Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1289: Life Death Master

Chapter 1289: Life Death Master


Chapter 1289: Life Death Master

Atop the mountain peak, the two figures hugged each other for a long time, before Ying Huanhuan finally pushed Lin Dong away. She pursed her rosy lips and glared at Lin Dong in a somewhat embarrassed manner as she said, “It is all your fault. They have definitely seen us.”

“They can watch all they want.” Lin Dong was unconcerned. Soon after, he smiled at Ying Huanhuan and said, “Why are you becoming more and more like how you were in the past.”

“It might be akin to the final radiance of the setting sun.” Ying Huanhuan heedlessly said. However, she smiled faintly after seeing Lin Dong’s stern face.

“We are preparing to initiate the ‘soul summoning’.”

“Soul summoning?” Lin Dong was startled.

“There seems to be no signs of activity from first senior sister. However, I can sense that she has successfully reincarnated. Once the three great regions stabilize, we will engage Devil Prison in the decisive battle. Hence, we need to summon her.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“First senior sister?” Lin Dong frowned. He thought for a moment, before replying. “That’s right, it’s the Life Death Master? Is she really still alive?”

“First senior sister controls the power of life and death. Amongst us, first senior sister is the one who is most unlikely to die.” Ying Huanhuan said.

“This forceful summoning won’t have any detrimental effect, will it?” Lin Dong asked.

“I can sense that first senior sister has successfully reincarnated. There should not be problem summoning her now.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Lin Dong nodded. The Life Death Master was one of the eight ancient masters. If they had her aid when the great battle began, it would raise their chances of victory.

“Please help guard us while we arrange for the soul summoning.”

“Okay. Leave it to me.”

Ying Huanhuan beckoned with her hand, and light flashed on the mountain top as the Flame Master and the others appeared. They gazed at the two individuals with a strange look in their eyes.


Lin Dong could not help but cough dryly after seeing the expression in their eyes, while Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face reddened. Soon after, she calmed her heart and said, “Let’s begin.”

The Flame Master and the others nodded. They immediately moved and rose into the air as frightening Yuan Power ripples swept out from within their bodies like floodwater.

Yuan Power spread. Finally, it turned into many entwining threads of light. These threads gradually turned into a complicated array, while Ying Huanhuan and the rest stood at the six corners of the array.

A circular light barrier rose and finally covered the six of them. Ying Huanhuan glanced at the Darkness Master and nodded. With a flick of her finger, a black and white speck of light suddenly shot out. This light floated at the middle of the formation.

It was a very tiny cluster of light, and there seemed to be a thread of black hair floating within it. A mysterious fluctuation faintly emanated from it.

The group sat down in the air as their eyes were slowly shut. The strand black hair started to burn, and an incomparably mysterious ripple quietly spread before vanishing.

The six people in the sky were all completely silent.

Lin Dong stared at them. After seeing that there was nothing unusual, he finally nodded and sat down on the mountain. He was aware that they needed to quietly wait. Perhaps, the next figure which appeared in the horizon would be that legendary Life Death Master…

Lin Dong felt some curiosity towards this ancient master whom he had never met.


Attempting to summon the Life Death Master clearly required some time. Ten days passed while Lin Dong sat on the mountain.

In the sky, Ying Huanhuan’s group did not show any signs of stopping during these ten days. Many faint and mysterious ripples were emitted. However, Lin Dong did not see the Life Death Master appear. It seemed that summoning her was not an easy task.

The Demon Region and the Four Xuan Regions were unusually turbulent during these ten days. With the addition of the Chaotic Demon Sea Alliance Army, the strength of the two great alliance armies rose significantly. This allowed them to begin attacking the Yimo armies.

Both sides fought continuously for ten days. The commotion from the battles had basically spread throughout the Demon Region and the Four Xuan Regions. It was an extremely miserable fight. Blood splattered over the land, and the sky seemed to be covered by a vast stream of figures.

Such a war could only be described as terrifying.

Although the Devil Prison armies were powerful, they did not have any reinforcements. Moreover, the three great alliances were cooperating with each other and their morale was high. Within a short ten days, the two armies stationed outside of the Western Xuan Region had been completely defeated. They were completely defeated after being chased by the alliance army, suffering countless of deaths in the process.

The situation of the three great regions gradually stabilized after now that things had reached this stage. Once they cleaned up the battlefields and made some preparations, the armies of the three great alliances would begin to gather towards the Four Xuan Regions.

Their momentum was undoubtedly extremely overwhelming. When the people of the Four Xuan Regions were filled with shock as they watched the black cloud like waves of soldiers sweeping through the sky. Compared to this, the war that came about in the Eastern Xuan Region due to Yuan Gate back then could only be considered child’s play.

The three great alliance armies gathered in the Four Xuan Regions. After a brief reorganisation, they began to head towards the Western Xuan Region. The pressure from their mighty aura caused even the sky to dim.

That majestic battle intent formed from the gathering of countless individuals made the world trembling in its wake.

On a majestic peak within at the borders of the Western Xuan Region, Lin Dong detected the approach of the three great alliance armies. He opened his eyes and peered into the distance with a grave expression.

“Is the decisive battle about to begin…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. This calm before the storm made him feel that as if it was difficult to breath. This time, they no longer had a legendary existence like the Symbol Ancestor, who could support the greatest burden. They could only rely on themselves to protect this world.

Lin Dong deeply inhaled. After which, his eyes looked towards the light array in the sky. This was the fifteenth day. However, the summoning did not led to anything. If it was not because of Ying Huanhuan’s certainty, Lin Dong would have suspected that the Life Death Master had failed to reincarnate…

If this was the case, it would undoubtedly be a big blow towards for them all.

Lin Dong frowned. However, the light array in the sky suddenly shook just as he was feeling a little uneasy in his heart. Subsequently, he saw a dazzling light suddenly shoot towards the sky.

This light beam was extremely mysterious. It appeared to possess a mighty aura, but an ordinary person was unable to detect it. Even Lin Dong was only able to sense it because he had advanced to the Divine Palace level.

Ying Huanhuan’s group opened their eyes at this moment. Some anxiety was present within them. If even this summoning light could not summon the Life Death Master, it would mean that they had failed.

“All we can do now is wait for a response…” They exchanged glances with each other. They had already done all they could.

Some changes occurred in the distant Great Desolate Province of the Eastern Xuan Region when the mysterious light beam shot towards the sky.

A tiny figure was seated on a tall building in a city at the middle of the Great Desolate Province. Her small, slim and fair legs swung to and fro as her small lips continued to hum a joyous tune.

The tune from the little girl’s lips suddenly stopped as she lifted her small face, and looked into the distance with a lost expression. Those innocent and large eyes of hers could see an extremely dazzling ray of light in the distant sky.

“That is…”

The little girl’s swinging legs slowly halted as countless colors swam in her large eyes. Soon after, a painful expression emerged on her small face as if something was awakening deep within her mind.


An extremely terrifying aura suddenly exploded, causing the clouds in the sky above the city to distort. They vaguely transformed into a ten thousand feet large black and white cloud. It twisted and squirmed as it turned into a giant circular cloud.

The giant cloud was black and white, appearing just like life and death.

A figure suddenly shot out from within the city. After which, she swiftly appeared on the tall building and looked at the little girl, whose large eyes were filled with changing colors. Anxiety flashed across her face as she hurriedly cried, “Yinyin? What is happening to you?!”

That small girl called Yinyin slowly lifted her small face, and gazed at the beautiful and dear woman in front of her. She quickly gave the latter a faint smile. However, this smile no longer possessed the same innocent and carefree appearance as before.


Jiang Xue’s pretty face was a little pale as she observed the current Yinyin, while tears gathered within her eyes, “Have… have you awakened?”

Yinyin walked off the tall building, stepping on the air as she arrived in front of Jiang Xue and gently embraced her. Her voice still appeared a little immature, “Thank you elder sister.”

Jiang Xue trembled slightly as she looked at the little girl in her embrace. Her eyes were red as she said. “Are you still my little sister?”

“Awakening does not mean that the old memories are erased. Although I have changed, I am both the Life Death Master and Yinyin.” Yinyin softly said.

“Life Death Master?”

Jiang Xue’s figure shook. She was aware that Yinyin was a reincarnator. However, she never imagined that Yinyin’s former reincarnation would actually be one of the eight masters, the Life Death Master!

“You… are you going to leave us?” Jiang Xue mumbled.

“No way. I am going to lend them a hand. Elder sister should know of Devil Prison. We will never be able to live peacefully if we do not finish them off.”

Yinyin shook her head. She smiled at Jiang Xue and said, “Elder sister, you can be rest assured that I will return once I settle those matters. Is that alright?”

Jiang Xue was speechless. She could only nod her head and hug the little girl as if she was afraid to lose her.

Yinyin also hugged Jiang Xue’s neck. After which, she softly kissed Jiang Xue’s neck. Soon after, her body slowly faded until she completely disappeared.

“You must come back.”

Jiang Xue looked at her now empty arms as tears involuntarily fell.

Lin Dong looked at the light beam in the sky. His heart suddenly shook, and his eyes peered into the distance where light was flashing. A moment later, a tiny figure appeared before their anxious eyes.

The light disappeared and a little girl was revealed. Subsequently, Lin Dong’s group was left completely stunned.

Lin Dong looked at this somewhat familiar and cute little girl as disbelief surged in his eyes. “You… you are Yinyin?!”

“Big brother.”

Yinyin gave Lin Dong a sweet smile. After which, she directly pounced towards him in front of Ying Huanhuan and the rest’s stunned eyes. Lin Dong gazed at the large black eyes of this little girl. A deep feeling had appeared within those originally pure and innocent eyes. Such depths appeared as though they had seen though life and death.

Lin Dong’s body gradually stiffened. His eyes were filled with shock. Who could have imagined that the Life Death Master, whom they had searched for such a long time, was actually… Yinyin!