Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1303: Success or Failure

Chapter 1303: Success or Failure


Chapter 1303: Success or Failure

Seas of people surged within Chaotic Demon Sea. This place had clearly become focus of the entire world’s attention.

Countless hope-filled individuals brought along their prayers as they travelled to this place. Subsequently, they raised their heads and stared at the gigantic formation in the sky. At this moment, a lifelike ice sculpture was seated quietly in the middle of the formation. In fact, it seemed as though her surroundings were completely frozen.

No one knew whether there were any signs of life remaining within the ice statue.

At the same time, they did not dare to probe. This was because over the last year, despair had gripped the entire world, and this ice statue was the final pillar of support keeping peace in the world.

Therefore, they simply could not imagine what a devastating sight it would be, if there were truly no signs of life within that ice statue.

However, they were clearly trying to deceive themselves. After all, regardless of whether she succeeded or failed, the end result would appear eventually. This was because the threat to this world was gradually approaching them.

Above the vast ocean surface, stood a sea of humans that stretched beyond the limits of one’s vision. Furthermore, as of now, this was the first time that their eyes were not locked on the lifelike ice statue. Instead, their eyes were filled with rich fear as they stared beyond the universe.

The originally azure sky had became a lot darker. In fact, everyone even saw that a crack was slowly growing within the void.

Meanwhile, the seal between the planes, which was blocking that crack, was becoming darker.

The place where the seal between the planes was located, was extremely far away. In fact, it was a place where even peak Reincarnation stage experts could not reach. However, as of now, they were all able to clearly see the crack between the planes. Evidently, this was because the seal between the planes was weakening and the demonic aura was gradually seeping through. Finally, that destroyer would descend into their world.

The dim sky was just like the source of despair. Immediately, a despairing expression climbed onto the faces of countless individuals. Could it be that there was no way they could avoid this calamity?

Some onlookers turned to look at the middle of the formation. At that spot, the ice statue continued to remain unbudging. It has already been one year… and they had depleted the strength of countless experts. However, the miracle that they were hoping for had yet to materialize. Perhaps, she has already failed?

A depressing and despairing atmosphere enveloped the sky.

“Huh? What is that?!”

Suddenly, some sharp and panicked cries sounded in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Immediately, countless individuals followed the din and lifted their heads. Subsequently, a shocked expression surged onto their faces.

This was because they saw that a stream of diabolical demonic aura had gushed in from the crack, that was located beyond the universe. After which, that stream of demonic aura actually penetrated the dim seal.

These demonic aura was extremely frightening. In fact, even the hot sun in the sky lost its luster the moment it appeared. Soon after, a crack appeared on the seal between the planes.

When this crack appeared, numerous individuals felt like their heads had exploded. This was because they saw that there was an enormous eye behind that crack looking at them coldly.

That enormous diabolical eye rotated slightly. Immediately, everyone felt a cold chill sweep past their bodies. In fact, due to that cold chill, the Yuan Power within their bodies seemingly froze for a moment.

Countless individuals were trembling in fear, while their faces were completely pale. This was because other than the Yimo Emperor, who was once sealed by the Symbol Ancestor, who else could possess such terrifying strength?

His gaze was so cold and merciless, that it looked just like a devil surveying an army of ants. In a short period of time, his gaze swept across the entire world before it finally paused on the huge formation in the sky above the Chaotic Demon Sea. Accurately speaking, his gaze was locked on the ice statue in the middle of the formation.

When he saw that lifelike statue, dense ripples finally surged within that large evil eye. Clearly, it detected a familiar fluctuation from that ice statue.


The sound of demonic thunder seemingly sounded outside the universe. When the crowd realized that large evil eye had locked its sight on the ice statue, their scalps turned numb immediately.

“What is he trying to do?!”

Someone exclaimed in shock. After which, dense demonic aura forcefully gushed out from the seal between the planes, before it transformed into a pale looking hand.

This hand was humongous. Meanwhile, it wasn’t wrapped by a large amount of demonic aura. However, it gave off the sensation that it could annihilate the world.

That pale hand forcefully stretched through the seal between the planes, which had yet to be completely destroyed, before it penetrated the void and slammed down towards the large formation, that was located in the sky above the Chaotic Demon Sea.

It turns out that he wanted to kill the Ice Master, who was currently trying to break into the Ancestor stage!

Clearly, he knew that the Ice Master was attempting to break into the Ancestor stage in a bid to oppose him!

There was no way he would allow a similar situation to occur for the second time!

“He is about to attack the Ice Master!”

Countless individuals involuntarily cried out in panic, while their eyes became completely red. The Ice Master’s attempt to break into the Ancestor stage was the final pillar of hope for the entire world. Therefore, if she was interrupted at this moment, they would lose all hope.

“Stop him!”

Countless powerful practitioners roared. Though they felt fearful in their hearts, at a desperate moment like this, they went crazy instead. Promptly, countless rushing wind sounds appeared before many glowing figures rushed forward like a swarm of locust. Following which, countless resplendent Yuan Power pillars streaked across the sky, before they smashed ruthlessly against the pale large hand penetrating through the void.

Bang bang bang!

Tens of thousands of maniacal attacks landed on the pale large hand. However, they could not even shake that large hand. Instead, the Yimo Emperor hand completely ignored these ant like attacks and headed straight for the large formation.


The sea region below was forcefully split apart, before a several hundred thousand feet large swirl was forcefully formed. In fact, all the seawater within a several hundred thousand feet radius was forcefully squished together.

The large pale hand moved at an extremely rapid pace. It penetrated through various obstacles before it finally landed on the huge formation in front of countless despairing pairs of eyes.


The formation was unable to offer any form of resistance as the outermost light barrier collapsed instantly. Immediately, all the peak experts, who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage, coughed out blood. Following which, their bodies shot backwards in a miserable fashion, before all of them fell into the sea below.

The Life Death Master’s group suddenly opened their eyes. Following which, a stern cry sounded before their hand seals quickly changed. Then, they linked their hands before a frightening energy swept forward.

“Ancestor Protection!”

A mighty light erupted from within their bodies before it transformed into an ancient glowing figure. Following which, that figure enveloped and protected them.

When that large pale hand landed on that ancient light figure, it finally stopped. However, the ancient light figure merely lasted for a moment, before dense cracks began to appear.

Traces of blood were flowing out from the nostrils of the Ancient Masters. Even though only one hand had penetrated the seal between the planes, it was already this terrifying. He was indeed a super existence, who was so powerful that their teacher had to ignite his Reincarnation in order to deal with him.

The blood flowing out from their nostrils grew thicker and thicker. When they realized that the light figure was about to collapse, a helpless expression flashed across their eyes. This was because they were completely exhausted.

In the next instant, the light figure suddenly exploded. After which, the bodies of the Life Death Master’s group suddenly wilted before blood spurted out from every opening in their bodies. After which, they vomited blood before their bodies fell from the sky, like birds with broken wings.

As their bodies fell, they saw that the pale large hand had eventually smashed heavily against the ice statue.

Is it all over?

This thought flashed across their minds, before helplessness and despair surged into their hearts.

“Is it all over?”

When they saw this sight, numerous experts felt their bodies turn cold, while their eyes lost all luster. Following which, a crisp sound appeared in their hearts. It was the sound created when the final glimmer of hope in their hearts was shattered.

Countless individuals were in shock. Their bodies swayed, appearing as though they were about to collapse at any moment.

All of a sudden, just as the world descended into complete silence, a clear and crisp sound appeared. It was the sound of ice being shattered…

Some people, who were in shock, quickly turned their heads. Promptly, their stunned eyes shrunk intensely, while their bodies trembled. This was because they saw that beneath that large pale hand, ice fragments were drifting downwards like an icy downpour. Moreover, at that spot, an alluring figure, who had been sealed in ice for one year, had showed up once again. Meanwhile, her long crystal like hair was dancing with the wind.


At this moment, resplendent icy blue light swept across the entire place before it forcefully stopped the descending Yimo Emperor hand. Soon after, ice and snow flowed, before the Yimo Emperor hand was actually forced backwards.

“Ice Master!”

“The Ice Master has awakened!”

“Did she succeed?!”

Countless individuals stared at this shocking scene. For the first time, the Yimo Emperor’s attack was actually stopped and even pushed back. Therefore, an uproar erupted in the Chaotic Demon Sea instantly. Following which, countless joyous and excited cheers echoed across the sea like thunder, stirring up huge waves on the surface of the ocean.

While she was being stared at by countless pairs of eyes, that were so excited that they began to tremble, an alluring icy blue figure shot towards the sky. Following which, a terrifying cold aura began to spread across the world.

The ocean below her was frozen instantaneously, before the ice began to spread at a frightening speed. In fact, everything within a hundred thousand feet radius was frozen immediately. However, when they saw how formidable her powers were, this caused countless individuals to rejoice.


That alluring icy blue figure dashed forward, before she threw a palm forward and clashed head-on with the Yimo Emperor hand.

The world seemingly collapsed the moment this clash occurred. Moreover, the Yimo Emperor hand was forced back once again, while layers after layers of ice spread across that large pale hand. Finally, that hand was completely sealed in ice.

The Yimo Emperor hand trembled violently, before it quickly fled and withdrew back into the seal between the planes. After which, the cold aura followed and plugged the crack on the seal.

“It’s actually the Ancestor fluctuation…”

“However, this is still lacking compared to the Symbol Ancestor. After thousands of years, are you the strongest person in your plane?”

“This emperor will personally descend in one month’s time. That day shall be the doomsday of your plane.”

After the crack was sealed with ice, an indifferent voice sounded from behind the crack, before it reverberated through the world.

When they heard this voice, which had originated from beyond the sky, countless individuals descended into silence. Meanwhile, intense fear surged within their hearts. However, their eyes brightened when they saw that alluring icy blue figure standing in the sky. As long as the Ice Master was protecting them, it should be possible for the world to stop the Yimo Emperor, right?

With fervent hope in their eyes, countless individuals stared intently at that alluring figure. In fact, some people even knelt down involuntarily. At this moment, it was as if she had became their goddess.

Standing in the sky, Ying Huanhuan was staring at the broken seal between the planes. All of a sudden, a pale colour suddenly flashed across her face. Following which, her body trembled before she vomited a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, the colour of her blood was actually icy blue.

Ying Huanhuan was staggering. After which, in front of countless bewildered pairs of eyes, she flew backwards. Meanwhile, blood mists continuously erupted across the surface of her delicate body.

Located in the distant back mountain of Qingyang Town, a figure covered with dust suddenly opened his eyes. In the next instant, silver light surged around him before he vanished into thin air.

In the sky above the Chaotic Demon Sea, Ying Huanhuan’s delicate figure was falling from the sky. At this moment, her eyes were gently shut and it seemed as though she had no intention of controlling her body. Following which, in the next instant, she felt herself falling into an embrace, which was filled with a familiar scent.

At this moment, she finally opened her pretty icy blue eyes. After which, she saw that man’s face, a face which was imprinted deeply into her soul.

“You are here.” She looked at him and softly said. Meanwhile, her voice was exceptionally gentle and warm, and was not icy cold at all.

“You… did you fail?”

Lin Dong was hugging her. When he saw the icy blue blood on the corner of her lips, his heart shuddered involuntarily. At this moment, he realized that although Ying Huanhuan’s strength had reached a frightening level, she had not truly reached the Ancestor stage. Otherwise, she would not have been wounded by the Yimo Emperor till such an extent.

Currently, Ying Huanhuan was just like a little cat as she curled and snuggled in Lin Dong’s embrace. Meanwhile, her icy pretty face was leaning against his warm chest, while an enchanting smile appeared on her lips. Her delicate arms were gently wrapped around Lin Dong’s neck. After which, she elegantly lifted her snow white neck, before her gentle lips imprinted themselves on Lin Dong’s lips. Finally, icy cold tears rolled down her pretty face.

“No… I succeeded.”