Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1291: Attacking the Western Xuan Region

Chapter 1291: Attacking the Western Xuan Region


Chapter 1291: Attacking the Western Xuan Region

The Western Xuan Region was once one of the Four Great Xuan Regions. However, as of now, this vast region had undergone a drastic transformation. In fact, both the ground and sky were completely pitch black. Meanwhile, viscous demonic aura permeated the sky and after the demonic aura gathered and reached a certain extent, they would transform into devil clouds. Finally, devil rain would descend from the sky in all directions.

Deep within every area permeated by the demonic aura, there were numerous roars being emitted. Meanwhile, these roars were all filled with violence and brutality.

A mountain range within the Western Xuan Region. As of now, the originally peaceful and quiet atmosphere in this mountain range was already ruined. Countless demonic beasts were fleeing the mountain range as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, it was possible to vaguely spot many figures hidden deep within this mountain range. Currently, all of them were bunched up together. Moreover, their eyes contained rich fear as they looked at their backs.

Sizzle sizzle.

Far behind them, waves of demonic aura rolled over. Meanwhile, there were countless diabolical scarlet eyes within the demonic aura. They were as quick as a phantom and deafening sharp laughters would sound continuously. As the waves of demonic aura shot forward, they completely penetrated the numerous demonic beasts and humans in front of them. Dense blood spread along with sharp screeches.

This was akin to a hunt.

However, as of now, these living beings were all prey while the Yimo were the merciless hunters.

Although the Western Xuan Region had been occupied by the Devil Prison for a long time, this place was simply too vast. Meanwhile, many humans and living beings had no time to flee and they were trapped in this region. Faced with the powerful Yimo, all they could do was to hide carefully like a bunch of mice. After all, they knew that a cruel fate would await them if they were found.

This place was near the border of the Western Xuan Region. If they were able to escape, they would be able to reach a safe place. The difference between these two places was equivalent to the difference between heaven and hell.

Everyone clung onto this thought as they tried their best to suppress the fear within their hearts. However, when they saw that the Yimo were slowly catching up to them, despair and grief involuntarily rose in their hearts. Are we ultimately unable to escape…

A bloody fog drifted from behind and dyed the faces of many people red. Promptly, they quickly rubbed off the blood trails on their faces. However, just as the despair within their eyes soared to its peak, someone suddenly stopped before he stared in shock at the distant sky.

A hurried rushing wind sound suddenly sounded in the distant sky. Subsequently, clusters of dark clouds rushed over. As those dark clouds slowly approached them, they finally realized that it was actually an army made up of countless powerful humans!

Countless figures rushed over from all directions. They were just like a swarm of locust as they blotted out the sun. Meanwhile, a frightening fighting desire gathered before it actually pushed back the frightening demonic aura, which permeated the Western Xuan Region, forcing them to retreat continuously.

“That is…”

Everyone who was fleeing in this mountain range suddenly came to a stop. As they stared at the army sweeping over from all directions, wild joy suddenly surged within their despairing eyes.

“Ah ah ah!”

They waved their hands crazily while sharp cries sounded. This sight, which appeared at their most desperate moment, gave them the impulse to burst into tears.

The Yimo army that were chasing after them from behind suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, they used their scarlet red eyes to stare at the large alliance army, which had showed up. Promptly, fear flashed across their faces. Soon after, a sharp cry sounded before the demonic aura actually began to retreat rapidly.


However, right after they retreated, an orderly explosive cry, which caused the land to vibrate, sounded. Soon after, the surrounding Yuan Power turned violent before countless Yuan Power pillars whistled forward and charged crazily towards the Yimo army.

Bang bang bang!

The land trembled violently. The fearsome Yimo army collapsed under this overwhelming attack. In fact, even their demonic aura were completely eradicated.

“The three great alliance army listen up, take formation and push forward. Along the way, if you run into any Yimo, kill him immediately!” A lovely cold cry wrapped by majestic Yuan Power spread across the sky in an extremely stern fashion, before it reverberated across the entire place.


Countless soldiers responded in an orderly fashion. The sound agglomerated from thousands of soldiers caused the air to tremble until it even began to buzz.

Countless soldiers whistled forward. As they advanced, they had clearly formed a battle formation. By doing so, if they were attacked, they would be able to respond quickly.

The many figures in the mountain range, who were all rescued in time, stared in shock at the throngs of soldiers sweeping across the sky like a swarm of locust. Following which, the frightening battle desire, which had been agglomerated together, caused their bodies to boil.

“All of you should leave the Western Xuan Region as quickly as possible!” A member of the upper echelon of the three alliance army rushed out. Then, he looked at them, before he waved his hand and cried out loud. After which, he quickly returned to his position.

“That is the army from the three great alliances! They are… taking back the Western Xuan Region and duking it out with the Devil Prison!” Some people were clearly well informed. Therefore, they immediately exclaimed in joy after they saw this lineup.

“We… should we follow them?”

All of a sudden, rich hatred began to surge within some people’s eyes. Then, they gritted their teeth before they turned to stare at the Western Xuan Region, which was now covered with demonic aura. Soon after, they turned around and roared. Finally, they followed behind the army and charged forward.

“My martial brothers were all killed by the Yimo. Where else can I go? The Western Xuan Region is my home. Even if I die, I want to die here!”

No one knew who had released these miserable roars. However, the eyes of many individuals quickly turned red. In the next moment, these people, who were fleeing miserably out of fear previously, seemed to have regained their courage as they turned around and quickly followed the alliance army. Only the furious roars that occasionally sounded, demonstrated the pain within their hearts.

“Commander?” Standing in the sky, a small platoon from the alliance army looked at the commotion below before they turned to look at their commander.

“Let them follow us. They need to take their revenge as well. With the alliance chief commanding the army and so many elders around, nothing will go wrong. We only need to encircle the Yimo!” That commander shook his head. After all, he could empathize with them. This was because he was the only one left in his family.


The alliance army was just like a massive torrent. Ever since they crossed the Western Xuan Region, they began to push forward in a orderly steel like fashion. Along the way, everywhere they passed, countless Yimo were killed by them. Everywhere they passed, the flames of war would rage, turning the place into a complete mess.

However, despite being pressured by the massive alliance army, the Devil Prison did not make a move. Their silence caused one to feel even more uneasy.

“According to our intelligence reports, the most powerful troops in the Devil Prison are all gathered in the Western Xuan City. That city used to be the Western Xuan Sect’s headquarters. However, the Western Xuan Sect was eliminated by the Devil Prison.” While that large army advanced, Tang Xinlian, who was located in the middle of the army, looked into the distance. Meanwhile, there was a cold and stern expression on her pretty face.

“Over the last few months, there has been no activity from the Devil Prison. They must be working on something secretly. Therefore, everyone must remain cautious.”

Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong nodded. Given the Devil Prison’s character, there was no way they would simply sit back and wait for their death. In fact, they had fought with the Yimo numerous times since the ancient world war. However, they had never seen the Yimo acting in this manner.

“The reason why they do not dare to take the initiative to attack is likely because they are fearful of us. After all, the situation now is different from before. The crack between the planes has been sealed and they no longer have a continuous stream of reinforcements, nor do they have a Yimo Emperor. Therefore, they are at a disadvantage compared to us.” The Flame Master slowly said.

“Regardless, it’s best to remain cautious.” A solemn expression flashed across the Life Death Master’s innocent looking face. Then, she looked into the distance and muttered, “The reason why we have an advantage is because teacher ignited his Reincarnation. Hence, no matter what happens, we must win this war.”

Everyone nodded solemnly. As of now, every powerful force in this world was gathered in this place. Therefore, if they failed, it was likely that no one else would be able to stop the Devil Prison. At that time, the entire world would become just like the Western Xuan Region, and all living beings would become prey for the Devil Prison.

“At our current speed, the army should reach the Western Xuan Great Desert in two days.”

Tang Xinlian inhaled a deep breath of air. Her voluminous chest rose gently before she said, “There is no way we can retreat. Therefore, for the sake of every living being in this world and the important people that we care about…”

“Please allow us… to fight with all our strength!”

The Great Desert of the Western Xuan Region.

This was the most spacious region within the Western Xuan Region. In the past, a sea of yellow sand would stretch on endlessly. However, right now, that sand had turned dark black in colour.

Evil demonic aura rose from within the desert. This magnificent and large desert was now completely polluted.

Meanwhile, a towering city stood all alone in the middle of this desert. This city was once the most flourishing place within the entire Western Xuan Region. However, as of now, there was not a soul in sight. Meanwhile, viscous demonic aura enveloped this place and one could vaguely see countless scarlet ferocious eyes flashing within the demonic fog.

There was a tall black tower in the middle of the city. This tall tower was tens of thousands of feet in size and it overlooked the entire city. Currently, there were a couple of black figures standing at the top of this tower. Meanwhile, they were all looking towards the north. This was because they could detect that a terrifying pressure was slowly creeping over from that direction.

“Finally, they are about to arrive…”

Standing right in front, the Heaven Seat King, who was dressed in black robes, gave a faint smile. His face was exceptionally fair and the smile on his lips even looked fairly warm and friendly. However, his dark black eyes were void of emotion.

“Finally, after so many years, we no longer have to hide. I really look forward to killing all of them…” Standing beside him, a skinny young man extended his scarlet tongue before he smacked his lips as he laughingly said.

“Are you all prepared?” The Heaven Seat King smiled and said.


Everyone standing behind him grinned before they nodded. Meanwhile, endless brutality was surging within their laughters.

“Very well.”

The Heaven Seat King stretched his waist, before the smile on his lips became increasingly warm. When he looked towards the north, a wild maniacal sharp glow began to accumulate deep within his eyes as he muttered to himself.

“I am really looking forward to it.”