chaotic Demon Sea.

Meanwhile, deep within the churning demonic aura, there seemed to be a pair of diabolical eyes looking coldly at the entire world. Finally, that pair of eyes paused on Ling Qingzhu’s delicate and lovely figure.

“Such familiar strength…”

A cold and indifferent voice was slowly emitted from deep within the devil clouds. Moreover, it seemed as though that voice was that of a devil from the depths of hell. It was completely void of emotion. Instead, a terrifying strength, which caused the entire world to tremble in fear, radiated from it.

“Yimo Emperor…”

The Life Death Master’s group stared at the devil clouds that covered the sky, with a pale expression on their faces. Meanwhile, they could faintly spot a demonic aura throne. Moreover, seated on that throne, was a devil godlike figure. However, no one could discern his looks.

“What a nostalgic place. However… it seems like that Symbol Ancestor fellow is no longer around. How unfortunate.”

A frightening pressure spread across the world as that voice slowly sounded. Promptly, he smirked. There seemed to be a hint of ridicule in his smirk, “That fellow, we clearly had the same goal. Yet, he insisted on taking the so-called righteous path…”

“Forget about it… In the end, I won.”

That man was laughing gently. Soon after, he turned his attention away from Ling Qingzhu and looked at the dazzling ice lotus instead. Immediately, his diabolical eyes, which were nested within the demon aura, hardened before he said, “Attempting to break into the Ancestor stage? It seems like I have indeed underestimated the living beings in this world. However, I’m afraid there is no way I will give you such an opportunity…”


After his words sounded, the demonic aura in the sky suddenly surged. Immediately, viscous demonic aura swiftly gathered together, before it transformed into a huge cluster of black flames.

The flames curled and rose. In fact, even the empty space itself continuously released a cracking sound, as if it was being grilled. Meanwhile, endless evil seemed to be coursing within these flames.


The black flames wiggled, before they faintly transformed into the face of a ferocious ghost. After which, the devil flames whizzed forward before they headed straight for the dazzling ice lotus.


Ling Qingzhu’s delicate figure moved, before she instantly appeared in front of the dazzling ice lotus. Meanwhile, her stunning face was filled with an icy cold expression. Suddenly, waves of Primal Chaos Light swept out from within her body.

After the Primal Chaos Light erupted, the entire world seemingly roared in unison, as endless amounts of natural power began to converge manically.

“Zenith, slay the devil!”

Ling Qingzhu used her jade like hand to hold her three feet long sword, before she swung it down. She did not employ any fancy techniques. However, as she swung her sword, it actually left a several hundred thousand feet large deep gully on the Chaotic Demon Sea below.

A Primal Chaos sword glow whistled past, before it finally slashed against the frightening devil flames, which looked just like the face of a ghost. Immediately, the latter released a deafening miserable screech, and it was actually stopped by that ordinary looking sword glow. However, as the devil flames raged, they continuously eroded the Primal Chaos Light.

“You are actually able to make use of that strength till this extent… Indeed, it does seem to favour those that come from this world…” The devil godlike figure nested deep within the devil clouds sighed emotionally after witnessing this scene.

“However, this is way lacking…”

After his voice sounded, the devil flames, which were in the shape of a ghost’s face, suddenly released a piercing screech. Immediately, the devil flames soared in all directions, forcing the Primal Chaos sword glow to retreat continuously. Meanwhile, the Primal Chaos Light also became increasingly dim.

Ling Qingzhu was biting her red lips with the back of her teeth. Meanwhile, some sweat had appeared on her smooth forehead, while a pale expression flashed across her gorgeous face. Although she went down another path, which allowed her to possess unique and formidable strength, there was hardly anything she could do when up against the Yimo Emperor, who had descended personally into this world.

Right now, his absolute and overpowering strength was something that she could not contend with.


The ferocious ghost face devil flames suddenly screeched. Then, it widened its huge mouth before it swallowed the Primal Chaos sword glow. Immediately, Ling Qingzhu’s body shook before a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth. However, she forcefully endured it.

Standing below, the Life Death Master’s group had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw this scene. It seems like they were indeed unable to stop him.

“You should be useful to me. Let me capture you first.”

Within the devil clouds, the devil godlike figure gave a faint smile. Following which, he extended his arm. Immediately, a humongous pale hand extended out from within the devil clouds before it attempted to grab Ling Qingzhu.

As that pale hand descended, a whine erupted, as though the world was unable to bear that burden.

The space around Ling Qingzhu was completely sealed at this moment, causing her to be stuck. However, even in a precarious situation like this, she did not panic. Instead, she merely inhaled a deep breath of air, while the determination in her eyes grew denser.

Ling Qingzhu gently placed her long hands together. After which, she formed an extremely ancient seal technique. As this seal was formed, everyone could hear a buzzing sound erupt from the entire world.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Many Primal Chaos Light rays shot out from different parts of the world. Finally, they enveloped Ling Qingzhu’s delicate figure. Meanwhile, after those rays of light enveloped her body, several ancient lines actually appeared on her crystal like skin.

These lines were just like the lines of the world, divine yet natural.

An intense Primal Chaos Light began to surge out from within Ling Qingzhu’s body. Meanwhile, her surrounding space, which had imprisoned her initially, began to loosen their grip. Finally, that large pale hand, which was attempting to grab her, was also blocked by the Primal Chaos Light.

However, this resistance was only a temporary solution. Immediately, the black devil veins on that large pale hand began to wiggle like dragons, before they began to force back the Primal Chaos Light.

Two frightening strength clashed in the sky. However, everyone could tell that the Primal Chaos Light was about to be extinguished.

The Life Death Master’s group clenched their fists tightly, and they were prepared to act at anytime. However, they knew that once they made a move, they had to ignite their Reincarnation. Otherwise, there was no way they could contend with the Yimo Emperor.


Under that large pale hand, the Primal Chaos Light became increasingly dim. In fact, it was pushed back continuously until it was only one hundred feet away from Ling Qingzhu. When she saw this, she secretly sighed in her heart. Following which, without hesitation, her body, which was covered with ancient lines, began to turn scorching hot. Meanwhile, intense pain spread across her entire body.

At this moment, the Primal Chaos Light, which was being bitterly suppressed previously, began to push back at a frightening rate. In fact, it even pushed back that large pale hand until it began to tremble. Meanwhile, the crowd saw that the Primal Chaos Light around Ling Qingzhu’s body was becoming increasingly intense. After which, it appeared as though the entire world had begun to tremble.

“Is she planning to…”

When the Ancient Masters saw this scene, they were all shocked. Clearly, they realized that Ling Qingzhu was using a self-sacrificial method, similar to igniting one’s Reincarnation, to fight the Yimo Emperor.

“Are we doomed to sacrifice ourselves one after another…” Helplessness surged in their hearts as they glanced at each other.

Ling Qingzhu slowly shut her eyes. At this moment, she could sense that her body had merged with the entire world. Therefore, as long as she activated the next step, she would be able to unleash her greatest strength and stop the Yimo Emperor, buying some precious time for Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, goodbye.”

A low and deep mutter sounded within Ling Qingzhu’s heart. After which, her hand seal changed. However, just as she was about to unleash the strength within her body, a resplendent glow suddenly erupted in this world.

Under the illumination of that resplendent glow, Ling Qingzhu suddenly felt that another frightening strength had forced her out of her current state, whereby she was merged with the world.

Right after she was forced out from that state, a familiar scent greeted her. Following which, a powerful arm wrapped around her delicate waist before he pulled her into his embrace.

“Don’t do that. I don’t want to experience that pain for a second time, alright?” He pulled her into his embrace and muttered. Meanwhile, there was pain in his voice, which could not be concealed.

At this moment, that familiar scent and voice, caused even Ling Qingzhu’s calm lake like heart to tremble. She slowly lifted her head and looked at that face. In merely one month, his dark black eyes had became a lot older and deeper. In fact, it appeared as though he had went through thousands of Reincarnations.

“Leave everything else to me.”

Behind Lin Dong, a dazzling light, which permeated the sky, was still flowing in all directions. Then, he looked at Ling Qingzhu, before he gave a faint smile and said.


Ling Qingzhu’s delicate tensed up body promptly relaxed, before she quickly nodded.

Below them, the Chaotic Demon Sea erupted into an uproar. Countless individuals stared at Lin Dong, who had finally showed up, before wild joy rose on their faces… Has their wait finally paid off?

“Did he succeed?”

The Ancient Masters stared at Lin Dong, before all their hearts shuddered. With shock in their eyes, they turned to look at each other, before they realized that while they were all in shock, there was unconcealable joy on their faces as well. This was because they realized that the fluctuation given off by Lin Dong’s body was exactly the same as that of the Symbol Ancestor!

Evidently, he had advanced to the Ancestor stage!

There is hope for this world!

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong released Ling Qingzhu. Then, he lifted his head and looked deep into the devil clouds. Finally, a faint smile appeared as he said, “The great Yimo Emperor has arrived. On behalf of every living being in this world, allow me to apologize for the wait.”

In the sky, the whistling demonic aura was now being suppressed by the dazzling light, and it subsequently became quieter. After which, a devil light descended, before a black figure gradually appeared within the devil light. Finally, that light disappeared before a human figure appeared in front of the eyes of countless individuals.

That figure was that of a human. He was wearing black robes and he was fairly tall and handsome. However, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed gently when he saw his face.

This was because he recognized that face. In fact, one could even say that that face was imprinted deep within his mind. This was because… that face was in fact that of Lin Langtian’s!