Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1295: Devil Emperor Avatar

Chapter 1295: Devil Emperor Avatar


Chapter 1295: Devil Emperor Avatar


The entire Divine Palace unleashed a clear buzzing sound the instant Lin Dong’s finger released the bow string. At the same time, tens of thousands of resplendent divine rays poured into the three colored arrow.

This arrow was the condensation of all the power within Lin Dong’s body.


A streak of light shot out from the Divine Palace. The rays emitted at that very moment seemed to vaporize all the evil aura that permeated the sky.

Countless shocked eyes looked over. They watched as the streak of light shot out and violently clash with the incomparably evil light beam.


An earth shaking sound appeared. The light was just like the slowly rising scorching sun. Endless Demonic Qi disappeared under its rays.


A hoarse voice slowly spread from within the Divine Palace. After which, everyone watched as faint cracks started to emerge on the evil light beam which could force back even a peak expert who had experienced three Reincarnation Tribulations.

Crack crack.

The evil light ray ultimately shattered under the streak of light. The light faded. However, the three colored arrow continued on with the same momentum, tearing through the sky and ruthlessly shooting towards the incomparably huge evil eye with lightning speed.


An incredibly miserable cry suddenly emerged from the mouth of the Third Seat King. One could hear a shattering sound from his eyes. After which, they rapidly caved in and black blood began to frantically flow out. It presented an extremely horrifying sight.

Meanwhile, the giant evil eye rapidly shrunk. It ultimately turned into a speck of dim black light that shot back into the Third Seat King’s hand. However, the latter continued to cover his eyes with his hands while ferocious howls rang out from his throat.

The Divine Palace slowly disappeared. After which, it returned to Lin Dong forehead. His body appeared as his quivering hand wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. This Third Seat King was vicious indeed. If it was not because Lin Dong’s strength had soared, together with the use of the Ancient Universe Formation, Divine Palace and the perfect merger of the three Ancestral Symbols into the arrow, it was likely that he would be the one screaming miserably now.

The miserable screech of the Third Seat King spread across the sky. Strangely however, the Devil Prison army below momentarily slowed when his terrible scream sounded. The battlegrounds in the sky also showed signs of pausing. However, this was only on the side of Devil Prison.

Lin Dong was startled when he discovered this strange scene. He looked at the Third Seat King, who was screaming in an unresigned manner, as uncertainty rose in his heart. Although the Third Seat King was gravely injured, he still had it in him to continue fighting. Why was he acting as though death was certain?

At the highest part of the sky, the Heaven Seat King dodged and pulled back. His clothes appeared a little tattered. This was evidently a result of his battle with Ying Huanhuan. He then looked at the miserably screaming Third Seat King. After which, he glanced at the bloody and brutal aura that permeated the sky. Suddenly, he smiled towards the nearby Ying Haunhuan, whose body was giving off a terrifying Cold Qi.

“Old three, I did not expect that you would actually be the first to be injured.” The Heaven Seat King turned his head, looked at the Third Seat King and smilingly said.

The miserable screech of the Third Seat King gradually came to a halt. His face was covered in black blood, an exceptionally terrifying sight.

The other upper echelons of Devil Prison also stared at the Third Seat King. Their expressions were somewhat strange and feverish.

“Tsk tsk, that’s right…” The Third Seat King wiped the black blood on his face as a strange laughter was emitted. He looked towards Lin Dong and said, “You are indeed impressive. Originally, I thought that we would have to fight for awhile longer. I did not expect to be so quickly injured by you.”

Lin Dong frowned. He looked at the somewhat strange Third Seat King group as unease flashed across his heart. After which, he shifted his gaze and exchanged a look with the Flame Master group, only to see that they were also frowning.

“The fight is not over. Isn’t it a little too early to cry?” The Thunderbolt Master laughed coldly.

“Ha ha, we have fought for so many years. Aren’t we already well aware of each other’s skills? We might not be able deal with all of you, but do you think it will be so easy to eliminate us?” The Heaven Seat King laughed.

“Ice Master has said that she is already tired of such an endless charade. Isn’t it the same for us? Therefore, we really wish to kill all of you this time around.”

“Can you do it?” The Life Death master mocked.

“What do you think?” A strange expression once again rose on the Heaven Seat King’s face. He smiled towards the Third Seat King and said, “Old three, since you have lost, you will be the one to open it.”

The Third Seat King smiled strangely and nodded after hearing this. After which, he sat down in the sky under the attention of countless pairs of eyes. His hands formed a seal as the black blood flowing down his face became even thicker.

An extreme feeling of unease spread.

A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s black eyes when he saw their unusual actions. Silver light flashed and he appeared in front of the Third Seat King like a phantom. The Ancestral Symbol scepter in his hand shot out and pierced towards the throat of the Third Seat King with lightning speed.


The Ancestral Symbol scepter penetrated through the defences of the Third Seat King without any obstruction and shot out through the throat of the Third Seat King under the numerous gazes of disbelief. Black blood spluttered wildly.

The Third Seat King was killed?

A great uproar erupted from with the alliance army. However, no one was cheering. Everyone could feel that something was amiss.

How could this top expert of Devil Prison, who had once forced the eight Ancient Masters to fall into slumber or reincarnation, be killed with such ease?

“Ha ha.”

The Third Seat King lifted his head. His bloody face gave Lin Dong a hideous smile. Afte which, his body began to swell uncontrollably.

“This is bad.”

Lin Dong’s heart shook when he saw this. Silver light flashed around his body and he disappeared in a flash.


The body of the Third Seat King suddenly exploded just as Lin Dong disappeared. Viscous black Demonic Qi and blood flew outwards, covering the entire sky in the process.

The liquid like evil Demonic Qi mixed with thick blood fell from the sky and landed on the ground below.

Lin Dong’s body appeared some distance away as a feeling of sweetness rose in his throat. Although he was quick to flee earlier, he was still hurt by the self-destruction of the Third Seat King.

“This fellow… actually self-destructed?”

Lin Dong appeared a little dazed as he watched the evil Demonic Qi spread over the place. He would never have imagined that this Third Seat King would actually choose to self-destruct. Just what were these fellows planning?

The Heaven Seat King pursed his lips slightly as he observed this scene. After which, he smiled towards Lin Dong’s group. “Next, please take a look at our millennia long masterpiece.”

“I have long said that you will lose this world war this time.”


The land below suddenly began to tremble violently as the words of the Heaven Seat King faded. One could see the ground split apart and Demonic Qi spread. A demonic figure so huge that one was unable to see where it ended slowly stood up from the depths of the land.

The demonic figure climbed up from the endless abyss. Its head reached the sky when it stood on the ground. Demonic Qi pervaded the air. The figure appeared just like the emperor of the devils.

“This is…”

Lin Dong’s pupils rapidly shrunk as he gazed upon the demonic figure that was accompanied by a terrifying pressure. The demonic figure seemed to possess countless giant demonic arms. At the center of each hand was a tightly shut evil devil eye. These eyes were even more frightening than the evil eye on the hand of the Third Seat King.

“Devil Emperor Avatar?” Ying Huanhuan looked at the extremely frightening demonic figure. An endless chill surged from her pretty face as she slowly uttered each word with emphasis.

“Everyone, the feast has begun. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The Heaven Seat King smiled faintly. He stood in the sky and gently bowed towards the alliance army.

Bang bang bang!

Countless explosions sounded from the Devil Prison army as his words faded. Soon after, the countless experts of the alliance army watched as the Devil Prison army self-destructed one after another.

Dense Demonic Qi mixed with pieces of black flesh accompanied flew. Finally, they entered the Devil Emperor Avatar. Following the influx of this seemingly endless amount of Demonic Qi, blood and flesh, the evil eyes on the hands of the Devil Emperor Avatar opened one after another.

The world became darker with the opening of each eye.

Boom boom!

Explosions swiftly continued. The entire desert seemed to have turned into a sea of black liquid at this very moment. The alliance army hurriedly rose into the air. Their eyes were shocked as they observed this scene.

Monstrous Demonic Qi, along with the the bloody and brutal aura, created from the earlier battle, continued to enter the Devil Emperor Avatar, opening one eye after another.

However, it was not an easy task to open all of the eyes of this Devil Emperor Avatar. Not even half of the eyes on the Devil Emperor Avatar were opened even after the entire Devil Prison army had self-destructed.

“It is your turn.”

The Heaven Seat King looked at the other upper echelons of Devil Prison and softly chuckled.

Strange smiles surfaced on the Seated King’s face when they heard this. There was a fanatical look in their smiles. They quickly sat down and self-destructed in front of the eyes of the Ancient Masters.

Terrifying Demonic Qi swept over the place, blotting out the sun. The expressions of the Ancient Masters were very grim. They had failed to kill these fellows after battling them for thousands of years. Yet, in less than half a day… all of them had chosen to self-destruct.

What were these fellows planning?

Torrential Demonic Qi, flesh and blood surged into the Devil Emperor Avatar, once again opening many evil eyes.

The Heaven Seat King stood alone in the sky as he smilingly looked at Ying Huanhuan. The strange expression on his face made one shudder.

“Activating the Devil Emperor Avatar can indeed allow you to possess a strength that is extremely close to the Yimo Emperor. However, such power will not remain for long. Even if you start the activation process, you will still be unable to succeed without the blood and flesh of the Yimo Emperor as a conduit.” Ying Huanhuan’s icy crystal like eyes stared at the Heaven Seat King as she slowly said.

“It doesn’t matter if all of us die here if we can eliminate you from this world. At the very least, the world will no longer be invaded by the Yimo in future.”

“Since that is so, we can be said to have won!”

The Heaven Seat King smiled faintly. “How virtuous. However… I’m afraid that the ones who have lost are you guys.”

The Heaven Seat King turned his head and looked to the distant east as he grinned, “Ice Master, do you still remember that the Symbol Ancestor had once cut off one of the emperor’s arm when sealing him?”

The expression in Ying Huanhuan’s eyes finally underwent a change when she heard this.

“Ha ha, you are correct. The arm of the emperor is still in this world of yours. In reality, you have already lost ever since the Symbol Ancestor ignited his Reincarnation to seal the emperor…”

“Your Symbol Ancestor ultimately cannot compare with our emperor.”

The Heaven Seat King knelt respectfully towards the east.

“Hand of the emperor, please take your position.”

While his words resounded over the sky, the land within the Unique Devil Region in the distant Eastern Xuan Region began to tremble. After which, the land crumbled, and a flood of Demonic Qi swept out. Demonic light pierced the ancient formation sealing the area. After which, it tore through the sky and rushed towards the Western Xuan Region.

An enormous white arm was vaguely visible within the black light. Meanwhile, an indescribable evilness engulfed the place.