Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1299: Leaving a Way Out

Chapter 1299: Leaving a Way Out


Chapter 1299: Leaving a Way Out

The light pillar of destruction tore through the sky and flew into the distance. However, the entire world was still affected by the deafening rumbling voice left behind by the Heaven Seat King prior to his death. Moreover, that voice was filled with excitement and brutality.

In the ancient times, in order to win the great world war, the world paid an extremely frightening price. In fact, countless top practitioners died and the legendary Symbol Ancestor even had to ignite his Reincarnation in order to draw a close to the war. However, was the scene from before about to be re-enacted right now?

Standing in the desert, numerous individuals were staring at the sky with pale looking faces. Although they were unable to see beyond the sky, they could vaguely detect a scent filled with despair. After all, they knew that if the Yimo Emperor descended into this world, it was likely that there was no one who was able to stop him.

Could it be that the countless living beings in this world would have to suffer the miserable fate of being enslaved by the Yimo tribe?

“Yimo Emperor… he has actually escaped from his seal…”

With a lost expression in their eyes, the Ancient Masters stared at the universe. Meanwhile, a trace of fear was actually present within their eyes. If they were only up against the Devil Prison, they still possessed some degree of confidence that they could exterminate their enemies. However, as of now, even their desire to fight was greatly extinguished.

This was all because of two words, “Yimo Emperor”. After all, they have been through the earth shaking ancient great world war, and they clearly knew just how frightening the Yimo Emperor was.

Lin Dong looked at the countless individuals, who had sunk into despair instantly, before he involuntarily clenched both his hands tightly. It seems like they have been played for a fool. All along, they believed that the Heaven Seat King and his gang were their final opponents. However, the latter and his gang had no intentions of fighting against them. Instead, their plan was both manical and terrifying. In fact, victory will definitely be theirs if they succeed.

This was because there was no one in this world who could block the footsteps of the Yimo Emperor.

“Everyone, there is no need to be overly worried. Even if they use all their strength, the seal between the planes was created by teacher. Therefore, how can it be destroyed so easily?”

Just as the crowd sunk into despair, an icy cold voice suddenly sounded. Subsequently, everyone saw Ying Huanhuan rub off the trace of blood on the corner of her lips, before her crystal clear pretty eyes turned to look beyond the universe.

Ying Huanhuan formed a seal with her hands. All of a sudden, the cold aura in the sky agglomerated and transformed into a massive ice mirror. In fact, the ice mirror was crystal clear and it looked as though both the moon and sun were travelling past it. Finally, the image on the mirror slowly darkened, as if it was reflecting a dark and empty void.

Within the dark void, the crowd gradually saw a towering, seemingly endless ancient formation. That formation looked extremely obscure and when one took a single glance, it caused one’s Yuan Power to boil. In fact, one’s Yuan Power nearly showed signs of going berserk.

Many rays of light were stacked on top of each other, before they blocked everything behind that formation. However, the crowd was still able to vaguely spot a huge crack behind that formation. Moreover, that crack looked just like the mouth of an evil devil and there was endless evilness sputtering out from within. However, they were all firmly blocked by the ancient formation and could not invade this world.

“Is this… the seal between the planes left behind by the legendary Symbol Ancestor?” Everyone looked at this mighty formation within the dark void, before they muttered to themselves.


Clearly, the scene reflected within this light mirror was the scene that took place previously. Therefore, the crowd promptly saw the light pillar of destruction streak across the dark empty void before it ruthlessly smashed against the ancient formation, just like hundreds of thousands of meteorites.


Even though they were at a great distance away, everyone could feel the world tremble the instant the collision took place. In fact, all the natural Yuan Power in the world quickly fled and scattered.

The crowd was staring intently at the ancient formation. Meanwhile, they felt as though their hearts had reached their throats. This was because the seal left behind by the Symbol Ancestor was their final hope. In fact, if this seal was really broken, then every living being in this world was doomed.

After the light pillar of destruction collided with the formation, everyone saw a hundred thousand feet tall energy wave sweep out from within the seal like a thunderstorm.

Meanwhile, an ancient glow erupted from within the seal at this moment. That light looked extremely obscure and they seemingly transformed into a glowing elderly figure, who was so tall that he extended beyond one’s sight. Following which, that large glowing figure swiped his enormous hand, before that destructive shockwave stealthily disappeared.


When the Life Death Master’s group saw this elderly figure, they were momentarily stunned as they muttered.

Soon after, many destructive shockwaves continuously swept forward. However, they were repeatedly blocked by that glowing figure. In fact, it seemed like the two of them were in a stalemate.

Everyone was staring at this stalemate with their hearts in their mouths. Meanwhile, unwittingly, their hands were all drenched with cold sweat.

Lin Dong was also staring intently at the scene reflected in the mirror, without even blinking his eyes. He had been to that place before. In the past, when he was refining the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he had been to that place and he had personally experienced just how frightening the seal formation was.

Therefore, although the devil avatar’s self-destruction was also extremely terrifying, it was likely no simple feat to break the seal?

The stalemate continued for a long time. Subsequently, everyone saw that the light pillar of destruction was gradually weakening. Clearly, its strength was being slowly exhausted.

Earth shaking cheers immediately erupted in the desert. Indeed, even though the Heaven Seat King used all his techniques, it was clearly easier said than done when it came to breaking the Symbol Ancestor seal.

Regardless, there was no way the Heaven Seat King could hold a candle to the Symbol Ancestor.

Nonetheless, when Lin Dong heard the earth shaking roars, he did not let his guard down. Instead, he continued to stare intently at the ice mirror. Meanwhile, as he stared at the ancient glowing light figure above the seal, an uneasy sensation suddenly surged within his heart.

Why was he feeling queasy?

Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at Ying Huanhuan, only to see that she had clenched her jade like hands at this moment. Meanwhile, her face was filled with a solemn icy cold expression.


While Lin Dong was feeling uneasy in his heart, the seal between the planes, which was reflected within the mirror, suddenly trembled violently. In fact, it seemed like a blurry diabolical figure had suddenly appeared behind the seal.


The seal trembled with increasing intensity. Suddenly, a tiny black ray of light shot out from behind the seal, before it ruthlessly penetrated the area between the brows of the Symbol Ancestor glowing figure.

All of a sudden, the cheers that filled the sky came to a halt.

Countless individuals stared in shock at that seemingly inconspicuous attack, while their eyes were all filled with shock. Where did that attack come from? Moreover, how did it penetrate the seal between the planes?

“Yimo Emperor!”

Ying Huanhuan gritted her silver teeth, before icy cold aura immediately swept out from within her body.

At the same time, the faces of the Ancient Masters had also turned pale. This was because they could detect a familiar fluctuation from that previous attack. In fact, it belonged to the Yimo Emperor.

Lin Dong was also staring at this scene with shock in his eyes. By taking advantage of the opening created by the Heaven Seat King, the Yimo Emperor had made his move. All along, were they planning on executing a pincer attack from both sides in order to destroy the seal between the planes?

In fact, it was likely that the Heaven Seat King knew from the start that they could not destroy the seal between the planes on their own. In fact, in order to accomplish this step, they would have to borrow the Yimo Emperor’s strength.

Therefore, what they did was merely to create an opening and disrupt the seal. This would subsequently allow the Yimo Emperor to take advantage of the situation and find an opening to make his move!

However, how did he manage to time his attack so perfectly?!

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong’s body suddenly trembled. Could it be that the Yimo Emperor was probing using his hand? In fact, could it be that thousands of years ago, when the Yimo Emperor was being sealed, he had already predicted what would happen today? Was that why he decided to rip off one of his own arms and use it as a mole in order to prepare for his comeback in the future?

He was actually this intelligent and scheming?! In fact, he even managed to predict what would happen thousands of years in the future?

Lin Dong’s body was trembling gently. What a terrifying foe…

“Yimo… Emperor?”

Countless experts from the alliance army looked at the ice mirror with a pale expression on their faces. At that spot, the ancient glowing figure was slowly fading away. Clearly, after it was penetrated by that tiny black ray of light, it had broken the perfect equilibrium of the seal.

“Lord Symbol Ancestor!”

Countless experts stared at the fading ancient glowing figure, before they involuntarily knelt down. Following which, roars echoed across the sky. After all, they knew that if their final line of defence was broken, the entire world would be completely exposed to the Yimo’s fangs!

Lin Dong heard the roars that echoed across the sky. Their voices were all filled with grief, fear and despair. In fact, it felt as though doomsday was about to arrive.

Standing in the sky, Ying Huanhuan clenched her jade like hands tightly. Meanwhile, her silver teeth were biting her red lips and there was even a trace of blood seeping out.

Meanwhile, the Life Death Master’s group had completely pale faces.

The ancient glowing figure became increasingly faint. However, just as he was about to disappear, emotions suddenly flashed across his hollow looking eyes. As he turned to look at the ice mirror, a smile appeared on his elderly face.

“There is no need to despair.”

His elderly voice, which seemingly originated from far beyond the sky, reverberated through the world in a leisurely fashion. Immediately, that voice caused countless individuals to tremble, before all of them lifted their heads in shock and stared at the ice mirror.


The Life Death Master’s group also had shocked expressions on their faces. They stared at the elderly glowing figure in the ice mirror, who was about to disappear, before they suddenly knelt down.

Ying Huanhuan lifted her pretty face before she stared in shock at that glowing figure.

“My disciples. The Yimo Emperor might have left a hidden move in this world, but the same can be said for me. My hidden move is all of you… I believe that in the next great world war, all of you will be able to protect the things that you care about.”

The eyes of the light figure seemingly penetrated through space and time, before he locked his eyes on Ying Huanhuan.

“Bing'er, when there is something in this world that you wish to protect from the bottom of your heart, that is when you shall come to possess real strength. In the past, when I saw you for the very first time, I knew that you possess such strength.”

“Haha, this time around, we will have to rely on you. Please don’t blame teacher for casting such a heavy burden on you.”

The ancient glowing figure gave a warm smile. After which, he vanished completely and only the incomplete seal between the planes stubbornly remained behind.

Ying Huanhuan stared at the glowing figure, who had disappeared, before some crystal like tears rolled down her pretty face. Following which, she gently wiped them off before she seemingly smiled to herself.

“Teacher, you can be rest assured. Your disciple knows what has to be done.”

She was standing in the sky, while her long crystal like hair danced with the wind. At this moment, she looked so heart-achingly frail.