Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1306: Shattering of the Seal

Chapter 1306: Shattering of the Seal


Chapter 1306: Shattering of the Seal

The sky above Chaotic Demon Sea was magnificent. Bright colors had enveloped the entire Chaotic Demon Sea for an entire year…

Even the sun and moon seemed to have lost their brilliance under this light. Extremely mystical fluctuations secretly pulsated as the light circulated.

Chaotic Demon Sea was still overflowing with people. Their eyes were all focused on the sky, where a giant and incomparably gorgeous ice lotus was present. It was tightly shut while seemingly every color was emitted from it. It was the apex of beauty.

Every gaze was anxiously glued to the gorgeous ice lotus. After the Ice Master had ignited her Reincarnation and used all of her power to aid Lin Dong into reaching the Ancestor stage, he became the final hope of the countless of lives in this world.

Darkness was approaching in a pressuring manner from the far away sky while their eyes were anxiously fixed on the brilliant ice lotus. A hundred thousand feet large crack was spreading in the void as extremely dense evil Qi continued to surge from it.

There was an ancient formation in front of the crack. However, this formation had already become extremely dim, and was clearly on the verge of breaking. Even some peak experts could vaguely sense that a certain figure of destruction was about to arrive.

Countless individuals quietly looked to each other, and saw the unconcealable horror in each other’s eyes.

“The Yimo Emperor is about to descend.”

The Life Death Master also lifted her head. Her small face gravely observed the changes in the distant void as she slowly remarked.

“But Lin Dong has not come out yet…” The Flame Master glanced at the tightly shut brilliant ice lotus. Other than continuously emitting multi-colored radiance, there was no other activity from it over the past month. They were even unable to detect Lin Dong’s presence.

“We cannot care about such matters. Little junior sister ignited her Reincarnation in order to create this chance. We must not waste it!” A stern expression flashed across the Life Death Master’s eyes as she decisively said. “We will attack with all our strength once the Yimo Emperor descends. We will stop him for as long as possible!”

The Flame Master and the others nodded with solemn faces. Regardless of the situation, they would do their best to help Lin Dong gain that urgently needed time…


Deep demonic thunder seemed to rumble from the distant void, as evil ripple began to truly invade this world.

Countless pairs of eyes were anxiously focused on the sky. After which, they began to tremble. They had seen the seal outside the crack begin to burn.

Black flames had glued themselves to the seal. The seal seemed to release a deafening noise at this moment. The final gate guarding the plane had finally reached the end of its mission.


The seal cracked open, and ultimately completely disappeared. One could see a million feet large crack between the planes slowly squirming where the seal had vanished. It appeared like the large mouth of an evil demon that had started to gnaw at this world.

The surging Demonic Qi was so viscous that it seemed to have almost become solid. It surged out from the crack between the planes. In an instant, the sun and moon lost their light.


Demonic Qi spread over the world. There seemed to be an extremely pair of evil eyes present within it. It indifferently swept over this world, seemingly attempting to search for the beautiful figure who had forced him back a month ago.

The result of his search caused him to be a somewhat surprised. He had discovered that particular presence appeared to have completely disappeared from this world, and even he could not detect it.

The gaze sweeping over the world suddenly looked towards Chaotic Demon Sea, where brilliant light spread in the sky in the middle of an endless sea of people. That somewhat familiar light caused the evil eyes to tighten slightly.

It was an extremely familiar and dangerous fluctuation!


A cold and indifferent snort was emitted from the Demonic Qi. Soon after, the countless experts in Chaotic Demon Sea were shocked to see an extremely thick Demonic Qi light pillar suddenly rush downwards from the void. It tore through the sky and ruthlessly shot towards the brilliant ice lotus at the middle of the colorful light.


The expressions of the six Ancient Masters drastically changed upon seeing this. With a stren cry, the six of them rushed forward and hovered in the air above the ice lotus.


They powerfully slammed their own chests, and a mouthful of essence blood was spat out. Their expressions paled as six clusters of essence blood suddenly merged together. Bright light accompanied by a frightening ripple swept apart.

Light spread, turning into a large ancient bell. The giant bell completely covered both them and the ice lotus.


Demonic light penetrated space and arrived, heavily smashing onto the giant bell. A clear chine resounded across the sky. Circular sonic waves, which were visible to the naked eye, caused the surrounding experts to be blown backwards.

The giant bell defence, which was formed from the full power of the six individuals, did not manage to achieve much of an effect. Many cracks swiftly spread over the huge bell. Finally, it emitted a loud bang and was completely blasted apart.

Six figures flew backwards when the large bell exploded, and a mouthful of fresh blood was coughed out. Their originally pale faces turned even paler, and their auras became extremely frail. Although they were already considered peak level experts in this world, there was still far too big of a gap when compared with the Yimo Emperor.

Although they had suffered a serious injury, they ultimately managed to block this attack of the Yimo Emperor. An icy expression seemed to flit across the evil eyes in the distant void, and Demonic Qi surged once again.

Surging Demonic Qi arrived. Everyone could clearly feel the figure of destruction, that had stepped across the planes, was now swiftly approaching them.


Viscous Demonic Qi once again shot forward, turning into a giant demonic finger that blasted apart the void, and ruthlessly thrust towards the brilliant ice lotus. Evil symbols flickered at the demonic fingertips.

“Let’s attack together!”

Countless strong individuals in Chaotic Demon Sea saw the Yimo Emperor’s attack arrive once again. After feeling extremely terrified, all of them began to feel a great fury. Lin Dong was their final hope. If he was hindered or destroyed by the Yimo Emperor here, it would mean that they would lose their last resistance.

Such a scene must never appear!

Scarlet rose in the eyes of the countless powerful individuals. Subsequently, roars rang out one after another, and tens of millions of Yuan Power pillars shot forth. The entire Chaotic Demon Sea trembled wildly at this moment.

Bang bang bang!

Countless attacks crazily smashed onto the demonic finger, causing it to violently tremble. However, the far off Yimo Emperor clearly detected this situation. With a cold snort, the evil symbols on the demonic finger suddenly erupted and blocked all of the attacks. After which, it ruthlessly smashed towards the brilliant ice lotus without weakening.

“Ignite Reincarnation and stop him!”

The eyes of the Life Death Master turned red upon seeing this. With a stern cry, both of her hands suddenly formed a seal. She was planning on directly igniting her Reincarnation.

They had no other choice at this moment!

However, the space above the ice lotus suddenly distorted just as they were prepared to fight to their deaths, and a white clothed figure appeared from out of nowhere.

The figure had an aloof demeanor. Her pretty face was covered in frost at this moment. She looked at the demonic finger headed her way, and clenched her hand, as a three foot long sword appeared in a flash.

Wielding the longsword, she ferociously slashed downwards!

The sword slash did not give off any Yuan Power fluctuations. It was a strike that seemingly did not contain any power at all.


However, this seemingly powerless slash directly passed through that terrifying demonic finger. After which, countless individuals were shocked to see that the demon finger had actually been slashed into two.


The entire Chaotic Demon Sea erupted into an uproar. Countless individuals were stunned as they looked at the fairy like beauty in white. It was clear that they did not understand just who this person, who had suddenly appeared and seemed to be even stronger than the Ancient Masters, was.

“Ling Qingzhu?!”

The Ancient Masters exclaimed. They were very startled when they saw this scene.

“Why has she become so strong?” The Spatial Master asked in shock. He could sense that there was no Yuan Power in Ling Qingzhu’s. However, they could detect a familiar ancient fluctuation from her.

“It is the power of the Zenith!”

The Life Death Master answered in a solemn manner. She stared at the figure and muttered, “She is actually able to use the power of the Zenith to such an extent? How terrifying. In terms of understanding and control of the Zenith, it is likely that even little junior sister is inferior…”

“She has given up on every other kind of power, and focused on chasing after the power of the Zenith. This boldness is something that even we cannot match.” The Flame Master nodded and said.

“This little fellow Lin Dong is really impressive. Both Ling Qingzhu and little junior sister are extremely talented ladies. Yet, both of them have fallen for this fellow. Impressive, impressive.” The Spatial Master smacked his lips. His tone contained a great admiration. However, his words only made the others roll their eyes.

“However, I’m afraid that even Ling Qingzhu cannot stop the Yimo Emperor. The Yimo Emperor has already pierced through the crack between the planes, and will soon arrive. At that time… his power strength would be truly unleashed.” The Life Death Master said in a worried voice.

The Flame Master and the rest sighed. After which, they looked at the magnificent ice lotus. They could only hope that Lin Dong would be able to break out of the seal, and truly advance to the Ancestor stage in the little time that remain. Otherwise, the world would truly fall into the hands of the Yimo Emperor.

The moment the demonic figure was sliced into two, an astonishing light suddenly erupted from the evil eyes in the distant void. He seemed to look past space as his gaze fell upon the beautiful white figure. His originally emotionless and indifferent voice seemed to have been shaken a little, and it seemed to contain a trace of… joy?

“Has this power finally appeared once again?”