Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1298: Crack Between The Planes

Chapter 1298: Crack Between The Planes


Chapter 1298: Crack Between The Planes

Countless dazzling attacks flew across the sky like meteorites. Finally, they landed on the incomparably huge Devil Emperor Avatar. At that very moment, it was as if the entire world had collapsed.

Boom boom!

Terrifying energy ripples frantically spread outwards in a circular manner. The area within a hundred miles instantly crumbled at this moment, while waves of sand below towered over a hundred thousand feet as they rose and crashed. The position of the entire Western Xuan Region desert had been forcefully shifted.

The alliance army was also turned into an extremely miserable state. Countless experts were sent flying, and the original battle formation had completely disappeared. However, everyone ignored this. It was no longer possible to simply use numbers to make up for power on something as powerful as the Devil Emperor Avatar.

Ying Huanhuan, Lin Dong and the others in the sky had also been pushed back thousands of feet by the incomparably wild and violent energy ripples. Some of the Reincarnation stage peak experts involuntarily spat out a mouthful of blood. This scene was indeed rather spectacular.

However, all of them did not concern themselves with such matters at this point in time. Their eyes were focused intently on the middle of the desert. The wild and violent energy there had caused space itself to become distorted, and no one could clearly discern the situation inside.

The distortions lasted for a dozen minutes, before the yellow sand that permeated the sky gradually disappeared. Countless pairs of eyes also shot over at this moment.

Space gradually recovered, and a huge and seemingly endless demonic figure slowly appeared, before growing increasingly clear.

The Devil Emperor Avatar stood between the sky and earth. It was just like a destroyer from another plane.

“How is it fine?!”

Countless shocked exclamations suddenly erupted in the sky when they clearly saw it. The experts within the alliance army were terrified as they looked at the completely unharmed Devil Emperor Avatar. Even their faces had turned ashen.

The strongest attack which combined the powers of everyone here was actually unable to damage the Devil Emperor Avatar?

“How is this possible?!” Little Flame exclaimed. Although the Devil Emperor Avatar was frightening, it should not be possible for it to ignore their attacks.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and stared intently at the Devil Emperor Avatar. He quickly shook his head. “Those attacks have indeed been forcibly absorbed by it. However, that does not mean that they did not do any damage to it.”


A faint cracking sound appeared after Lin Dong’s voice sounded. After which, everyone saw a tiny crack appear on the titanic body of the Devil Emperor Avatar.

Crack crack.

A chain effect seemed to have been created the moment this crack appeared. Countless cracks surfaced on the Devil Emperor Avatar and ultimately covered almost half of its body.


Berserk light rays of destruction shot out from these cracks. Everyone could feel the frightening energy gathered within the body of the Devil Emperor Avatar.

However, such energy was clearly not something that the Devil Emperor Avatar could endure.

“Have we won?!”

The countless alliance army experts were stunned as they watched this scene. Their eyes still appeared a little dazed. They should have won given this situation, no? The Devil Emperor Avatar was currently just like a bomb, and no longer able to attack.

Lin Dong frowned slightly as he watched this scene. This Devil Emperor Avatar seemed to have intentionally absorbed all of their attacks into its body. By doing this however, the energy within its body had soared to a frightening level. Even the Heaven Seat King was no longer able to control it. Such an action was obviously suicidal.

However, was the Heaven Seat King really so foolish?

“Does he intend to take us along with him?” Ling Qingzhu arrived beside Lin Dong and softly said. Once energy of that level exploded, it was likely that half of the Western Xuan Region would be annihilated. Practically none of those present would be able to survive.

Lin Dong’s eyes flashed upon hearing this, and his heart became rather grave. If this was really the case, they would really suffer serious deaths and losses.

“Lin Dong, you and I should prepare our Spatial Power.” The Spatial Master looked over and said in a deep voice. He had also clearly thought of this possibility. There was already no time for everyone to flee. Only the two of them could protect some people while escaping.

Nevertheless… this was also fairly limited. After all, even if the both of them were to work together, it would be impossible to instantly teleport so many people here out of the Western Xuan Region. As such, there would still be terrible losses. They just did not have any other options at this point in time.

Lin Dong nodded as he sighed softly in his heart. All he could do was to try his best.

Ying Huanhuan stood at the front. Her pretty crystal like eyes stared at the crack covered Devil Emperor Avatar, that appeared as though it was the most frightening bomb, as her crescent moon like eyebrows faintly furrowed. A feeling of unease rose in her heart.

“Heaven Seat King, is this your final trump card? I have already stated earlier that I will eliminate all of your from this world, and let peace return. It will be worthwhile regardless of great a price we have to pay.”

“In this state, you have ultimately lost.”

“Ha ha…”

A deep laughter was once again emitted from within the Devil Emperor Avatar after Ying Huanhuan’s voice sounded.The laughter appeared a little crazy, while it also contained some fanatical long awaited anticipation.

Light flickered between the brows of the demonic avatar as the figure of the Heaven Seat King slowly appeared. Half of his body had reached out. He was in a mess as he looked at Ying Huanhuan’s group, but the smile on his face was rather strange, “Ice Master, do you really believe that you have already won?”

“What else can you do? I’m afraid that the current you will self-destruction if you move even a little.” Ying Huanhuan stated in an indifferent voice.

“Ha ha, that’s right, there is indeed nothing much that I can do now.”

The Heaven Seat King laughed, “Due to the Symbol Ancestor sealing the crack between the planes back then, we, the Yimo, that remained on this plane, have been trapped in here like prisoners. From the very beginning, I knew that we would ultimately lose if this continued for a long time. After all this place is your home territory.”

“Therefore, there is only one way to turn around such a situation.”

The pupils of Ying Huanhuan, Lin Dong and the others shrunk slightly, as the unease in their hearts grew even greater.

“That is…”

The expression on the face of the Heaven Seat King had become extremely heated and excited as he lifted his head. Those eyes of his seemed to have penetrated the heavens. “Destroying the seal between the planes, and allow my tribe to truly enter this world!”

“The seal was created from master igniting his Reincarnation. Forget about you, even the Yimo Emperor cannot destroy it. You must be daydreaming if you really plan to break it.” The Life Death Master laughed coldly.

“You are right. It is impossible for just us alone to even loosen the seal between the planes. Therefore… I needed to borrow your strength.” The Heaven Seat King clicked his tongue and laughed strangely. He pointed towards the crack covered Devil Emperor Avatar. The destructive force within it caused one’s scalp to turn numb.

“Currently, this Devil Emperor Avatar has not only gathered all the power of us from Devil Prison, but also all of your own…”

“I believe that this should be enough.”

The laughter of the Heaven Seat King suddenly became loud and maniacal, “Ha ha, I have to thank all of you for this. If it not for all of you, there will be no way for us to carry out this plan!”

The expressions of countless individuals became ashen at this moment. They finally understood that the Heaven Seat King did not plan on having a decisive fight with them from the beginning. The Heaven Seat King’s group had all along been ready to die in an attempt to borrow their power and damage the seal between the planes!

Once the seal was broken, the Yimo tribe would truly be able to invade. At that time, the ancient world war would once again descend upon this land. Back then, they had the Symbol Ancestor to turn things around. Now, without the Symbol Ancestor, it was impossible for them to protect this world from the invasion of the Yimo.

Even with the mental fortitude of Lin Dong and the Ancient Masters, the mere thought of this scene caused horror to flash across their eyes.

“Let us now observe the most spectacular scene in thousands of years!”

The Heaven Seat King laughed wildly. Everyone could see that the light on the enormous body of the demonic avatar become increasingly violent. It was clear that even the demonic avatar could no longer withstand this power.

Ying Huanhuan’s hand abruptly clenched tightly when she saw this, as an alarming chill spread from within her body. Soon after, she shot forward. Redness surged into her crystal like eyes as a bloody fog suddenly shot out from her body and filled the area.

“Great Ice World!”

The Cold Qi within the bloody fog swiftly surged out. Finally, it wrapped around the demonic avatar. One could hear cracking sounds as a blood-red ice prison that was hundreds of thousands of feet in size was formed from out of nowhere, completely engulfing the demonic avatar in the process.

Many ancient symbols surfaced when the prison was formed. It activated the power of sealing to the limit. As long as they trapped this demonic avatar, this destructive force would at most lead to the destruction of the entire Western Xuan Region. This scenario was many times better than damaging the seal between the planes.

“Ha ha, are you still planning on stopping me at such a time? Ice Master, you are far too naive!”

However, the Heaven Seat King let out a wild laughter in response to this final resistance of Ying Huanhuan. Subsequently, the ice prison shook. Countless demonic fists were thrown, smashing it into ice fragments that filled the entire sky.


Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face turned pale. A mouthful of blood was spat out, and her delicate figure took over a dozen steps back. Her soft figure now appeared extremely weak.

“Ha ha.”

The Heaven Seat King laughed loudly. After which, the seal formed by his hand changed. Everyone could feel an annihilation like force spurting out, as the cracks on the demonic avatar became increasingly obvious. In the end, it completely exploded in front of countless pairs of horrified eyes.


This scene was as though ten thousand scorching suns were shining at the same time. The intense light engulfed the entire Western Xuan Region. Even the other three great Xuan Regions could see the light rising from the Western Xuan Region.


Strangely however, this destructive force was not discharged in the Western Xuan Region. Instead, it turned into a huge light pillar that seemed to stretch into the horizon. It dashed through the clouds, penetrating the heavens as it headed straight for the distant seal between the planes.

“Ha ha, that’s right. I forgot to tell you something… his majesty has already escaped from the Symbol Ancestor seal. Once the seal between the planes is broken, his majesty will descend upon this world!”

“When that time comes, all lives in this world will become slaves of my tribe!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The light pillar of destruction penetrated the heavens while the final crazy laughter of the Heaven Seat King rumbled across the Four Xuan Regions, Chaotic Demon Sea and Demon Region…

Countless people lifted their heads in a dazed manner. They watched as the light pillar of destruction shot further and further away, while despair spread in their hearts.

Was the former Yimo Emperor going to appear again?

There was still the Symbol Ancestor to match him during that ancient era. But now, they no longer had the Symbol Ancestor. How could the world possibly withstand such a frightening existence?!