Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1302: A Year

Chapter 1302: A Year


Chapter 1302: A Year

The sky above Chaotic Demon Sea.

Compared to the rather unknown small Qingyang Town, this place was basically the focus of the entire world's attention. This was because one of the eight ancient masters, the Ice Master, would attempt to break into the Ancestor stage here!

This was also the final hope of the countless lives in this world.

A black sea of people spread over the sea, practically covering the entire sea region below. At this moment, all of them were anxiously looking towards the sky above. Many figures were seated in the sky, while powerful auras spread and covered the entire place.

These people were basically all at the Reincarnation stage. They were clearly the top fighting force of this world.

Countless figures stood quietly in the middle of the sky. The atmosphere was a little silent.

Ying Huanhuan looked at the heavens as cold light flowed within her pretty crystal like eyes. It seemed as though she could see the seal between the planes far far away.

The seal was gradually weakening.

“Let’s prepare to begin.” Ying Huanhuan withdrew her eyes and looked towards the Life Death Master and the rest.

Her current voice contained a bone-chilling iciness, and not even the slightest emotional fluctuations could be heard within it. This made her appear like a block of ten thousand year ice. It was as if all of her emotions had been frozen.

The Life Death Master’s group could not help but let out a bitter laugh upon seeing Ying Huanhuan’s condition. She had become like this ever since she had returned from the Western Xuan Region.

“I wonder if that little fellow Lin Dong is trying to pass the three Reincarnation Tribulations… he really is a lunatic.” The Spatial Master muttered.

Ying Huanhuan lowered her pretty eyes as though she did not hear anything. However, the sudden increase in the surrounding Cold Qi betrayed the fluctuations in her heart.

She was clearly unable to truly maintain her sealed heart in the face of that name.

“I say… why don’t you let Lin Dong try? He already has the qualifications. Isn’t the reason he trained so crazily because he wanted to prevent this scene from occuring? Why did you reject him at such a time?’ The Flame Master finally sighed and said.

“You should say a little less.” The Life Death Master frowned. She looked at the ice like Ying Huanhuan and quietly sighed in her heart. Lin Dong was admittedly suffering, but so was Ying Huanhuan.

However, what else could she possibly do now?

“Let’s get ready.”

Ying Huanhuan merely stared at the sea of people below, and spoke in a faint voice. After which, she finally lifted her head, and looked in the direction of the Eastern Xuan Region. Her hand clenched tightly as her nails pierced into her palm. Dark red blood rolled down her fingertips, transforming into a dark red ice bead which turned into dust.

She sat down in the air. Seeing this, everyone present suddenly became quiet. The Life Death Master’s group sat in a circle around her, while the countless experts also sat down in the air, forming another outer circle. They seemed to form an extremely huge formation.

“Eight great Ancestral Symbols.”

Ying Huanhuan opened her red lips slightly as her icy voice echoed.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh.

Rushing wind sounds appeared, and rays of light shot out one after another. In the end, they hovered in the sky. The light faded, and they turned into many ancient symbols.

Nearby, Mu Lingshan also gently bit her lip. Her figure moved as light erupted from within her body. She turned into an ancient white and black symbol and charged forward.

Eight Ancestral Symbols rotated in the sky as endless power pulsated outwards.

“Nine great divine objects.”

The Ancestral Stone, Great Desolate Tablet, Darkness Saint Scythe, King Destroying Heavenly Plate, Chaos Stone Axe… renown and powerful divine objects from that ancient era appeared one after another. Finally, they formed a circle of light outside of the eight Ancestral Symbols.

Light shined from the Ancestral Symbols and divine objects and started extend. It ultimately converged into a giant and extremely complicated formation. Ying Huanhuan was coincidentally seated at the middle of the formation.

“Formation activate!”

Upon hearing this icy voice, all the Reincarnation stage peak experts in the outer ring responded in unison. A thought passed through their minds as vast and mighty Yuan Power swept out. The entire sea immediately started to rage. Giant hundred thousand feet waves rose and crashed as viscous Yuan Power poured endlessly into the formation.

Buzz buzz.

A hundred thousand feet large light circle slowly spread in the sky, an extremely spectacular sight.

The endless Yuan Power also began to circulate within the formation. Finally, it turned into many pillars of light, which merged into the middle of the formation where Ying Huanhuan was located.

The six men Ancient Masters group formed a seal with their hands when they saw this. Six viscous beams of light shot out from their palms. After which, they merged into Ying Huanhuan’s body.


Following the influx of this frightening energy, layer after layer of ice began to appear on the surface of Ying Huanhuan’s body. Solid ice gradually covered her and buried her entire body.

Her vision gradually became blurry. Ying Huanhuan used her final bit of consciousness to look towards the distant east. Nostalgia filled her eyes, while a faint smile surfaced on her lips.

Solid ice finally swallowed her body, and a life like ice statue was left in the sky. However, no one rested. The huge formation continued to rotate at full speed as if it did not know the meaning of exhaustion.

Countless hopeful eyes looked at the ice statue. This was their final hope.


The mountains at the back of Qingyang Town.

Lin Dong was seated atop a lonely peak as he observed the clouds and other mountain peaks around him. The state of his heart gradually became calm. Soon after, he turned his head to look at Ling Qingzhu’s group at the edge of a cliff in the distance. With a faint smile, he slowly shut his eyes.

The Reincarnation Tribulations occurred within one’s body, and there would be no earth shaking disturbances. However, it was the thing that every peak Reincarnation stage expert feared the most. This was because it was impossible to escape once one fell into Reincarnation. One would forget about one’s original self until one’s physical body rotted away and death truly came.

No one in this world dared to imagine experiencing three Reincarnation Tribulations simultaneously. Besides the Ice Master, no one had ever succeeded ever since that ancient era.

The moment Lin Dong shut his eyes, the Yuan Power ripples surging around him completely disappeared. Even his presence had completely vanished at this moment.

Clouds occasionally drifted over and concealed his body. At this very moment, he seemed to have disappeared from this world. No one was able to detect him.

Everyone on the cliff watched as Lin Dong’s presence disappeared. They understood that he had begun to experience the Reincarnation Tribulations. Soon after, Little Marten waved his sleeve and a bright light barrier covered the place, isolating the lone mountain.

“He will have to rely on himself next…” Little Marten looked at Ling Qingzhu’s group and said.

“Big brother Lin Dong will definitely succeed!” Qingtan said with matchless certainty. She always had a sort of blind faith in Lin Dong.

Ling Qingzhu also smiled faintly as she softly said, “This will likely take a long time. I will also use the opportunity to train.”

She looked at the vaguely visible figure on the lone mountain. I have always let you do things yourself. Allow me to help you this time.

She moved and appeared on another towering mountain. After which, she sat down. She shut her pretty eyes and a mysterious fluctuation quietly spread.

“We will quietly wait for you.”

Little Marten sighed softly upon seeing this. All they could do now was wait.

Time rapidly flowed.

Time stealthily passed in the world. As time elapsed, the pressure in the world grew greater and greater. An increasing number of people could feel gradual approach of the the figure of destruction from space.

The countless people of this world panicked in the face of that figure of destruction. If not for the hope left in Chaotic Demon Sea, the world would have probably fallen into complete chaos.

An increasing number of strong individuals began to hurry towards Chaotic Demon Sea. They really wished to know if the Ice Master would be able to successfully advance to the Ancestor stage.

Chaotic Demon Sea had also become unprecedentedly lively and crowded. This was especially the case for the sea region where the formation was located. Almost every island was covered with a sea of people. Many pairs of anxious and worried eyes were focused on the sky.

There was no activity from the ice statue at the middle of the huge formation. She was akin to a bottomless pit, allowing the frightening energy to continue pouring into her. However, she did not show any signs of awakening.

This situation undoubtedly left everyone a little uneasy. However, there was nothing they could but wait.

Time flew by, and half a year passed.

While the atmosphere in Chaotic Demon Sea gradually became a little uneasy, the peaceful mountains at the back of Qingyang Town was likewise rather calm. The figure on the lone peak was now covered in dust.

Little Marten’s group stood at the edge of a cliff. A great amount of change had occurred to Lin Dong’s body over the past half a year. Initially, his body had become older at a frightening speed. His black hair turned grayish-white, while an intense aura of death emanated from him.

That scene had caused their hearts to jump to their throats. Fortunately, when this aging reached the limit, Lin Dong gradually begun to recover. However… this recovery was a little overboard. His originally mature and determined face had become young and tender. This appearance of that of Lin Dong in his youth.

During the subsequent period of time, Lin Dong’s body continued to mysteriously change between old and young. Little Marten’s group could vaguely feel the interior of Lin Dong’s body undergo a drastic transformation while his outer appearance was changed.

The reason for such a transformation was definitely because of an unusual trial within Reincarnation.

Such a trial could not be seen nor touched. However, the danger involved was sufficient to frighten anyone.

Time continued to pass. The ice statue in Chaotic Demon Sea and the ever changing figure in Qingyang Town still showed no signs of awakening.

Another five months passed in the same manner.

The atmosphere of the world had gradually become tense, while an indescribable aura spread. Many people had even stopped doing anything. The vast and endless Chaotic Demon Sea was now overcrowded with people.

Countless pairs of fanatical eyes were filled with anticipation as they watched the ice statue in the sky. Some had even kneeled down and started praying for a miracle to appear.

Less and less time remained. An incomparably huge crack was slowly torn open in the distant emptiness of space.

Demonic Qi surged behind the crack. An evil eye seemed to be coldly looking at the world which it had once stepped on.