Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1294: Intense Fight with the Third Seat King

Chapter 1294: Intense Fight with the Third Seat King


Chapter 1294: Intense Fight with the Third Seat King

Demonic Qi raged and Yuan Power surged over the land. A terrifying fight was occurring here. This astonishing battle was the first of its kind for many millennia.

In summary, the place was divided into two giant battlefields, namely the land and the sky. These domains were where the alliance army fought the Devil Prison army and the battle between the upper echelons of both sides took place. The higher altitudes was more or less where Lin Dong and the Ancient Masters fought with the highest ranked members of Devil Prison.

Both parties had fought since ancient times, and they clearly understood each other's strength. Such a battle was unnaturally intense, and both sides were merciless in their attacks.

Boom boom!

Lin Dong was currently engaged in battle with the Third Seat King. He was not weaker than the latter since he had advanced to the Divine Palace level. Hence, it was impossible for the Third Seat King to easily defeat Lin Dong like a year ago.


The two had transformed into streaks of light that weaved together in the sky, while the clouds continued to rush past both of them. At such a great height, it was possible for them to see two torrents smashing against each other when they turned their heads down.

Murderous desire and the smell of blood dashed towards the clouds.

Lin Dong’s body was wrapped in the Ancestral Symbol armour. He was akin to a human shaped terminator, and was completely unafraid of the Third Seat King’s Devil Emperor Armour. Countless black holes, thunderbolts and silver light would form every time he threw a punch. The strength of the three great Ancestral Symbols had completely merged together at this moment. This wildness and violence caused even the Third Seat King to have no choice but to be serious.


The eyes of the two were filled with savagery. Each threw a punch forward, and two punches that contained all of their power clashed. Space crumbled and the both of them were thrown several tens of thousands of feet backwards. With a stomp on the air, they once again rushed forward.

Almost a hundred thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos rapidly soared. Lin Dong was now even more powerful than Qing Zhi when unleashing the Green Heaven Dragon Materialization Skill. Despite this, it was still difficult for him to gain an obvious advantage. The Third Seat King was evidently no ordinary foe. A sea of viscous Demonic Qi gushed forth and completely received all of Lin Dong’s wild and violent attacks.

Ch ch!

Lin Dong rushed forward as he clenched his hand. The power of three Ancestral Symbols swept forth and turned into a scepter that glowed with three different colors. Lightning flashed at the tip, while silver light emanated from the center of its body. Its end was completely pitch-black, appearing like a rotating black hole.

Swoosh swoosh!

Lin Dong’s arm shook and the Ancestral Symbol scepter turned into numerous scepter shadows that covered the sky as they approached the Third Seat King.

“Door of the Black Devil!”

A fierce glint flashed in the eyes of the Third Seat King as a demonic palm slammed heavily onto the empty space in front of him. Viscous Demonic Qi swept out and transformed into a ten thousand feet tall door of darkness that contained an extremely sinister depiction of a devil.

Bang bang bang!

The scepter shadows that contained the power of three Ancestral Symbols viciously attacked. Soon after, many cracks appeared on the Black Devil Door. Lin Dong swiftly merged with the Ancestral Symbol scepter as they rushed forward and pierced the giant door.


Silver light suddenly flashed when the Ancestral Symbol scepter penetrated the giant door. One end of the scepter was still in Lin Dong’s hand, while the other end had strangely appeared behind the Third Seat King as it mercilessly thrust towards his back.


Sparks flew and the body of the Third Seat King shot backwards in a miserable fashion. A deep dent had been left on the Devil Emperor Armour on his back. However, before he could become angry, the space around him rippled as countless lightning infused scepter shadows bizarrely penetrated space and shot towards his fatal spots.

Clang clang clang!

In the short span of a dozen breaths, all of the scepter shadows had already landed on the Third Seat King’s body. Numerous terrible scars had appeared on the sinister Devil Emperor Armour, making it look somewhat miserable.


The eyes of the Third Seat King suddenly turned red after being violently beaten. A sharp roar exploded from his throat as he threw a punch. Frightening Demonic Qi gathered on his fist and turned into glittering black light as the punch was ruthlessly thrown. The light contained dense Demonic Qi that had been suppressed to the limit. It directly blasted the air apart as it exploded onto Lin Dong’s body.


Lin Dong’s body was sent flying backwards, and cracks had emerged on the Ancestral Symbol Armour. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth as the blood in his body churned.

The Third Seat King was indeed worthy of being a peak level existence within Devil Prison. His fighting strength was the strongest amongst the opponents that Lin Dong had fought with over the years. This fight would definitely be a difficult one.

Having forced Lin Dong back, the Third Seat King glanced at the damaged Devil Emperor Armour that was covered in cracks, and the ferocity in his eyes intensified. He licked his lips and stared at Lin Dong in a sinister fashion. It was unexpected that this seemingly weakest person would actually be so difficult to deal with.

“Although the main goal today is not to fight with all of you, I am really displeased after being beaten by you in such a manner…” The Third Seat King grinned said to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes, “Not to fight?”

The Third Seat King smiled faintly. He lowered his head and glanced at the seemingly endless fighting below. He was able to sense a bloody and brutal aura that was rapidly accumulating.

“I have heard of you long ago from those three trash of Yuan Gate. Originally, I believed that you were just an insignificant ant. I would never have imagined that I would one day be pushed by an ant like you to such a state.”

The Third Seat King slowly lifted his right hand. The evil eye in his palm blinked as it looked at Lin Dong, a sight that made one’s hair stand on ends.

“However, I think that I will feel much better if I finish you off before that. Haha, after all, I should not leave behind any regrets. Don’t you agree?”

Lin Dong watched as the Third Seat King that had suddenly began to spout nonsense. A faint feeling of unease flashed across his heart for some unknown reason.

“This eye is called the Prison Devil Eye. It was bestowed to me by the emperor. Back then, I used it to launch a sneak attack against the Symbol Ancestor. I believe that you should be satisfied if you die at its hands, right?” The Third Seat King gently placed his hands together. The smile on his lips was exceptionally twisted.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at him in an indifferent fashion. However, he did not show any signs of replying.

“So boring.”

The Third Seat King’s lips involuntarily twitch after seeing Lin Dong’s unchanged expression. Soon after, frightening Demonic Qi swept out from within his body. The Demonic Qi was extremely thick, and it was even possible to see countless tiny crystal within it. This was a transformation that would only appear when Demonic Qi agglomerated to a frightening extent.

Buzz buzz.

Torrential Demonic Qi flowed into the arm of the Third Seat King, causing it to become as black as ink, while the evil eye on his palm emitted a deafening and sharp buzzing noise.

The evil ripple instantly grew countless times stronger.

The Third Seat King sinisterly smiled at Lin Dong. After which, the latter saw his arm wither at a frightening speed. Within a short couple of breaths, it looked as though the blood inside had completely vanished. There was only the evil eyeball left that had become increasingly ferocious and frightening.


The arm of the Third Seat King suddenly exploded at this moment as the eyeball escaped from his palm. Demonic Qi surged as the eye swiftly swelled. In the short span of several breaths, it was already ten thousand feet in size.

The evil eyeball floated high up in the air while monstrous evil Demonic Qi unfurled. Meanwhile, a frightening fluctuation stealthily spread.

Lin Dong gazed upon the menacing giant evil eye, and the expression in his eyes turned a lot more grave as he felt the frightening fluctuations. He deeply inhaled a breath of air and with a clench of his hand, an ancient light formation flew out. The formation expanded and became tens of thousands of feet large.

The ancient formation rotated slowly as a pure and ancient power rippled outwards.

It was the true Ancient Universe Formation!

“Ancient Universe Formation huh?”

The Third Seat King frowned slightly. Soon after, he stared at Lin Dong and the giant evil eyeball slowly closed.


The Ancient Universe Formation started to revolve, and a unique curtain of light poured down. The Demonic Qi that filled the sky showed signs of being forced back. Only that evil eye remained unmoved. However, Lin Dong could vaguely sense a kind of annihilation like strength rapidly gathering.

Such power made one uneasy.


Lin Dong breathed in deeply. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as his hands formed a seal. Mighty Yuan Power swept out. “Hand of the Universe!”

In the sky, the Ancient Universe Formation started to tremble violently. Strange light spread from it and turned into a giant hand tens of thousands of feet in size. The giant hand was covered by ancient runes of light.

The hand reached forward, tearing across space as it viciously slammed down onto the eyeball.

“Ha ha.”

The Third Seat King smiled faintly and slowly shut his eyes. Black blood flowed out from the corners of his eyes, and as he shut them, the enormous evil eye suddenly opened.

The sky seemed to have suddenly darkened the moment the eyeball opened. Everyone could see the most evil ray of light erupt from within the eyeball. Finally, it clashed with the giant Universe Hand.


The collision between the two did not lead to any terrifying fluctuations. The giant Universe Hand violently trembled as cracks appeared. With a bang, it was completely blasted apart by the beam of light.

The moment the Universe Hand was shattered, divine light suddenly appeared behind it and an incomparably huge Divine Palace appeared from out of nowhere. The Divine Palace stood in a towering manner like the home of the gods, a mighty and majestic sight.

The evil ray of light that had penetrated the Universe Hand shot across the sky. After which, it once again viciously struck the majestic Divine Palace.


A loud buzzing sound resounded over the land.

The entire Divine Palace shook fiercely at this moment. A figure stood tall inside the Divine Palace; the lightning bow in his hand had been pulled into a full moon, while three colors emerged on the arrow nocked on it. Moreover, the vast and endless Mental Energy within the Divine Palace surged out at this moment and poured into the arrow.


This arrow vibrated as a torrential divine light exploded from it. The light seemed to suppress even the monstrous evil aura.

Lin Dong’s arm shook while fresh blood rapidly flowed from his hands. He gently shut his eyes as he slowly released his finger on the bowstring.