Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1300: Decision

Chapter 1300: Decision


Chapter 1300: Decision

Wild gales blew across the large desert, while yellow sand permeated the place. Meanwhile, countless powerful experts from the alliance army had pale expressions on their faces as they stared at the huge ice mirror in the sky. As of now, although the seal between the planes was still reflected in the ice mirror, as the ancient glowing figure slowly disappeared, it was clear that the main backbone of the formation would gradually weaken.

After its backbone was broken, was the seal between the planes still able to block the Yimo Emperor, who had already escaped from his own seal?

In fact, once the seal between the planes breaks, and the Yimo Emperor descends into this world once again, was there anyone in this world who could stop him?

Countless individuals had pale expressions on their faces, while their eyes were all filled with despair. Was this the end result of all their hard work?

Standing in the sky, when the Life Death Master’s group saw this scene, all of them sighed quietly. After which, they lifted their heads, before they looked at the delicate and alluring figure in the sky. Currently, she was standing in the sky, while her crystal long hair was dancing with the wind. At this juncture, she was most likely the only one who could possibly reverse the situation.

Perhaps it was because they had detected where the Life Death Master’s group had directed their attention, countless experts from the alliance army also began to turn their heads, before they focused their attention on Ying Huanhuan. After all, based on the words left behind by the Symbol Ancestor before he vanished, it was clear that the key to turning things around lied with the legendary Ice Master.

Perhaps she was the only one who had the ability to turn the situation around, and save every living being in this world from the miserable fate of being enslaved by the Yimo.

Lin Dong looked at the countless pairs of eyes that had turned towards Ying Huanhuan, before he realized that their eyes were all filled with anticipation and hope. It was the only glimmer of hope that they could see amidst the despair.

However, the weight of everyone’s expectations and hope had seemingly created an invisible and massive pressure. This pressure was as heavy as a mountain and it was pressing heavily on her tender shoulders.

Lin Dong stared at the lovely figure standing in the sky, before his heart began to ache. Promptly, he clenched his teeth gently before he turned his head.

Standing in the sky, while she was being stared at by countless individuals with hope in their eyes, Ying Huanhuan slowly lowered her head. However, she did not look at these people, who were now regarding her as the savior of the world. Instead, all she did was to look at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was looking into the horizon and it seemed as though he had not detected her actions.

However, she showed no signs of turning away. Meanwhile, countless individuals in this place were shocked as they turned to look at Lin Dong in bewilderment. Clearly, they could not fathom the relationship between the two of them.

The stalemate between the two of them continued for a long time. Finally, Lin Dong curled his lips, before he turned around and looked directly at Ying Huanhuan. Meanwhile, the latter’s crystal clear eyes were quietly staring at his. In fact, it seemed as though there was an extremely complicated emotion flowing within them.

However, when Lin Dong saw her eyes, he felt a flash of uncertainty within his heart.

“Currently, the Yimo Emperor has broke free of his seal and he is eyeing this world from outside the crack between the planes. However, if the Yimo Emperor wants to destroy the seal left behind by teacher, he would need at least a year to do so.” Ying Huanhuan’s voice reverberated through the sky, causing everyone to rejoice while fretting at the same time.

They were rejoicing because they still had one year left. However, they were fretting over what would happen after one year.

“As of now, the alliance army is of little use. If we want to stop doomsday from arriving in one year’s time, there is only one solution.” Ying Huanhuan lowered her pretty eyes before she softly said, “That’s to create another Symbol Ancestor.”

Countless experts were speechless when they heard this. After all, everyone knew that the calamity could be avoided if there was another Symbol Ancestor. However, how could it be so easy to reach the Symbol Ancestor’s cultivation level?

Lin Dong stared intently at Ying Huanhuan, while the uneasy sensation in his heart slowly intensified.

“Next, I will activate all the energy in this world, join forces with the Ancient Masters, the eight great Ancestral Symbols, nine ancient divine objects…” Ying Huanhuan suddenly clenched her hands and shouted. Meanwhile, her icy cold voice sounded sterner than before.

“Assist me in becoming an Ancestor!”


An earth shaking commotion promptly erupted within the alliance army. In fact, rich and dense shock promptly surged out from within their eyes. However, soon after, wild and unrestrained joy began to climb onto their faces. If Ying Huanhuan was truly able to advance to the legendary Ancestor stage, wouldn’t that mean that there would be a second Symbol Ancestor in this world?!

The Life Death Master’s group was in shock as they stared at Ying Huanhuan. Was she finally going to mobilize that power in an attempt to break into the Ancestor stage?

“Attempting to break into the Ancestor stage…”

When Lin Dong heard Ying Huanhuan’s words, waves were also stirred within his heart. In fact, it was a long while later before he finally calmed down. After which, he clenched his teeth and said, “What are the odds that you will successfully break into the Ancestor stage? Moreover, what will happen to you if you fail?”

Ying Huanhuan used her crystal like pretty eyes to look at Lin Dong before she replied, “Thirty percent. If I fail… my Reincarnation will shatter and I will perish.”

Immediately, the joyous atmosphere in the desert froze. Thirty percent? Why was it so low? Countless experts looked at each other, before they promptly gave a bitter laugh. It seems like they were overly optimistic. After all, how could it be so easy to advance to the Ancestor stage? In fact, even a legendary figure like the Ice Master only had such a low chance of success..

Moreover, the consequences should one fail were far too horrifying…

Lin Dong stared intently at Ying Huanhuan. This was something that he had anticipated. However, he still felt that something was amiss. Hence, he hesitated for a moment before asking, “What happens if you succeed?”

Ying Huanhuan’s crystal like eyes seemingly shrunk at this moment, before she said, “If I succeed, it means that I have succeeded. What more do you want to know?”

“Life Death Master, may I ask if she is telling the truth?”

Lin Dong looked at the Life Death Master’s group and asked. The latter hesitated for a moment, before she sighed quietly and said, “Little junior sister, at this juncture, there is no longer a need to hide it from him. If you fail in your attempt to break into the Ancestor stage, your Reincarnation will be shattered. However, if you succeed, it is likely that all your emotions will be frozen as well. In fact, teacher mentioned this before, that you are different from the rest of us.”


Lin Dong involuntarily clenched his fists while a trace of fury flashed across his eyes. Following which, he stared intently at Ying Huanhuan before he chuckled, “How noble of you.”

Putting it in this way, regardless of the outcome, there would be no happy ending. Why was this woman always behaving like this!

When Ying Huanhuan saw the fury burning within Lin Dong’s eyes, she did not back away as she continued to stare back at him. Meanwhile, there was unquestioning determination within her eyes.

This staredown lasted for a moment, before Lin Dong’s expression suddenly lightened up. This was because he could see the helplessness and hesitation hidden beneath her determined exterior. Therefore, he softened his voice and asked, “Can it be someone else?”

“Is there anyone else that is a better candidate than me?” Ying Huanhuan’s crescent like eyebrow lifted haughtily before she asked.

“Currently, I am a pretty decent candidate, right?” Lin Dong clenched his teeth and said.

Indeed, as of now, he had advanced to the Divine Palace Master level. Perhaps, he was a little weaker than Ying Huanhuan. However, as of now, there was no way he would lose out to any of the other Ancient Masters.

“No way!”

Ying Huanhuan straightened her crescent shaped eyebrows, before she rejected him without hesitation.

“You!” Lin Dong became outraged as he cried out, “Are you really itching to become the savior of the world?”

“This is my destiny.” Ying Huanhuan softly replied.

Lin Dong clenched his hands tightly. Meanwhile, his body was trembling as he stared at Ying Huanhuan. A long while later, he suddenly inhaled a deep breath of air, before the expression on his face became a lonely and downtrodden one. His voice was a little hoarse as he said, “Is this your final decision?”

It is obvious that I currently possess the qualifications. Why must you insist on acting this way?

When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong’s downtrodden expression, she involuntarily clenched her jade like hands, before she gritted her teeth and slowly nodded her head.

Lin Dong gave a faint smile. Meanwhile, there was lethargy in his smile, which could not be concealed. Promptly, an indifferent expression appeared on his face as he said, “In that case, good luck.” After he spoke, he turned around and prepared to leave.

“Wait. During the final stage, I will require the strength of the Ancestor Stone and the Ancestral Symbols. I hope that you can control them and assist me.” When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong turning around to leave, a bitter sensation gushed into her icy cold heart. However, she forcefully suppressed her emotions before she promptly spoke up.

Lin Dong’s body trembled gently. He turned around before he stared at Ying Huanhuan lethargically. Right now, up against his gaze, even Ying Huanhuan did not dare to meet his eyes head-on. Instead, she gently averted her eyes.

“Can I ask you one final question?”

“Go ahead.”

Lin Dong slowly clenched his fist. Then, he stared at Ying Huanhuan before he articulated every word clearly, “Right now, are you the Ice Master or Ying Huanhuan?”

Ying Huanhuan descended into silence.

Countless experts within the alliance army looked at the both of them. Clearly, they realized that there was a complicated relationship between the two of them. They turned to look at each other though they did not dare to speak up.

Lin Dong looked at Ying Huanhuan, who had descended into silence. As if he came to a sudden comprehension, he gave a faint smile before he said, “It’s just as well. Allow her to remain in my heart then. Thank you.”

After he spoke, Lin Dong flicked his arm. Immediately, three ancient symbols shot out from within his body and flew towards Ying Huanhuan. Finally, a trace of blood flashed across Lin Dong’s finger, before he gently drew a line in midair.

As that blood line was drawn, the three Ancestral Symbols suddenly shook violently. Faintly, buzzing noises erupted while an unwilling emotion spread.


Lin Dong covered his mouth and coughed. A trace of blood had actually appeared on the corner of his lips, while his face had also became much paler. It turns out he was actually unilaterally severing his connection with the three Ancestral Symbols.

“Lin Dong!”

“Brother Lin Dong!”

“Big brother!”

Ling Qingzhu, Qingtan, Little Flame and the rest had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw this.

Lin Dong waved his hand, before he once again jerked his arm. Following which, the Ancestor Stone, Great Desolate Tablet and Mysterious Divine Palace shot out. Finally, he spoke in a faint voice, “Go and help her.”

“Lin Dong, you…” Yan appeared in a flash. He looked at Lin Dong before he said anxiously.

Lin Dong smiled and said, “There is something that I must do as well and I’m afraid that I cannot be in two places at once. Hence, this is the only way.”

“What are you going to do?” Yan quickly asked.

“Pass the Reincarnation Tribulations.” Lin Dong softly said.

Yan was stunned. He looked at Lin Dong’s expression before an uneasy sensation suddenly surged, “Pass the first Reincarnation Tribulation?”

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head, before he replied, “All three of them.”

Yan was stunned. Meanwhile, standing in the sky, Ying Huanhuan, who was staring in shock at the three Ancestral Symbols in front of her, suddenly trembled.

“Lord Ice Master, I hope that you will succeed. Since there is nothing left for me to do, I will be making a move first.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands towards Ying Huanhuan. After which, he did not linger on. His body moved before he transformed into a ray of light and flew swiftly out of the Western Xuan Region.

Qingtan, Ling Qingzhu, Little Flame and Little Marten quickly followed behind upon seeing this.

Countless individuals were speechless when they saw this development. Clearly, they did not understand why things had developed until this stage.

Ying Huanhuan extended her icy cool long hand, before she grabbed the three Ancestral Symbols, Ancestor Stone and the other divine objects. Her crystal like pretty eyes were a little absent-minded as she looked at the man, who was disappearing into the horizon. Suddenly, a terrible sensation rose within her heart, and it caused her to bite her red lips. In fact, traces of crimson red blood began to seep forth.

While she was being stared at by countless onlookers, she gently lifted her pretty face before she used a voice, that was only audible to her, and muttered to herself.

“I have always been lying to you… sorry… truly, I deserve to be hated…”