Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1292: Great Eastern Xuan Desert

Chapter 1292: Great Eastern Xuan Desert


Chapter 1292: Great Eastern Xuan Desert

The setting sun hung in the sky over the yellow sands of the great desert. This ought to have been a spectacular scene. However, this place was currently covered by overflowing Demonic Qi. Countless sharp howls were occasionally heard, giving an additional trace of sorrow to this majestic sight.


This scenery lasted for an unknown amount of time, before the sky suddenly trembled. The Demonic Qi that filled the great desert seemed to shiver as if affected. A black line suddenly surfaced on the horizon and rapidly expanded. Within a short couple of minutes, it had already transformed into an endless sea of humans that encircled the entire great desert.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Innumerable rushing wind sounds continuously rang out in the sky. The aura and battle intent of the huge army converged and seemingly covered the sky as they swept forth. This lineup would terrify anyone.

The Demonic Qi which pervaded the desert was continuously pushed back under the pressure of that astonishing battle intent.


Within the main formation, Tang Xinlian looked at the great desert which had appeared before their eyes. A cold glint flashed across her pretty eyes as her cold voice resounded amongst the three armies.

“Three armies, get into formation and remove the Demonic Qi!”


Countless voices replied in an orderly fashion. Subsequently, vast and mighty Yuan Power swept forth and directly charged into the desert. The originally jet-black desert began to regain some of its original colour as Yuan Power swept past, and even the sky became a little clearer.

It was impossible to see the start and end of the great alliance army. Battle formations that were linked from head to tail started to spread out like a fan as they slowly approached the Western Xuan Great desert. Finally, the army entered the desert and removed the Demonic Qi. The earth shook as they marched towards the middle of the desert.

The entire desert shuddered. The sky and ground were basically completely occupied by human figures. This was a gathering of all the experts in the world!

The alliance army pushed forward step by step. Strangely, they did not encounter any obstructions. Hence, within a short period of an hour, the alliance army gradually came to a stop. Countless hatred filled red eyes turned were already looking towards a certain spot in the distance.

There was an enormous city in the middle of this black desert. It lay there like an evil beast from the depths of hell, while a frightening aura faintly spread.

Even the monstrous battle intent of the alliance army became sluggish in the face of that aura. Was this the headquarters of Devil Prison?

The alliance army stopped a hundred miles from the city. Both sides were silent as the atmosphere grew increasingly heavy. Everyone knew that once this atmosphere was broken, the most frightening battle in a thousand years would erupt.

“Ha ha, everyone is finally here. I have waited here with Devil Prison for a long time.”

The almost solid atmosphere lasted for a long time, before Demonic Qi suddenly gathered above the city, and a black robed figure slowly appeared. He looked at the distant alliance army, which filled the sky, and smiled as his warm voice reverberated over the entire desert.

Many figures shot out from the alliance army and appeared at the front. Ying Huanhuan’s icy-blue eyes looked at the familiar black figure as she spoke in a faint voice, “It has been a long time Heaven Seat King.”

“Ha ha, indeed. We have not met for thousands of years. It is unexpected that Ice Master is still as beautiful as ever and remains a source of admiration.” The Heaven Seat King on the city wall smiled at Ying Huanhuan as he replied.

“Truth be told, I am a little tired after fighting for so many years. Why don’t we shake hands and end the conflict this time? What do you say?” The Heaven Seat King laughed softly.

“Dirty things. All of you should scram from this world. This place does not belong to you.” The Life Death Master lifted her large eyes and lazily said.

The Heaven Seat King smiled. He lifted his head as his gaze seemed to penetrate the horizon. “Go back? We also wish to do so. Why don’t you help us open the crack between the planes and allow us to return?”

“Once all of you have been purified, your souls should be able to return to wherever you wish to.” The Flame Master said.

“Hahaha, you people are as rude as ever. None of you have changed after so many years.” Laughter was emitted from beside the Heaven Seat King. Black fog surged, and a couple of figures appeared. The youthful looking Second Seat King shook his head at the Flame Master as he remarked.

“You things really doesn't seem to die.” The Spatial Master looked at these familiar faces and involuntarily laughed coldly.


Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes were icy and without any emotional fluctuation. She looked at the Heaven Seat King and slowly said, “Don’t worry. We should be able to end this millenia long war. You will not have a third chance.”

“It is not wise to be so confident when declaring such things.”

The Heaven Seat King smiled as he shook his head. Soon after, he lightly swung his hand. “Come out Devil Prison. Otherwise, we will be looked down on by others.”


The desert suddenly shook violently when he waved his hand. After which, everyone saw the desert begin to split open and viscous Demonic Qi surged out like liquid. Countless Yimo seemed to have climbed out from hell, and quickly covered the other side of the desert.

It was impossible to count the number of Yimo. Demonic figures stretched to the ends of one’s sight. It was clear that all of Devil Prison’s strength had been gathered here.

Such a lineup did not appear to be any weaker than the three great alliances army.


The land trembled as a huge creature slowly rose within the city. Eight enormous demonic arms extended. It was as though even the air itself was torn apart by him. This was the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

“It seems that everyone is here.” The Life Death Master looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King and said as a cold expression flashed across her small face.

“We will stop the Heaven Seat King’s group. The other strong individuals and the Devil Prison army will be left to all of you.” Ying Huanhuan turned her head. She looked at Tang Xinlian, Little Marten, Ling Qingzhu, Qingtan, Qing Zhi and the others as she said.

Everyone slowly nodded. Was this the beginning of the decisive battle?

“Three armies, listen up. This is our final fight. We will forever be rid of any threats if we win. Should we lose, the miserable fate of this Western Xuan Region will spread to the entire world. No one will be able to escape!”

Tang Xinlian gripped her longsword tightly and suddenly swung it downwards, “If we wish to protect those whom we care about, then fight!”


The eyes of countless individuals turned scarlet red as stern roars resounded. The earth shaking noise swept over the place like a hurricane, lifting countless grains of sand.


The three great alliances army began to move, and formidable Yuan Power unfurled. It surged forward like floodwaters, creating battle formations. Their eyes were fully red as they charged towards Devil Prison.

“Ha ha, listen up Devil Prison. Kill all of them in order to fulfill the will of the emperor!” The Heaven Seat King also laughed loudly. His laughter was filled with a brutal murderous desire.


A sharp howl erupted from within the Devil Prison army and Demonic Qi spread. Countless demonic figures seemed to cover the land as they charged forward. Finally, they clashed with the flood like alliance army.

Two seemingly endless streams crashed into each other as the entire desert shook. Yuan Power and Demonic Qi crazily entwined and fought in the air.

Fresh blood dyed the land in an instant. The bloody smell and the crazed battle cries reverberated across the land, causing the sun to tremble and hide in the clouds.

“Let’s also attack!”

Ying Huanhuan’s figure moved and shot forward. At the same time, the Heaven Seat King’s group on the city wall instantly disappeared. When they next appeared, they were already in front of Ying Huanhuan’s group.

The Heaven Seat King smiled and looked at Ying Huanhuan’s group that stood before them. Ultimately, his eyes paused on Ying Huanhuan as he said, “Ice Master, you are no match for me in this condition.”

Ying Huanhuan was quiet. She suddenly turned around and arrived in front of Lin Dong. Under his stunned gaze, she lifted her pretty face and her cold and soft red lips gently pressed on Lin Dong’s lips.

Complicated expressions rose in the surrounding crowd. This was because they saw many strange icy symbols surface on Ying Huanhuan’s body as the Cold Qi from her body grew increasingly terrifying.

Lin Dong looked at the pretty face that was mere inches away. He could similarly see Ying Huanhuan’s originally icy-blue hair and eyes gradually become like crystal at this moment.

A frightening and foreign coldness slowly emanated from within Ying Huanhuan’s body as though it was awakening. This caused Lin Dong to feel a cold piercing pain on his lips.


An apologetic expression flashed across Ying Huanhuan’s eyes. After which, she slowly pulled back. Her crystal like eyes contained some fear and worry as she stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, she suddenly turned around and removed her snow white gloves, revealing her crystal arms. Many ice symbols flickered with a strange luster on her arms.

“Let this world war end here. I do not have the patience to continue playing with all of you.”

Ying Huanhuan stared at the Heaven Seat King. Her voice had now become a lot more ethereal. There seemed to be little emotion within it.

Her long crystal hair danced gently. At this moment, she had a kind of iciness that could not be touched. Such iciness even possessed a divine feeling.

However, it was also rather distant and unfamiliar.

Lin Dong looked at the cold and foreign figure. Both of his hands involuntarily tightened slowly, while his body trembled. He knew that the true Ice Master had finally fully awakened….


He lowered his head slightly, and a hoarse voice ultimately emerged as his body shook. There seemed to be an endless fury contained within it.

Upon hearing the hoarse voice behind her, the chilling aura from Ying Huanhuan’s body, which seemed to be able to freeze even the air, momentarily paused.