Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1305: Reincarnation

Chapter 1305: Reincarnation


Chapter 1305: Reincarnation

Darkness followed by heart tearing pain drowned Lin Dong’s mind. It was as if his consciousness had fallen into an endless darkness. Howls akin to those of a suffering wild beast faintly echoed within this darkness.

It was unclear how long these howls continued, before they finally started to gradually weaken as if the owner of the howls had exhausted all of his energy.

After an unknown period of time, a magnificent radiance suddenly exploded within the darkness and wrapped around the consciousness floating inside it. This radiance was like countless images as it flickered past. Every image seemed to be a Reincarnation.

Lin Dong’s mind was forcibly pulled into these Reincarnation vortexes. Subsequently, he completely lost consciousness. Such a feeling was even more frightening than when he was taking on the three Reincarnation Tribulations.

The wheel of reincarnation turned as a certain consciousness finally fully submerged within it, unable to free itself. His memories seemed to be stripped away as new memories took over.


In the first reincarnation, he was still the Lin Dong from Qingyang Town. He still worked hard in his cultivation to obtain justice for his father. However, he did not have the Ancestral Stone this time, and was merely an ordinary young man of the Lin Family that was dedicated to the family.

He put great effort into his cultivation for the sake of revenge on the most dazzling genius of the Lin Clan.

However, he did not have the patience to silently endure this time. Although he made the Lin Family the strongest family in Qingyang Town through his efforts, his hatred towards Lin Langtian was leaked, hence drawing killing intent.

Blood and fire enveloped the Lin Family.

An inner clan member wearing the clothes of the Lin Clan wore an indifferent expression as he thrust his longsword into Liu Yan’s body. As fresh blood sprayed, she did her best to shout at the young man nearby who was watching this disaster in a dazed manner, “Dong’er, quickly escape!”

Thick fear surged in his heart. He watched as a tall and thin man with a handsome face slowly walked over. The longsword in this man’s hands was still dripping with the blood of his family.

“Are you the Lin Dong who wanted to take revenge on me?” The handsome man stood before Lin Dong. A faint mocking expression appeared on his face, while his gaze seemed as if he was looking down at an ant.

“I will kill you!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were blood red. Deeply rooted hatred surged in his heart as he howled and charged at Lin Langtian. However, all he saw was the cold and mocking smile on the latter’s face.

“Lowly member of the branch family, you cannot even tell the difference between up and down. Staying in this world will only tarnish the name of my Lin Clan.”

A mocking voice sounded by Lin Dong’s ear. Soon after, a sharp sword swept forth and pierced his neck without the slightest hesitation. Fresh blood sprayed as he powerlessly fell to the ground. In a pool of his own blood, he saw Lin Xiao, Lin Zhentian and the rest kneeling nearby. Subsequently, that same sharp sword cut through their necks.

Heads fell one after another. Those widely opened eyes were filled with feelings of unresignment and despair.

His vision started descend into darkness. In the end, he faded together with his endless remorse.

In one life, there was no hatred between him and Lin Langtian. His talent was outstanding and in the end, he allowed the Lin Family to return to the Lin Clan through his efforts. Moreover, he ultimately also became the most dazzling person in the Lin Clan.

Under his management, the Lin Clan became the most powerful clan in the Great Yan Empire, while he too became the empire’s number one practitioner.

However, there was no Ying Huanhuan or Ling Qingzhu in this life.

At the very end, as his life reached its end, he lay down in a coffin under the countless sorrowful and respectful gazes of the Lin Clan members. However, the instant darkness filled his sights, he faintly felt that he seemed to have lost the most important thing.

Reincarnation. One life after another passed as if it would never end. Lin Dong’s consciousness fell into this Reincarnation and he could no longer find his true self.

He obtained glory before, he was lowly before, he received respect before, he was mocked by others before. He had been subjected to the myriad shapes and forms of life.

He experienced one life after another like a walking sack of meat. Only when each life reached its end, did he finally feel as if he was still unable to find something. Similarly, he had not found his true self.

Subsequently, he met Ling Qingzhu in one of these lives. However, it was merely a glimpse, and that preposterous night of passion in the stone tomb did not occur. The latter was still the unreachable fairy that seemed to have descended from the heavens, while he were merely one of the countless people who could only look up to her.

In that life, he was exceptionally ordinary. He achieved nothing and his life gloomily reached its end.

The wheel of reincarnation continued to turn. After experiencing an unknown number of reincarnations, a certain consciousness grew more and more murky, as if it would continue to fall in this manner for an eternity.

One life passed after another.

In this life, he once again became a disciple of Dao Sect. He once again saw that lively and pretty figure. Her jet-black ponytail seemed to bounce as if it could endlessly increase the vitality in one’s heart.

She was still the little princess of Dao Sect, while he appeared rather ordinary. However, when their eyes met within the crowd, he seemed to faintly tremble for a moment as indescribable feelings filled his heart.

He grew to like her.

As a result, he started to work hard in his cultivation. He started to separate himself from the ordinary, and distinguish himself from amongst the Dao Sect disciples. As his reputation amongst the Dao Sect disciples grew greater and greater, those pretty eyes that quietly observed him grew increasingly bright.

In the end, they became the two most enviable figures within Dao Sect.

They cultivated together and took on missions together. Amidst those life and death struggles, feelings bubbled forth.

Bright flowers as far as the eye could see covered the mountains at the back of Dao Sect. As the wind blew past, a fragrance immediately filled the area.

Lin Dong was seated within this sea of flowers. He looked to his front, where the graceful and soft figure of a young lady was skillfully dancing. Flowers filled the sky and seemed to dance along with the twisting of her waist as they gathered around her. The young lady’s clear as a silver bell like laughter was the most beautiful sound in this world.

His gaze was gentle as he watched the young lady. At this very moment, feelings so complicated that even he was unable to explain seemed to gush out from the depths of his heart. A heart tearing pain lay within the deepest part of these feelings.

His eyes unknowingly turned a little red.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

A clear voice rang out by his ear. The young lady’s large and pretty eyes looked at him in a puzzled manner, while her jet-black ponytail flickered beautifully under the rays of the sun.

As he gazed upon her face, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her hands. He was silent for a long time. In the end, he mumbled, “Marry me.”

When these words were spoken, he felt a special feeling that seemed to have passed through countless Reincarnations and heavily struck his heart.

She must be given happiness.

This feeling seemed to be saying these words.

The young lady was shocked by his sudden words. Soon after, her pretty face instantly turned scarlet red. Her large eyes contained a shy look, as she gently nodded her head.

The entire Dao Sect was immersed in celebration.

As the most outstanding disciple of Dao Sect. His marriage with the sect master’s daughter was clearly what everyone was hoping for.

In the bridal chamber filled with red candles, he gently lifted the brightly colored wedding veil, and gazed at the bashful and emotionally stirring pretty face under the red bridal curtains as his eyes involuntarily reddened once again.

Subsequently, under the shy and puzzled gaze of the bride, he lowered his head and took those soft lips with his own.

It was a night of passion. That soft groan of pain from the young lady embodied endless bliss.

The two were inseparable after the wedding. Those feelings of not wanting to part caused many to be envious. To have found a person to cherish in this world was indeed a kind of happiness akin to a dream that one was unwilling to wake up from.

However, Ying Huanhuan could feel that Lin Dong would suddenly become very silent at times. He would sit on a cliff in a daze, as he watched the numerous disciples within the sect cultivate with eyes that were somewhat lost.

However, every time his gaze turned to Ying Huanhuan, the lost look in his eyes would transform into a look of warmth. It was just that the depths of this warmth seemed to hide something that he did not dare to speak of.

“Are you hiding something from me?” She finally could not help but ask.

However, in response to her question, Lin Dong merely smiled faintly and gently pulled her into his arms. His gentleness made her feel as if she was flying, and she would no longer be able to remember why she was asking.

“I will make you happy forever.” Lin Dong buried his face into her long and fragrant jet-black hair as he secretly muttered in his heart.

One year after another passed, and in the blink of an eye it was the third year after their marriage.

On certain a cliff in Dao Sect, Ying Huanhuan’s white and slender legs gently swung to and fro at the edge of the cliff. She slightly tilted her head, and looked at the young man who was gazing at Dao Sect. The latter’s figure was giving off an increasingly stable feeling.

She pursed her lips and smiled as she looked at him, emanating the stirring aura of a lovely young married woman.

“Father says that given your cultivation progress, you will likely have the qualifications to succeed him in two years… at that time, will I have to call you great sect leader Lin?” She charmingly smiled and teased.

“Then you will become madam Lin.” Lin Dong smiled as his hand reached out and flicked her forehead. His eyes were filled with doting tenderness.

Ying Huanhuan grinned as she looked at him. She suddenly sighed and asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?”


“Do you not feel it? You seemed to have changed a little ever since our wedding. It’s not that change is not good, but you really treat me too well… it makes me feel as if you seem to be making up for something.” Ying Huanhuan was a little downcast as she spoke.

“I just want to let you know that you do not owe me anything. I love you… even more than I love myself.” Ying Huanhuan gently bit her red lips as she softly said.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face gradually stiffened at this moment. He gently caressed Ying Huanhuan’s face as he mumbled, “Why are you always so foolish…”

“Then will you tell me?” Ying Huanhuan softly asked.

Lin Dong was silent. He peered into the distance as extremely complicated feelings seemed surge in his pitch-black eyes. It was a long while later before he softly replied, “Are you willing to hear a story?”

“Um.” Ying Huanhuan nodded her little head.

Lin Dong smiled a bitter smile, and started to tell his story. In that story, there was also a person called Lin Dong. Likewise, there was also a girl called Ying Huanhuan. Moreover, the girl was the reincarnation of the Ice Master, one of the eight Ancient Masters, and there were also the terrifying Yimo...

In this story, the two of them were mostly apart and did not spend much time together. However, their feelings were just as sincere. In addition, they did not become husband and wife in the end like they had here.

His voice was a little gloomy and seemed to contain an endless sorrow.

Ying Huanhuan looked at the Lin Dong. Her eyes had unwittingly become completely red. In particular, when she heard that that Ying Huanhuan had ultimately ignited herself to send him into the Ancestral Road, crystal like tears were already rolling down her face.

“She doesn’t seem to listen to you much, you must be very angry with her right?” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were red as she asked.

“Yes… if they could die together in the end, it would also be a kind of happiness. It is after all better than leaving the sorrow to the one who lives to bear alone, that is… a really unbearable pain.” Lin Dong softly said.

“But some things cannot be avoided in the end. You must bear with this sorrow and she must also bear the pain of deceiving her true love.”

“Yea, I have no right to be angry at her…” Lin Dong was suddenly stunned for a moment, before he smiled, “It is only a story after all.”

Ying Huanhuan did not reply. Those large eyes of hers only silently watched him, as tears continued to fall, “The reality is… that we are on that Ancestral Road of Reincarnation right?”

“All of this… is fake, right?”

Lin Dong gazed at her. He pulled her tiny hand and placed it on his heart, “Can you not feel whether it is real or fake? Some things will never change even after a thousand Reincarnations.”

“Moreover, if this truly is Reincarnation, I would rather stay here forever.”

“All I want now is to accompany you, is that okay?”

Ying Huanhuan gently wiped at the tears on her face, smiling as she cried, “I have suddenly become very envious of that me in the story, what’s to be done?”

“I know that you want to make it up to me. However, that is not what I want even though I know that your feelings for me are equally true.” Ying Huanhuan softly chuckled, “Because, I am also her. Without these thoughts in your heart, all of this would never have appeared.”

“Moreover, she could ignite Reincarnation for you. Do you believe that I will allow you to stay in Reincarnation like this?”

Lin Dong looked at her. He had nothing to say. Even in Reincarnation, her character had not changed at all.

“Can I play a song for you? What she could not do in the end, I will do for her now.”

Ying Huanhuan released herself from Lin Dong’s hands. With a wave of her hand, an emerald green guqin appeared. She gently smiled at Lin Dong as the tears on her face glittered.

Slim hands slowly descended. Slender fingers swam across the zither, as a sad sound melodiously fluttered.

Her bouncing jet-black ponytail was just like the the first time they had met many years before. Like that once clear as a silver bell like laughter. Like that tender smile at that final moment when she ignited Reincarnation...

Lin Dong’s eyes had now become completely red, as an enormous sadness hammered at his eyes, causing his vision to blur. His body faintly trembled. Countless Reincarnations exploded in the depths of his mind, as his murky consciousness started to completely awaken at this very moment.

The lost look in those pitch-black eyes transformed into deepness. In the end, his gaze landed on the girl before him as tears flowed.

It was just like back then before Reincarnation. The scene of that very face that held a tender smile, while those same tears flowed within the burning flames.


He raised his head, as a heart tearing howl of pain echoed into the distance and resounded across the land. The grief contained within it caused even the sky to darken.

“Why! Why do you never listen to me!”

Tears frantically flowed as he threw himself forward and tightly hugged Ying Huanhuan. He could not longer suppress the feelings in his heart, and bawled like a helpless child.

Ying Huanhuan hugged his head as she pressed her cold wet chin on the top of his head. Tears dripped as she spoke through choked sobs, “How can you stay here after I’ve paid such a huge price. This kind of compensation is something that the both of us do not wish to see.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were blurry as he mumbled, “Let me accompany you in this life.”

“If I allow it, you will once again fall into that endless Reincarnation.” Ying Huanhuan’s fingertips gently touched his heart, “All of this is actually real, because it has happened in the deepest part of your heart. If you did not consider it, it would never have happened… I will also always stay here.”

“All of this is enough.”


Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes looked at Lin Dong, before her soft lips kissed his mouth as tears rolled down her face.

“Lin Dong, please awaken.”

Lin Dong tightly hugged the person in his embrace as if he wanted to hug her into his body, and deeply kissed her back.

On the cliff, a man and a woman were wrapped in each other’s embrace. A breeze blew past, causing the bright flowers that covered the mountain to gently sway as if in accompaniment to the melodious guqin music.

Bottomless light suddenly burst out from within Lin Dong’s body. The world started blur as the person in his arms turned increasingly incomporeal. Although Lin Dong tightly held her in his arms, he was still unable to stop her from fading.

“Thank you. I was very happy in this life. She should also feel this.”

The pretty figure turned more and more incorporeal, however, the smile on her pretty face contained endless reluctance and happiness. In the end, she faded away.

The world once again fell into darkness as if everything had returned to Primal Chaos.

Lin Dong silently knelt within that darkness. A long long time later, he finally slowly lifted his head, as a clear and bright light once again returned to his black eyes. He abruptly stood up as an unshakable determination surged.

I have walked all of Reincarnation solely to meet you.

No matter what, no matter how great the cost, even if I have to ascend the heavens or descend to the depths of hell,

I will bring you back!