Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1297: Protect It Myself

Chapter 1297: Protect It Myself


Chapter 1297: Protect It Myself

The desolation had begun to spread at a frightening rate on the desert below. After which, the originally dark black land begun to turn withered yellow in color.

Clearly, when Lin Dong executed the Great Desolation Scripture now, it was no longer merely for the purpose of absorbing the energy across the surface of the land. Instead, he was able to reach deep beneath the ground, before he drew all the energy within the land, just like a whale sucking on water.

A rich scent of desolation spread from deep beneath the ground, before it finally spread thirty thousand miles away. If one looked from above, it seemed as though the entire desert was affected.

The land trembled continuously while waves of energy were being emitted. Finally, they gathered together and flowed towards Lin Dong. Meanwhile, everyone could detect just how frightening the energy contained within was.


Lin Dong stared at this scene before he gently exhaled. However, his dark black eyes remained as calm as still water. Soon after, he gave a faint smile. This is not enough…

Although the area of effect had nearly reached its limits, this was not the most terrifying aspect of the Great Desolation Scripture.

Desolation does not seek to forcefully strip away all life. In fact, seeds of hope would always remain within desolation. Moreover, when spring arrives, the hidden seeds would burst forth and the place would became livelier than before.

Desolation can lead to rebirth!

This brief comprehension began to spread within Lin Dong’s heart. After which, every expert around suddenly realized that the wild and violent energy coursing through the ground had suddenly became much gentler. Next, they promptly realized that emerald green spots had appeared on the withered yellow land. In fact, they were tiny sprouts and they began to grow at an alarming rate, before the entire place was covered with grass.

In less than ten breaths, this massive desert had actually turned into an endless grassland. Meanwhile, a rich lifeforce spread.

“Please lend me all your strength once again.”

Lin Dong lowered his head before he looked at the endless grass plains and quietly muttered to himself. After which, the grass plains became barren once again. Following which, a frightening stream of energy began to converge with the terrifying energy that Lin Dong had obtained previously.


The land beneath where Lin Dong stood began to collapse at this moment. Countless glimmering liquid broke out from beneath the ground before they quickly surged upwards.

These liquid was created after the energy was agglomerated and compressed till its limits. In fact, they were so mighty and powerful that they would even secretly frighten a peak Reincarnation stage expert.


The liquid began to rise at an increasingly rapid pace. In the end, they transformed into a hundred thousand feet tall green water pillar, which shot out from the ground. Meanwhile, Lin Dong stood at the top of this water pillar.

Lin Dong had a grave expression on his face. Meanwhile, his arms began to liquify. After which, he cupped his hands together before a huge bow slowly formed in his hands.

However, this time around, that huge bow looked old and rustic. In fact, there was no light flowing on its surface. Nonetheless, it was still possible to detect an extremely frightening fluctuation radiating from it.

Lin Dong used his liquidized hand to slowly draw the bowstring. Following which, a clear and sharp screech echoed across the world. Then, the one hundred thousand feet tall energy water pillar seemingly rose like a water dragon, before it finally transformed into an emerald green arrow and sat on the bowstring.

Next, three Ancestral Symbols rose from Lin Dong’s palm. They entwined around each other before they flew into his arrow. The color of the arrow immediately became a brilliant and dazzling one.


Following which, a divine light was emitted from between Lin Dong’s brows. Immediately, the Mental Energy within his Divine Palace also gushed forth before they charged into the arrow.


Then, a few hundred thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos whizzed out before they drilled into the arrow.

Warm white light also shot out before they transformed into an ancient symbol. Following which, the Ancestor Stone shook before waves of warm and pure energy gushed into the arrow.

The Great Desolate Tablet and Mysterious Divine Palace closely followed behind. Soon after, waves after waves of energy began to pour into the arrow.


The space around Lin Dong began to shatter continuously. Soon after, his hand, which was holding onto the bow, began to erupt continuously. If not for the fact that both his arms had transformed into Ancestral Symbol hands, it was likely that they would have been forcefully blown apart by that frightening energy.

This arrow basically contained every power that Lin Dong could summon. In fact, even the corner of the Ancient Masters’ eyes twitched when they detected this fluctuation.

At a short distance away from Lin Dong, Ling Qingzhu was sitting in midair. Meanwhile, there was no Yuan Power fluctuation around her body. Instead, only ultimate experts at Lin Dong’s level, could vaguely detect that in response to the probes and calls in her heart, a mysterious power was slowly descending into this world.

Ling Qingzhu slowly lifted her jade like hand before she gently clenched it. Immediately, the space in front of her cracked before a thousand feet long sharp green sword slowly materialized.

Flowing on the surface of this longsword, was power that originated from the mysterious Zenith, which left one both in awe and in fear.

At the same time, the Life Death Master, Flame Master and the rest had also unleashed their full strength. Instantly, many terrifying forces were gathered in the sky. In fact, it was likely that no one present would dare to claim that he could block this attack.

This was an attack that was made up of the most powerful attacks from every top expert in the world!

Although there was no longer a legendary man like the Symbol Ancestor, who could shoulder the burden on his own, at the very least, when everyone in the world put their hearts together and unite their forces, the power that they unleashed was something that could not be underestimated.

Bang bang!

Meanwhile, the Devil Emperor Avatar seemed to have detected the frightening attacks being formed in this world. Immediately, he began to struggle at an increasingly intense pace. The huge dragon like ice vines, which were entwined and binding him, were quickly broken.

Ying Huanhuan clenched her silver teeth tightly. Meanwhile, crystal clear light continuously flowed within her pretty eyes as she pushed herself to her limits. After all, she knew that she must not allow the Devil Emperor Avatar to break free at this moment!

However, it was clear that the Devil Emperor Avatar was more powerful than Ying Huanhuan. Hence, even though she was giving it everything she had, with the passage of time, she began to feel increasingly powerless.

“I will not allow you to go over.”

Ying Huanhuan stared at the Devil Emperor Avatar, who was struggling so violently that the surrounding space was shattered. Meanwhile, her voice was filled with unquestionable determination and an icy cold chill. Following which, she gently bit the tip of her tongue, before a stream of bright red essence blood spurted out. They lingered amidst the cold aura before they instantly transformed into an enormous blood red ice dragon. Finally, that ice dragon entwined around the devil avatar’s legs and firmly tied him down.

After executing this attack, Ying Huanhuan’s face became increasingly pale. Clearly, this attack took quite a toll on her.

Fortunately, her attack, which was launched in order to delay him, had achieved its critical objective. This was because by the time the devil avatar shattered the blood red ice dragon, the countless attacks in the sky were already well-prepared and ready to be unleashed.

Ying Huanhuan looked at the countless experts standing in the sky behind her. At this moment, all of them had excited and maniacal expressions on their faces. Although they knew that they were at the most precarious moment, at times like this, being able to rely on one’s strength to protect the things that one cared about, would strengthen one’s will and resolve instead.

“This time around, teacher is no longer around. Let us protect the world by ourselves.”

Ying Huanhuan stood up from her ice lotus, before she tilted her head gently. After which, she used her crystal like pretty eyes to look at a skinny figure standing right in front. Following which, an emotion, which had never appeared in her heart before, rose within her heart.

In the past, protecting the world was merely a duty that I had to complete. However, right now,… there is someone in this world that I want to protect from the bottom of my heart. Therefore, I cannot allow this world to be destroyed in your hands.

Her icy cold lips gently lifted into an extremely faint arc. Following which, Ying Huanhuan lifted her hand, before a crystal quickly gathered on the tip of her finger. Then, it swelled rapidly before it transformed into a massive ice lotus in a short moment. Meanwhile, there were faint traces of blood hovering within the ice lotus. Moreover, strange heartbeat sounds were actually being emitted from within.


A gentle voice was emitted from Ying Huanhuan’s lips. After which, the ice lotus took the lead and rushed forward.


The world seemingly began to collapse after her voice sounded. Behind her, countless all-out attacks streaked across the sky like meteorites. Together with a deafening rumbling sound, they whizzed across the sky before they smashed down towards the Devil Emperor Avatar from all directions.

At this moment, Ling Qingzhu gently pressed her finger against the empty air. Immediately, her huge sword, which was formed by the mysterious Zenith, shot forward before it headed straight towards the Devil Emperor Avatar with lightning like speed.

Little Flame unleashed a furious earth shaking roar. Then, a purple-gold fist, which looked just like a fearsome tiger which could devour the heavens, charged forward.

Following which, a hundred thousand feet large crescent shot out from Little Marten’s hand.

The Life Death Master, Flame Master and the rest also released explosive cries. Their attacks, which had been brewed to their limits, tore through the sky before they swept forward in a grand and mighty fashion.


In the sky, an ancient sound seemingly sounded within the Ancient Universe Formation. Following which, the ancient formation rotated violently, before a massive, ancient looking hand, which nearly covered the entire desert, extended from within. Then, it shattered through the void before it ruthlessly slammed onto the Devil Emperor Avatar

When he heard the battlecries that echoed across the sky, Lin Dong’s heart, which was pounding wildly initially, began to calm down. Then, he stared at the Devil Emperor Avatar solemnly, which was filled with destructive force. Finally, he slowly released the tightly drawn bowstring in his hand.

Just like a pebble falling into a pool of water, circular ripples spread immediately. Lin Dong’s liquidized hands suddenly exploded, before that ancient looking arrow trembled and flew forward.

It neither possessed frightening speed nor did it contain terrifying force. In fact, its quivering flight path caused one to question whether it could hit its target. However, amongst all the frightening all-out attacks in the sky, this ordinary looking arrow was actually the most eye-catching one.

Everywhere that arrow passed, all the other attacks would quietly moved aside in order to open up a path that would allow it to head straight for the Devil Emperor Avatar.


The arrow eventually caught up with the ice lotus, which was right at the front. After which, a sword whistled from behind, before a thousand feet long sharp green sword appeared beside them. Finally, accompanied by the frightening attacks behind them, they rained down on the Devil Emperor Avatar’s enormous body.

The color of the sky changed at this moment.