Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1296: Devil Emperor Hand

Chapter 1296: Devil Emperor Hand


Chapter 1296: Devil Emperor Hand

Demonic aura churned and they nearly covered the entire sky above the desert. In fact, the entire Western Xuan Region was affected. Standing beneath the endless demonic aura, the devil avatar looked just like a destroyer that came from another plane. In fact, the evil ripples that it gave off caused the expressions of the alliance soldiers to change.

Lin Dong and the rest were staring at this scene with an ugly expression on their face. All of a sudden, they turned their heads and looked towards the distant sky. At that spot, the sky had suddenly shattered before a frightening amount of demonic aura, that would cause one’s scalp to turn numb, swept out from within. Meanwhile, one could vaguely spot a massive white arm within the demonic aura.

“Devil Emperor hand?!” The eyes of Ying Huanhuan’s group shrunk when they saw that massive pale hand.

This large hand was exceptionally pale. At a first glance, it even looked a little weak. However, this peculiar sight caused one’s heart to shudder instead.

This was the arm of the Yimo Emperor, someone who had once forced the Symbol Ancestor to ignite his own Reincarnation!

“In the past, when teacher sealed the Yimo Emperor, that devil emperor arm was most likely not something that teacher cut off. Instead, it was something that the Yimo Emperor secretly left behind.” Ying Huanhuan clenched her hands before she slowly said.

The pupils of the Life Death Master’s group shrunk. Faintly, they were all bewildered. He was indeed deserving of the title emperor of the devils. In fact, even when he was being sealed, he actually managed to leave a secret move behind in preparation of making a comeback several millennia later.

The Heaven Seat King stared at the Devil Emperor hand, which had tore through space, with excitement in his eyes, before he bowed respectfully. Following which, his hand seals changed before that Devil Emperor hand rushed over and finally connected with the Devil Emperor Avatar.


The massive Devil Emperor Avatar emitted a deafening buzzing sound after the Devil Emperor hand merged with it. Immediately, monstrous demonic aura swept forward, while a frightening ripple was slowly being incubated.

This ripple had the same scent as the Yimo Emperor!

At this moment, the one tightly shut evil eye on the Devil Emperor Avatar was quickly opening up. Meanwhile, it was filled with ruthlessness and brutality, as if he was hell-bent on destroying this world.


The Heaven Seat King laughed towards the sky. Meanwhile, his laughter was filled with pride as he said, “Once the Devil Emperor Avatar is formed, all of you will be like mere ants. Haha, this world has eventually fallen into our hands. I have actually accomplished what the emperor failed to do back then!”

“It’s too early to be celebrating!”

At this moment, frightening cold aura erupted. After which, layers of icy waves swept forward at a frightening rate in the sky, before they froze the monstrous demonic aura.

Ying Huanhuan was holding onto an ice spear in her hand, while a cold glint was glimmering within her pretty eyes. Following which, her body moved before she charged forward and directly rushed towards the Heaven Seat King. Cold aura gathered at the tip of her spear, and it looked as though it could even freeze time itself.

“Haha, Ice Master, everything you are doing now is pointless.”

The Heaven Seat King laughed heartily. However, he showed no intention of exchanging blows with Ying Huanhuan. Instead, his body moved before the demonic aura on his body erupted. Then, he actually retreated into the Devil Emperor Avatar’s large body before the both of them merged in a peculiar fashion.


The fearsome looking Devil Emperor Avatar grew by two folds after the Heaven Seat King merged with it. Meanwhile, the clouds were floating beneath him. In fact, as he swung his numerous devil arms, it looked as though he wanted to tear this world apart.

“Haha, I am currently in possession of strength that is nearly equivalent to the devil emperor’s. How can all of you possibly fight against me?” The Devil Emperor Avatar laughed loudly. His laughter was just like thunder and it caused the entire world to tremble.

“Nine Levels Ice Mountain Prison!”

Ying Huanhuan’s hands formed a seal before she released a cold cry. Immediately, cold aura gathered wildly in the sky before they finally transformed into nine towering ice mountain prisons, which were so tall that they extended beyond one’s sight. Finally, they smashed down ruthlessly on the Devil Emperor Avatar.

However, when he saw Ying Huanhuan’s all-out attack, the Devil Emperor Avatar laughed nonchalantly. He threw his devil arm forward, and it was accompanied by monstrous demonic aura as it smashed against the ice mountains.


The sky trembled. As the demonic aura surged, the towering ice mountains, which were so tall that they extended beyond one’s sight, were all smashed into pieces with a single punch.

Standing in the sky, Ying Huanhuan’s delicate figure shook. Following which, she quickly retreated. Meanwhile, she furrowed her brows as she stared at that massive devil avatar in the sky. At this moment, the latter indeed possessed strength that was nearly equivalent to that of the Yimo Emperor.

“What should we do now?”

The Life Death Master’s group came forward and asked in a deep voice. Clearly, they did not expect the situation to play out like this.

“It is impossible to attain the strength of a Yimo Emperor simply by relying on such techniques.” Ying Huanhuan stared at the Devil Emperor Avatar before she said.

If they believed that they could possess the same strength as the Yimo Emperor simply by merging together, they would be undermining the strength of the Yimo Emperor.

“It’s true that they are able to attain great strength by relying on this technique. However, this is not a stable method and there is no way that the Heaven Seat King can control this strength for long. Therefore, as long as we pester him continuously, it is likely that the Devil Emperor Avatar will collapse on its own soon.” Ying Huanhuan said.

The Life Death Master’s group nodded upon hearing this. However, they promptly frowned again. Currently, even Ying Huanhuan could not block the Devil Emperor Avatar. Therefore, whether their combined attacks could stop the Devil Emperor Avatar was still up in the air.

“There is no other way. If we finish off the Devil Emperor Avatar, it is likely that the world will regain peace and this will be a genuine victory for us.” Ying Huanhuan said softly. Following which, she glanced at Lin Dong, who was standing behind her and had not spoken a word throughout, before she involuntarily clenched her icy cold hands.

“We do not have much time left. Let me pester the Heaven Seat King first while he is still getting familiarized with the Devil Emperor Avatar’s strength. Meanwhile, all of you should gather your strength before launching your attacks at him!”

Ying Huanhuan suppressed the chaotic emotions in her heart. After which, she ceased speaking. Promptly, cold aura surged beneath her feet before they turned into an ice lotus. Subsequently she sat down on it.

The temperature in this place suddenly plummeted. In fact, even the surging natural Yuan Power stiffened.

“Lotus Formation World.”

Ying Huanhuan tapped the empty space with her long finger. Immediately, her bright red blood transformed into glowing specks before they shot forward. Following which, when they landed on the ground, the ground was frozen instantly. Meanwhile, numerous massive ice lotuses sprouted forth. Moreover, huge vines, which looked just like dragons, whistled from within these ice lotuses, before they pestered the Devil Emperor Avatar from all directions and bound him.


The Devil Emperor Avatar struggled. Meanwhile, those huge dragon like vines were slowly torn apart. However, soon after, an increasing number of vines came rushing over. At the same time, the frightening cold aura invaded the Devil Emperor Avatar and slowed its movements down significantly.

When the Life Death Master’s group saw this scene, they knew that they could not afford to slight the other party. Immediately, they turned their attention before they looked at Lin Dong and said solemnly, “Lin Dong, summon the Ancient Universe Formation. Then, ask every elite practitioner in the alliance army to pour in all their Yuan Power into the formation, and attack together with us!”

Lin Dong clearly knew the gravity of the current situation. Therefore, he did not utter any unnecessary words. Instead, a thought passed through his mind, before the Ancient Universe Formation expanded with the wind and enveloped the sky.

“All alliance soldiers listen up, pour all your strength into the Ancient Universe Formation. Those who are at the Reincarnation stage should attack together with us. Victory or defeat shall be determined by this one move!”

The Life Death Master’s juvenile but solemn voice echoed across the place. When they heard this, numerous alliance soldiers quickly clenched their fists before they cried out in response.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Many figures rose into the sky before all of them appeared behind Lin Dong. They were all Reincarnation stage experts. However, despite their formidable peak level strength, they looked insignificant in front of the massive Devil Emperor Avatar.

Down below, amongst the alliance army, countless soldiers had sat down before their Yuan Power surged like ocean waves. Finally, they transformed into numerous pillars, before they poured into the Ancient Universe Formation in the sky.

“Let’s make a move too!”

The Life Death Master released a deep cry upon seeing this. Promptly, she shut both her eyes, before black and white Life Death Qi began to surge around her.

The Flame Master, Thunderbolt Master, Darkness Master and the rest also shut their eyes simultaneously. After which, the strength within their bodies was pushed to its limits.

“Big brother.”

Little Flame and a few others arrived beside Lin Dong. When they saw the Devil Emperor Avatar, a worried glint flashed across their eyes.

“There is no need to worry. Regardless of what happens, at the very least, we must fight it out with them.” Lin Dong smiled towards them and said.

“Are you alright?” Ling Qingzhu walked gently towards him and asked. After which, she used her bright pretty eyes to stare quietly at Lin Dong. This was because she saw the previous events that had taken place. Although Lin Dong might not show it on the surface, it was likely that his heart was not as calm as it seemed.

“I’m fine.”

When Lin Dong saw Ling Qingzhu’s gentle and concerned eyes, he felt warmth in his heart. After which, he slowly shook his head. Then, he turned to look at Little Flame, Qingtan, Little Marten and the rest, before speaking, “Let’s make a move as well. This time around, if we fail, it’s likely that the world is doomed…”


Everyone nodded solemnly before a determined glint flashed across their eyes. After all, at this juncture, there was no way they could retreat!

A low roar was emitted from Little Flame’s throat, before purple-gold light erupted. Following which, his body swelled rapidly before he quickly turned into a hundred thousand feet tall giant. However, he was still lacking compared to the Devil Emperor Avatar.

“Let’s give it our best shot. You are the one who saved my life in the past. I am glad and satisfied that I got to live those extra years.” Little Marten patted Lin Dong’s shoulder, before a gentle looking smile, that was rarely seen, appeared on his handsome face. He looked at Lin Dong as he recalled that many years ago, he was merely a weak and tender young man who had brought along a demonic spirit, which could disappear anytime, and a foolish tiger. Following which, one man, one spirit and one beast began their long cultivation journey. After surviving numerous life and death situations together, who could have imagined that they were actually able to reach such heights.

“Don’t worry. There is no way I will let any of you die so easily.” Lin Dong softly said.

“I believe in you.”

Little Marten gave a faint smile. Then, he gave Lin Dong a big hug before he softly said, “Big brother.”

Following which, purple-black light swept out from Little Marten’s body, before he extended his hundred thousand feet large wings. Then, he rose into the sky before he pushed the strength within his body to its limits.


Lin Dong looked at Little Marten before he gave a gentle smile. After which, he sat down in midair and formed a seal with his hands. Immediately, a strange fluctuation spread rapidly, before the land within a thirty thousand mile radius began to turn barren.

The Great Desolation Scripture had begun to reveal its frightening might at this moment!