Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1293: Great World War

Chapter 1293: Great World War


Chapter 1293: Great World War

The cold aura, which seemed capable of freezing time itself, stilled for a moment due to Lin Dong’s angry and hoarse voice. Following which, the Flame Master and the rest looked at Lin Dong with a complicated emotion in their eyes.

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head, before he stared at the pretty figure in front of him. Meanwhile, when the latter saw that his eyes were filled with fury, she clenched her hands tightly.

When the Heaven Seat King saw this complicated situation, he gave a faint smile. Then, he glanced at Lin Dong before he said, “Do you want to know why? I can tell you the answer.”

The Heaven Seat King gently stepped forward. Immediately, his warm and friendly looking face became extremely cold and insidious. Meanwhile, terrifying demonic aura, which could not be described with words, surged out from within his body. In fact, his demonic aura was so frightening that they were even able to block the shocking cold aura from Ying Huanhuan.

It seemed as if the entire world was trembling under his demonic aura.

This was strength that could truly annihilate the world.

When the Flame Master and the rest detected how terrifying his demonic aura were, their expressions began to turn solemn. It seems like the Heaven Seat King had indeed made a complete recovery…

“It’s because if she did not do so, all of you will die!” The Heaven Seat King gave a cruel smile. Currently, with the support of his dense demonic aura, he looked just like the devil himself. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Let me try!”

Fury surged within Lin Dong’s heart, before a buzzing sound was immediately emitted from the Divine Palace between his brows. Then, he stared at the Heaven Seat King, before his body moved and he rushed forward. However, an icy cold hand grabbed his shoulder just as he was about to do so.

“Currently, you are no match for him.” A clear yet exceptionally icy cold voice resounded beside Lin Dong’s ear.

Lin Dong’s expression sunk. He jerked his shoulder before he pushed away that icy cold hand. Following which, silver light glimmered on his body, before he appeared right above the Heaven Seat King in a flash. Then, resplendent purple-gold light erupted before a hundred thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos roared in unison.


Lin Dong threw a punch forward. Immediately, the one hundred thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos immediately transformed into a massive purple-gold dragon, which was hundreds of thousands of feet in size. After which, it roared towards the sky, before it tore through the empty space and charged explosively towards the Heaven Seat King.

“You are quite skilled indeed. However, this is not enough.” When the Heaven Seat King saw Lin Dong’s attack, he gave a faint smile. All of a sudden, he extended his fair hands before he swung them downwards. Immediately, two extremely deep black light flashed, before that large purple-gold dragon was directly sliced apart.


After the Heaven Seat King sliced the huge purple-gold dragon, a vicious expression flashed across his eyes. After all, he realized how extraordinary Lin Dong was and knew that such an opponent posed a major threat to his Devil Prison. Hence, he wanted to kill him as soon as possible.

With this thought in mind, the Heaven Seat King took a step forward before he appeared right in front of Lin Dong. Following which, he straightened two fingers. Meanwhile, both his fingers were actually covered with black demonic crystals. This transformation occured after his demonic aura had agglomerated until they reached their limits. In fact, with just a single finger, he could penetrate the world.

When Lin Dong saw the Heaven Seat King’s attack, his pupils hardened. Following which, three different rays of light erupted from within his body. Following which, his entire arm liquidized. Meanwhile, within his arm, the strength of three Ancestral Symbols swept forward.

The Heaven Seat King’s fingers jabbed Lin Dong’s liquidized palm. Immediately, a muffled sound appeared before Lin Dong’s surrounding space collapsed. After which, Lin Dong’s body shook before he took dozens of steps back while blood churned within his body.

Although his strength had advanced at a terrifying rate, there was still a gap between him and a top expert from the ancient times like the Heaven Seat King.

When the Heaven Seat King saw that his finger attack was only able to push Lin Dong back without causing any severe injuries, he felt somewhat displeased. Promptly, his body shot forward in a phantom like fashion. Then, he appeared in front of Lin Dong again as he prepared to continue his attack.

However, just as the Heaven Seat King was about to attack, an icy-blue figure appeared in front of Lin Dong. After which, she angrily jabbed with her delicate jade like finger before she clashed head-on with the Heaven Seat King.


The demonic aura and cold aura swept forward, causing the space itself to vibrate continuously.

Both parties clashed. After which, both their bodies shook before both of them retreated by a couple of steps. After which, the Heaven Seat King gave a faint smile before he said, “Ice Master, why are you so upset? I am helping you to teach him a lesson after I saw that he did not understand why you had to make a sacrifice for the sake of everyone else.”

“You aren’t qualified to do so!”

A fearsome glint was glimmering within Ying Huanhuan’s crystal clear pretty eyes as she stared at the Heaven Seat King. Meanwhile, rich and dense murderous desire surged from within the deepest part of her eyes.

“Haha, you have actually lost your temper. What a rare sight.” The Heaven Seat King teased. However, his eyes were not smiling at all. Instead, there was only pure ruthlessness in his eyes.

“Don’t act recklessly. I will give you a proper explanation once this is over.” Ying Huanhuan turned her head. Her crystal long hair was dancing gently with the wind. She looked at the skinny figure behind her before she softly said.

Lin Dong stared intently at this alluring figure. A moment later, he waved his hand before he said in a tired manner, “Alright then. Do what you want.”

After he spoke, Lin Dong retreated. When she heard this, Ying Huanhuan involuntarily clenched her fists. At this moment, even though her emotions were already frozen, she still felt a little upset when she heard his words.


However, this was indeed not the right time to be talking about this. Therefore, she inhaled a deep breath and suppressed the emotions in her heart. After which, she used her crystal clear pretty eyes before she stared at the Heaven Seat King with a smile. After fighting for so many years, this was the first time she felt such rich murderous desire towards this fellow that it nearly caused her to lose control.

A frightening chill spread. Ying Huanhuan clenched her jade like hand gently before an ice spear slowly extended. Following which, murderous desire surged within her pretty eyes, before she finally lost control as her delicate figure rushed forward. Ice and snow swept across the sky before her cold sharp spear shadow, which could even freeze space and time itself, charged straight towards the Heaven Seat King.

“Haha, have you lost it?”

The Heaven Seat King laughed out loud towards the sky when he saw this. Demonic aura surged before he rushed forward instantly. After which, an extremely frightening ripple swept across the sky.

“Let’s fight!”

A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the Life Death Master after she saw that the two of them had started fighting. Subsequently, her body moved before she rushed towards the Second Seat King, “Leave this fellow to me.”

“Leave that big fellow to me!”

The Chaos Master looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Following which, purple-gold light surged across his body, before his body swelled rapidly and he quickly transformed into a hundred thousand feet tall giant. His feet stepped on the ground before he charged towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King in a rumbling fashion.

“Since all of you have started to choose your opponents, allow me to do the same.”

The Devil Prison, Third Seat King, gave a faint smile. Then, he turned to look at Lin Dong before he said, “It seems like you are quite a pushover. How about I take you out first?”

With no emotions on his face, Lin Dong walked on the air. Suddenly, a hundred thousand feet large divine light erupted from between his brows. Faintly, a Divine Palace seemed to have appeared.

“Divine Palace Master level?” The Third Seat King’s pupils hardened after he saw that Divine Palace. Only then did he understand why Lin Dong was qualified to stand alongside the Ancient Masters.

“Leave him to me.”

With a fearsome expression in his eyes, Lin Dong stared at the Third Seat King, before he dropped a message to the Flame Master’s group. After which, without further ado, a resplendent divine light erupted from between his brows before he dashed straight towards the Third Seat King.

The Flame Master’s group nodded upon seeing this. Currently, Lin Dong’s strength was on par with them. Therefore, thanks to his Divine Palace, it was possible for him to fight the Third Seat King.

The Third Seat King’s face was still filled with smiles. He flipped his hand before a devil light shot out from the evil eye on his palm, intercepting the divine light that had shot out from the Divine Palace between Lin Dong’s brows.

Lin Dong moved and appeared in front of the Third Seat King. The Flame Master and the rest also began their attack, as they intercepted the remaining members of the upper echelon of the Devil Prison.

Currently, the sky and ground were divided into several battlegrounds. Meanwhile, the terrifying energy fluctuations from them affected the entire Western Xuan Region. In fact, even the citizens of the other three Xuan Regions could feel them as well. Soon after, countless pairs of anxiety filled eyes looked towards this extremely distant location.

“You are quite impressive indeed. It has only been a year since we last met, yet you have actually formed a Divine Palace.” The Third Seat King looked at Lin Dong, who was standing in front of him, before he said with a faint smile.

Lin Dong glanced at him indifferently. Currently, he was no longer in the mood for such an unnecessary conversation. Immediately, his body trembled before both his arms quickly liquidized. Following which, the strength of three great Ancestral Symbols erupted.

After he advanced to the Divine Palace Master level, Lin Dong’s control over the Ancestral Symbols have clearly reached a godlike level.

Lin Dong moved. He seemingly teleported as he appeared above the head of the Third Seat King instantaneously. Meanwhile, his Ancestral Symbol palm, which contained vast and mighty Yuan Power, ruthlessly smashed towards the latter’s head together with a terrifying force.


Although Lin Dong’s strength had soared, the Third Seat King was no pushover as well. Immediately, his body shook before viscous demonic aura gathered on his body. Then, they transformed into a ferocious looking black Devil Emperor Armour. Finally, he threw a punch and clashed head-on with Lin Dong.

A palm and fist slammed together furiously. Immediately, the surrounding space began to collapse an inch at a time. The shattered signs were startling obvious and shocking, and they looked just like cracked glass.

After throwing a punch, the Third Seat King showed no mercy. Many dark black sharp thorns quickly appeared on his ferocious looking Devil Emperor Armour, before he turned his body and swept towards Lin Dong like a hurricane. In fact, this attack was so sharp that it even cut the empty space itself.

Nonetheless, Lin Dong did not step back after seeing this. Instead, the glow from his three Ancestral Symbols flashed wildly across his body. After which, his entire body gradually liquidized. In an instant, the liquidized Ancestral Symbols strength suddenly solidified. Then, they actually transformed into a black, lightning and silver coloured armour on his body.

A battle armour formed by his three great Ancestral Symbols enveloped Lin Dong’s body. Following which, he threw both his fists forward. Countless black holes, thunderbolts and silver light formed under his fists. Finally, they ruthlessly smashed against that incomparably sharp black hurricane.

Clang clang clang!

The two of them clashed head-on before sparks flew. In fact, the resulting shockwaves caused the world to tremble.

The two of them were just like crazy mad men as they clashed together furiously and threw punches continuously. In fact, both of them were putting their lives on the line with every attack. The force within each punch could kill an elite Reincarnation stage expert. However, they also relied on their powerful armours to forcefully endure the attacks.

While Lin Dong and the Third Seat King fought manically, the fight within the few other battlegrounds in the sky quickly heated up. After all, both parties had fought for numerous years and they were well-aware of each other’s techniques. Therefore, they were completely merciless in this all-out fight.

The empty space cracked while the sky shattered. This fight seemed capable of destroying the entire world.

This fight was an extremely fearsome and miserable one!