Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1290: Gathering of the Armies

Chapter 1290: Gathering of the Armies


Chapter 1290: Gathering of the Armies

On the mountain peak, Lin Dong looked at the little girl, which had leapt into his embrace, with some remnant shock in his eyes. In fact, it was a long while later before he finally inhaled a deep breath of air and lowered his head to look at Yinyin. Immediately, he saw the latter staring back at him with her large smiling eyes. However, her eyes no longer looked as innocent as before. Instead, there was a teasing expression within them.

“How unexpected. The person whom I met so many years ago is actually the renowned Life Death Master now.” Lin Dong sighed with a complicated emotion in his heart. Was the current Yinyin still that naive and innocent little girl whom he met in the past? In fact, Lin Dong could not find the slightest hint of that girl within her eyes. Perhaps Yinyin’s memories had merged with the Life Death Master, but as of now, she was most likely the Life Death Master.

“There is no need to frown. Reincarnation is not the same as rebirth. The merger of two sets of memories is not equivalent to getting rid of one of them. In my heart, I am still the same Yinyin when facing elder sister.” Yinyin’s dark black large eyes seemed to have seen through Lin Dong’s mind as she laughingly said.

Lin Dong scratched his head. After which, he looked at Ying Huanhuan and the rest, who were standing beside him, before he shrugged his shoulders and said “Your big senior sister is back.”

“Hello, everyone. Did you guys miss me!” Yinyin waved her small hand towards Ying Huanhuan’s group. Meanwhile, the smile on her small face looked exceptionally innocent.

“Big senior sister, this appearance really suits you.”

The Spatial Master walked towards her with a smile, before he extended his arm and tugged Yinyin’s long hair. However, the latter immediately leapt up before she ruthlessly pulled his ear and said, “Little Space, you must be respectful towards big senior sister. Where are your manners? How many times have I told you before?!”

When the Flame Master and the rest saw this, they laughed bitterly immediately. Unexpectedly, even after her appearance changed, the Life Death Master’s violent nature remained the same.

After lecturing the Spatial Master, the Life Death Master finally patted her small hands before she turned to look at the Western Xuan Region. Promptly, a dark expression flashed across her large eyes before she said, “It seems like they have found the Devil Suppressing Prison which I was suppressing previously.”

Ying Huanhuan nodded and said, “Currently, the troops from the three great alliances are rushing over. Once their troops arrives, we will attack the Western Xuan Region and exterminate the Devil Prison.”

“I never expected… that another great world war is about to begin. However, this time around, teacher is not around to help us. Therefore, we can only rely on ourselves.” The Life Death Master sighed. Meanwhile, her juvenile voice contained a solemness that left one feeling pressured.

The expression of the Flame Master’s group became increasingly solemn upon hearing this.

“Big senior sister, there is no need to be so pessimistic. Teacher might no longer be around, but the Devil Prison has also lost their Yimo Emperor. In fact, they are trapped in this world like prisoners and there is ultimately no way they can escape death.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“Haha, that’s right. Teacher might not be around, but the most frightening Yimo, the Yimo Emperor, is also not around.” The Life Death Master smiled and nodded. Following which, a fearsome glint flashed across her large eyes before she looked at the Western Xuan Region and said, “This time around, we must get rid of them completely.”

“The alliance armies should arrive in another two days.” The Flame Master said.


The Life Death Master extended her small arms before she smilingly said, “In that case, let’s wait for another two days. After which, we will go and exterminate all the Yimo!”

Even though she had an innocent smile on her face when she uttered these words, the frightening murderous desire within her words caused the surrounding temperature to plummet.

“Big brother.” The Life Death Master tilted her small head before she looked at Lin Dong.

“Can you not address me in this manner?” Lin Dong shuddered involuntarily before he said helplessly.

The Life Death Master involuntarily chuckled before she said in a lazy manner, “You are quite capable indeed. Even an ice queen like our little junior sister was conquered by you. Tell me, what techniques did you use?”

“Big senior sister.” Ying Huanhuan cried out somewhat helplessly.

“Haha, alright. I’ll drop this. However, little fellow, you are quite capable indeed. Just how many years has it been. Yet, you actually formed a Divine Palace. It seems like you are in no way inferior to little junior sister.” The Life Death Master laughed. She had naturally detected Lin Dong’s strength. Although his Yuan Power cultivation was merely at the Reincarnation stage and was hardly outstanding in her eyes, the ripple emitted from his Divine Palace took her by surprise.

Beside them, the Flame Master and the rest shrugged their shoulders towards Lin Dong. Clearly, they were used to this.

“All of you can carry on without us. I have something to discuss with little junior sister.”

The Life Death Master pulled Ying Huanhuan aside before they walked into the distance. After which, she stopped beside a cliff. Following which, the smile on her small face gradually disappeared as she said, “You are suppressing the power within your body, am I right?”

“Aye.” Ying Huanhuan looked into the distance and nodded faintly.

The Life Death Master sat at the edge of the cliff before she muttered, “In your current state, it’s impossible for you to defeat the Heaven Seat King.”

“Big senior sister, don’t worry. I am aware of my own limits.” Ying Huanhuan laughed.

The Life Death Master sighed, “You have truly changed after one reincarnation… However, you should do as you deem fit. After all, amongst all of us, you are the only one who can defeat the Heaven Seat King.”

Currently, Ying Huanhuan was also sitting beside her. Meanwhile, her delicate hands were wrapped around her knees as she softly said, “How nice would it be if the Yimo did not exist…”

If that was the case, there would be no need for her to awaken her power, nor would she have to freeze all her emotions and endure that endless lonely iciness.

With a complicated expression on her face, the Life Death Master said, “It has been hard on you. Why must this burden fall on your shoulders?”

Ying Huanhuan shook her head gently. Following which, she buried her head between her knees before she softly said, “Don't worry. This time around, we will definitely emerge victorious.”


After they summoned the Life Death Master, the next two days were rather peaceful. Occasionally, they would look towards the north. At that distant land, they could detect that a frightening desire to fight was slowly sweeping over.

That fighting desire could shake the world. In fact, despite the Ancient Masters’ formidable might, their expressions turned solemn. This aura was formed after gathering every top expert in this world. Therefore, this was not something that anyone alone could block by himself.

On the third day, when the first ray of sunlight shone onto the ground, the calm before the storm gradually died down. Lin Dong’s group lifted their heads before they saw countless figures flooding over from the distant sky like a swarm of locust. In fact, their sharp rushing wind noises could be heard from three hundred miles away.

Many large clusters of powerful soldiers rushed over. Finally, they gradually landed in front of this mountain. At a glance, the sky and the ground were covered by a large sea of people. In fact, with a single glance, it was impossible to see an end to this massive alliance army.

Lin Dong and the seven of them were standing on the mountain peak. Following which, countless experts from the alliance army discovered their presence. Immediately, respectful and orderly voices reverberated, “Greetings to the elders!”

Following which, a few glowing figures shot out from within the large alliance army. After which, they swiftly approached the mountain peak.

“Big brother!”

A powerful voice sounded. After which, a metal tower like figure directly rushed towards Lin Dong. Subsequently, he landed heavily on the mountain peak, causing it to vibrate slightly.

“Little Flame?!” When Lin Dong saw that metal tower like man, a trace of joy flashed across his eyes. Currently, Little Flame looked even more muscular compared to before. However, his skin appeared to be extremely rough. Meanwhile, a faint purple-gold glow was being vaguely emitted from him.

“This fluctuation…”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This was because he could detect a relatively familiar fluctuation from within Little Flame’s body. It was the strength of an Ancestral Symbol.

“It’s the Chaos Ancestral Symbol.” The Chaos Master smiled faintly. He sized up Little Flame’s body before he nodded. It seems like he was quite satisfied with who the Chaos Ancestral Symbol chose as its new owner.

Little Flame rubbed his head and laughed, “One year ago, I stumbled across it. After that, I gave it a try and ended up winning the acknowledgment of the Chaos Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. He was happy that Little Flame had such a chance encounter. In fact, it was possible for him to detect that Little Flame had already advanced to the Reincarnation stage. Together with the Chaos Ancestral Symbol, there was no need for Little Flame to fear even if he was up against a true king Yimo.

Lin Dong smiled. After which, his eyes turned towards Little Flame’s side. At that spot, stood a black clothed handsome tall young man. Who else could he be besides Little Marten? However, perhaps it was because he was in charge of the Demon Region alliance, his face looked colder and sterner than before.

At this moment, Little Marten was also looking at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, there was a warm expression on his handsome face. Both of them smiled as they looked at each other. The brotherly feelings between the both of them was beyond question.

“That’s right, there is someone who really wants to meet you.” As if he suddenly recalled something, Little Marten turned around and waved to the Demon Region alliance army behind him. Following which, a bright light shot over. Then, that bright light disappeared before a slim beautiful young lady appeared in front of Lin Dong.

This young lady had a soft and tall body. Meanwhile, she was wearing a long dress while her black hair was tied randomly. Her skin was snow white and she had a narrow willow like waist. She had high eyebrows, a tall nose and sexy red lips. When she curled her lips, the smile on the corner of her lips looked extremely enchanting and it would cause one’s heart to flutter. Just looking at her would leave one absent-minded.

“You… are you Xin Qing?” However, Lin Dong did not lose his mind because of her bewitching beauty. Instead, he merely stared at her in shock before he cried out joyously.

“Xin Qing greets lord Lin Dong.”

The young lady bowed towards Lin Dong. However, there was a trace of pure and natural temptation flowing within her faint smile. Meanwhile, there was joy within her lively pretty eyes, which could not be concealed, as she stared boldly at Lin Dong in a heated fashion.

This young lady was in fact Xin Qing, the girl who had accompanied Lin Dong to the Demon Region back then, only to end up sealing her entire stockard in order to receive the Nine-tail fox inheritance!

However, within a few years, the young lady from before had already undergone a drastic transformation. In fact, she no longer looked as delicate and timid as before. Even with Lin Dong’s mental fortitude, he involuntarily felt a little strain when she stared at him with her bright watery eyes.

The Nine-tail foxes were indeed extremely attractive. It’s no wonder even though the Devouring Master had a wife, he still ended up having ties with the Nine-tail fox…

“How is your stockade doing?” Lin Dong smilingly asked.

Xin Qing curled her small lips and nodded. She said, “Our Nine-tail tribe has once again become one of the overlord tribes in the Demon Region. It’s all thanks to lord Lin Dong’s help. Xin Qing will never forget this huge favour.”

Lin Dong smiled. When he heard about what happened to the Nine-tail fox stockard, he felt joy in his heart.

Many figures once again rushed over from afar. Qingtan, Ling Qingzhu, Tang Xinlian, Qingzhi and the many elite members of the alliance had rushed over.

Ying Huanhuan looked at the alliance army, before she inhaled a deep breath and said, “Since everyone is here, the three alliance armies shall be commanded by Miss Xinlian. Everyone must do their best to assist her.”

“If we lose this war, it is likely that every living being in this world will fall into the hands of the Devil Prison!”


Everyone cupped their hands together solemnly upon hearing this. Clearly, all of them knew how crucial the final upcoming battle was.

“In that case…”

Ying Huanhuan exchanged glances with the Life Death Master and the rest. Following which, a stern expression flashed across their eyes.

“Let’s head out and attack the Western Xuan Region!”